Hey guys, thanks to Sweetest Emotions (ally) she gave me an idea of having Sean actually needing to fight for Emma, seeming he'd have to since all the times he broke her heart. And for the people that don't like my stories, just a little tip, please don't leave reviews about how 'gay' my stories sound and how there's no possibly of it ever happening, if you read closely I explain everything to make it clear for you. Read before you judge, thanks! Other than that, hope you enjoy it!

Sean breaths leaning on his motorcycle and looks down, he couldn't beilive he was back. And what for ? her, god! Could he be any more pathetic. But he was ready at anything she had to throw at him.

"Sean!" Ellie happily ran to him and hugs her arms around him "how are you" "good.." he breaths, no not Ellie, it was another girl he came back for, a more special girl.. one he would save his life for..

Emma Nelson.

And there she was, laughing with her friends, some he didn't notice and the other was Manny. What was he suppose to say?

Hey Emma! I'm back, I was wondering if you love me? K thanks.

It wouldn't be right, specially to ask her like she owed it to him, she didn't owe anything.

"Sean!" Ellie waves a hand in front of his face, o yeah Ellie "yeah?" he snaps back to her and she looks to where he is and saddens a bit turning around "Emma?" she drifts quietly, he put his hand on his forehead "Ellie I'm sorry.." "well I guess it was coming" she shrugs and looks to him and he just slowly nods.

Ellie was a cool girl, she had to understand they could always be friends. They were both alone and could always talk to another. But Emma, Emma was a different thing, with her he was never alone, even when he wasn't with her. He was thinking about her.

"I'll see you later, maybe we have classes together" she shrugs and leaves him standing at his locker, he opens it, oh yeah, he missed his old locker. He missed everything around here.

But to be able to take it back he needed his girl back first.

So first on list, get Emma back. What ever it takes.

Hope you liked it, if Sweetest Emotions is reading haha, I didn't know if you want Emma to stay a bit bitter to him and date Peter, having to make Sean work for her trust and love. Or she's just dating Peter and he needs to fight for her. Review! Everyone please..