By Citrus Luver

A/N: Finally the long awaited - okay maybe not long awaited - sequel to Kame. To keep with the spirit like Kame this fic's title is also an animal. So in case anybody is wondering this fic's title means phoenix in Japanese. Also for anyone who has not read Kame and decides never to read it. Heehee… it is possible to understand this fic without reading Kame. I think. -.-;; Although reading the now complete Kame and the soon to be posted prequel Tategami will be very helpful especially as this fic draws to a close. A

lso like all my other Yu-gi-oh fanfics. All character names will be in their original Japanese form. This fic like Kame has shonen-ai (boy/boy love). Meaning if you are uncomfortable with it use your own judgments because I don't want to hear any flames about it. As of now pairings will be kept a secret.

I am planning this fic to end in 10 chapters. The longest of them all. I will be posting this fic and Tategami (the prequel) at the same time.

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Summary: A boy without memories raised by wolves. Another boy cursed with the cruelest fate. In a strange twist of fate, the two meet in the darkest of times. In a time and a place where hope is rare, and love is a tangible and feeble thing.

Chapter 1


The raising sun cask a holy glow into the high tower of a castle located upon a cliff. Within that high tower was the royal delivery room. The walls were draped with purple, gold and red – royal colors. Upon a high canopy bed a young woman not even twenty sat. Her honey brown hair cascaded upon her pale skin. She wore the classical clothes – royal red dress, a purple wrap that draped around her left shoulders to her right hip, and upon her breast was a golden crest, the symbol of royalty.

In her arms was a blanket. An unblemished, crying infant lay upon the purple blanket. The young woman smiled. Her first child and already a son, he was perfect. She stroked the child's cheeks. Slowly his crying ebbed. He opened his eyes, and the young woman drew a gasp. Crimson red eyes, the eyes of a stern king… there were prophecies in the kingdom's 3000 year history of such a case. Her son, her little boy, could he be the destined one?

She couldn't think about it now. The doors of the room opened. The sweet, blissful ten minutes of mother and child bonding came to a close. The young woman immediately bundled her son up. She repositioned her veil, so it covered her face and waited for her husband, the reigning king, to appear beside her.

Seconds later a shadow cast over her bed. She immediately bowed her head. The ten minute old infant's cries heightened. "My king… your child," the woman stated, holding up the crying infant.

The king stared down at the child. The young woman held her breath praying her child passed his test. She had heard rumors of previous queens bearing unfit heirs who were forced to murder and commit cannibalism till the right heir was produced. The young queen knew she could not commit such an act.

"A little noisy," the king stated plainly. His brown eyes never left the infant. "Well, what is it? A boy or a girl?"

"A… a boy, my king," the young woman stumbled.

"A boy… my, my… you are one lucky woman." The young woman gulped. The king's brother and high priest, he was worse than her husband.

"Brother, leave. Leave me with my heir." The king stated. Did she detect disgust in her king's voice? Wait didn't he say… heir? Could it be… did my king accept my son as his sole heir?

"But, but… your majesty."

"Leave!" The king bellowed. The young woman heard shuffling of feet and the bang of the door. "Look at me, don't be afraid, child." The king stated. His voice had softened now. It was so kind. It was that same voice that made her fall in love with him so many years ago when she was barely of age.

She still remembered that night. Back when neither of them had been crowned. She was a visiting princess from a neighboring country, and he was a prince. It was his twentieth birthday ball. She had almost refused to go, but her mother made her. She was the last princess of her country, and she had to be married before her father could give his crown to her oldest brother. She never expected to find love that night much less a proposal of marriage. He had swept her away with his charms, and she had captured him with her grace and beauty. Now so many years later, she had been elevated to the status of queen when she reached the ripe age of fifteen. Now at sixteen she was a mother of the future king of her kingdom.

She slowly looked up.

"There, there. Wipe away your tears. I am not my brother. Our son is perfect. He will make a fine king." Shyly she handed the baby to her husband, and he gently took the child in his arms.

Immediately the child stopped crying, instead he opened his eyes, blinked, then cooed. A wide smile appeared upon the king's face. Cradling the infant, the king took him over to the tower window. The infant blinked and turned towards the sky… caste in a fiery red glow. Dawn had just broken through the horizon. A bubbling grin appeared on the child's face. The king's smile widened.

"For our sun god, he will name him Atemu." The king cradled the infant tighter. "Yes, our little god, the future king of this kingdom… my son Prince Atemu."


Slowly, the crying infant born that summer morning grew into a young, bubbly and adventurous toddler. Young Atemu hated studies, politics and anything to do with etiquettes. Instead, Atemu rather spend his time outside in the company of the stable hands, hunting and riding horses.

It was a cool autumn morning. Atemu had once again managed to escape the eyes of his tutor. Beside it wasn't hard, after all his tutor was a sixty-year-old monk from who knows where. Instead of normally wandering outside Atemu decided to explore one of the towers, the north tower, the forbidden one, supposedly. The one that everyone said he had seen the day he was born, and no more till he was married. Gross! Atemu didn't want to marry, especially not to some girl. There were plenty of girls in the palace, but he didn't fancy any of them.

Atemu didn't make it to the north tower instead his father's study caught his eyes. Atemu loved his father's study. There were forbidden things in it. Something called books. Atemu never learned from books. His tutors always used scrolls. Only the king and his priests were allows glimpses of the sacred books. Atemu believed he fit that catalogue since he knew someday he would be king.

But only royalty – as in the big macho man, the king - got to look at the forbidden books on the secret… the past. Atemu didn't know much about the past except what his sixty-old-year tutor told him. Something about 'technology'… that was forbidden now too since 'technology' had almost destroyed the world.

Atemu shivered as he walked into his father's study. It always seemed to grow cold when he entered the study. Even though he couldn't read much, he still liked looking at the pictures. Some were really cool. He especially loved looking at the pictures on the boats, cars, guns… and his favorite – holographic games. Atemu couldn't imagine 'holograms'. It was one of those secret things, 'holograms'. It was said people in the past had them, but they got too powerful and too real.

Atemu didn't know how long he looked at the pictures in his father's book before he fell asleep. If it hadn't been for the screams in the hallway, he would have kept on sleeping. The young toddler woke up startled and disoriented. He pulled the book off his lap and walked over to door. Upon turning it, he discovered it was locked. Unlike most toddlers, Atemu didn't cry or scream for help. He was calm and collected boy besides he knew of a secret passage in his father's study that led to the throne room.

Atemu toddled over to the wall farthest from the window. There covered by a few books was a small wooden door. Only few people knew of this passage and Atemu was sure he was the only one in the whole palace now. Even his father didn't know about it, Atemu was proud of it too. He hurriedly climbed through. The screams were becoming more frequent and suddenly it felt very hot. Atemu burst through the secret passage. His eyes widened in horror. Upon the throne were his father and… uncle… battling over a knife! The whole throne room was on fire.

Atemu felt himself stump over. He would have screamed had a comforting hand not grabbed him. The boy looked up dazed from the smoke.

"Okaasan?" The boy muttered.

"Shh, my baby."

"O… Otousan." Atemu muttered.

"It's okay Atemu. It's okay."

But Atemu knew as his mother carried him off it wasn't okay. He could sense there were tears in her eyes as they left the throne room. His mother kept running and running. It suddenly grew very dark before his mother stopped and placed him down. Atemu looked up… his eyes widened. It… it was one of those 'secrets' … real. "Okaasan?" Atemu asked puzzled.

"Shh, my little Atemu. It's a plane."


"Yes, secret. It'll take you to safety."

Atemu heard the sounds of footsteps in the background. "Okaasan, someone is coming."

The woman didn't reply instead she continued to strap her son into the plane and before long fiddling with the knobs in front of the boy. The boy looked up confused. "Okaasan?"

"Shh, my son. I'm so sorry." Tears cascaded from the young woman's face. He lightly rubbed her son's tri colored hair. "My prince." She hugged him tightly. "My last hope. Save our kingdom one day… grow up big and strong my little Atemu. I love you so much."

"Okaasan?" Atemu asked. He cocked his head just as the cover enclosed him into the plane. Seconds later he was in the air. As the boy looked back at the tower, he saw his mother, for what he knew would be the last time. She was so beautiful. Her long honey brown hair framed her face, and her bright blue eyes reminded him of the endless blue ocean.

For once in a long time, Atemu cried. He cried himself to exhaustion as he watched his home burn – his family, his friends, tutors, servants… all gone. But before he fell asleep, he remembered his uncle fighting his father… and a deep hatred burned in young Atemu's heart.

I promise Okaasan. I will return someday.



The sound of deep growl penetrated the forest. A band of wolves howled at the moon. Nervously they advanced on a strange pile of debris. It was still emitting smoke from the impact. One female wolf howled. It smelt a presence. Nervously a male advanced. It crawled through the debris. A piece of charred metal fell to the ground. A young boy tumbled out. He was unconscious, and his breath labored. The male wolf immediately pounced on the child only to be stopped by the female. She nudged the male away and advanced on the child. She knew what it was. She had heard tales of things like this. It was "a human child", but she knew most children do not fall out from the sky.

Could it be? She dared not guess. Was it the chosen one? To bring them out of the darkness. She snarled at her pack stating her claim. The old male turned away disgusted. Satisfied that she knew the child would not be harmed, the lone wolf picked up the child and placed it on her back. After all she had no more young clubs to raise. She would raise this child, this child who had dropped from the heavens.


Thus slowly the pack of wolves began to treat the boy as their own. As time past, the child grew up. He learned to hunt like a wolf, understand the wolves, run, flock and play. He never understood he was different, for he never saw any other human. After all, the young boy could do everything just as well if not better than the rest of the wolf pups in the pack. Slowly the child began to forget human speech, for he had no one to speak it with. He forgot his past. His forgot his parents and everything about who he was. His mind began to shift, burying the pain and hatred into the crevasses of his mind to never be remembered again unless agitated.


Unlike the boy sheltered from society and raised by wolves. The rest of the kingdom starved. It didn't take long for people to learn that their beloved king and queen had been murdered, and their boy prince gone.

Thus all the kingdom could do was accept the rule of their benevolent king's only brother who was anything but kind. The new king changed the kingdom's laws. He increased taxes, forbad all forms of education and magic, and sentenced everyone to a job with no way to escape from it.

What the king did not know was although most of his kingdom submitted to his laws. There was still hope. In a place far on the outskirts of the kingdom was a small village. A village where powerful mages resided in, and in that village, hope sprang up.

For like the deceased king and queen who had their son, the family of mages too had an heir. A small child cursed none the less but powerful with beautiful amethyst eyes. The child - familiar by the entire village - was kind, caring, and patient. In that child, his parents gave him their gift, memories of the past – what it was like… the 'secret' and the hope.

For in the darkness of the light, when the king's minions could not touch them, the villagers spoke of a lone hope. They spoke and dreamt of a way out of their misery. They spoke of the vanished prince who they knew would one day reappear and claim his title.

And slowly that rumor would transpire across the kingdom… always at night, but even in the darkness of night it was then that light shone through best.

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