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"Safety first," Danny said as he roughly shoved the Fenton Phones into Sam's ears.

"Hey, watch it!" Sam swatted his hands away. "Be careful, Danny. I hear with those."

"I know, but I don't want anything to happen like before. Ember's using her music as mind control on teenagers again. That means we're targets especially. You remember what happened the first time!"

"All too well, believe me," the memories were so bittersweet to Sam. "But, if I recall, it was YOU who was completely useless. I was the only sane person left!"

Danny blushed. "Well, still. I don't want anything bad to happen to us again."

Who said it was bad? I rather enjoyed the attention… Sam thought. "Okay, I get it."

Danny smiled with relief. "Thanks, Sam. You gonna be okay until I get back?"

"I can handle myself Danny," Sam said.

"I know," with that, he flew off.

"Which is why," Sam continued as she removed the modified earphones and turned them off, "if Ember's gonna hypnotize me this time, I'm gonna enjoy it." She slipped them back in, so Danny wouldn't know and chased off after him to Bucky's Music MegaStore.

High above the crowd, Danny and Ember hovered, sending blasts back and forth at each other. "Aww, look Baby Pop," she cooed at Danny, "your little girlfriend showed up!"

Danny whipped around to see Sam. He wanted to tell her to run away, but he couldn't let the entire crowd know that Sam was connected to Danny Phantom. That would be a big mistake. Instead, he sent a pleading look at her and she just returned it with her own stubborn one. "Leave her alone, Ember!" He wasn't going to waste time denying the diva's accusations.

"Oh, but what fun would that be, dipstick?" She blasted him again, this time sending him down into the crowd, where he was, quite unfortunately caught by none other than Paullina.

"Inviso-Bill!" The Latina cried gleefully. She hugged him with all her might, which turned out to be quite a lot because Danny was unable to break free from her grasp. In fact, she was holding him so tight, he couldn't even concentrate long enough to turn intangible.

"Look… uh… Miss, I need you to let me go now! You see, I have a ghost to fight and…" He didn't really want to be stuck in a fangirl hug, especially not by Paullina, not when Sam was in danger.

While Danny was sufficiently distracted, Ember rotated the dial on her guitar to the all-too-familiar heart and directed it at Sam. With one chord, she sent the dark haired girl falling to the floor.

"Ahhh!" Sam screamed in her last moments of true coherence.

Danny didn't see what Ember had done, but he heard Sam's cry and his eyes flashed bright green. "You'll pay for that, Ember!" He finally broke free from Paullina's grasp and shot back up to Ember's level.

She smirked at him. "Maybe so, babe, but not today!" And with that, she disappeared. "Besides," her disembodied voice whispered to him, "you might thank me later…"

The halfa whipped around again, but saw no one. He growled in frustration as the crowd booed him, but then he caught sight of Sam clutching her head as she lay on the floor. He swooped down to her. "Sam? Can you hear me?" Assuming she'd just been hit with a regular blast, he was concerned for her physical welfare at the moment and didn't care that he was now holding her in his arms like a child.

Sam smiled dreamily up at him. "Danneehhhh…" she grinned, "how come I've never told you that I think your eyes are purrrttttyy….?"

Danny blushed. "You must have hit your head, Sam. Come on, I'll take you back to my house." Sam blushed and giggled at what he had said, which made Danny blush even worse. "You probably just need an ice pack and some rest." With that, he flew up and out of Bucky's, ignoring the still-booing crowd.

"Mmmm… this is nice…" Sam mumbled, her eyelids drooping. She'd always loved flying with Danny, but Ember's spell had completely dropped her inhibitions and she was now enjoying it to the fullest extent. This was exactly what she'd wanted. Somewhere in the back of her mind, her real love for Danny allowed her to remain a touch sane and she realized what she was doing, but only vaguely and could do nothing to stop herself. "I love flying… with yooouuu…."

Danny was almost completely red, but started in alarm when he saw Sam dozing off. "Sam! Stay with me, Sam!" He didn't know if she had a concussion or not and he didn't want her to fall asleep and go into a coma or something. "Sam!"

Sam opened her eyes about half way, leaned up and kissed him.

For only one second, Danny allowed himself to enjoy it before he felt the familiar lurch of turning human again and plummeting toward the earth. He pulled away from her, turned ghost as quickly as possible and flew back up. "Jeez, Sam, you musta hit your head pretty hard." Soon, he touched down in his room and lay her down on his bed. "Stay with me, Sam."

She gazed up at him lovingly. "Always."

He was taken aback and whipped out his cell phone, quickly dialing. "Tucker!"

"Dude, where are you two? Get caught up in making out or something? You're like, twenty minutes late."

"Ember showed up," Danny hastily explained. He and Sam had been on their way to Tucker's house when the rock diva had shown up. "She blasted Sam and I think she hit her head. Can you come to my house and see? I think she may have a concussion."

Of the three of them, ironically enough, Tucker was the most experienced in medical things. He claimed that he hated hospitals so much that he learned basic first aid so that he could avoid them as much as possible. He'd be able to tell if Sam had a concussion. "Yeah, I'm on my way."

Danny looked nervously at Sam. "Sammy, you gotta stay awake for me, okay?"

Sam's expression turned blissful. "Anything for you, Danneh…" She grabbed his wrist and pulled him toward her so that he sat on the bed next to her. She rubbed her hand all the way up his arm, staring at it as though it were the most fascinating thing she'd seen in all her life.

Danny's whole body went rigid. Her hand was so soft, but strong. "S-sam?" He stammered, he wanted her to stop, but at the same time couldn't bring himself to move his arm.

Never taking her eyes off his arm, she smiled, "Mmhmm?"

"What- wha-what are you doing?"

Instead of answering him, since it was quite obvious as to what she was doing, she merely remarked, "You're really strong, Danny…" It was true, he'd developed quite a few muscles over the past two years.

Since there was really no possible way for him to get any redder, Danny just kept averting his eyes from the girl in his bed. He hadn't just recently noticed how pretty she was, but it hadn't been that long ago. And now here she was, lying in his bed, with her hand on his arm. And there he was, thinking all kinds of teenage boy thoughts that he didn't think he should be thinking about his best friend. She must have hit her head so hard. He was worried now with how she was acting. The Sam he knew would never be like this. It almost made him sad, to think that this was just her concussion, that she didn't really feel anything for him.

"Okay," Tucker's voice interrupted, "I'm here…" he looked at the scene before him, "and obviously interrupting something… Should I just come back later?"

Danny jumped. "No. I need you to check her now," he said urgently.

"Okay…" Tucker walked over to them and peered into Sam's violet eyes. "Well… you seem to be focusing fine, Sam. Your pupils aren't dilated. Do you feel dizzy?"

Sam uncharacteristically giggled, unnerving both boys before her. "Of course, silly!" She said. "Danny always makes me dizzy!"

Tucker laughed almost maniacally and Danny blushed – badly. "Riiiight," Tucker said. He checked her pulse, just to check for irregularities. "Well, dude," he said to Danny, "I think she definitely hit her head. But she seems to be okay, so just put some ice on it. She should be okay by tomorrow," he turned around to leave. "You should let her rest, that might help."

"Wait, where are you going?" Danny cried frantically. He wasn't sure if he could stop this strange, almost intoxicated, seductive Sam; worse, he wasn't sure if he wanted to.

"Dude, I think it's quite clear that I'd be the third wheel around here right now," Tucker smirked. "So you kids have fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't do," and with that he was gone.

Danny groaned, then looked down at Sam. Her eyes were closed and she looked quite content. It was then he noticed the Fenton Phones were still in her ears. He smiled and removed them, setting them on his nightstand, not bothering to look closely at them. Well, at least he knew that she hadn't been hit by Ember's love spell. So… maybe he could dare to hope… that she really did feel something for him. That the bump on her head had just brought out a different side of her. "Sammy," he whispered, "Sammy?"

Without opening her eyes she replied, "Yes?"

"I'm going to go get you an icepack for your head. I'll be right back."

A pitiful whine escaped her lips as she opened her eyes and pouted at him. "No… don't leave me…"

"Sam…" Danny began, her soft desperate voice tearing at his heart. "I'll be right back, I promise. This is my house, where else am I gonna go?" He said, smiling.

Sam sat up and pouted at him.

"I'll be right back. I promise," he repeated. He tore himself away from her pleading violet eyes and dashed downstairs, hurrying to get back to her. Finding a pack of gel ice, he ran back upstairs, expecting to find her in tears, or at the very least whimpering desperately for him (that one appealed to him a little too much), but no. She was fast asleep. Danny smiled and shook his head. "You sure are one strange girl, Sammy."

"Danny…" she moaned in her sleep.

The halfa in question immediately turned beet red. He had to get out of there, before one of them did something they'd regret. He walked over to her and carefully lifted her head, placing the icepack on top of his pillow and then just as carefully lay her head back down. He left the room quickly, hoping to be back before she woke up.

No such luck…

Sam woke up a few hours later, breathing in the heavy, wonderful scent of Danny's bed. She pulled the blue comforter up to her face and nuzzled her nose in it. He smelled so good. The icepack had been tossed to the floor somehow and she rolled over onto her stomach and buried her face in his pillow. The smell of her shampoo was mixed with the smell of him and she loved it. She could stay there with her face in that pillow for all eternity. And it's likely she would have if she hadn't remembered that oxygen was quite necessary for survival.

"Uh… Sam?" Came the object of her desire's adorably tentative voice. "Are you feeling okay?"

She grinned seductively at him. "Much better now that you're here…" she breathed, rather enjoying the shade of red he turned.

Danny was even more worried now. She still hadn't gotten over this weird thing that was making her all… lustful? That was the only way Danny could describe it. He had to keep a cool head. If anything happened, she'd annihilate him when she finally came back to her senses. He watched in intently as she sat up, the strap of her tank top falling off of her shoulder with that coy little grin still on her face. It was going to be so difficult to control himself, though. "Umm… that's uh… good." God, he'd already known she was pretty, but when did she get THAT hot? "I'm… gonna… call Tucker really fast."

Sam pouted cutely, but didn't make a fuss.

Ducking out into the hallway, Danny called Tucker. "Tuck… she's still acting really… strange."

Tucker's bemused grin was apparent in his voice as he spoke. "Still throwing herself at you, huh?"

"It's not funny, Tucker! What do I do?"

"Uh… are you sure you want me to answer that question? Because I think you know what I'd do if there was a hot chick in my bed and she was flirting with me."

Danny rolled his eyes. "This is not a hot girl, Tucker! This is Sam!"

"Are you saying you don't think she's hot?"

Danny froze for a second. "Well… uh… well, I uh… okay fine! But even so, you know Sam. If I let her do anything stupid when she's like this, she'd kill me once she got her sense back!"

"Well, I'd say go with the flow, but since you're obviously too much of a gentleman to do that… just… try not to let her do anything you know she'd regret. Talk to ya later," and the African American boy hung up.

Danny sighed heavily. All he could really do was hope that he could restrain himself long enough for Sam to get better. He took another deep breath and walked back into his room, where Sam was now decked out in one of his white and red T-shirts and a pair of boxers. "Uh… Sam…?"

She sauntered over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing his jawbone again and working her way up to his lips. When her mouth finally reached his, she nipped softly at his bottom lip, sliding her tongue into his mouth when his jaw dropped in shock. She moaned softly against the kiss and pressed herself closer to him.

Danny groaned. From frustration or pleasure, he didn't know. Again, though he wanted her to, he couldn't bring himself to make her stop. This was nice. Kissing her was… entirely too nice. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to write this off as a fake out-make out when she returned to normal. Giving in, he wrapped his arms roughly around her waist and pulled her closer still. He tried to excuse the sense of rightness with his new attraction to her. Okay, so it wasn't new, but still. He kissed her back, finally, memorizing every part of her mouth, knowing that this would probably never happen again. It was probably that bittersweet realization that made him pull away.

Sam smirked coyly at him and bounced off into the bathroom.

"Where are you going?" Danny asked, wondering vaguely why it was okay for her to leave him without notice, but not for him to go and get her an icepack. He instantly missed her presence and had to stop himself from reaching out his arms to her.

"To shower!" She informed him. "You're welcome to join me…"

Danny gulped and blushed horribly when he saw Sam throw the T-shirt of his she'd been wearing out into the room. And then came the boxers, accompanied by a lacy blue bra, along with the sound of running water. He took a step toward the door. She had, after all, invited him. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and he wanted so badly to take it. His body was screaming at him to take it. But… if she really did have some sort of amnesia, then it'd be taking advantage of her. There was also, of course the possibility that she had already come to her senses and was now only punishing him and if he went in there, he would be horribly massacred.

"Mmm… the water's so warm…" he heard Sam's muffled groan of ecstasy. Amazingly awful images of her invaded his mind. It wasn't fair. He wanted to go in there more than he had ever wanted anything else in his life. But he couldn't. The risk was too high. He flew up onto the roof, hoping to find some respite in the cool evening air.

After about twenty minutes or so, when he finally had gotten himself under control again, Danny phased back into his room, only to completely lose the control he'd supposedly gained. Sam was just stepping out of the shower, his navy towel, HIS navy towel, the one he always used wrapped tightly around her slim figure. "Uhh… Sam…?" It seemed to be his catch phrase for the day.

She pouted at him. "Where'd you go, Danny? I was waiting for you."

Danny gulped. "Uh… I… uh… Sam…" He watched her as she began going through his dresser, again pulling out a pair of boxers and one of his older T-shirts.

"Yes?" She whipped around, the motion causing the towel to slip a little. Sam caught it just in time, but smiled bemusedly at Danny's hand, which was covering his eyes. "Awww…" she cooed, "you don't want to see?" Sam gripped the edge of the towel and pretended that she was going to pull it off of herself.

"SAM!" Danny screamed hastily. "DON'T!" This was getting to be too much for him.

She grinned at him, an impish twinkle in her violet eyes. "Are you sure?" She purred, again coming dangerously close to him, wrapping her leg around his and rubbing it softly.

"No… I mean. Yes! Yes!"

The towel-clad girl giggled evocatively, kissed his cheek and pulled away from him (again causing him to miss her warmth). "Aww… I'm just teasing you Cuddle Bunny," she grinned cutely at him. "I'm gonna go change now, no peeking!" She strolled back into the bathroom, swishing her hips ever so slightly.

Danny watched her, entranced for a moment before the realization of his new nickname hit him. "Cuddle Bunny?" He asked aloud, a bit of disgust evident in his voice. And what was with her? She was deliberately messing with him now! First she invited him to shower with her and now she was telling him not to watch as she changed! What was going on? "I swear Sam," he mumbled to himself, "if I didn't know better, I'd think you were under Ember's love spell…" It was then he noticed the time. It was a little after eight, but tomorrow was Monday and they had school… and Sam didn't seem to be showing any signs of thinking about heading home. What was he supposed to do? If he let her stay and her parents found out, he would probably never see her again. He sighed.

Sam came out, again dressed in his clothes. Although she'd taken her hair down out of it's usual little half ponytail and it flowed more freely about her neck.

"Sam? Aren't you going to go home or something?" Danny asked. Whatever opportunities he was being presented with right now, none of them were worth never seeing Sam again.

She made a very sad face at him and for a moment Danny thought he saw tears in her eyes. "You don't want me here?"

His heart broke at the sadness in her voice and he pulled her into a tight hug. "Sam…" he whined slightly. "I'd love for you to stay here, but-"

"Then why can't I!"

"But, you know how your parents are and…"He didn't want her to stay. Well, he did but he didn't. If she stayed something would most definitely happen… but he really wanted to see what exactly that something was…

She softly kissed his neck and whispered, "They aren't home. They're on a business trip."

Danny pulled back and held her by the shoulders as he looked worriedly into her eyes, "You mean, you're all alone there?"

Sam nodded. "But it's okay. It's always like that."

"Then you're staying here. I'll just sleep on the couch or something," there was no way he could stay in the same room with her. But he had no idea that Sam was so often left on her own.

At about ten or so, after Danny had made her promise ten times that she would stay in his room, he headed downstairs with a pillow and blanket, hoping that she'd be okay tomorrow. It was going to be very… interesting at school if she was still acting this way.

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