"Sincerely Nobody" by ladydemelza

Summary: Roxas finds a diary of a girl, and isn't sure who it belongs to. As he reads more into the girl's life, he realizes he's in love with her. Will he find her? Even if he does, how will he even begin to explain himself? R x N

Rating: T, for language and stuff. It's kind of a high school fic, but I promise it won't be like any other one you have ever read. This story is in the process of being updated from when it was originally posted. Thank you for your patience. :)

Disclaimer: Most characters/places not mine.

"Hey, Roxas… Roxas?" said Riku. "Roxas, I asked you, what do you have fourth period?"

Roxas glanced up at Riku, who was sitting in the front seat of Sora's seven-year-old Honda Civic. Riku's long, silvery hair had grown quite a bit over the summer. If the shining strands caught Roxas's attention, they were sure to catch the attention of girls. Roxas thought of it only slightly bitterly – he wasn't keen to be bothered with any of that.

"I have English," Roxas said with a sigh.

"Which teacher?"


"Me too," Riku said, turning in his seat so Roxas could see his smirk.

Sora made a quick left into the Twilight High parking lot. "First day," he said with trepidation.

"I don't mind being back," Riku replied, shrugging. "New year means new everything."

Sora maneuvered the small car into a parking spot easily, and all three boys climbed out.

Heading towards the school, Roxas said darkly, "Yeah, but I'll see Yuri every day now."

"Shut up," Riku said, reaching over to mess up Roxas' hair. "Yuri is awesome."

Roxas and Yuri had been friends since before he could remember, but… ever since hitting puberty, she went out of her way to make sure Roxas knew she was interested in him romantically. He didn't understand why. School and friends were enough to keep him completely occupied, and what's more, he wasn't sure he felt like he wanted to be involved with anybody.

"I don't get you," Sora said, glancing over at Roxas as he smoothed the spot Riku had messed up. "She's nice, brilliant, and gorgeous… what are you waiting for? Before long, she'll be chasing Riku, like everyone else… take the chance while you can."

Roxas resisted rolling his eyes. "I don't know." He knew neither of them would get it. They were both eager to throw themselves into relationships, to reveal everything about themselves.

Riku pulled open the heavy, metal door to the school. "Just go out with her once," he suggested as Roxas followed him through the doorway. "You'll see."

Roxas couldn't help rolling his eyes then. "Right."

Glancing around, Roxas realized a split second later that he had missed the busy halls of Twilight High. Girls were crowded in groups around lockers, already passing notes to their friends and doodling on the covers of their notebooks. Lockers of new students were decorated courtesy of the Student Council, though Roxas privately thought that would probably be more embarrassing than welcoming. Letterman jackets were everywhere, marking upperclassmen. The three boys made their way to their lockers, greeting friends along the way.

Fiddling with the lock for a couple minutes, Roxas finally was able to pop open the locker. He checked and double-checked that he had the right books in his bag before closing the locker. He headed towards Sora's locker down the hall.

As he approached, he saw several girls already standing and talking with Sora and Riku. That quick, huh? he thought, before realizing it was just Kairi, Naminé, and Yuri.

"Hey," Roxas said, greeting them with a small smile. "Long time, no see," he added, more in Kairi and Naminé's direction than Yuri's. She had stopped by his house a few times over the summer despite his protests.

"Great to see you, too, Roxas," Naminé said.

Before Roxas could say anything else to Naminé, Yuri pounced, giving him a quick hug before saying, "Roxas, you look so great! I'm so happy school's back in, now I get to see you every day!"

"Yeah, it's great," Roxas agreed half-heartedly.

Thankfully, the five minute warning bell clanged loudly before Yuri could say much more. Roxas hurried off to first period with Sora, bidding Riku a quick goodbye as he headed in the other direction, flanked by Kairi and Naminé. Yuri latched on to another of her girl friends and was gone.

"Wow," Sora said, giving Roxas a look as they wove between teens rushing to their first class. "She really does like you."

Roxas reached over and shoved him. "Shut up," he grumbled. "She's nice, but I don't see her as more than a friend."

"Your loss," Sora said, shrugging.

He and Sora came upon their first period classroom, and entered, quickly choosing seats towards the back. Roxas slid into his desk, dropping his backpack on the ground. As the final bell announcing the official start of school tolled, Sora quietly murmured, "Here we go."

Roxas nodded in agreement as the teacher took her place at the front of the room to begin the standard first day discussion of rules and regulations, during which they were sure to get something for a parent to sign. Roxas could feel his brain going numb with boredom after no more than ten minutes of the teacher's lecture. It was the same every year—being a junior, he had heard these rule lectures a few too many times.

The next two classes weren't any different. By the time he got to fourth period, he was glad to see Riku, but a little annoyed to see that Yuri was in this class as well. "Hi, Roxas," she greeted him cheerfully. "What's up?"

"Not much," he made a tremendous effort to half-smile. If he didn't, she'd ask him what was wrong, just like she always did when he wasn't smiling.

Naminé approached the group of three, looking the same as the last time Roxas saw her before school had gotten out. She was still very short and small, and still just as quiet as he remembered. He realized that he should have appreciated her reserve more than he had in the past. She always seemed as though she thought a lot about what she was going to say before she said it. Roxas wished more of his friends did that.

"Naminé, how was your summer?" Roxas asked, both genuinely interested and wanting to prevent Yuri from taking over the conversation.

She leaned up against the wall next to Roxas. They were currently occupying the back right corner of their English classroom, and weren't in any hurry to be seated. "It was okay… pretty much the usual," she replied vaguely. "Yours?"

As Yuri rushed over to talk to a boy that Roxas didn't recognize, he said in a low voice, "Picture Yuri dropping by my house unannounced, and you pretty much have it."

Riku was very obviously trying to listen in, but Roxas waved him off. Riku slouched away towards Yuri, who was still at the front of the room talking to the same guy as before.

"She told us about it," Naminé said quietly. "We tried to tell her that it wasn't a good idea, but…"

Roxas smiled a little, surprised. "Thanks… Much appreciated."

"She just really likes you."

"Hell if I know why."

Mrs. Kerber walked in and called the class to order. Roxas hurried into a seat across the aisle from Riku. Yuri slid into the seat behind Roxas, and Naminé settled in behind Riku. For the fourth time, the boring rules lecture began.

After fourth period, it was time for lunch, and Roxas was beyond relieved to have a break from the lecturing. He hurried through the pizza line, picking out the best looking piece of pepperoni, and made his way to the round table that he and his friends had shared since the first day of freshman year.

Their table was situated right near a window, so there was a perfect view of the baseball fields. The only person sitting at the table was Naminé, and she was gazing out the window, her blue eyes slipping off into a daydream. Sunlight streamed through the window, illuminating her shining blonde hair.

"Where's everyone else?" Roxas asked

"Hmm?" she shook her head a little, shaking off the daydream that had almost taken hold of her. "Yeah, I saw Riku and Sora a little bit ago, they said they'd be right back… and I guess I'm not sure what Kairi and Yuri are up to."

"Bathroom," Roxas said immediately.

Naminé giggled a little, and he felt his thoughts slowing, his heart rate increasing. He wanted to talk to her, but couldn't think of a thing to say. Before he could stop himself, he said, "You know what they say about girls going there in packs." Dammit.

"You're not wrong about that," she offered with just a tinge of sympathy for his awkwardness. "They usually try to drag me along."

Mercifully, Riku and Sora suddenly arrived and pulled up chairs next to Roxas, relieving his embarrassment for the most part. "Today's been great so far," Riku said, starting on his lunch.

Roxas ate his pizza silently while Sora and Naminé compared which books were on the English syllabus. They were both literature nerds, while Riku and Roxas were more adept at math and science. Kairi and Yuri arrived a few minutes later. Looking disappointed that Roxas already had people sitting on both sides of him, Yuri sniffed a little, and settled in between Kairi and Naminé.

Yuri and Kairi brought new life to the table. They seemed to have that effect on nearly everyone—if you weren't talking before they got there, you wouldn't be able to stop once they arrived. Both were outgoing, charming, and engaging to a point that it was easy to forget your nervousness or shyness. Not that it was a bad thing—Roxas would rather listen to them chatter than listen to Sora and Naminé talk about books.

The rest of the day felt like it went by in slow motion. Roxas was bored out of his mind by the time the bell rang at the end of sixth period. Rushing through the halls to meet up with Sora, he accidentally kicked something that was on the ground, and saw it slide across the floor. Wrinkling his brow, he fought his way through the crowd towards the object.

It was a small, compact notebook. On the front, taped on from letters clipped out of magazines:

loose lips sink ships

Roxas picked it up, and ran his hand over the cover, dusting it off. I wonder what this is… He cracked it open, and realized with a start that it was without a doubt…

A diary.

Thank you for reading!