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Chapter two

Bane woke up. The intercom was crackling and the other miners were rubbing their eyes, sleepily.

"Rise and shine people, we're almost at the position where we can enter the atmosphere. Fasten your seatbelts! We're in for a bumpy ride!"

Bane pulled across his seatbelt and secured it across his belly and looked out of the window. The Shuttle was flying over another Ultor Mining Complex. The intercom spoke again.

"Okay, people, We're in position. Our jets will kick in, in 5, 4, 3, 2-" At that moment, there was a loud bang, and the Shuttle shook. All of the front windows shattered.

Bane tasted blood. He opened his eyes, realising he had lost consiousness for a few seconds. Alarms had begun to sound and about four miners were limply hanging foward in their seats. He looked towards the Pilot's bay, but the doorframe was jammed with bits of metal and glass. He could see a human arm poking out from the debree. Bane could hear the wind rushing past the window. A computerised voice crackled from the speakers.

"Warning, altitude loss. All Passangers prepare for crash landing." It droanedThe sound of rushing wind grew louder, then, with a loud crunching noise, Bane's world went black.

Bane awoke with a terrible headache. He sat up, his vision was blurred and out of proportion. He blinked a few times and the world swam back into focus. He was sitting up on a clifftop the surface of Mars. By some miracle, his envirosuit has survived the crash without ripping, although it was a bit tattered. He saw a plume of smoke rising from the foot of the cliff. He crawled over to the edge of the cliff and looked down. The shuttle sat there, it's nose embedded in a cliff opposite, it's tail end was sticking out about a metre above the ground, towards him. A few bodies lay sprawled on the ground behind it, like an ugly tail.

Bane howled to the moon, He had almost escaped of the jaws of hell, and now he was in it's belly. He howled silently, because on Mars, nobody can hear you scream.

Bane was going to survive, he decided. If he couldn't escape, then he'd survive. He'd hooked his weapons on a rack when he'd borded the Shuttle so he needed some new ones. He survayed the area. There were two dead miners on the clifftop, with him.

"It's a start" He muttered to himself. He found a section of the ship's interior wall lying next to him, with a field medikit strapped to it. He took the medikit and buckled it to his belt. He then found an envirosuit repear kit among the fallout. He quickly patched up his tattered suit with this. Bane finally crawled to the dead miners. One had a shotgun strapped to her back and a few shells in her pockets. The other had two remote charges and a detonator in a pouch on his ripped envirosuit. Bane took all of this. He then clambered to his feet. The clifftop was about a hundred metres square. He didn't see how he was going to get down. He wandered over to the edge, where the shuttle must have clipped the cliff and sent him and the two unfortunates tumbling out, and looked over the edge. Something glinting caught his attention. It was a ventalation grill, set vertically into the rock below his feet. He swung down and, hanging by his hands, aimed a kick at it. The Grill was pretty rusty so it gave way easily. Bane let go of the rock and dropped, grabbing the edge of the grille just in time. He hauled himself up and scrambled inside.

The shaft was lit by the light pouring in from the smashed grill. As Bane paused for a breather, he heard a low whistling noise. Looking outside, he saw two Ultor 'Arsir' fighters fly up to the wreckage of the shuttle, pause and scour the area for survivors, then fly off again. He began to crawl forward, down the shaft, when the small speaker in his helmet clicked on.

"Bane, if you can hear me, my name is Orion. Aside from Eos, I'm the highest ranking member of the Red Faction. I have been monotoring your progress through your helmet camera ever since you survived the riot in mine sector M-3. You can't talk back unfortunately, but you can recieve messages from me." Said a quiet, male voice. "The Ventilation shaft you're in leads to the Miner Barracks in Mine M-7. It is still Ultor-held, the riot there failed, but the guards are pretty worn out from the fighting last night and there are hardly any left. You should be able to punch through. If you can get through into the mines, I'll direct you to the Red Faction base."

Bane wished he could speak back but decided that he should focus on the task in hand. He continued on through the Ventilation system, and arrived at a reinforced grill. Through it, Bane could see a metal room with four small beds and an array of surgical equiptment. He seemed to be in the Medical bay. He punched the grille open. And toppled out. The medic didn't seem at all surprised to have a blood-stained miner come toppling out of the ventilation shaft.

"I'd hide if I were you, the guard is coming in here to do his rounds in two minutes. There's a large locker at the back of the room." He said, without looking up from his notes. Bane ran to the locker and stepped in, shutting the door so there was just a crack of an opening. At that moment, there was a hiss as the door slid up and open, and a Riot guard walked in. He stood, talking to the medic for about a minute, then left. Bane opened the locker and stepped out. As he did so, the door opened again and the guard hurried back in.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to warn you, if you're late with the report again, I'll Kill you!" He growled at the medic. Then he saw Bane. Bane brought his shotgun to bear and pulled the trigger. The Riot guard staggared back, then he turned and smashed his fist against the alarm button on the wall. A siren started wailing and the computerised voice announced:

"Alarm! Emergency in medical room. Barracks guards respond."

Bane fired again and the enemy guard slammed into the wall and slid down to the floor. The door opened and two guards wearing envirosuits ran in. They raised their submachine guns. Bane aimed his shotgun between then and fired, sending them flying backwards. He reloaded and fired again, at an envirosuited guard runnning from across the hall. The man dived to the ground, did a dive roll and came up firing. Then he was down too. Bane stepped out into the wide entrance hall, searching for another target. The door to the toilet opened and a Riot guard walked out, whistling. When he saw Bane, standing next to the dead guards, He began to draw his pistol. Bane Fired twice, killing the Soldier, then his Shotgun clacked. It was empty. Bane Strode over to the dead envirosuited guards, and stole a Submachine gun and a few clips of ammo. The Guards didn't seem to carry much ammo around with them, so he took the clips from their guns. He put his shotgun on his back by it's strap and held the submachine gun. He also went to the Riot guards and pilfered their pistols and the small amount of rounds they were carrying, and a control baton. Now rearmed, and more confident, Bane set off towards the Double doors with the Ultor logo on, at the end of the entrance hall.

As Bane stood in the airlock, waiting for the air to cycle, The Helmet intercom clicked on again.

"Nice work in the Barracks. Be careful in the mines, though. They've got riot guards running around, looking for surviving miners hiding down there. When you get out of the airlock, there is a long corridoor that branches off three ways at the end. Just keep going straight. Follow that tunnel and stop when I tell you" Said Orion's voice.

The Door finally opened and Bane walked out. This place had seen some heavy fighting. There were some dead bodies, in envirosuits, lying sprawled on the Mine floor, and the wall was blanketed with bullet holes and the odd dried bloodstain. He reached the junction and was about to keep moving, when a hail of gunfire exploded around him. He dived for cover, back into the tunnel, and peeped round the corner. He saw a sandbag nest. There was some kind of tripod mounted gun position inside it, with an envirosuited guard operating it. That was all he got to see, because as soon as Bane had taken this in, another burst of gunfire hammered into the wall around his head and forced him to duck into cover again. He was about to give up and turn back, when he remembered the Mining Charges that were hanging from his belt. He took one and hurled it round the corner. It stuck to the top of the sandbag wall. Bane pressed the detonator and the charge exploded. He heard the crump of an explosion and then silence.

Bane crossed to the central tunnel again and started down it. At the other end was a single door. It had the words 'Water Monitoring Bay' printed on it in large, white letters. Bane heard footsteps and shouting from behind him. Looking round, he saw three Riot Guards sprinting towards him, brandishing control batons. He brought up his submachine gun and fired on full automatic and, one by one, they toppled to the floor. His clip only had two shots left, so he twisted it out and slammed a new one into place. As he caught his breath, he let the weapon dangle from it's strap. The door behind him opened and a guard wearing an envirosuit stepped out, cautiously. Bane spun round, drawing his baton, and cracked the electrified weapon across the guard's face. He fell backwards onto the ground. As he put the control baton back in his pocket, Orion spoke again through the radio.

"Bane, go into the Water monitoring bay. I've sent someone to collect you there. Defend the room until they arrive."

Bane entered the door, and found himself in another airlock. The air filtered and, after a moment, the light on the door turned green and a buzzer sounded. He left through the other door and looked around. He was in a round, metal room. He was standing on a platform and below was a large pool of water. The platform was a grill of about 3 metres from the wall inwards, and it ran around the whole room. On the platform, there were several large computers, which hummed, ominously. There was a long, steel bridge that crossed from the door side to the other side of the room. There were four other people in the room. They wore white lab-coats over green, or blue shirts. As he entered, they stood, frozen to the spot.

"Okay, listen, just leave quietly. I have no fight with-" Began Bane. Then one of the scientists made a run for the alarm button on the wall. Bane but a burst from his submachine gun into the man. The others did as Bane had said, and moved towards the door. When they reached it, however, it sprung open and a riot guard marched in, riot shotgun raised. He fired, missing Bane and killing two of the scientists. Bane Riddled him with bullets, but even as he fell, two more sprang through the door. They fired their pistols, the first shot pinged off the bridge behind Bane, the second tore into the miner's left forearm. The first guard shot him again, grazing his shoulder. Bane gritted his teeth and hozed them with bullets, cutting them down. He staggared backwards, across the bridge, and tipped over a desk, giving him some cover. He heard the buzz from the door, and then the airlock opened. Six riot guards piled out, looking around for a target. One of them spotted the last remaining scientist and, thinking the poor man was Bane, shot him with his riot shotgun. Bane leapt to his feet, cutting down two in a hail of gunfire. A third attempted to rush him with a control baton. Bane shot him at close range and sent him toppling off the platform, into the water. The other three opened fire with their pistols and shotgun, forcing Bane to dive behind his table again, and peppering the piece of furnature with holes. He pulled out the empty submachine gun clip and tossed it away, slamming a new one into place. Then, standing up, fired on full automatic. The first man, wielding a shotgun, was hit with the full brunt of the shots. The other riot guards two attempted to flank Bane. Our hero turned and picked the second off with two short bursts of gunfire. His clip was empty again so, with no time to reload it (the last man was almost right next to him) he slung the weapon over his shoulder and drew his stolen Control baton. He swung the weapon at the Riot guard, who ducked and jabbed Bane with the powered truncheon. Bane felt a surge of electricity course through his torso. He staggered backwards, reeling from the attack. The Riot guard lunged again, But this time, Bane was ready, he swung his own Baton with all the strength left in his arms. His assailant staggered backwards, and Bane drew his pistol and fired it at the guard. Three shots at close range were enough to penitrate his armour. The man fell, dead.

Bane reloaded his Submachine gun and took the moment of calm to apply his Medikit and staunch the bleeding from his left arm. He then went round and collected all the pistol ammo and a few shotgun shells. He hooked the Submachine gun over his shoulder and pulled out his shotgun, aiming it at the door, and waited.

About three minutes later, Bane heard a whooshing noise. He looked down and saw the water below was bubbling and frothing. Then, without warning, a large, metalic shape rose from the water. It was about the size of a small car. It had a large front cab and a square body. Set into the back were two large propellers. The submarine bobbed there for a moment, then a metre square section of the top sank down an inch and slid away. Bane aimed his shotgun and was about to open fire, when a miner appeared in the hatch.

"Well?" He asked. "Are you getting in, or are you going to sit there all day?"

It was very cramped inside the submarine. The cab only had one seat, and there was only just enough room for two people to sit in the back. At the very back was a ladder, leading up to the hatch and a couple of lockers. The miner who had spoken to him sat in one of the seats in the back and through the doorway Bane could see another miner operating the submarine's controls. Bane took a look round. In one of the lockers at the back, Bane found a envirosuit repear kit. The other was empty.

"Okay, buckle in, we're going!" shouted the driver. On one of the screens, Bane saw several guards in envirosuits charging out of the airlock doors, holding Submachine guns. The driver pressed a button marked 'D' and there was a rumbling noise. Bane saw, through the portholes, they were diving.

They began to move along the bottom of the pool of water. Then they came to an underwater tunnel. The submarine zipped inside and followed it along for a few minutes, then turned down another, wider tunnel. Bane spoke to the miner opposite him and learned that he had missed the shuttle flight off mars, so he had joined the red faction. He introduced himself as Vicks. Their driver told him her name was Ace.

After about half an hour, Ace broke the silence.

"Incoming radio transmittion" She muttered. The intercom clicked on:

"Aha! Bane, you managed to survive. I'm impressed. Our team got held up in a firefight and I was afraid they wouldn't make it." Boomed the voice of Orion "Anyway, I have some bad news, Ace. The tunnel that you used to reach this one on the way here has been sealed. You'll have to surface in an old research building and find the controls for the door to unseal it. Then you can continue in your sub."

Without a word, Ace checked her map, turned the sub to the right and they were off down another tunnel. However, there was something strange about this one. It was lit from above with old fashioned lighting, though most of it was off or flickering, that seemed to be waterproof. At the end of the tunnel was a massive cavern with a large, concrete building in the water before them. There was a large sign hanging underneath. It read 'Submarine bay'. Ace steered the little sub towards the sign.

The sub came up in a round room. It had concrete walls and a Large door, marked 'airlock' against the wall. Bane pressed the button on the underside of the hatch, and light flooded in. They all clambered out of the cramped Submarine and sat on the sides.

"Alright. You two guard the sub, I'll find the control room and unseal the door. I'll be back in a few minutes." Said Ace. She dissapeared back inside the sub, then came back up again with a submachine gun in her hands. She walked over to the airlock and the door closed behind her.

Twenty minutes later, she still hadn't returned. Vicks said they should wait for another five minutes. They did so, but there was still no sign of Ace. Eventually, they decided to go and find her. Vicks pulled out a pair of pistols from his belt. He loaded them and approached the airlock. Bane racked his shotgun and followed him.

The air filtered and they exited the airlock, pulling off their helmets and clipping them to their belts. There were two doors ahead of them. there was a sign hanging above the right hand door, but it was rusted and unreadable. They approached it, guns raised.

Inside was some sort of lounge. There was a coffee table and a couple of sofas. At the back of the room was a TV. It was on, but there was only static, and no sound. There was something wrong with this room, thought Bane. Then he hit on it. There were bloodstains all over the carpet and furnature, and on the the wall were a few bullet holes, as if the defenders only had time to fire a few shots before they were dead. There was also a corpse. It was hard to tell who it had been, there was only bones and a few scraps of skin left, but it was wearing what could have once been a white lab-coat. The scientist had obviously not been killed by bullets. There was a huge sweeping, slash across his ribs and another that had shattered his neck bones.

"Oh my word!" Gasped Vicks "What could have done this?"

"I don't know, but I don't want to meet it. Let's keep moving." Muttered Bane. They left the room through the door that they had used to enter it, and went through the other door instead.

The coridoor was lit by airplane-style lighting, along the floor, on either side of the carpet. They reached the door at the other end and opened it.

They saw Ace immediately. She was lying, dead, on the steel floor of the room. More worrying, however, was the creature crouched next to her, munching on her flesh.

The thing looked up and saw them. It was the size of a dog, with six long, stick insect-like legs, ending in three hooked claws. It's face looked human-ish, but was unnaturally green and shriveled. It had no nose, and it's mouth was full of fangs. The Mutant scuttled across the floor towards them, hissing. Bane and Vicks blew it apart. Two more appeared from under a workstation bolted to the wall. The creatures leapt at the two miners, with an amazing speed. Neither had time to fire, just to dodge. Vicks dived to the floor, but Bane was a bit slow, and a serrated claw cut into his shoulder and slashed along for fifteen centimetres before coming out down his back. The cut was not deep, but it was bleeding, and the things seemed attracted to the smell of blood, as both their heads turned to him. Bane killed them both from a blast from his shotgun. Bane ran to the door and saw about eleven of the monsters were scuttling down the coridoor. Vicks picked himself up and ran to the workstation.

"I can open the sealed tunnel, just keep them off me for a couple of minutes." He shouted to Bane.

Bane fired a few shots from his shotgun at the creatures, but they started to spread out or climb along the walls with their claws, so they were harder to hit with the spray weapon. Bane slung his shotgun over his shoulder and unhooked his submachine gun. He fired on automatic, killing about seven of them. The remaining few leapt at him, screeching. He ducked inside the room again and slammed his fist down on the 'seal door' button, next to the door. The Door slid shut and locked with a hiss of steam. At that moment, it vibrated from several impacts and Bane heard faint growls from the other side.

The room wasn't big: about four metres square. It was bare except for the work-station, with the computer on, and a steel chair. On the wall that the desk was bolted to, there was a large, square window. it looked out into the bleak, murky water outside. Vicks finally straightened up.

"There, the tunnel is open. Let's go." He said. Suddenly, one of the pannels in the celing dropped open and about four of the monsters scuttled out, moving so fast they were a blur. One leaped down and landed on Vicks. The man screamed and fell as the creature slashed at him.

"Vicks!" Shouted Bane. He shot the creature that was on his friend, but two more leapt down, and another landed on Bane, knocking his aim. Bane struggled with the thing and managed to throw it off, before it could impale him on its claws. He shot it while it tried to get up, then turned to Vicks. The man was gone, but Bane could still hear his screams, from above. Bane looked up and saw that blood was smeared around the ventilation shaft. The screams finally stopped. Replaced with the noise of scuttling feet.

The remaining two monsters appeared again in the hatch, claws dripping with blood. Bane swore and shot them both with his Submachine gun. Silence fell over the base.

Back down in the submarine bay, Bane climbed into the small sub and sat in the pilot's seat. The controlls were remarkably simple: Just a joystick, an accelerator pedal, a button marked 'D' and a small Red button on the top of the joystick, with a cap over it to stop people pressing it by accident. He had met a couple more of the things on the way back down, but had killed them easily. He pressed 'D' and the small Sub sank below the water. At that moment, Bane saw something else that was wierd. The underwater cave had many, small holes bored into the walls, they were circular, about a metre diameter. They were dotted around the cave, like giant bullet holes. There were about ten of them. Bane let the submarine float in front of one of the holes, the powerful lamps shining in. It went in quite deep, he couldn't see right to the end. Bane turned the Sub and continued to the other end of the cavern. Suddenly, he saw something shoot out of one of the holes. It looked like a small dolphin, except instead of a bottle-nose, it had a large, round beak. It opened it's Beak and made a noise. Bane couldn't hear it, but the submarine shook. A warning light flashed on above his head. Bane flipped open the plastic cap and pushed the button. A small torpedo streaked out in front of him, venting bubbles. It hit the creature head on, and in a flash of light, it was gone and the water around it was stained red. He pressed on, as more of the monsters emerged from the other holes.

They were chasing him, he could see them in the rear-view screens. Some released more sound-blasts at him, damaging the sub. However, when he got out of the Cavern and entrance shaft, they turned and headed back. He sighed and pressed onward, back into the main underwater tunnel and then through a smaller, empty cavern. The tunnel on the other side had a large slot running around it, which looked as though it was a doorframe. The door was open though, and he steered through it. The tunnel beyond was also lit, but these lights looked well maintained and new. It ran for a hundred metres or so, then ended abruptly. He checked above and found that the tunnel went straight up. Bane put the sub to rise, then a transmission broke the silence of the vehicle.

"Hello again, Bane. I hope you are alright. You're heading up into our base. I've sent a squad down to meet you." Crackled Orion's voice.

The little Submarine surfaced and Bane opened the hatch, sending light spilling into the cramped room. He poked his head out, into the well lit room beyond.

Three guns clicked as they were loaded. Bane saw that three miners were standing on a platform above him. Each held a shotgun. Guess where they were pointed.

"Who are you?" Shouted down one of the men.

"Relax, I'm Bane, a miner."

The men almost colapsed with relief. They lowered their weapons.

"We have spent the entire day trying to get you here, to HQ. You're finally here!" Shouted one, joyfully. "You see, there are a few natural survivors, like you, wandering around, killing the guards. Red faction needs three things. One; to replace the members that it lost during the Rioting, Two; Skilled people, like you, and Three; To overthrow Ultor. Welcome on board, Bane."

They took him through an airlock, into a lift. The machine took the four of them up, into a long coridoor. Men and women in miners envirosuits or labcoats were hurrying around, and in and out of doorways, some carrying guns. He was taken to a door at the far right end of the coridoor, which opened onto a large room, full of desks and workstations. Wires hung from the ceiling and piping protruded from the walls. Tired-looking miners and a few technitians were seated at the machines, most had cigerettes dangling from their mouths. The air was thick with, and stank of, smoke. Standind in the centre of it all was a woman. She wore a miners invirosuit, that was yellow for some reason, but on her head was a wierd mask thing that covered half her face with a reflective visor, while leaving the other half in the open. She was obviously in charge, because she was barking orders at the overworked looking computer technitians. The men marched Bane over to one of the terminals. There were two people sat at the desk. One was a woman, typing furiously at the keyboard. The other was a man, wearing a set of earphones with a microphone attached. He turned and grinned at Bane.

"Hi, I'm Orion" He laughed. "Good to meet you in person at last. We've followed your progress all the way to this room!" Bane could see the view from his helmet camera was on the screen by Orion. Suddenly, the chair with the woman in spun round and Bane saw who it was.

"Hey Bane, so you managed to survive, I see!" Laughed Jessie. "Wedge is helping out in the medical bay." Bane grinned.

"Jessie? and Wedge? How'd you survive?" laughed Bane.

"Well, Like Ultor, Red faction sent out a search party to check for survivors. They got to the crash-site before the fighters and brought us back here. We looked for you, but you weren't there." She said.

"What about Rasputin?" Asked Bane. Jessie sighed.

"Yeah, he was alive too, but he was badly hurt in the crash. He broke his spine in three places and a rib got cracked. He had massive internal bleeding and a perforated lung. By some miracle, we got him back here and managed to stabalise him. But the medics are still working on him." Bane turned to Orion.

"Well, what should I do now?" He asked.

"First of all, you need rest. You've had no sleep for about twenty-four hours. Then you can come and see me for a mission tomorrow. You'll have to find your own way to the sleeping quarters." Orion yawned, rubbing his eyes. Bane left, back into the coridoor. He went down the coridoor and stopped at one of the many doors. It opened onto a room full of steel bunks. They were draped with large, thick blankets. They looked much more inviting than the bare, grafiti-scrawled equivlients that Ultor used. First, Bane had a shower in the room at the other end of the Barracks. It hurt when he took of the envirosuit, because some fibres were caught in the cut down his back. He had a quick shower and changed into a fresh envirosuit. He then went down to the medical bay.

Rasputin lay in a bed, his skin was a very pale colour. His eyes were closed. Two doctors and a nurse were walking around his bed, carrying various surgical impliments or syringes. Bane stood by his bed, waiting for something to happen. Eventually a doctor came over and offered to take a look at the wound. Bane sat on a bed and watched as the doctor gave him a shot of painkiller and then set to work with the disinfectand, then the stiches.

Bane got up a few minutes later. He saw Wedge walking over with a tray of food. Bane chatted with Wedge for a while, and asked about the strange mutants with six legs. Wedge frowned.

"I've heard of them, yes. Apparantly, Doctor Capek, Head scientist on Mars, has been making them. He is insane, literally!" He Said "The Red Faction have met a few different types of mutants. The Ones you have met are called Reapers. The fishy ones are codenamed Divers. There are a couple more, but you wont know any of them."

Bane ate the food, then he left the medical bay and went back to the barracks. He couldn't be bothered to change out of the envirosuit. He just slept in his clothes.

The next morning, he was woken by the sound of footsteps walking down the barracks. He sat up and saw Wedge handing out food to the tired miners. When Wedge reached him, he handed him a plate, stacked high with toast, and then nodded at the food.

"You'd better eat that fast. You'll be needing your strength, HQ want you to do a mission, so you're wanted in the room you went in yesterday." He said, then he walked on down the rows of bunks.

Ten minutes later, Bane was stood in the control room. Orion greeted him and pointed to Eos, who was standing in the center of the room, again, still giving orders to the exhausted technitians.

"She wants to talk to you. Hurry up!" Whispered Orion. Bane jogged over to the leader of the red faction. She looked up as he approached.

"Ah, Bane isn't it? We have a little job for you." She said, in a gravelly voice. Eos showed Bane some footage of a man in a red envirosuit running down a rocky tunnel. Every now and then, the miner would stop and dispatch a guard or two who tried to stop him.

"That is Parker, my top man in the field. I need to get to him and help him dispatch a certain guy."

"Who's the target" Asked Bane.

"The man who created the plague and Ultor's chief scientist on mars. Doctor Capek." Eos spat the name like it was a disgusting substance. "Anyway, I need to get there, and because you are the only skilled person in this base who isn't injured or exhausted, you will be taking me there."

After the lecture, Bane ran to the door marked 'Armoury' and went in. The room was as big as a dinner hall. There was one long central table piled with guns and ammo clips and there were room length metal shelves with crates of spare ammo and explosives.

He quickly collected some ammo for his weapons, an earpiece with an attached microphone and then took four grenades and slipped them into his pockets. he was about to leave, when something caught his eye. He went to the weapon table and picked up a small gun, about the size of a submachine gun. Instead of an ammo clip, it had a fist-sized tank with a skull-and-crossbones on it. He squeezed the trigger and grinned as a small spurt of flame gushed from the barrel. He couldn't carry all the guns he had so he left the submachine gun on the table and hooked the flamer to his belt.

Outside, Bane met Eos and another miner coming the other way. The miner was big and musclular. He was holding an assault rifle and had several belts of ammo strapped across his chest. Eos appeared to be travelling light. She was wearing her yellow envirosuit, except it had a helmet now, and had a pistol in it's hulster strapped to her leg.

"There you are, come on, this way." Said the miner. The trio headed to a lift, but headed down instead of up.

"Where are we going?" Asked Bane.

"Vehicle storage." Said the miner.

The lift dropped them in a vast room the size of a hanger. In fact, it probably had been a hanger before the Red Faction liberated it from Ultor. Bane counted ten jeeps, like the ones that he had used to get to the shuttle bay hours ago, five large APCs and one large driller machine. There were also about ten crane-type-objects hanging from the roof. They were to hold the fighters. However, only two of them were occupied.

The party headed for the nearest Jeep. They climbed in. Bane was on the gun, Eos sat in the passenger seat and the other miner took the wheel. They drove to the large double-doors at the end of the room and they opened, automatically, to let them into a lift that could fit nine APCs. The little vehicle pulled to a stop and Eos got out and ran to a small control panel on the wall. A moment later, the doors shut and Bane felt the giant lift begin to move up. He was on his first mission for the Red Faction. The question was, would he make it out alive?