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Haruno Sakura was moving. AGAIN. And the idea sickened her. All the friends she never had would miss her. Oh, wonderful, joy, nobody would notice poor Haruno Sakura with the unusually large forehead and pink hair would be gone. And no one particularly cared, in her opinion. So, the day she packed wasn't bad for her, she didn't have any awkward goodbyes to say, no regrets and nothing to hold onto. Nope, she had no good memories of here, just her wandering around aimlessly at school and walking home alone. Yes, for Sakura, the sickening thought of moving was actually quite a good thing, but it still made her angry that she would constantly move. If she ever made a friend, who would most likely be a "geek" or "loser" like her, she would probably have to say goodbye in a few months. Such is the life of Haruno Sakura.

"Soooo…Mom, are you ever going to think of marrying someone and staying in a town?" an annoyed Sakura asked her mother while they were unpacking into their new home. Sakura's mother looked at her, and returned to unpacking everything and getting comfortable. Sakura sighed and went to bed, since it was late.

Before Sakura drifted away, she heard her mother's voice call out, "Do you have your pants on? If you don't you better put them on girl…" Sakura groaned at her mother's obsession with the weirdest things…

The next day, Sakura started to walk to her bus-top. On the way, she met up with a few people at the bus-stop: a girl with dark purple hair and white eyes, looking at a spiky-haired blonde from a distance, a boy with eyes similar to the girl and long dark brown hair, a larger boy with light brown hair and swirls on his, and a girl with two brown buns on her head. Sakura walked into the group as an attractive boy with raven hair and piercing onyx eyes came down the street with his hands tucked into his pockets. Sakura noticed her face going red as he walked closer to her, but the next thing she knew, she was in a bush!

She heard the kids board the bus and it quickly drove away, just like in a cheesy movie where everything always goes wrong. She swore under her breath.

"Who the hell does this kid think he is?" Sakura yelled out, and got up from the bush.

You know you think he's hot…you were blushing the whole time!


Whatcha talking about? I'm YOU.

Ugh…just go away right now. When Sakura was out of the bush, she saw another girl, one with blonde hair, who must've also been late for school in front of her, extending her hand.

"Need some help?" she smiled and helped Sakura up. "I see you're the new kid…I'm Yamanaka Ino…and you?"

"Um…I'm Haruno Sakura. Thanks for helping me up, I get hit into by some ass with black hair…that spiked up like a cockatoo in the back…" Sakura rubbed her head. Yeah, he may have been an ass but he was a sexy one!

"Oh…the school heart-throb, Uchiha Sasuke. Yeah, all the girls love him…he has some mysterious charm that…makes everyone want to like him…Even someone like me, who doesn't fall in love very easily, is sooooo in love with him!" Ino went into her own little lovey dovey world as they kept walking to school. Though they thought they'd be late, but Ino helped Sakura find her way to her assigned classroom.

"Class, this is our new student, Haruno Sakura. Say hello to Sakura, class!" the glass practically moaned hello and Sakura looked at the teacher. "You can have a seat next to Sasuke, the one with the black hair in the back." Sakura grunted and took a seat next to the boy who earlier had pushed her into a bush.

"Why'd you push me into a bush before?" Sakura yelled-whispered to Sasuke.

"Hn…loser." Sasuke muttered to himself. Sakura felt like slapping him, but refrained from doing so since they were in class. Her face was bright red from anger, but also embarrassment. Sakura completely ignored Sasuke the rest of the class, and at the end of class, she found herself and Sasuke the last two in the room.

"You know, you didn't have to be so rude before!" Sakura remarked.


"What kind of response is that?" Sakura was becoming extremely agitated with the boy, so she picked up all of her books and practically stormed out. Before she could reach the door, Sasuke pushed her out of the way and she dropped all of her books.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you bastard!"