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Title: Opening Doors

Summary: Sam and Dean head back in time to 1989 and run into some very familiar faces. It's a kiddie story with a surprising twist!

Disclaimer: Like I said before, SN isn't mine, and neither are any of its characters!

Opening Doors

Ten-year-old Dean Winchester ran, his brother's hand held tightly in his own. They'd only gone out for a little while. He'd just thought it would be good to leave the cramped motel room, to get away from everything they'd become. He'd been restless. He was smart enough to take Sammy along with him this time, though. Now they were both in trouble.

The arcade. He loved going to the arcade, but the last time he'd gone, almost a year ago…

That was why he'd taken Sam along, but now they were in trouble and no one was there to save them.

The demon was quickly gaining, running fast, its dark cloak billowing around it. It had swooped down upon them for no apparent reason and the chase had begun. Dean knew that if he could only make it back to the motel room, only grab the shotgun by the door, only turn and aim and pull the trigger, the demon would be gone. But they didn't have the time, the room was too far away. They would never make it.

They were going to die, and both brothers knew it.

Suddenly, from behind them, they heard a grunt. Sam was pulled from Dean's grip and he turned, ready to show the demon what happened when you messed with a Winchester. Instead, he found himself staring into deep hazel eyes.

"It's all right," a tall man with sandy blond hair said hurriedly, grabbing Dean's hand. He had scooped Sammy up in his arms. "We're friends of your dad's. We're going to help. Which way's the motel?"

Dean pointed him in the right direction and they took off at a fast run. The little boy looked back over his shoulder once to see another man, one with shaggy brown hair, wrestling with the demon that had been chasing them. The man pulled out a knife and stabbed it.

Then they were at the motel and he had the key pulled out, ready to use. He looked back once more as the demon dissolved in a puff of black smoke and the other man came running over.

"Got it," he panted, wiping dark blood from his hands.

"No," the shorter of the two, the one that had pulled the boys to safety, replied, "you didn't. It was a decoy. That thing's still out there."

"Who are you?" Dean questioned as the two men stumbled into the room he'd been sharing with his brother for almost a week.

The shorter man grinned, running his fingers roughly through his short hair. "We know your dad. That's all that matters."

"We need names," Sammy said, gazing at them with suspicious eyes.

The two men glanced nervously at each other. "All right," the shorter one, apparently the leader, nodded, "I'm Dean, and this is my geek brother, Sam."

Topeka, Kansas

Earlier That Day

Dean Winchester stretched and yawned. It had been a hard week for the 27-year-old. Not only had the demon they'd been chasing for over twenty years gone back into hiding, he'd sent a new friend out for the brothers to play with. His name was Jake, and he was rather bland. Certainly not as much fun as Meg had been.

He and Sam had been able to track the thing to Topeka, where his trail had suddenly grown cold. He was probably just waiting for a good chance to attack them. Not a problem. They'd be ready.

Sammy had left, probably for coffee, earlier that morning. That was OK. Dean needed a good pick-me-up, and caffeine was always his first choice. He needed to be alert to find out what Jake was up to. As he'd told his brother just the day before, demons don't just go missing, they go think. Jakey was up to something.

The motel room door opened and Sam walked in, sure enough carrying two cups of coffee. He didn't look happy about something.

"I just got a call from one of dad's contacts this morning," he said, setting the cups down on the dresser and sitting on the room's other bed.

"Oh yeah? What's up?"

"A slip-up in the time stream," Sam replied, sighing.

"And that's bad?"

"This particular person seems to think so. Especially after I told her about Jake. The slip happened here, Dean, in Topeka."

"So what's it mean?" Dean asked, wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep.

"Someone's trying out the idea of time travel. It could be disastrous."

"When is anything we're involved with not disastrous? And why'd she call us? It's not like there's anything we can do about it."

Sam shook his head. "There is. A wormhole's been opened in the time stream. Only a major demonic power could have done that. If she's right, then Jake may have gone into the past. He could bring the demon to power, Dean."

"Or worse. He could kill us."

"He could make sure mom and dad never even met. We could never exist."

"Let me guess," Dean moaned, "this contact wants us to find the wormhole, go back in time, and fix whatever Jake's about to do before he does it?"

Sammy nodded. "Pretty much."

"Do we even know when we're going?"

"She was kind of hoping we could head out today, before anything happens."

Dean shook his head, accepting defeat and climbing out of the bed to grab his coffee and clothes. "I meant which time period? We're not going to get zapped back to the stone age, are we?"

"As far as I gather, the wormhole will go to the same time Jake went to, but we need to find it before it closes."

"What if it closes while we're in the past?"

"We'll get back here eventually."

"In our sixties?" Dean asked, though it wasn't much of a joke, "does she know where it is?"

"Somewhere in the courthouse," Sam replied, "but that's as specific as it gets."

Dean sighed, pulling on a tattered pair of jeans. "Great. When do we leave?"

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