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The accident hadn't been very painful, which was a relief. Aoi and Hazuki were quite happy, actually, although they felt a bit of regret for not spending time with their baby and being able to really be there as she grew up.

But they always watched her, keeping an eye on her as she aged.

When she was three, Aoi became really angry.

"What's with that teacher?!" he yelled, wanting to hit something. "How dare she treat Mitsuki-chan like that?! Mitsuki, expose her for the demon she is! Stupid fangirl!"

In the end, Mitsuki was sent to a different orphanage, where she met Eichi.

"Aw, how cute!" cooed Hazuki.

"Meh, he's okay," retorted Aoi.

Hazuki laughed. "Someone wants his daughter to stay his little girl!"

"She is my little girl! She's four now!"

They were pleased when Takuto visited her. "I wouldn't mind if those two got married someday," Hazuki admitted.

"Marriage is out of the question. She'll be my baby forever," Aoi replied stubbornly. They both cried when Takuto tried to commit suicide some time later.

When Mitsuki was ten, they watched as Eichi-kun confessed.

"Kyaa!" squealed Hazuki. "I'm sorry for invading your privacy, Mitsuki, but I can't help but watch!"

"That jerk! Laying a kiss on my adorable daughter like that...!" Aoi spat out.

"Aww, look, now he's leaving! Don't just kiss and run!"

"Mitsuki, I love you. Even when we are apart, I will always love you..."

Aoi scowled. "Dang it! I can't even hate him now! What about you, Hazu--Hazuki?!"

"Give me a second," she hiccuped as she cried.

And then came the devastating news that the plane had crashed. And both parents began to tear up.

They watched as Mitsuki went from being ten to twelve, and they watched as she was told she had throat cancer. They watched as her longing for Eichi almost killed her. They watched as shinigami arrived, telling her she had but one year to live.

"That's Takuto!" Aoi cried, pointing at the cat shinigami. "That's Takuto, right?!"

"Oh my gosh, it is! Takuto-kun, you're so cute with cat ears! Take care of my daughter, okay?"

They watched as Mitsuki became a singer, and they praised her enthusiastically. They threw mean words at Madoka, that snooty little idol wannabe. They watched as Fuzuki treated Mitsuki with scorn, locking her up in a shed.

"Mother! Don't treat your granddaughter like that!"

"I'm sorry, Fuzuki, but I'm dead and you can't do anything about it so I'm finally gonna come out and say YOU SUCK!"

Hazuki raised a brow. Aoi replied to her silent question by saying, "I've wanted to say that for a long time."

But when Mitsuki seemed so emotional and desperate to love her grandma, and she seemed so happy to be told she looked like her mother, the couple in heaven took back their harsh words.

They watched when Takuto and Mitsuki went to the sea, and Hazuki cheerfully said, "They're going to be a couple. I just hope it works out. I feel a bit bad for Eichi-kun though. Look at him; he's still hanging out with Mitsuki, although she doesn't know it."

"Shinigami must have bad eyesight, since they can't seem to notice him."

They watched as Mitsuki befriended her manager, Miss Oshige. "Holy crap!" Aoi cried. "That's Hanakazari!"

"No!" Hazuki inspected the scene further. "Oh my! It is!"

"Look, she still has a crush on the Prince! Haha, look at all those posters in her apartment!"

"That's mean."


They watched as Meroko and Mitsuki gradually became friends. "I like her," Aoi announced. "She's nice in a roundabout way. She's got spunk."

"Yes, although I'm a little annoyed still that she teamed up with an ex-boyfriend to tear Takuto away from Mitsuki."

"Still, you gotta admit, Yaminabe's pretty fun. They seem like they're actually not that bad, I guess."

They watched as Keiichi looked out for Mitsuki in his own way. And they heard when he spoke of Hazuki.

"Her mother...I look exactly like her mother?" Mitsuki asked.

"Yes, she was a beautiful woman. She was a beautiful...and wonderful woman."

"Did you love her?"

Keiichi flushed.

"You loved her, didn't you?!"

"Oh my goodness!" Hazuki cried, blushing.

"I knew it!" Aoi cried. "But Mitsuki, why does it sound like you're supporting him?! I'm your father!"

They listened to Keiichi's story of the astrology chart, and Aoi slowly turned to face Hazuki.

"I didn't do that," Hazuki stated, a blank look on her face. They then noticed Miss Oshige, and they let out a long "oooh".

They cheered when Mitsuki saved Takuto, in more ways than one.

They watched, devastated, as the shinigami discovered Mitsuki's secret.

Hazuki smiled as Takuto held Mitsuki, and Aoi yelled at Takuto that he wouldn't forgive him if he tried anything with Mitsuki. "And what was with that flashback in volume three when you're trying to commit suicide?" he demanded. "I understand what you were feeling, but I didn't want you to die, you stupid brat!"

They sighed with relief when Takuto finally saved Mitsuki from her grief, allowing her to cry for her loss.

Aoi held Hazuki as she cried after realizing what happened to her mother and how Meroko and Fuzuki were connected.

They listened and watched as Mitsuki broke down in front of Takuto.

"I parents died because of me."

"I see," replied Takuto.

"And I know Eichi-kun died because I let him go...It's true...I love Eichi-kun, but there's two of me fighting inside. I shouldn't forget him and be happy..."

"I'm telling you that Aoi is happy he died to save your life. You don't have to forget that fact...but don't be hurt because of it. I know you feel sorry for him. He's probably boasting about it, like this!" He showed her a scarily accurate picture.

"No way! I don't want him to be like that!" cried Mitsuki.

"Believe it! It's your dad!"

Aoi curled up in a ball. "Sorry, Mitsuki-chan. I actually am like that."

"There, there," his love said, patting him on the back.

They watched as Jonathan turned out to be a "bad guy". They chastised Takuto for getting caught by his ex-girlfriend. They cheered when Keiichi and Yuina got together. They grinned with relief when Fuzuki and Mitsuki reconciled. Hazuki cheered and Aoi trembled with anger and depression when Takuto and Mitsuki kissed. They yelled encouragements to Negi-Ramen as they fought for Mitsuki's life. And they laughed with delight when Mitsuki reached her happy "ending" at age thirteen, and her happy beginning when she was reunited with Takuto at age sixteen.

"But," Hazuki wondered out loud, once her unofficial husband had finally smiled at the idea of them being together, "doesn't that mean Takuto's twenty-nine now? A thirteen-year age difference..."

There was a pause, then Aoi cried vehemently, "Just wait till I get my hands on you, Takuto! I don't care if you're like a brother, like a son to me! You're dead!"

Hazuki just laughed and watched as her daughter achieved the happiness Hazuki herself had always dreamt of. "And now, Mitsuki-chan, you can finally start living."