Rehabilitation Concepts, Detroit

"Straight from The Old Man's office", said Mr. Burrows.

Incident Commander Clarence Whittaker protested, "These men aren't cops, Mr. Burrows. We are not the police!" Burrows ignored him and continued scrawling on his clipboard. He didn't look at the short man with mousey hair and a white coat before him, but said, "It's not your call. It's not my call. You are the police now". Whittaker stared at the executive in disbelief.

"Why not get Military Concepts or some other branch?" he asked in protestation.

"The army? Please. It'd cause utter chaos on the streets. The city is in crisis but putting our soldiers on the street is as good as the country putting its own. We need to be visibly in control. You are the replacement cops and you'll do as you're told. I'm sorry, John, but as I said, it's from The Old Man himself".

"Look, Mr. Burrows…" began Whittaker. "Just leave it, Clarence", said Burrows, "You've got to be careful. I shouldn't tell you this but some of the board are urging others to vote to replace you with McDaggett, so I'd stay in line if I were you".

"McDaggett? From Military? We are not an army and we are not the police, Mr. Burrows. We have been charged with helping people leave their homes, something which Building Concepts seemingly won't allow us to do most of the time, and now you're turning us into some sort of police force because you won't pay the real police?" Whittaker shouted.

"Look, Clarence", said Burrows, now angry, "set the wheels in motion or I'll get McDaggett in here myself".


The black DPD squad car rolled to a silent stop. "Just round the corner, Henderson, and we're going in covertly", said Lewis, loading her pistol and placing it in her holster. She then checked her vest and helmet and got out of the car. Henderson followed suit and as he closed the door, two more black squad cars parked beside them. Smith rolled down her window, "Burke and Johnson are at the next corner. I'm going to go there two. Trap them in", she said and drove around to the next street.

Lewis leant against the wall of the corner building. There were 6 men causing the disturbance. It was mindless destruction without logic or reason. This wasn't a particularly commercialised area, mainly office buildings with contents of little value. It was also deserted. Lewis didn't understand the reason for the violence. "I don't like this", she said, "No, there's something not right".

She returned to the car and unclipped the radio from the dashboard.

"All units: hold back. I repeat, hold back", she said. "What the hell?" asked Henderson in surprise, "They're right over there and we outnumber them!" Lewis shook her head and sat in the car, radio still in her hand. It made a buzz sound and then the voice of Michelle Smith replied, "We're all ready, Lewis, and we're going in. Can't hold back because you've got the jitters. Reed sent us here, not you".

"Damn it, Smith", said Lewis, "Hold back. There's something not right", but Henderson seemed to be of the same opinion as Officer Smith. "I'm going in". He took his pistol out of his holster and leant in the exact same spot as Lewis.

"Freeze!" shouted a voice from the other side of the alley. It was Smith. She was pointing her gun at one of the criminals whilst still mostly concealed behind a building. One of the men, a large African-American dressed in jeans and a blue t-shirt laughed. "Sure honey", he said. One of the other men sniggered and continued to throw petrol bombs at the wall, which had seemingly no effect other than to increase a blackened coating.

Henderson emerged from the behind wall, as did three other officers from Smith's side of the street. "You are under arrest", Henderson said. The man throwing the petrol bombs, who was extremely large and had a bald head turned around to Henderson. He sniggered again and threw another bomb against the wall whilst still facing Henderson. "You goin ta take me in, are ya?" he said. He reached for a gun protruding from his trouser pocket. "Stop!" said Henderson. The man continued to reach for his weapon and withdrew it. "Throw it on the ground", ordered Henderson. The man merely grinned. Most of the other men seemed to be doing nothing.

The man started to raise the gun towards Henderson who panicked and squeezed his trigger. The bullet hit the man in the chest. He stepped back with the force, but was uninjured. "What the fuck?" began Henderson, but he never finished his sentence. Almost simultaneously, 5 bullets, one for each of the 5 officers in the street, were fired and instantly took out their targets. Lewis, who was on the next street, observing the action and convinced there was something wrong, ran towards her car and started shouting for help in the radio. She stopped; there was nobody left to send. There were still a dozen or so cops on duty, but they were unreachable. She was on her own and cornered by people determined to drastically lower the cop population.