Harry groaned as he stretched his stiff muscles from being bent over in the garden, working. It was his second day on summer vacation and Aunt Petunia wanted him to completely replant and build the garden, along with completely re-landscaping the backyard. There was a neighborhood garden/backyard competition and Aunt Petunia wanted to win it. Badly.

She had threatened uncle Vernon with a frying pan that morning when he had tried to give Harry a list of chores that included washing and detailing all three of the Dursley's cars (Dudley got his learner's permit, so Vernon had gotten him a sports car as a reward), cleaning the gutters and reorganizing the garage. Uncle Vernon had instantly backed down in fear from his wife and her hot frying pan.

Harry looked up at the sun and contemplated taking off his shirt to help relieve the heat. He knew that it would reveal his scars to the world. All of them were created by either Dudley and his gang, or while Harry was at Hogwarts. He was glad for the fact that most of the scars that the Dursleys had given him weren't visible. They were all mental and emotional scars. The only damage that was visible was his size and frame from malnutrition and from living in a cupboard under the stairs for the first ten years of his life.

Harry removed his shirt after a moment of contemplation, and sighed in relief as he felt a slight breeze blow against his heated skin. Harry wiped the sweat from his brow and tossed his shirt off to the side. He was careful to make sure that it landed in the grass and not in the dirt so it wouldn't get too dirty.

He bent back down and continued to pull up all of the weeds while Dudley and his gang sat on the back porch, laughing at Harry and his misfortune for being forced to weed and completely redo the garden. Piers' twin sister, Victoria, who was just as mean as her twin brother, but had the looks like an ethereal goddess that he twin didn't have, was watching Harry curiously with a slight hint of lust in her gaze.

"Where did he get all those scars?" she asked Dudley, silencing them all so they could stare at her. Dudley looked over and Harry, noticing that his cousin had removed his shirt, and scowled darkly.

"Probably from that freak school of his." he sneered in contempt. Victoria smiled, her eyes glittering evilly.

"Makes him look even sexier. He was sexy to begin with, but all of those scars on his muscles. Mmm. Yummy." Victoria's phone went off, ringing shrilly in a silly little tune. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and answered it, walking away as she talked with the person on the other side.

"Mate, your sister's sick. I mean, ew." one of the boys growled, wrinkling his nose in disgust. Piers laughed.

"My sister's insane, you know that. Mom and Dad make her go see a therapist every day. Today's session got canceled. I think this therapist finally had a nervous breakdown like the last." Piers explained. The others laughed cruelly, except for Dudley. He was still glaring darkly at Harry.

Victoria was his. His freaky cousin must be using his freaky powers to try and steal Victoria away from him.

"Yo, Big D, you want to come over to my house? My parents are shopping and I know my brother has cigarettes underneath his bed. What do you say? Tea at my house?" the boy sitting across from Dudley asked, snickering at the last part.

Harry grinned as he watched them all get up and leave, disappearing into the garage and not coming back out. It meant that he could finally get a drink of water now, without the threat of Dudley telling Petunia that Harry slacked off and took his sweet time getting a drink.

Harry stood up with a groan and dusted off his jeans and walked across the backyard so he could get a drink from the hose. Harry quickly drank his fill of the refreshing water, ignoring the fact that it was slightly warm. He had been working since it was light enough outside for him to see what he was doing. Aunt Petunia said that he wasn't to waste time sleeping when he could be weeding.

"So, where'd my brother and his stupid friends go?" a soft voice asked. Harry jumped, and spun around to see the Polkis twin standing before him, in the flesh. He gulped. She was wearing the tightest shirt that he had ever seen, and he wasn't sure if her mini-skirt counted as a skirt because of how short it was. He could see bright pink lacy panties sticking out from underneath her skirt.

"Uh, um, I-I-I don't know." Harry stuttered nervously. If Aunt Petunia looked out the window, he would get into serious trouble. Harry glanced at the kitchen window, expecting his aunt to be peering out to catch him slashing off.

Victoria smiled and backed him up against the house. "Don't worry about your aunt. She left ten minutes ago for a doctor's appointment. Oops, I forgot to tell Dudley. How forgetful of me." Victoria ran her hands over Harry's toned chest, completely ignoring the fact that it was slick with sweat.

"Mmm. So sexy." she purred and leaned forwards to lick away a bead of sweat off of his chest. Harry bit back a gasp as her tongue ran over his right nipple.

"No!" Harry growled, shoving her away. "I'm not interested."

"Oh, come on, Harry," she purred again, her eyes flashing dangerously as she stepped forwards. Harry shoved her away again.

"I said no!"

Apparently, those were the magical words that truly pissed her off. Her smile faded and her eyes took on a rather insane gleam.

"You can either play along, or I can go to the police and tell them that you tried to rape me. Who do you think they'll believe? You, the orphan that no one wants and attends St. Brutus's for the Criminally Insane, or me, the sweet girl from next door who was looking for her twin brother?"

Harry closed his eyes, pained. He knew that she had him. Anyone and everyone would believe her over him, the supposed poor delinquent boy. He hung his head in defeat, his face showing how he had given up.

"Good boy." she giggled, stepping forwards, pleased to have Harry right where she wanted him. Poor little Harry didn't know that she had a past history of blaming others for sexually harassing her or molesting her, and all cases had been proven false by the police, who would have believed him over her.