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Class for the second day of school followed normally until the war zone of lunch. For their school, this was the time everything happened. The time where people could do or say what they want. Lunch was, well, freedom.

"Sakura, so what do you actually think of Sasuke?" Ino inquired. Sakura shrugged her shoulders and then Ino sighed. "Oh come on, tell us something."

"Okay. Well, I think he's a jerk, a total loser, but...he seems so lonely." Sakura looked over her shoulder and saw Sasuke slowly eating his lunch. She could see the emptiness in his eyes, the lonliness and pain. Ino just resumed eating her lunch and started to talk to Tenten.

Suddenly Naruto turned around to Sakura and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hey Sakura-chan! Sasuke wants you to know--"

"Shut up, dumbass." Sasuke hit Naruto over the head. "He was going to say I was going to ask you out...which I wasn't. I just met you anyway. I was going to tell you...sorry for being a jerk." Sasuke walked away to get a drink, and Sakura just stared. She stared at nowhere in particular, just into space.

Sasuke...I'm sorry as well...for causing so much trouble. But when I talk to you, I can't find the words. It's just...so awkward...

"AAAAAHIII!" the girls swiveled around to see Choji with a banjo and his usual chips.

"OH! I went to Konoha and I walked around the block! And I walked right into a DONUT SHOP! ANNNNDDD I took a donut right out of the GREASE and handed the lady a 5 cent pieceee!!! OHHHH she looked at the nickel and she looked at me, she said this nickel is no good for me! It's got a hole in the middle, all the way THROUGH!!! AND I SAID WELL THE DONUT'S GOT ONE TOO! Thanks for the DONUT…GOODBYEEE!!!" Choji ended his song with a window crash and everyone held their ears except for Shikamaru. Because being the nice guy he is, he clapped for Choji. He said,

"Um…very…unique song. Just don't do it again, kay? Drawing attention to us is so troublesome…" and Choji, being naïve, just agreed and resumed eating his chips. The girls at the table resumed eating and just kind of raised an eyebrow.

"Hey Naruto, I'll give you money if you push Sasuke into Sakura again." the Hyuga boy said as Sasuke got up. Neji, who usually wasn't interesting in things like this, liked to see Uchiha embarassed. It gave him great amusement to see Sasuke not being the cold-hearted teen he usually was.

"Hm...I could use money for some ramen...besides, I know he likes it." Naruto grinned. The fox-boy watched as Sasuke began to return to his seat and got up.

"YO TEME!" Naruto yelled in Sasuke's ear.

"What the hell are you yelling in my ear for?" Sasuke yelled back. "What are you--" before he could do anything, Naruto pushed Sasuke into the passing by Sakura and let out a laugh. They had landed in an interesting position, which made everyone stare. And Sasuke did an un-Sasuke-ish thing--he blushed. His whole face was red as a tomato, as was Sakura's as he slowly got up from off of her.

"Um...apple?" Sakura asked as she handed an apple to Sasuke.

"I don't want your apples!" Sasuke walked away, hiding his embarassed expression under his hair.

"Hey Sakura, nice one! And what was that I heard about apples?"

"Shut up, Ino-pig, you know that's not what we meant!" Ino was referring to the sort of apples that...we will not discuss. Because Ino was a perverted teenage girls, like many of us in this world.

"I'm a pig now? What about you, forehead girl?!" Ino yelled. The mention of pig disturbed her, as it was her old nickname from Naruto. He had given everyone nicknames such as Sasuke being "Emo", Choji being "Bouncy Ball", and even poor Hinata being "Weird Quiet Girl with No Pupils". But Naruto was young then, (where he picked up the world emo, God only knows.) and he didn't realize they didn't like being called that. So Sasuke had just called him whisker face, and their nicknames eventually evolved into "Teme" (Bastard) and "Dobe" (Dumbass).

"What a lovely friendship going between Ino and Sakura..." Tenten mused. Already, though, she was planning on a way to get them to be friends again. Tenten was just that nice.

"Hey Sasuke...are you okay?" Choji innocently asked, noticing his red face.

"Of course not!" Sasuke was usually one to keep his emotions in, but lately he had been easily annoyed by Naruto's actions. "Where is that Dobe...I'm gonna get him for this."

And so, lunch went on without any strange occurences, and Naruto purposely avoided Sasuke because he knew he would beat him up. Thus, the dangers of gym basketball would begin...