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Working out the Paradox

by chayron (lttomb yahoo com), beta-read by Redmarshin

Part 21

After walking for some time, Yuuri working the water out of their way, they finally reached the shore and left the sea. There was knee-deep snow all around them. It sizzled and melted when Wolfram's and Kyota's fields of fire touched it. This time Yuuri also summoned his fire element and worked on melting the snow in front of them. Yuuri was the only one wearing boots, Kyota and Wolfram splashed their way through the melting snow and mud barefooted.

"Well, we are wet again, but at least it's warm," Yuuri sighed, snuggling even closer to Wolfram as they started walking. As he didn't use his water element anymore, he thought about using his fire element to warm up too, but then decided that he would probably end up burning his coat again. Wolfram was really much better at fire element than him. Besides, he simply liked the way they were walking now. "I wish you'd also carry me." Yuuri grinned while motioning at Kyota's back where Murata's dangling legs could be seen from one side.

"Well, I could break your leg and then carry you…"

Yuuri chuckled. "I knew you would say that…" He was still pleasantly surprised and content that Wolfram was able to use and modify his water element so fast. He wasn't very sure why but he had liked that; somehow that had worked on his manly ego: he was able to share his power with Wolfram and Wolfram was able to use it. Especially he had liked the way he could share his power.

After walking for some more time, Kyota lowered Murata to his feet. His arms started hurting from carrying him, besides, Murata had completely recovered.

"I wonder for how long we are going to wander here. It's darkening," Wolfram shouted to Kyota. "We should find some lee then get some sleep while taking shifts. I could be the first to keep us all warm."

Kyota nodded. "Okay."

"There probably won't be any need," Yuuri shook his head. "I can sense something moving several kilometers away. As there are more than ten large moving objects, I suppose those are people."

"I really hope so," Wolfram muttered. He didn't want to complain but he was getting tired. He hadn't fully recovered from the recent nuisance with power swapping and keeping his fire element over him and Yuuri was difficult, especially having in mind that fire element had never cooperated well with people wielding water element. Right now he had to be concentrated that it simply didn't decide to burn Yuuri on its own. That could be troublesome. If they had to keep going further, he'd have to ask Kyota trade places.

It hadn't been that bad at all earlier, but after that silly accident, his element couldn't stand Yuuri, the power inside him hissing and bubbling as soon as Yuuri approached. Wolfram was sure that this had to do with Yuuri's water element being the one almost killing him. Although, the blond was also sure that it would pass after several weeks – the elements didn't have long memories and while using the power up, all bad and good imprinting also disappeared.

When they finally reached the spot Yuuri had been talking about, it was completely dark, Wolfram and Kyota lighting like big torches in the dark surroundings. It was a farmhouse. There were several candles sparkling in the windows.

After knocking on the door, several faces pressed to the windows to look at them. Yuuri could only imagine how they must look to those people: four of them, two almost naked guys, two summoned fire elements. He hoped that they were in territory where Mazoku were not enemies.

"They won't let us in. I wouldn't," Murata said.

"If you were afraid that we'd burn the house down then you would," Kyota told him. Murata gave him a silent look; Kyota was right.

Then the sound of the door being unbolted was heard and soon a man appeared in the doorway. In the feeble light of Wolfram's and Kyota's summoned fire elements Yuuri could see that the man was Mazoku. He exhaled relieved – he wanted no complications.

"Good evening. We…"

"Your Majesty!" the man fell onto his knees.

"Crap," Yuuri squirmed uncomfortably. "Get up, get up!"

"Then I suppose bed and breakfast is arranged?" Kyota flashed his grin at the man who had stood up.

"Yes, of course!" The man nodded.

"What is it?" Yuuri asked as the man moved out of the door to let them pass but seemed tense.

Kyota pointed at the windows that were swarming with children. "I suppose I was too forward with those beds…"

Yuuri suddenly felt uncomfortable while following the man into the house. "It's just for one night… Anything would be okay." He stopped at the sight of six children scattered around the room, giving them curious looks. The farmer's wife stood up and bowed. Yuuri presumed that the two of them had seen him in one of the parades.

The four of them silently observed the scanty room. It was dark, stuffy, there were only four beds.

"Hey, Wolfram," Kyota flung his arm around the startled blond's shoulders, "let's roll around on some fresh hay in the shed."

"Kyota, sweetheart," Wolfram elbowed the man in the stomach making him double over. "The idea is good, but the only one I'm going to roll about with is Yuuri."

"Total knockout," Kyota gasped out, rubbing his stomach.

Yuuri sniggered, covering his mouth with his hand. He knew the two of them were only fooling around but there was also some nice feeling in his gut. A possessive feeling.

"Yes, we can use the shed or something…" Yuuri smiled at the farmer.

"Ehhh…" the man drawled. "There's no way Your Majesty can sleep there! It will be cold and…"

"We'll just warm up with the fire element and…"

"Yuuri, I won't risk setting the shed on fire," Wolfram cut in rather sternly. "And you have hardly any control over it whatsoever."

"Ah. Right…"

Kyota shrugged. He smiled at the farmer. "Well, we'll just have to do with some covers then."

"I promise to refund everything and even more," Yuuri nodded.

"No, we'll just go to sleep in the shed ourselves and…"

Yuuri waved off that dismissively not wishing to hear that any further. He turned to the woman who was already looking for linen and covers, the door to the wardrobe widely open the fabric rustling.

They talked with the people for some time more until everything was prepared then went outside, back into the winter.

Yuuri stared at the ceiling in the darkness after they lay down in the shed. It was cold, the temperature being not that higher than that outside. He could hear Kyota and Murata swishing around in the hay, a bit farther from where he and Wolfram had settled.

"I'm hungry…" Yuuri sighed finally.

"Umm… Me too," Wolfram said after a pause. He snuggled closer to Yuuri's side, his head touching Yuuri's shoulder where the puffy coat engulfed his face. "But I didn't really have enough courage to ask anything more from them…"

"Yeah…" Yuuri drawled, leaning back into Wolfram, trying to share the body heat. Then he shifted turning over to overlie Wolfram, his head on the blond's chest, his right arm thrown over his thick coated waist. "It will be warmer this way…"

"Sure." Wolfram grinned in the darkness.

Yuuri chuckled and shifted to get more comfortable, exhaling softly. He felt happy somehow, the scene from that time when Wolfram had kept him warm all night long repeating in his head. Even if he was not that warm right now, even if he had almost killed them all with that ignorant way of his while trying to copy Murata, he was simply happy. He was beside Wolfram, the two of them fitting perfectly in both senses.

He was surrounded by people he trusted. Even Kyota. He knew the man would not betray him. There were people who had told him that Kyota wouldn't ever give up on Wolfram. That was probably true. But there was another thing – as long as Wolfram was with him on his own will, Kyota wouldn't interfere. He was absolutely sure of that. Wolfram had chosen and he could see that Kyota was a man enough to respect his choice. Actually from Kyota's recent behavior he could see that the man was hurting but was trying to let it go. Kyota was a very interesting guy, similar to Wolfram, although had even sharper edges than Wolfram, and if not for Wolfram standing between them, they would probably be close friends. But now this triangle barely left place for decent communication between them.

Yuuri was glad he was able to appreciate what he had now. Surrounded by people he could trust, being in love, enjoying those simple glimpses, those gazes and touches Wolfram gave him. He couldn't believe that some time ago he was frightened by them. It was just…weird to think about that now. At first he had been in denial, then he had been afraid and freaked out and then he had been dubious. He had been blind and not open with himself.

He knew how to appreciate what he had. He was very young, true, but those almost no way out and near death situations he had been in taught him much. Shori had been right - while waiting for some imaginative closeness, some extraterrestrial love, he almost missed the one he had under his nose.

He had never imagined that his first sexual contact would be with a male - he would have been weirded out, just as he had been when he felt Wolfram's attention for the first time. He really didn't think he could be aroused by another male touching him, kissing him, petting him and then…

Yuuri shifted, his burning face rubbing against Wolfram's coat. Wolfram was sleeping already, his soft even breathing heard above his head. Listening to it, Yuuri closed his eyes again. The affright that Wolfram gave him almost dying had scared him mindlessly. This was one of those moments when he understood that Wolfram was dearer to him than he realized. Then, during the battle, when Wolfram got shot with an arrow, then was the first time that shook him to the core. Moments like those, step by step, took him where he was now. It was wonderful to love and be loved.


Yuuri jerked out of his sleep, wincing at the pain in his right leg. There was some scratching heard near him. Dazed, Yuuri blinked his eyes. It was morning already, the light penetrating into the shed. Wolfram was lying slantwise on the covers, Wolfram's feet rammed into his thigh. Yuuri could feel a bruise forming.

Wolfram shifted again, turning onto his left side, muttering something under his breath. Yuuri sighed and reached out for Wolfram's hand to pull him up. There were some things that never changed.

"Yuu… Yuuri?" Wolfram muttered sleepily. "What…?"

"It's okay, sleep," Yuuri shushed him.

Wolfram rubbed his eyes, snuggling closer to him. "I had a nightmare," he murmured.

Yuuri ruffled the blond hair affectionately. "About what?"

Wolfram thought for a moment. "I don't really remember…" He shook his head then. "I only know that someone was chasing me."

"That was probably Kyota."

Yuuri and Wolfram turned their heads to look at the two dark bundles farther.

"Ow!" Murata yelped. "That hurts, you know!"

"Shut your mouth, then," Kyota snorted.

"It's not enough that you have burnt my entire collection of porn, you are also beating me!"

"Poor innocent lamb!" Kyota snickered. "I don't get why you need that porn with those three chicks anyway!"

"My libido is not your damn business!"

"As if I would ever care about it!"

"Hey," Yuuri elbowed Wolfram, "I hear arrows flying…" He felt Wolfram startle.

Kyota's head shot up. "What arrows?!"

"Those of Cupid…"

Murata snickered. Kyota sat up quickly, throwing the covers off. "Who the heck is that Cupid? What element does he wield?"

Winking conspiratorially, Yuuri held Wolfram down when he wanted to stand up. "That of love," Yuuri nodded to himself.

"Huh?" Both Wolfram and Kyota looked at him.

"It's not an element!" Wolfram protested immediately.

Yuuri was smiling to himself while Murata was explaining the whole thing for the two. He heard Kyota snorting and muttering under his breath then settling back down onto the covers.

"When hell freezes over," Yuuri heard Murata mutter. Well, that was true, Yuuri knew that, but a little of humor wouldn't hurt anyone. Wolfram had really liked it anyway – the blond was grinning, amused.

Sighing contently, Yuuri wrapped his arm around Wolfram's waist. A blond brow rose at him, then Yuuri was surprised to hear Wolfram's soft laughter.

"What's so funny?"

Wolfram chuckled again then leaned to his ear to whisper, "It's rather…unreal all this…"

"Umm?" Yuuri's frowned not understanding.

"As much as I chased after you, I have never imagined that you'd be so…cuddly."

"Hah?!" Yuuri retracted his arm, flushing beet red. "I'm not…"

"Soft like a girl, aren't you?" Wolfram's hand snuck under Yuuri's coat. "Cute and round…"

"Haaaaah…?" Yuuri's eyes turned wide, his mouth open.

Wolfram burst out laughing at Yuuri's facial expression. He leaned to give a quick peck to Yuuri's lips. "Kidding, moron. It's really nice," he sighed softly, embracing dumbfounded Yuuri, "to have you care about me…"

Yuuri, still a little confused, stroked the soft blond locks. He had seen Wolfram getting this way several times, but it still unnerved him a little when the blond became like that. It always seemed to him that Wolfram was crying and laughing at the same time and he wasn't really sure what to do then. Wolfram had many layers to him that one could notice only with time.

"I've always cared for you. I've just never realized how much…" Yuuri whispered.


Yuuri smiled, tightening his embrace. Then his smile faltered. "I'm sorry for almost killing us all. I really didn't think it would have such an impact and…"

"I know," Wolfram nodded. "Everybody knows that you didn't do that intentionally. Everyone also knows that you are quick to learn from your mistakes. So it's pointless talking about it."

Yuuri sighed, ruffling the blond hair. "Thanks. Really." He wanted to kiss Wolfram so badly, but was uncomfortable because he was sure that his mourning breath didn't smell flowers. So he just gave into the impulse to nibble on the blond's neck.

"C'mon, quit it you two or I'm gonna really jump Kyota," Murata snickered after a minute.

"Huh? Fuck off, pervert!" Kyota snarled, moving away from Murata, to the very end of their covers.

"Ha! Look who's talking! I heard… Mmmph!"

"One word more and I'm gonna choke you, Great Sage or not!"

Murata pried Kyota's hand away from his mouth. "You really are pissing me off! I'm gonna have you punished!"

Kyota grinned at him. "Seriously? Let's have a duel then!" He smashed his fist in his palm excitedly. "Choose your weapon."

Murata's face paled. "Crap."

"He will tear you apart, Kyota…" Wolfram said. "Unless you quickly learn how to open the gate to Earth, you are dead…"

"The thought about Earth sounds appealing," Murata muttered. He found it amusing that Wolfram was overestimating him. Murata pointed his finger at Kyota. "You, listen. My rank is higher than yours. If you keep pissing me off I'll show you who the boss here is."

Kyota looked at him confused. "But I agreed to the duel…"


"Great Sage is said to have an unbelievable power. I truly want to see it!" Kyota waved his hands about excitedly.

"Huh? He knows it and still..?" Yuuri cocked his head to his shoulder. "Wolfram, has your buddy always been like this?"

Wolfram nodded. "But he's really good at fighting air element."

"Well, no one is going to fight here," Yuuri said standing up. "Not while I'm your king."

"The king of the idiots…"

Yuuri turned to glare at Wolfram who was still sitting on the covers. "Then that also includes you."

"Ehh… Sorry," Wolfram scratched his blond head, feeling not that guilty at all.


After having sparse breakfast, the four of them left for Blood Pledge Castle. It appeared that they were one day of traveling away from it. They got some more clothes from the farmer, Wolfram and Kyota finally looking decent. It wasn't that cold as it was the day before, the temperature being above zero.

The day was passing more or less normal, Kyota and Murata getting into several spats either because of Murata's lost porn collection or Kyota wanting to try Murata's powers out. After midday, they started recognizing the surroundings, the village that they met on their way visited not once.



Wolfram shifted uneasy. "What does Shori think about this…whole thing? Was he angry? I got the impression he doesn't like the idea of me being with you…"

Yuuri ruffled through his hair taking his time to gather his thoughts. "Actually… He was the one trying to talk me into considering my feelings to you…" He shrugged at Wolfram's surprised facial expression. "I was also surprised. It also seemed to me that he was against it. But then… I don't really know why he changed his mind, but I'm glad he did."

Remembering the conversation about Kyota he had with Shori, Wolfram nodded. He had noticed something in Shori's face then, but was really able to grasp it. Besides, then when he had punched Yuuri and ran off from Shori's flat, then Shori tried to reason with him. Somehow he had missed it then… In addition, if Shori really were against him, he might have simply let him die.

"I'm glad," Wolfram brushed his blond strands off his eyes. "It would have been troublesome otherwise…"

Yuuri chuckled. "Don't worry about my brother. It's really not his business." He rubbed Wolfram's shoulder with his palm to assure him.

In the evening, when the sun was already gone, they finally reached the castle. The guards recognized them immediately, the news spreading around quickly.

"Your Majesty!" Gunter ran off to Yuuri as soon as he entered the castle. "Your Majesty!" He grabbed Yuuri in a hug, squeezing the life out of him. "A whole month! Where has His Majesty been and…"

"Wolfie! My boy! Wolfie! You are okay! I'm so happy!"

"Crap…" Wolfram muttered just before his mother started chocking him between her breasts. Conrad chuckled, his grin wide while Gwendal just snorted, but he could hardly hide his relief and amusement.

Yuuri and Gunter squeaked when Cecilie let go of Wolfram and wrestled Yuuri from Gunter's grasp. Yuuri was pressed face first into the lulling mountains and enjoyed the ride until his face got blue from the lack of oxygen.

"Your Majesty!" Gunter tried to push Cecilie away. "Your Majesty!" He finally succeeded in saving Yuuri from his hiking and Yuuri stood in front of him, gasping for air. "What happened, Your majesty? We all were worried here."

Resigned, Yuuri shortened his latest experiences to: "Wolfram and I got sucked into a swirl and got to Earth. Then we…just waited for you to show up. But Murata promised to teach me how to summon the gates."

"Is everything okay?" Conrad asked and Yuuri nodded, his smile wide. Then Conrad turned to Wolfram to change several words with him.

Gwendal nodded, "Welcome back."

Yuuri grinned up at him.

"There's so much paperwork accumulated during your absence, Your Majesty!"

Yuuri's grin faltered. "It's evening, Gunter…"

"King's work is never done…" Gunter pointed out.

Yuuri took a long breath. He nodded. "I'll go change and have a snack and then will come to the study…"

"Don't overwork yourself," Wolfram clapped with his hand onto Yuuri's back. "I expect you to be in our bedroom after three hours."

"Heard that, Gunter?" Yuuri chuckled, scratching the back of his head. "I have other duties to take care of…"

Conrad's brow rose at that.

"Okay then. Find for Kyota something to dress and would you take care of the farmer for me?" Yuuri asked Wolfram.

"Sure thing," Wolfram nodded.

"Thanks." Yuuri leaned to give Wolfram a quick peck on the lips then ran off to change, leaving the stunned party behind him. He had considered many schemes in his head about how to tell everyone that now Wolfram and he were an engaged couple not only fictitiously but also practically and had decided this to be the best way. Besides, running off was really the best thing – he couldn't really look the brothers in the eyes while telling them that he and Wolfram...oh, and not to forget that whole thing about backfiring power swapping... They would kill him.

Yuuri could also bet that Wolfram was also already gone from his brothers' and Gunter's vision. Or maybe not. Maybe the blond was eagerly explaining the whole thing now. Fine with him.

"Yuuri, you damn wimp!" the halls echoed. "Yuuri!"

Nope. Wolfram wasn't eagerly explaining the whole thing. Not turning around, Yuuri started hopping two steps at once and then quickly ran into his chambers, slamming the door shut behind him.

Half an hour later Yuuri snuck out of his chambers and slunk to the kitchen. He slowly rounded a corner and eye to eye met Conrad.

"Yuuri, I want to have a word with you."

Yuuri's brain made a leap - "Yuuri" – Conrad called him "Yuuri". –One couldn't want anything good from that. "Ehhh…" he drawled, backing out and trying to find the doorknob behind his back. "I wasn't really my fault. I didn't know about the whole power swapping thing, besides, Wolfram himself did that and…"

"What power swapping…?" Conrad frowned at Yuuri who flattened himself to the door, his right hand fumbling for the knob hysterically. Conrad's face suddenly appeared to be too close to Yuuri's. Wolfram had told Conrad that Yuuri had decided not to call off the engagement but didn't mention any details. "You and Wolfram…? Did you…? Yuuri?"

Yuuri realized he had made a mistake. "Ehhh… Uhhh… Well, we are a couple."

"Okay…I know that much," Conrad drawled, his hazel eyes turning dark. "Now explain to me why you mentioned "power swapping"…"

Yuuri shifted from one foot to another. "It's a bit complicated…"

"Not as much complicated, as it will be after Gwendal finds out that you have fucked Wolfram…"

Yuuri almost jumped out of his skin. He quickly raised his head to see grinning Murata behind Conrad's back.

"I'm gonna sentence you to death," Yuuri promised. His attention suddenly came back to Conrad's face that didn't promise any good. "Murata is talking nonsense! We only had oral sex and it's… Ehhh…" If he could walk right through walls, he'd have disappeared into that door behind him.

"Yuuri…" Conrad leaned in even closer. "I understand that you come from the world where are not many restrictions, but here…some things work differently… You are too young to have sex!"

Yuuri waved his hands against his chest, sure that if Conrad leaned in even closer, their foreheads would touch. This was what he had been afraid of. "No, we are not! Besides, we really only…"

"Yuuri…" Conrad growled.

Yuuri could see that none of his explanations would help. He could understand Conrad worrying about his little brother but it wasn't like he was some perverted creep or anything. They with Wolfram were pretty equal in that sense and it hurt him somewhat that Conrad… Well, but he also could understand that. There was simply no way it could be different with Conrad being protective over his little brother. And Gwendal… That was still coming.

"Conrad," Yuuri said, straightening, his shoulders squaring, "I promise to take good care of Wolfram. Otherwise, my bed is none of your business." There was a long pause after the words during which he realized that he had to run.

"You…little brat…" Conrad hissed at Yuuri his face red from anger.

That was to be expected. Yuuri whisked out from under Conrad's figure and ran. At least he had stated his point and he was proud of himself, except this running and except that he had forgotten that the kitchen had only one entrance…


He hadn't been able to work any today – Conrad had been only one of his problems, later came Gwendal and Gunter. Actually, he had been cursing himself for forgetting Cecilie and not starting to talk sooner while using her as a shield or sponge to absorb all those overprotective and brotherly aghast vibes. Cecilie managed to calm down her sons in five minutes. True, first two minutes of her happy, inconsiderate to others' moods, babbling and shouts after hearing the news, made Gwendal smash the dining table in half but later they were just helplessly listening to her and brooding over the - for some reason long ago forgotten - fact that being engaged really included more than cuddling.

After all that commotion had ended, finally getting some time to relax, Yuuri had gone to his baths. Wolfram didn't even show up for dinner, obviously having decided to take revenge on him that way.

The dark-haired boy sat down onto the corner of the pool. Leaning back onto his hands, closing his eyes and enjoying the hot vapor, he swished his legs about in the pleasant water. He really had missed this. This was wonderful after walking around in cold weather.

Yuuri turned his head at the sound of the door opening. For some time there were heard the clothes rustling then the blond's figure emerged from the thick steam. Wolfram passed Yuuri then shed his towel, leaving it rumpled on the floor and started walking to the other side of the pool. Yuuri was left to stare at the blond's naked backside that was slowly disappearing in the hot vapor. Yuuri was momentary stunned, breathing function forgotten.

He hadn't really…seen Wolfram's body. Well, he did but…didn't really look at it…like that…like he was staring shamelessly at it now… He had been aware of Wolfram's looks but had never been aware of…more. Even when they…had fun he didn't really… True, he had compared them but… Wolfram was handsome, true but there were also some things apart his face he hadn't really noticed… And those things were… Wolfram was indeed a beauty to behold. Only now he finally completely understood the ones who were chasing the prince: that smooth pale skin, taut backside, long legs, slender waist, the curvy body that was just on the verge of becoming that of an adult. Ripe fruit.

Yuuri startled at his own thoughts, quite shocked to discover the way he was seeing a male's…no, Wolfram's body. He had just caught himself thinking all those…things… He wondered if he was an idiot to realize his attraction only now. But there were more pressing matters right now. His erection stood proudly, pointing at the opposite side of the pool where Wolfram had just gone.

"Egh!" Wolfram shrieked, startled when arms suddenly wrapped around his waist tugging him backwards into the body behind him.

"Shh… It's me."

The blond frowned, still quite angry with Yuuri's attempt to avoid confrontation with his brothers and leaving him alone to deal with the mess Yuuri had caused. "Why the heck do youuuuri…" Wolfram trailed off, inhaling sharply when Yuuri grinded his hips against his backside. Yuuri was hard. A shiver passed his body when Yuuri's lips touched his nape, sucking and kissing. He couldn't help the sigh that left his mouth when Yuuri's teeth grazed at the skin, nuzzling the blond locks there. His head fell forwards, the chin almost touching his chest.

All thought about anger fled Wolfram's mind and a soft gasp left his lips when Yuuri's tongue went forward to his jaw. "I'm not washed yet…" Wolfram muttered, his knees becoming weak when Yuuri nibbled on his jaw.

"That's fine. You smell the best this way…" Yuuri said, flicking his tongue over Wolfram's skin to have another taste. He felt the prince jerk in his arms but whether it was because of the lick or because of his words he didn't know. He tightened his hold around Wolfram then slid one palm up Wolfram's stomach and to his chest to feel his ribcage and muscles. He rocked against the blond's back, grinding his hips into Wolfram's backside.

"Yuu… Yuuri…" Wolfram moaned. "What…has…mmmh," he bit his lips at the sensation that wracked his body, "…gotten into you?" His chest suddenly touched something cold and he opened his eyes to see that Yuuri had somehow pushed him up to a wall. He hadn't even felt moving away from the pool.

Yuuri rocked against Wolfram while pressing the blond flush to the wall. "I want… I want to…" He wasn't all that sure what he wanted. But it seemed that his body did.


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When the wave passed, Wolfram, panting and trembling, his knees shaking, tried to hold himself upright but his palms slid down the damp wall, Yuuri's weight on his back pressing him down. Gasping for breath, Wolfram opened his eyes and, kneeling, stared senselessly at the milky rivulets running down the wall just right in front of his face.

Several seconds later, Wolfram felt a tug on his arm. Still dizzy, he turned his head to look at his upper arm that was in Yuuri's grasp. Questioningly, he looked at his fiancé who was trying to pull him up.

"C'mon," Yuuri panted also being still dizzy. "Let's get you washed just in case I got some of it on you."

"Ummm?" With the back of his hand Wolfram brushed over his forehead where the blond locks were clinging to his sweaty forehead.

Yuuri felt like laughing when Wolfram didn't show any wish to move, still slumped at the wall, clearly not comprehending what he was talking about. "The sperm, Wolfram. Let's get you washed." He had never seen this clueless and absolutely mindless expression on Wolfram's face. Fucked senseless, this was what came into Yuuri's mind. But they didn't really…do it… Was he…? But it was just…unbelievable… Was it him who made Wolfram look like that…? Really…?

"Oh…" Wolfram seemed to finally come back to earth. "Mmhmm?" Wolfram blinked at Yuuri's face when the dark-haired boy's mouth came over his, Yuuri's tongue slipping right into his mouth, not helping him to concentrate at all and inducing him to answer the kiss.

Yuuri pulled away after a minute. "You look so…hot." Yuuri couldn't help chuckling at Wolfram's facial expression while pulling him up. The prince let himself be hauled up but gave Yuuri a weird look not saying anything.

Slowly, they staggered back to the pool then slipped into the warm water.

"It will be your fault if I drown now," Wolfram muttered, leaning heavily on the rim of the pool, his legs still quivering, feeling lightheaded.

"Are you really okay?" Yuuri asked after a moment, concern marking his voice.

Wolfram raised his head to look at him then chuckled. "Yeah. But I have to tell you that that was one intense orgasm…"

"You are not angry?"

Wolfram laughed loudly and shook his head. "Hell no. But for a moment there I was sure you'd do it… You…I…" He blushed faintly. "That was damn…hot. Have never thought you would…and so soon…and so… I'll think about stopping to call you a wimp…" he chuckled again, but his emerald eyes were seriously looking at Yuuri.

Yuuri felt himself flushing red. Wolfram was complimenting him. It was really embarrassing but pleasant nonetheless. "Don't really want anything similar happening like it was on Earth…" Yuuri muttered, shifting uncomfortably. "And I didn't take…" he became even redder, "…condoms this time."


Yuuri coughed, not really knowing where to put his eyes. In spite that he and Wolfram had just… "Ask Murata about that – he knows much more than me, anyway. I'm sure he'll be glad to explain that to you and even in great detail."

Wolfram shrugged. He walked over to several shelves with toiletries. He ransacked through various bottles of shampoo. He turned around holding a bottle of green colored shampoo that smelled of apples. "Want me to wash your hair?"

Yuuri nodded and waded through to Wolfram. Wolfram poured some of the green liquid onto his palm while Yuuri dunked his head in the pool then raised it, water running down his face then shoulders. Wolfram brushed the excess of water away then started rubbing the shampoo into the black hair.


"Umm?" Yuuri opened his eyes after feeling Wolfram put his chin onto his shoulder.

"It's the first time you let me wash your hair…"

Yuuri raised his arm to Wolfram's neck and turned his head to press his lips softly to Wolfram's. "And it's really not the last one," he said after pulling away. "I'll even let you wash my back. Each day," he added, chuckling. He laughed then coughed when Wolfram dunked his head under water without any warning to wash the shampoo out of his hair.

Wolfram grinned at Yuuri's back of the head when that resurfaced. "Get a servant for that."

Yuuri rubbed his stinging eyes. "I would. But I suppose you'd kill him the next day…"

Smiling, Wolfram tousled Yuuri's hair up affectionately. "Pretty true."

"Umm?" Yuuri turned around feeling coolness pass over his back. He watched Wolfram's retreating back. "Where are you going?" He asked as Wolfram climbed off the pool.

"Someone has to clean up that mess on the wall, ne?"




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