Chapter 38

SubmissivesHarry let out a load groan of protest as he returned back to the land of the living. He blearily blinked about the room when he heard a soft chuckle that sounded rather close. He jumped when he felt an arm cross across his hip.

"Mmm, the fledgling is experienced." a voice murmured in his ear.

"And veerrrry responsive." another voice murmured from in front of him, drawing out the word 'very' making it sound more seductive than it should have ever been. A pair of lips found their way to his throat, gently nipping away at the bruised and abused flesh from just a while ago.

It was then Harry's sex and sleep fogged brain cleared up enough for him to remember that he had been having sex with two vampire elders named Gemini and Nikolai. Gemini was in front while Nikolai was behind him.

"I- uh, oh, yeeeesssssssssss!" Harry accidentally slipped into parseltongue when Gemini sank his fangs into his throat. He felt a response from Nikolai that made him respond in the same manner. Nikolai then began to grind against him, licking and nipping at his shoulder.

"Dear god almighty, I don't know how you're doing that, but don't you dare stop!" Nikolai growled, growing more persistent as Harry continued to babble incoherently in the strange magical language of the snakes. Nikolai then sank his fangs into Harry's shoulder, also drinking and lapping away at his life's essence.

It was then that Harry's response to Nikolai's response subsided. In other words, Harry exploded all over the bed with his release, enjoying the sensation of having two vampires drinking his blood.

Harry sat there as they drank from him, whimpering every time a tongue was laved against the bite wounds. Once they had finished, Harry, purring like a kitten, then scooted up to Gemini while pulling Nikolai with him. He gently nuzzled Gemini's chest as he purred, allowing the two vampires to regain their composure.

"He's not only of our lines," Nikolai murmured, stroking Harry's hair. "He's also of Genevuire, Angel and Brogan's lines." Gemini stroked Harry's hip possessively, his golden eyes softening as the boy continued to act like a cat.

"We already knew that he was of Brogan's line, but how did you figure out he was of Genevuire and Angel's lines?" Harry nipped lightly at Gemini's pectoral muscle, slowly drawing the blood closer to the surface. "Yes, baby, drink and then we'll go and get you some real sustenance."

"My line has slight telepathic abilities and I'm able to discern one's bloodlines by drinking their blood. I saw Genevuire, Angel, Brogan, you and myself. I believe that, that's a good indication as to whose bloodlines he belongs to." Nikolai made a slight pause. "He is our second prince. The prince of darkness."

"So we have found them both." Gemini murmured as Harry finally sank his fangs into Gemini's pec. Gemini smiled down at the young vampire, his fangs flashing gently in the dim light.

"The time of prophecy draws near." Nikolai replied.

"Indeed. And we've been waiting for you two for quite some time." a new voice broke in, making both Gemini and Nikolai to jump and turn towards the intruders. Harry, sensing their fear, jumped up to protect them, being the alpha that he was.

Harry hissed a vampiric hiss at them, not a parseltongue hiss, warning them off. His fangs glittered menacingly and his eyes were narrowed in distrust, sparkled with anger and shone with the willingness to attack.

"Fledgling, you dare-" began one of the elders, but was suddenly broke off when Nikolai leapt from the bed and encircled Harry with both of his arms, nuzzling the side of the long pale throat.

"Peace, princeling. They mean us no harm and they will not hurt Gemini or me. They are here to protect, they are friends. Please dear prince, allow yourself to calm and return to bed. We are not decent." Nikolai murmured in the gentlest voice that any of them had ever heard. Harry turned, and seeing that his lover from the day before was naked, then hurried him back into the bed where he could be covered, and only after a minute of careful consideration and study of the intruders, he too crawled back into the bed, in-between the two vampire council members.

"You know that it is not wise to upset an alpha when he is near submissive lovers." Gemini murmured, rubbing his hands over Harry's body, soothing the poor boy.

"Alpha?" one woman with copper red hair and dark tanned skin laughed. "We know that you two are not submissive's! You two are two of the most dominant men that I have ever met!" The rest of the assembled vampires laughed and gave their assent to this comment.

Harry then began to growl, but a gentle kiss from Nikolai cured that. "Then explain to me why he's acting like a dominant while we act as submissive's?" Nikolai demanded, doing his best as well to sooth Harry. This caused the council to pause.

"The fledgling that we found, Harry, is our second prince. Our dark prince. You know what this means." Gemini murmured.

"What does it mean?" Harry asked, his voice deep and menacing still from the surprise of the intruders, distrust still shimmering brightly in his green eyes that were intently focused upon the intruders.

Silence met his question.

Remus sat with Severus in their living room, having just put their son, Harry's son, to bed. Remus was sitting in Severus's lap, stroking the soft black locks of his lover as Severus just held him, resting his chin on Remus's shoulder.

"I want my Harry," Severus whispered plaintively, a pair of black feathered wings behind him twitching slightly at the name of his mate. Remus gave a sad smile as continued to stroke Severus's locks.

"Sev, you know that we have to wait for Harry. We don't know where he is and he will come to us, after all, he brought us his child." Remus murmured. Severus let out a soft whimpered and cuddled closer to his fellow submissive.

"I know." He whispered. "But it hurts without him this close to mating season."

"Mm-hm." Remus murmured, stroking the back of Severus's neck in a reassuring manner. "I know, but at least you have me."

"Still want my Harry." Severus whimpered, trying to draw Remus as close to him as possible.

"I know, I know." He soothed.

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