It was almost like it never happened. That morning, the three of them sat and had breakfast like normal people. Kyo had been unusually twitchy, but that was understandable. They had probably heard him screaming in his sleep in the main Sohma Estate. Something about the 'Rum Tum Tugger' being decapitated by a codfish. Yuki had been sullen, shooting icy glares at both his brother and his guardian. Tohru, as always, was oblivious. The two young Juunshi apparently hadn't told her about what happened, only that Hatori and Ayame where staying over. She seemed fine with this.

Tori was back to normal, at least in the mental sense. Physically, he was exhausted and also very sore. As the day wore on, a hot bath looked increasingly welcoming. Still, there were things that needed to be addressed.

Standing before his two 'wards', he fixed them with a look familiar to chastised children all around the word.

"Shigure… Ayame…" His tone offered no escape to the two squirming men.

"Yes, Ha-san?" Shigure squeaked, daring a sheepish grin.

"What have the two of you learned from all this?" Hatori placed his hands on his hips, right over the bruises Ayame had left the day before.

Shigure shot a glance Aya's way, and Ayame raised an eyebrow in the international conspiratorial way. For a moment, they seemed to battle it out, deciding who would answer in a series of looks and prodding elbows. Finally, after a particularly vicious jab to his ribs, Ayame reluctantly answered.

"Half a bottle of Valium is too much. Three or four pills is probably enough." He grinned widely, knowing full well that wasn't the answer Hatori had been hoping for.

Said dragon sighed.

"Don't drug people! That should be easy enough to understand, even for you."

Catching the quick smile passed between them, Hatori frowned.

"You'll never do anything like this again, right guys? RIGHT?"

They looked at him, mischief glittering in both the golden eyes and the brown. Smiling impishly, Shigure doused any hopes Hatori might have been sheltering.

"Too late."

From the near-by kitchen there was a sudden crash. Yuki's voice drifted through the wall, sounding more than a little shaken.

"Uh… Kyo? What are you doing? What… Oh… My… GOD!"

Ayame laughed.

And thus ends Hurrah for Valium. I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did. C&C is always greatly appreciated.