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Warnings: Yaoi (male x male), Yuuri x Wolfram.

Summary: Ehhh… I think the title should speak for itself. The main goal of this fic is to make a completely straight guy fall in love with a boy… Will I reach that goal? – I don't know that yet.

A/N 1: I hate Greta; she is nonexistent in this story, and Yuuri has never adopted her. So if you want to see small, cute babbling girls yuck, you chose a wrong fic.

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Working out the Paradox

by chayron (lttomb yahoo com)

Part 1

Wolfram was softly snoring. Yes, despite that his fiancé would harshly protest – Wolfram did snore. He was doing so softly, but he did snore. He usually also kicked in his sleep as morning approached.

Yuuri rubbed his bruised ribs and sat up in the bed. He pulled the sheets higher over himself and reached for the glass of water that stood on the bedside cabinet. He closed his eyes while fervently downing several big gulps; the water running down his throat felt wonderful.

It was summer; it was hot enough as it was, and here he had Wolfram warming his bed in addition. True, this was the biggest four poster bed he had ever seen; and there should, theoretically, have been enough space for four or five people, but somehow, Wolfram always managed to crawl over to his side or kick him out of the bed.

Yuuri put the empty glass back onto the bedside cabinet. He looked at the window, the sky was already lightening, the sun getting ready to announce the start of a new day. Despite that it was still shadowy in the room, the air was already warm, and Yuuri could presume that the day would be as hot as the previous three had been.

Yuuri turned to look at the boy who was lightly snoring beside him; Wolfram was lying slantwise, his feet rammed into Yuuri's left thigh, his head hanging down off the other side of the bed. After Yuuri had demanded that Wolfram at least bring his own covers for the bed, they had slept under separate covers. Again, only theoretically, because Wolfram always either ended up under Yuuri's cover, entangled in Yuuri's cover or entangled in both of them, while Yuuri was left to be content with only his pajamas for warmth.

This time was no different: Wolfram's cover was kicked to the side, wrapped around one of the bed posts, the ends sweeping the floor. Wolfram's legs, up to his thighs, were caught under Yuuri's cover. The rest of him was covered by that infamous nightgown, which, luckily, was not rolled up this time.

Yuuri sighed as he shifted closer to Wolfram's side. No wonder Wolfram snored – anyone would snore while having their head almost falling off their shoulders. Yuuri grabbed Wolfram by his upper arm and pulled him up until Wolfram's blond head was on the pillow. By the time he was finished, Wolfram's nightgown was hardly covering his crotch.

"Uhh?" Wolfram blinked his sleepy eyes at Yuuri, who was settling back under his covers. "Yuuri?" Wolfram wondered why he was so bent at the waist. He shifted to get his body parallel to Yuuri's, then pushed his nightgown down.

"I was hoping you'd stop snoring, and you kicked me again," Yuuri muttered under his breath. "I think I have two broken ribs."

Wolfram's hand blindly searched around for his cover. His emerald eyes followed Yuuri's finger that pointed towards the end of the bed.

"Ah, sorry," Wolfram yawned while untangling his cover from the bed post. He pulled it up over himself and settled back to sleep. "Wimp."

"Shut up."

Next time Yuuri awoke, it was already morning, and Gunter was pounding on the other side of the door.

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty!"

Yuuri rolled to his other side and pulled the cover over his head. But it was no use. Gunter didn't cease in his pounding, and soon Wolfram began to stir. Then Morgif started indicating that he was also awake, as weird incomprehensible noises were wafting down from the wall where he was hanging. Yuuri usually hung Morgif on the wall over his head before he went to sleep. That way Morgif had Wolfram's sword to keep him company.

But Morgif was not interested in other swords. Morgif was obsessed with young girls and Wolfram. The obsession with Wolfram was quite a surprise, but then…Yuuri doubted that anything could surprise him anymore. After spending several hours in this crazed castle - and Morgif spent much more - any sword would turn gay.

Let's take Gunter for example – that long purple hair, equally purple eyes and ethereal beauty were sooo obviously gay…and those long fluttering eyelashes… and why was Gunter groping him all the time? And then there was Wolfram…the guy was his fiancé and was happy about it! Gwendal loved knitting and plushies – undoubtedly gay! Conrad…Conrad was sooo nice and soft and had the warmest eyes in the whole universe…and what weird relationship did he have with Yozak and Adalbert? – That smelled of a kinky threesome!

Yuuri was worried that the gayness was rubbing off on him too. It was not that he was prejudiced – for gods' sake, he was engaged to a guy! – but it unnerved him. Before coming to Shin Makoku he had been completely positive that he was heterosexual. Now he felt pushed, because once again – oh my god! – he got engaged to a guy who was determined to marry him, and no one found it weird.

Yuuri turned his head to the wall, to Morgif whose enthusiastic voice now was drowning out Gunter's shouts and pounds on the door. After seeing the source of the demon sword's enthusiasm, Yuuri jumped out of the bed - Wolfram was having a morning erection. Wolfram's cover was kicked off again, and it was obvious under that light pink nightgown. Yuuri's secret hopes that Morgif was shortsighted were dashed away – Morgif did know that Wolfram was male.

Yuuri was a flexible guy, but everything had its limits. He did mind having Wolfram in his bed, they had talked about this plenty of times. He had BEGGED Wolfram to get the hell out of his bed. Useless. Wolfram was always stressing the fact that they were fiancés and he was always insisting that Yuuri needed protection.

Despite Yuuri feeling that Wolfram was crossing the line, he tried to be tactful about it. He didn't want to involve anyone else, but there was the time when he turned to Conrad for advice on how to solve the situation he was in without casualties. Conrad didn't say anything, they just sat silently until Conrad finally told him that he had to deal with this himself. Conrad also said that he felt more reassured while Wolfram slept in his chambers; it was better for Yuuri's safety's sake that someone who knew how to use a sword slept in his room. So obviously Conrad was supporting his younger brother…

"Wolfram," Yuuri called while looking for his clothes. "Get up." Yuuri turned to look at Wolfram, just in time to see Wolfram notice his aroused state. Wolfram blushed and pulled the covers higher on himself.

Yuuri turned away, leaving Wolfram to his privacy. He couldn't figure the guy out – Wolfram was the one insisting on sleeping in one bed, he was the one with the word "fiancé" constantly on his lips. Wolfram had even tried to make several passes at him and he still had a decency to blush about such things… Incredible.

"Your Majesty!"

"Coming, coming!" Yuuri shouted in the direction of the door. "Did you lock the door again?" he asked Wolfram. "We'll go to bathe first!" he shouted at the door. He groaned mentally after realizing that with using the word "we" he had just given permission for Wolfram to follow him to his bath.

"Wonderful, Your Majesty, I'll see that your private bath is ready!" wafted Gunter's enthusiastic voice.

"Yes, I did," Wolfram nodded. He quickly slipped out of his pink nightgown and looked around for a towel. "It pisses me off how he pounces on you each morning." Wolfram found one and wrapped around it his waist, then scooped his clothes into his arms.

Yuuri rolled his eyes at the wardrobe in front of him. Although, there was a bit of truth, and he agreed with Wolfram to keep the door locked against Gunter – Gunter was obnoxiously loud and scared, groped and hugged the shit out of him each morning.

"Fine," Yuuri muttered, knowing perfectly well that he had just given permission for Wolfram to lock the door every night. It wasn't bothering him much, just a little bit, to think that half of the castle and the whole country would be thinking that Wolfram and he would be doing "it" almost every night…

To their relief, Gunter had already gone, and they calmly walked to the bath. While Wolfram was busying himself with endless bottles and packets of his toiletries, Yuuri quickly slipped into the pool.

"Ahh…" a relaxed sigh escaped Yuuri as soon as he was submersed in the pleasantly warm water. He leaned his back on the edge of the stony bath and closed his eyes. Wonderful, it felt wonderful.

He truly loved this bath. Something huge like this, filled with lightly steaming blue-green water, the steam concentrating higher between the engraved columns and under the delicate arcs… the lion and ox-head falls streaming into the bath, gracefully arched windows that let the columns of light pass and fall into the water. All that was exclusively his.

The miracle of everything happening to him was still making him dizzy when he thought of it. A year ago he was a normal boy and had no idea that such a thing as Shin Makoku existed. And then wham! – He got flushed down the toilet and woke up in a field in Shin Makoku. And the rest… ah, his head spun when he thought about it, and lately he thought about it often. It was probably because there were only several days left until he turned sixteen. He just felt weird. It was not his nature to analyze and think so much, but lately, he did.

Yuuri dunked himself into the water, then quickly resurfaced shaking his head, his wet hair splashing droplets of water all around.

"Want me to wash your hair?"

Yuuri's eyes opened, but he didn't turn to look at the blonde who stood behind him. Yuuri sighed. "Why do you still insist?"

"I just offered to wash your hair…" Wolfram moved closer, his bare feet tapping softly against the stones.

"You know what I mean, Wolfram…" Yuuri sank back into the water, hoping to escape and for Wolfram to just drop it. Today Yuuri was not in his best mood.

But when Yuuri resurfaced again, it was not over yet.

"I don't see anything wrong with washing my fiancé's hair!" Wolfram snorted. He walked over and dropped onto the edge of the bath next to Yuuri. Yuuri turned his head to the side to look at the pale legs that dangled in the water, creating small waves, the circles outspreading further into the pool. Yuuri bit his tongue before he could snap at Wolfram.

Wolfram unscrewed a bottle of shampoo that smelled of apples and poured some of the greenish tacky liquid onto his palm. Then he dropped the bottle onto his towel-clad lap and reached for Yuuri's head.

"Wolfram, I didn't give you my permission," Yuuri moved away from the ledge and swam deeper into the pool.

Wolfram frowned. His eyes followed Yuuri's back before looking down at his palm, at the greenish liquid that had started to seep through his fingers and drip softy to the floor. Wolfram stood up and shed the towel, leaving it crumpled on the stony floor. He climbed into the pool and ducked his head under the water, then resurfaced and started rubbing the shampoo into his hair.

Yuuri swam to the other side of the pool where several shelves with toiletries for his personal use stood. He presumed that this was Gunter's collection. Yuuri rummaged through the bottles, then took a random one that had "shampoo" written on it. He wasn't good at reading the new language yet, but he was working on it.

Yuuri opened the bottle, smelled it and decided that it was too sweet for his taste. He looked for another and when he was finally content, started washing his hair.

At first, when he was new here, he didn't know how things worked. Had he known, he would have punched rather than slapped Wolfram, when he had insulted his mother. Had he known, he would have never picked that knife up. Had he known that by defeating Wolfram he would confirm the engagement and set a firmer claim on the blonde… Ah, he didn't know what he would have done then, but he would have tried to avoid this situation at all costs.

It never ceased to amaze Yuuri how sudden Wolfram's change of heart was. One moment the blonde was his sworn enemy, the next Wolfram was running after him and swearing his love to him. Wolfram explained that it was only natural when his fiancé was the one who had defeated him. Yuuri was left to ponder on that. Was it Wolfram's pride? He had bested Wolfram, and now the blonde felt obligated to him? But that was ridiculous, it had all been a silly misunderstanding!

At first he wasn't concerned about Wolfram's attention. As most of the things he encountered in this new world were weird, neither Wolfram's jealous shouts nor Wolfram's heated glances at his side made him feel any weirder than he already felt. As Wolfram seemed to be quite impulsive and short-tempered, Yuuri had expected Wolfram to tire of it soon and find a new interest or sympathy and simply forget about it. It didn't happen. Quite the opposite, his indecision led Wolfram to believe that there might be something between them.

Yuuri thought about canceling the engagement. Had thought of it many times, but he also knew that that would damage Wolfram von Bielefeld's reputation. Although, he was more concerned for Wolfram himself than for Wolfram's reputation. He knew that Wolfram harbored hope that one day he might answer his feelings. If anyone asked Yuuri, he would have said that it was rather closer to an illusion than a hope.

Yuuri cast a look over to the other side of the pool where Wolfram stood immersed in water. He had finished washing his hair and was reaching for a sponge. Yuuri lowered his eyes to the rippling water in front of him and lowered himself further into the water to rinse the shampoo from his hair.

He liked Wolfram. Wolfram was one of the best friends he had ever had, his fiery character, devotion and many peculiar things about Wolfram making him admire his friend. But recently he had been feeling uncomfortable and drifting away. Wolfram's affection toward him was becoming too much, weighing him down. He didn't want to hurt Wolfram, and it pained him to see his friend spin in that illusionary hope. Wolfram was hurting himself - he wanted something that Yuuri couldn't give him.

"Want me to wash your back?"

Yuuri stopped making bubbles with his mouth in the water and raised his head in the direction of the voice. "No, Wolfram, I don't want you to wash my back," Yuuri shook his head. He closed his eyes so as not to see Wolfram's face.


Breakfast went smoothly. The food was nice, it seemed as though nothing major had happened in the country; the talk at the table was lazy, lacked any point, but was funny, which made Yuuri relax. But it was unbearably hot. The scorching sunrays were falling right through the huge windows and warming the dining-room. Already, after five minutes, Yuuri felt his black "kingly" outfit sticking to his body. His pores were oozing with sweat. Yuuri could only think about a lake and a carton of ice-cream.

"Why is it so hot?" Yuuri complained, unbuttoning several of the top buttons of his uniform. He reached for his glass of reddish looking juice. He had no idea what kind of fruit it was made from but it had quite a pleasant taste to it, besides, the others were also drinking it.

"It's the season," Gunter chirped. "Isn't it nice?"

Yuuri suppressed the urge to glower at the lavender-haired man. "How long is it going to last, this season?" Yuuri asked.

"Likely several weeks more," Conrad said. "Your Majesty should stay at the other side of the castle, where the sun doesn't reach and doesn't heat up the stone walls," he advised, knowing all too well how Yuuri felt. "If I remember correctly, there's a spare room. If Your Majesty wants, I shall order to move your working table and other belongings that Your Majesty might require for today."

"It's "Yuuri", Conrad," Yuuri protested. "Yeah, I'd like that," he nodded enthusiastically. "I'm afraid my brain might just melt like that butter…" he motioned at the table to the dish of melting butter.

After breakfast, Conrad led Yuuri to the said room in the other side of the castle. The room was quite small in comparison to the one he was used to working in. The walls were dark and undecorated, the carpet covering the floor was old, and it was a dark brown in color with black ornamental patterns. But the window was quite big, letting in enough light for Yuuri to work by.

The huge table arrived after five minutes. Gunter, his arms filled with piles of documents, rushing in after it. The table was set up under the window, and Yuuri sat down, the stacks of papers immediately towering on the table in front him.

Gwendal casually strolled into the room, looked around, cast a glance at the piles of paper on Yuuri's desk, nodded his head approvingly, then turned around and left. Yuuri was sure he only came to see that he wasn't trying to avoid doing his paperwork.

Yuuri truly respected and admired Gwendal. The man's face could freeze a hall full of people in horror. His face left no place for protesting the words that were leaving Gwendal's mouth. Yuuri thought that every self-respecting king should know how to make such a face and was secretly trying to learn that skill. Though, when he tried it out on Wolfram, the blonde had asked if he was sick. With Conrad it didn't go any better – the brown-haired soldier had asked if he needed to use the bathroom.

The only one who was invincible to Gwendal's scary face was… Annissina. The woman was a monster. Really. There was nothing scarier than the emancipation of women, but Annissina…she was the Armageddon. Each time Gwendal saw her, he got one wrinkle more; each time Gunter saw her, it shortened his life by one year; each time everyone else saw her, they ran, because to see her meant trouble.

After everyone except Gunter left, Yuuri inhaled deeply, stretched his arms then took a pen in his hand. He was truly grateful to Gwendal – all he had to do was to sign the papers. But soon was coming the day when he'd have to take everything into his hands. He dreaded that moment. But he was learning - he didn't want to disappoint anyone.


Wolfram's wooden sword clashed against Conrad's. Two fighters strained against each other, then the shorter man was sent several meters back. At the last second Wolfram managed to regain his balance and catch himself on his feet before he could hit the ground. He stood against Conrad, short quick pants leaving his mouth, the wooden sword stuck in the ground. Wolfram's hands were wrapped around its handle to support his weight while he used the short pause Conrad gave him, to catch his breath.

They had been sparring for several hours, both Wolfram and Conrad were sweaty, disheveled and dirty. A circle of men was surrounding them in the courtyard. Some of them were in Conrad's disposition, the ones who wore blue uniforms were under Wolfram's dominion. The men were enjoying the good fight, each of them cheering their leader on. But it was clear who was superior in this case; everyone could see that Conrad's less-trained and less-experienced little brother was tired.

"Well, one more round, and I'll have to go to see how His Majesty is doing," Conrad said as he raised his sword.

Wolfram snorted, he knew perfectly well what Conrad was doing. Like he needed someone to pity him! With an angry roar he charged at Conrad. Conrad blocked the attack, diverting Wolfram's sword to the side. Then Conrad's wooden sword rose quickly, the tip of it touching Wolfram's pale neck instantly.

"You are no good when you're angry," Conrad sighed, tossing his sword to one of his men who caught it nimbly. The man put it aside and held out his usual one for Conrad. "We are done for today," Conrad said.

Wolfram glared at him but didn't say anything. A surge of fire from his palm turned the wooden sword into a crisp. "Fine!" he spat. He walked over to the wall to take his sword, fastening it at his side and marching out of the yard, his bodyguards scurrying after the irate prince.

Conrad chuckled softly under his breath at the display. He waited for Wolfram's back to disappear behind the corner then motioned for Yozak to step closer; he was still full of energy. "Want to have a go?"

"Sure," Yozak grinned, drawing his sword.


Wolfram decided to have a bath to wash the dust and sweat off himself. He went to his room to take a spare set of clothes and turned to the bath that they all used.

Wolfram wasn't really angry. Most of those snappish demonstrations of anger were faked or a great deal exaggerated to how he felt in reality. His brothers knew that. Not once had Wolfram wondered why he did that. He came to the conclusion that it was like he put a shield between him and the thing that aggravated him. He also knew that his short temper let him be angry with the problem and then simply let it pass and forget about it, while calmer people struggled with keeping their feelings inside.

Yes, Wolfram was good at self-analysis and despite the fact that he hated how Conrad handled him sometimes, he also knew that Conrad was doing it for his own sake.

Wolfram turned around at the sound of boots quickly scraping over the stone.

"Wolfram! Wolfram!" Gunter waved at him.

Wolfram stopped in the middle of the corridor and waited for Gunter to jog up to him.

"Is Yuuri finished with his work?" Wolfram asked. "I thought about going for a ride…"

"Ah, yes, he's finished," Gunter nodded. "But I doubt he'd want to go. Yuuri is in a bad mood today," he explained after Wolfram's questioning look. "I wonder if it has anything to do with his bruised ribs…"

"Eep?" Wolfram squawked. But then his blazing eyes locked on Gunter. "How do you know his ribs are bruised! Did you grope my fiancé again!" he clenched his fists.

Gunter waved his hands in front of himself in defense. "No, no! Though, I wouldn't mind…" his face turned dreamy for several seconds. When a fireball appeared in Wolfram's palm Gunter's face became worried. "But no, I didn't!" he waved his hands again as if to ward Wolfram off. "He had been complaining the whole time."

"Oh," the fireball disappeared from Wolfram's palm. "Really? Then I'll ask Gisela for some soothing balm. Ah…" his emerald eyes sparkled and then dilated at the thought of himself rubbing the balm into Yuuri's skin.

"I have already sent Yuuri to Gisela…" Gunter ran his fingers nervously through his long hair.


Gunter's eyes widened in horror. "You should be an example of a well mannered man! If I hear you curse once more, I'll inform Gwendal!" he scolded.

Wolfram glared at Gunter but didn't argue. Gwendal was not someone he wanted to face. Wolfram raised his nose high in the air and turned around. "Hn!" With that he marched to the bath.

But then…Wolfram doubted that Yuuri would have let him touch him. Yuuri would have probably given him that weird look full of pity and run away.