Sean breaths and started packing, nothing hurt him more than a broken heart.

How many times was this?

4 times?

But he knew he would never get over Emma Nelson

Why the hell did he kiss her?


He screams repeating it in his head and not hearing the knocks at his door.

Emma huffed and looks around "Sean…" she whispers needing to see him and looks around for something to get in.

She then remembered Sean had a spare key on the top of his door.

All she had to do was reach up.

Sean heard muffles outside his door and gave a look walking over. He slowly opens it and walks out.

Emma yelps and Sean's eyes grew wide as they both fell since she jumped to get the key and Sean was in the way from her landing.

They fell so Emma was under him and he collapsed on her against the wall

Emma then actually laughed.

Sean stopped staring and soon joined in.

Hearts flipped and she smiled cupping his face and kissed him softly.

He closed his eyes and did so back as passing people went around them.

His lips finally separated from hers "Your not going to run away again are you?" he teased and she hit his shoulder and he softly laughs catching her hand and pulling her in to kiss again.

She melted into it and they never stopped, even when he helped her up.

They finally pull apart and Sean stared back at her holding her

"I love you" Emma finally admits and Sean smiled "Good" he said and she shook her head smiling

"You're all wet" he teased running a hand through her wet hair and kissed her forehead.

She slipped her hand into his and smirks "Come warm me up" she pulls his hand back into the place.

He had dimples and followed his girl

Yep, he was defiantly staying.