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Danny awoke rather contentedly the next morning with an oddly pleasant weight on his chest. Not so heavy that it crushed him, but heavy enough for him to register. He groggily opened his eyes and was met with a mop of silky black hair.

Mmm… this is nice…was his first thought, immediately followed by an Oh shit! Sam!

"Morning, Cuddle Bunny," Sam smiled at him, her lips dangerously close to his. She cuddled into him, nuzzling her face into his neck. Her arms were wrapped around him, but not too tightly.

Danny, amazingly, smiled back. She seemed to have mellowed out a little bit since yesterday. Cuddling at least wasn't as bad as practically strip-teasing him. And she did feel nice… she'd gained a bit of weight since freshman year, just enough to make her appetizingly curvy. Noticing his arms had somehow snaked around her during the night, he hugged her. "What time is it?" He asked quietly.

Sam gave him a quick chaste kiss. "Seven. Why?"

Danny bolted up, causing Sam to fall back the other way on the couch.

"Danny…" she pouted, "what's the matter?"

"Sam! Jeez, didn't my alarm go off up there! We have school!"

Sam looked severely disappointed. "Oh…" School meant that she'd have to be away from Danny and she wouldn't be able to lavish affection on him like she wanted to. "Do we have to go?" She asked, crawling into his lap and wrapping her legs around his waist. Her hands fell on his shoulders and massaged them gently. "Wouldn't you rather just stay here with me? We'd have so much more fun…"

Danny blushed again. So much for the mellowed out theory. "We could…" he murmured, planting a small kiss on her cheek. He suddenly shook his head. "No! Sam, we have to go to school. Come on."

Sam wrapped her legs a bit tighter around him, staring him down with a seductive glint in her violet eyes. "Come on Danny, stay here with me today…" She slipped her hands underneath his shirt and sensuously pawed at his smooth chest. She leaned over him and let her lips gently brush his ear. "You know you want to…"

Danny gulped. His heart beat wildly against his ribcage. Why was she doing this to him? Why was he letting her? He gripped her arms tightly the moment her lips hotly met his neck. "Sa-Saaaamm…" he moaned. He wriggled a bit, trying to escape, but she just slammed her hips against his and his breath caught in his throat. She ignored him and continued nipping delightfully at his collarbone. His dearest wish at that moment was to stay this way with her all day and all night and forever if he had his way. But she'd kill him. She'd surely kill him.

"Sam please…" he'd finally resorted to begging. "Please, we have to go to school… you know my grades can't take the hit…" He didn't know why he'd thrown that perfectly logical statement in there… logic was obviously not high in Sam's brain right now. School started at seven fifty, they were late as it was.

She placed one heated kiss on his lips and stared intently down at him. "As long as you promise we can finish this later…" she cooed.

A deal! Finally, some semblance of the old Sam… He'd take it. "Okay."

She leapt up abruptly and bounced off upstairs, not showing him the teasing smirk on her face. Intoxicated or not, Sam could tell she had him on the rocks.

Danny suddenly missed her again. Every time she left him, he just wanted her back more than he had before. Part of him desperately longed to pull her back into his arms, let her kiss him senseless as he held every one of her luscious curves against himself. She wasn't playing fair.

But then it occurred to Danny. Maybe she wasn't playing. Maybe she really did mean it. He'd be in heaven if that were true. He half skipped up the stairs, giddy in his thoughts. "Sam?"


A little relieved, but mostly disappointed to see she was back in her normal clothes, Danny sighed. He shook his head. "Never mind."

"Okay, Danny," Sam smiled at him.

Danny sighed again and ducked into his bathroom, where his towel now hung perfectly over the rack. He gulped. All he could think of was where that towel had been yesterday. Reluctantly, he pulled the towel from the rack and threw it over the shower curtain. It smelled like Sam… and his own soap. He cursed the fact that his other towels were all in the laundry. This was just torture now…

But as the hot water poured over him, he felt quite a lot more relaxed. In fact, as he lathered shampoo into his hair, all his tension and anxiety melted away. He nearly forgot Sam was out there, in his room.

Until he heard her slink carefully into the bathroom, that is. His heart kicked into overdrive.

"Hey Danny," she began in a very good sex kitten tone. "Need any help?" She asked, almost perfectly innocent.

Danny gulped heavily. He kept his eyes squeezed tight and prayed to anybody that was listening that Sam was not peeking. His heart beat faster and faster against his rib cage and he wondered vaguely if he could still feel his left arm. Deciding that he could didn't hold up too much against his erratic breathing. "Uh… I'm… uh… good. Thanks."

"Okay, I'll just sit here then," she sounded sincere, but Danny couldn't be sure. There was still the sex kitten undertone.

Secretly, Danny had always dreamed of opportunities such as this. Even when his conscious had told him he liked Paullina and then Valerie, since he'd hit puberty his subconscious had always bombarded him with entirely inappropriate dreams of Sam. At first it had freaked him out beyond all reason and he had avoided Sam for two weeks straight. Until Jazz explained to him that the dreams didn't really mean anything.

He somehow doubted that now. What did Jazz know anyway? She wasn't half-ghost! For all she knew, his ghost DNA could have seriously screwed with his normal teenage hormones.

But as much as he wanted to yank back the curtain and pull her into the shower with him, he wouldn't. Because he couldn't. Because he was too afraid of the consequences. Sam would annihilate him if he let her do something bad while she was out of her senses.

But what if she never comes back to her senses? His mind asked. What if she's like this forever?

Oh, how tantalizing was that possibility! Almost as tantalizing as the prospect that she really did love him, the way he loved her. But he couldn't bank on either possibility. He couldn't risk the heartache it would cause him if she really just had some weird sort of amnesia. "Sam, wouldn't it be better if you just waited outside?" He asked.

"Awww…" she was pouting. He could HEAR her pouting. "I invited you to shower with me," she began as though she were presenting a perfectly reasonable argument, "why can't I shower with you?"

"Sam?" Danny asked, his heart still racing, "do you even realize what you're saying?"

She giggled. Giggled. "Of course, silly," she sighed softly. "I just want to be with you, Danny," she confessed breezily on an exhale. "But you don't want anything to do with me, do you?"

Danny finished rinsing the shampoo out of his hair and froze, letting the remaining suds trickle down his face and into his eyes, ignoring the burn. "S-Sam… that's not true…" Whether or not she had amnesia, it was easy to tell that she had been feeling that way for quite some time.

"But you're always all over Valerie and Paullina. You never want to be around me."

Shutting off the water, Danny dried himself off a little and wrapped the towel around his waist, all the while trying to stop himself from remembering that Sam had used it just yesterday. To his relief (or not), she was sitting on the floor, fully clothed, looking up at him with tears welling in her pretty violet eyes. Oh God, now he'd went and made her cry… "Sam…" he said pleadingly, taking her hands and bringing her up to his level.

Sam inwardly smirked as his wet, strong hands gripped her upper arms and looked her straight in the eyes. Almost undetectably though, she allowed her eyes to roam over his damp, smooth chest before reconnecting with his warm blue gaze.

"Sam… I do want to be around you. I mean it," he said sincerely. Forgetting his attire, or lack thereof, Danny pulled Sam into a tight hug, ignoring the fact that her small, soft palms were pressed flat against his bare torso.

"No, you don't," she protested, burying her face in the nape of his neck. She inhaled deeply, relishing in the completely clean and perfectly Danny-like scent of his freshly washed skin.

"Yes I do, Sam," he took a deep breath and nuzzled his nose into her black hair, "I love you," he whispered.

Sam inhaled deeply again and smiled at him. "Hmm?" She'd been so caught up in just being pressed against him that she hadn't really heard him.

Danny blushed. "Uh… nothing," he said quickly.

"I love you, Danny," Sam told him, a few tears slipping down her cheeks. She looked up and smiled at him, pecking his lips softly.

It's just the amnesia, it's just the amnesia, it's just the amnesia, she doesn't mean it, it's just the amnesia talking… Danny chanted over and over again in his mind. He wouldn't dare let himself believe that she really meant it. But why would it be so wrong to pretend? Why would it be so wrong to play along with her semi-delirious state? Sure, she might give him hell for it when she finally snapped out of it, but wouldn't it have been worth it? To pretend, that just for awhile, she loved him the way he loved her?

Danny looked down at her, she was smiling broadly, but tears were still streaming down her face. He brushed his knuckles against her cheek, slowly flattening his palm against it. His breath caught when Sam's hands reached up and encircled his wrist. He watched, completely entranced as she rubbed her cheek against his trembling hand. Her eyes closed in nothing short of bliss and a small sigh escaped her parted violet lips. He shouldn't do it. He really, really, really shouldn't do it. It was an all-around bad idea. But it was such a good bad idea.

"Oh, screw it," he muttered inaudibly. His free hand slid almost shyly up her arm, keeping his eyes on her parted lip as he caressed the back of her neck until she tilted her face up toward him. He shoved back the doubts bubbling up to plague him one last time then brushed his lips tentatively against hers. He felt her smiling against his mouth as she pressed closer to him, making his thinking cloud and his heart race impossibly fast as he gently slipped his tongue along her parted lips until her own tongue moved forward to meet it. He groaned in frustration, knowing he really shouldn't be kissing her as he tangled his fingers into the soft black hair just above her neck and pulled her closer to him as he fused his mouth to her own and pressed herself ever closer, until finally she was flush against his towel clad body.

He broke the kiss, smirking at Sam's audible pleading, "Nooo… Danny…" He liked this pretending game. As far as he was concerned, they could keep doing it forever and ever until they were both ghosts and for sometime after. He boldly trailed hot cold kisses down her neck until he found her pulse and sipped at it lightly. Sam moaned, encouraging him to nip harder at her as he gripped her arms tightly.

"Oh… Danny…."

"DANNY!" Maddie Fenton's voice shattered their fragile bubble. "Is Sam here! Her parents just called looking for her!"

Danny jumped back from Sam as though she were suddenly made of spikes, breathing more heavily than he could ever remember doing before. "Uh… yeah! She uh… just got here a little while ago…"

"Well, her parents told me the maids said she hasn't been home all night, is she okay?"

"Yeah," Danny said. "She's uh…" he looked over at Sam who was smiling so happily at him. He smiled back. Yeah, pretending was fun. "She's just fine, she's a little tired though."

"Well, where was she!"

Danny grimaced. "What should I say?" He hissed at Sam.

"Who cares? Tell them I was at a rave or something… It's not like they're home to care."

"She was at a rave!" Danny said, looking at her warily. She only grinned. "She's not hurt, she just made it here first!"

"Okay, well, you guys get ready for school!"

"We are!"


Danny and Sam shared a giddy little smile. "I think I should get dressed now…" Danny said.

Sam eyed him hungrily. "Yeah… I think you should too…"

Danny blushed again. "Sa-am…" he whined.

"Oh come on, you've got nothing to be embarrassed about," she purred, backing him up against the wall and trailing her fingers over his slightly scarred chest.

Head falling against the wall, eyes squeezing shut, Danny hissed in pleasure. "Sam… please…" he whined desperately.

She pouted (again) and backed away, "Oh fine, you killjoy," she smirked at him and left the bathroom.

Danny's face fell when she left. Now that she wasn't in the room… he'd come back to his senses. And pretending didn't seem like such a good idea anymore… What if he couldn't stop when she regained her memories or whatever? What if he got too used to holding her and stealing kisses and all of the things she was allowing him to get away with right now? What if he couldn't give any of it up? He sighed heavily as he pulled his jeans on over clean boxers. He knew that he wouldn't be able to give it up. But she would make him. She would break his heart and he knew it. Of course, he thought as he pulled on his shirt and ran his fingers through his hair in lieu of a comb, he'd obviously broken hers too. And he wanted to make up for it. This was the only way he knew how.

Who knew? Maybe she would kill him at the end of all this and he wouldn't have to go on missing the stealing of kisses and warm hugs.

She was waiting for him downstairs, backpack and all, ready to go to school, smiling broadly at him.

He smiled back at her. Oh well, too late to stop it now. Besides, she didn't look like she'd be complaining about him responding to her advances anyway. In fact, she'd probably complain if he stopped.

"Ready to go?" She asked when he reached the door.

Danny pulled his shoes on and grinned at her. "Yup," he opened the door, taking a small step out, but was stopped by her hand encasing his wrist. He felt her lean up against his back and froze solid when her lips brushed sensuously against his ear.

"Remember your promise," she whispered hotly.

Swallowing thickly, Danny nodded. His promise to let her finish what she started after school… it suddenly occurred to him that now the school day was going to be very excruciatingly slow.

Sam grinned deviously and bounced out the door ahead of him. Danny caught up to her and entwined his fingers with hers, grinning when she looked up at him curiously. He kissed her temple and continued walking.

Tucker was waiting for them outside the school when they arrived, a rather irritated look on his face. "Dude, where have you two been? You're usually not so late."

Danny playfully glared at Sam. "Somebody turned off my alarm and didn't come wake me up."

Tucker just raised his eyebrow. "Uh-huh… well then. If you guys don't mind, we should be getting to class," the trio walked inside just as the first bell rang. Tucker waved at them and walked off toward his first period class.

Danny began heading toward his class, followed closely by Sam. "Okay Sam," he said pointedly as he stopped, causing her to bump into him. He put his hands on her shoulders to steady her. "I'll see you later."

"I'm going to your class today," she informed him brightly.

"Sam, you can't," he said sternly, keeping his hands firmly on her shoulders. "You still have to go to your classes."

Sam gave him a very irked face. She didn't want to go to her classes. She wanted to go to Danny's classes. Well, to be more accurate, she wanted Danny to take her back to his house so she could make out with him. For her, being away from him was simply unfathomable right now. "Why can't we just go home, Danny?"

"Sam…" he warned. "We made a deal."

She sighed heavily. "Okay, fine," and with that she trudged off to her first period class.

Danny watched her go almost worriedly. He shook it off when the warning bell rang and dashed off to his own first period class, not needing a detention today. Sam would be fine, he assured himself.

Sliding into his assigned seat, his head flopped onto the desk. She was all he would be able to think about now… not that he'd really been thinking of anything else lately anyway. But now wistful daydreaming was accompanied by slight worry.

The astronomy class, normally one of his favorites, seemed unusually boring and as though it were dragging on forever. He couldn't concentrate; he'd even honestly tried a few times. Half-assed, in complete notes filled his notebook page, but always fell away into absent-minded little doodles. The teacher, fortunately, failed to notice Danny's dreaming and he made it through the class unscathed.

Sam shocked Danny when he walked out of the classroom by slipping her arms around him. "Can we go home NOW?" She whined. "Please… I couldn't stand it! When am I ever going to need Calculus or whatever that dumb subject was anyway?"

"Sam, come on, you can make it through the day," Danny sighed. It was hard for him to convince her of it when he could barely convince himself. He was exceedingly tempted to scoop her up right there and fly her back to his house. He gripped her shoulders again and turned her in the direction of her next class. "Sammy, please," he begged.

"Fine, but you're still a killjoy."

"Yeah…" Danny sighed heavily. "I know," he made sure she started walking off to her class before half sulking off to his own. He was right before… this day was going to drag on forever.

It did just that until the last class before lunch. Ms. Tetslaff had left the room for a moment and Sam took the opportunity to sneak in.

"Sam…" Danny hissed. "What are you doing?"

"Danny," she began pitifully, "I don't want to be away from you anymore. I want to go back to your house…"

Danny was about to reply when his ghost sense went off. "Oh shit…" he muttered. "Hang on Sam, I'll be right back," he hissed before slipping invisibly out of the classroom, turning into Danny Phantom as he went.

Not finding anything in the halls or the courtyard, he flew up to the roof, where he came face to face with,

"EMBER!" He bellowed, his eyes flashing bright green. He was infuriated just by the sight of her. She was the one who had given Sam her insane (even if a little bit pleasant) amnesia. "I'm gonna blast you so far into the ghost zone, pop music will be out by the time you escape again!"

Ember merely grinned at him. "Personally, dipstick, I think you should be thanking me. After all, I did you a favor casting my love spell on your little girlfriend."

Danny's jaw dropped and he sputtered, "But she had the Fenton Phones on!"

"Guess she turned them off," Ember shrugged. "In any case, you should thank me. She'd never give you the time of day if it wasn't for me."

Danny's face fell. "You mean… she doesn't really…lo-" the knot in his throat prevented him from finishing.

Ember threw her head back and laughed. "Did you think she actually loved you? Oh… that's so sweet. So stupid, but so sweet. Baby pop, you are just too gullible."

Lunging at her, Danny growled when she dodged him. "Make her normal again!"

"Oh honey," Ember began, easily dancing out of the way of ectoblasts, "no amount of ghost magic is ever gonna turn that girl normal."

"Lift the spell, damn it!" Danny ordered.

Ember just laughed. "Lift it yourself, baby pop. If you even want to, that is…" Floating higher into the air, she winked at him. "Don't worry, I'm going back to the Ghost Zone, I just wanted to see the mess I'd made. Ciao babe."

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