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Prisoner- Chapter 21

"There." I said pointing out a food store below us. I observed the area for a place to land and noticed a small pack of trees behind the store. A tight fit, but the only close place. "Land in the trees behind the store. I'll go down first."

I flew toward the ground and landed in the pack of trees. I saw Angel coming down with Gazzy, Iggy, Nudge, then Fang coming down in pursuit.

After everyone was together I led the flock out to the store. We shopped quickly, grabbing the necessities. I paid with the cash I still had, but it was starting to run low.

We went to eat in a near by park. It was pretty small, but it was better that way, because not a lot of people visit small parks.

When we finished eating I ushered the flock back to the trees. Unfortunately, they would have a running start of the ground, but they were getting quite good at 'up and away'.

We flew until it started getting dark and once again chose to stay in a wooded area, they were the safest. I signaled Angel to go down first followed by Gazzy, Nudge, Iggy, Fang, and I went last. Everyone picked a spot as usual and the spots were almost in the same spot as before. The younger four in a pack and Total of course, then Fang and I off a bit on either side. I guess it was a protective and privacy thing.

"Fang," I called out to him he turned to look at me. "You want to go get some firewood?"
He slipped into the woods around us, I took that as a 'yes.' He came back a few minutes later with wood to burn.

"Iggy, can you start the fire?" I asked sitting down.

"Yeah." He said making it over to a secluded spot and setting fire to the wood.

"Thanks." I said with a grateful smile.

I still felt a bit dizzy and my eyes were slightly cloudy. I felt hot, but I would get chills. I could feel goose bumps rise on my skin when my body trembled.

"I'll take first watch." Iggy offered putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Are you sure?" I asked looking up at him.

"Yeah, you and Fang have taken watch a lot lately." He said taking his hand from my shoulder. "Plus, I'm not that tired."

"Okay." I said blinking to see his face more clearly.

He made his way back to the fire sitting in front of it.

Fang lye down in his spot with his back to me.

The younger three and Total already seemed to have given into sleep.

I decided to try to get some sleep too. Maybe I would feel better when I woke up or maybe I would expire by then.

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