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"That Evans bird keeps looking over here." announced Sirius as James pounced down to the common room floor beside him and Remus. Remus had, (as usual), his nose engrossed in the middle of a book and paid the other boys little attention except for a rolling of his eyes. His pale, lithe fingers were absentmindedly stroking the side of his current page and he was gnawing, very gently on the edge of his lower lip out of sheer habit. He was sitting shoulder to shoulder next to Sirius, (well, slouching in Blacks case), and they were both leaning against the base of a rumpled couch, their legs outstretched towards the dim fire. Together, they provided complete contrasts, on dark and sultry, lazing but looking graceful while doing it, the other, light and rigid, carrying a mask over hidden troubles.

"You mean since I came in! She's been noticing me lately, lads. I think she loves me."

"She won't be impressed with your narcissism, James." murmured Remus keeping his eyes on his book.

"He's got a point, Prongsies. And no, I mean she's been looking over here all night...at Moony."

"Why would Lily Evans, love of my life – you know, about so high, with delicious green eyes, a wicked smile, and the hair, not to mention some other nice bits – be looking at Moony?" snorted James, all the while gesturing emphatically and getting that dreamy look about him, the one only that sort of romantic and lustful feelings tend to conjure up.

"Maybe she fancies him."

"What!" roared James, with an incredulous glare at Sirius and a wary, suspicious one to both Remus and Lily, "why on earth would you think that! She couldn't, she wouldn't fanc-" he started, before Remus interjected without so much as one glance away from his book.

"Must I remind you that I am sitting right here and I can shockingly enough, hear everything you say. James shut up before you insult me and Sirius stop thinking up ridiculous notions to torture James and entertain your twisted mind."

"Why is that a ridiculous notion? I mean, don't take this the wrong way mate, but you're considered quite a catch, you've got your own little fan club of...well, eh, fans."

"Right and if you close one eyes, squint with the other, hold a pane of dark glass in front of yourself and gouge out whatever miserable vision you have left, I might start to look appealing. It's quite remarkable actually, almost as if I'm not covered in scars."

"Oh, hush up, fool." quirked Sirius, "we all know, that you know, that we know you're a handsome, dashing and suave young buck, so just because it's nearing your time of the month don't expect us to bulk out your wolfy ego."

"Have you been reading my dictionary again? That's was a lot of words for you, especially put together in one sentence."

"Moony's right, Pads. And that whole, you know that we know, that you know that fuck all knows thing went right over my head."

"Just like the snitch last game." snickered Sirius, tauntingly, "and I'll have you know, that I know, that you know I'm too smart for dictionaries."

"Oi! It wasn't my bloody fault; you're the one who flung that bludger at my head!"

"Who me?" replied Sirius, using his inherent puppy dog eyes and innocent smile to his advantage, "oh and Prongs, Evan's is on her way over here...probably wants to snog Moony senseless, right here and right now."

"...oh, Merlin! What will I say!" mouthed James in a frantic whisper which Sirius indulgently ignored as he nodded his hellos to Lily and Remus got started with the usual 'how're you?' pleasantries.

"Remus? Can we talk, somewhere, uh private?"

"Sure, Lily. ...what's up?"

"Private." Lily stated, inclining her head towards the common rooms portrait exit before turning to walk that way and leaving Remus to follow as soon as he said his goodbyes to the others.

"I wonder what they're talking about."

"Oh, Prongs. Poor misguided, Prongsiekins," teased Sirius, "they're probably not doing much talking, so don't worry. They more then likely just got straight down to the wild naked sex."

"Not funny."

"I just hope they're using the proper protection spells."

"It's not happening."

"Don't be so naïve, James. They're young, they have hormones, and they have needs."


"That Evans is a loose woman, you can see it in her eyes."

"Stop it! Sirius, if you have a shred of bloody decency, stop!"

"Hey at least be glad that I have a shred of clothing on. 'Coz I can think of one wolf and one red-head that probably don't right about now."

"I hate you."

"I wonder who's on top..."

"...I think I'm going to throw up."

"I mean Evans is feisty, but Remus...phwoarr! Is he an animal in the sack."

"If I had my wand, I'd avada kedavra you, right now."

"At least we all know where Moonys' wand is, and we know who's looking after it, too."

"...okay, James, strangling me could be considered anti-social behaviour."