Clash of Ninja

By: The White Dragon Rider

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Chapter 9: Awkward Moments and the Bay


It was a nice, clear, sunny, peaceful day as Naruto, Sakura, Jiraya, Aang, Sokka, Katara, and of course Momo had some fun at last

They and all the others were sitting on the shore of a small lake and waterfall that they had decided to stop at to rest

Sakura and Katara had suggested they stop and have a little break to celebrate being back together and being out of the woods that Azula patrolled finally

No one disagreed and were happy to be able to relax after the few tough weeks they had all been through with Fire Nation Troops, Azula's ambushes, and getting used to a strange new world

And it appeared that they would have to get used to their new word for quite some time since Aang had explained that he had no idea at all why they were there or how to get them home

This hadn't surprised Jiraya and Naruto who knew the real reason they were there

Sakura said she wouldn't go home now even if she could since she had yet to find Sasuke and Kakashi sensei

Plus after hearing of the Fire Nation's war Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraya said they wanted to do something help and they all agreed that they would help Aang anyway they could

So they all decided to stick with Aang and the others for now and help him out while looking for any trace of Sasuke and Kakashi

Katara had suggested that if they went to the Earth King that he might be able to use his power to help them search

A royal decree announcing that they were looking for them would make sure that if Kakashi and Sasuke were anywhere in the Earthkingdom that they would know were Sakura and Naruto where and they could finally meet up

After hearing that Sakura was even more determined to get to Ba Sing Se as fast as possible

Unfortunately they lost their major mode of transportation near the lake, which is why they had decided to stop and rest at it

After a day of traveling in the tank they had covered good ground and were practically at the shore of the lake that blocked their path to Ba Sing Se

Unfortunately during the morning Sokka had decided he wanted to drive the tank but Jiraya refused to let him at the wheel since he said Sokka would just crash it

They both fought for the wheel and steered it right over a very tall cliff they were traveling across

Thankfully they had managed to get all their stuff and jump out safely before they had fallen too far

Aang had flown over to the side of the cliffwall and made a small ledge to catch his friends while Jiraya, Naruto, and Sakura had gripped the wall with chakra

After that they had been forced to walk till they got here and took a break to talk and relax a little

Sokka was checking the maps he had stolen to see where they where exactly, Aang Naruto, Sakura, and Katara where swimming in the lake, Jiraya was hiding in some bushes and watching Katara with his telescope, and Toph was just dipping her feet into the water since she couldn't swim

Aang used some waterbending to make an ice raft for himself to float on, Sakura was relaxing on rock near Toph to get some sun, and Katara and Naruto where up on some cliffs doing cannonballs

"Hey Aang watch this!" shouted Katara to Aang down below

She then dove of the cliff and curled into a ball

"Waterbending bomb!" she shouted as she fell to the water's surface rapidly

As soon as she hit the water there was a giant geyser of water coming out of the lake that blew Aang clean out of the water with his ice raft and sent a shower of rain all over the place stopping Sakura's sunbathing

Sokka tried to cover the maps from the water but they got drenched anyway

Everyone except Sokka laughed as the last of the water fell back into the lake in a million tiny droplets

"Oh sure 5,000 year old maps from the spirit library, just go ahead and splash some water on them" said Sokka annoyed holding up the soaked map

"Sorry" apologized Katara as she waterbended the water out of the map and back into the lake

"Hey you think that was cool check this out!" yelled Naruto excitedly from the top of the cliff

Naruto then ran towards the edge and jumped as high as he possibly could into the air which turned out to be pretty high

When Naruto was at maximum height he put his hands together to form a handsign

"Shadow Clone Cannonball!" he shouted as at least 30 other Naruto's formed in mid-air around him

"This can't be good" said Sokka as he saw all the clones curl up into balls and plummet to the lake at full speed

When they hit it was like someone had set off a bomb in the lake and at least half the lake came flying up into the air

The resulting wave came ashore and pushed everyone back in a wall of water

Jiraya screamed as he too was blown out of his hiding place by the sudden surge of water coming over the beach

When it was over all the Naruto clones came out of the water to see everyone drenched by his cannonball

"Ha! Top that!" he shouted happily at them

"I wasn't planning to get wet this early" said Sakura mildly annoyed pushing some of her wet pink hair out of the way of her face

"Nice one Naruto" complimented Aang

"Oh sure as if a small rain wasn't enough let's send a tsunami" said Sokka annoyed holding up the map that was so wet you could see through it

Katara again bended the water out of the paper and back into the lake to dry the map instantly

"He He Sorry" apologized Naruto getting rid of the clones

"So what now…and what are you doing here?" asked Katara noticing Jiraya laying on the ground where the wave had left him with leaves in his hair and a few twigs scattered around him

"I thought you went to go do research on something" said Aang

"I was just studying some of the local plant life in that bush when Naruto's wave knocked me out of it. Knowing about all forms of indigenous life is a good way to keep check of one's surroundings" lied Jiraya nervously

"Ok" said Aang confused and not sure what he was talking about

"Must be some kind of ninja thing" commented Sokka to Aang

"So what where you asking before?" asked Jiraya to change the subject

"I wanted to know what we do next" said Katara

"Well I'm going to look over the map a little and see what is our best bet to get to Ba Sing Se. We need to find some way across that huge lake that blocks where we are from Ba Sing Se" explained Sokka

"In the meantime. Lunch!" shouted Naruto happily

"Let me guess you're having ramen?" asked Toph sarcastically

"Yup!" replied Naruto

"How much of that stuff did you pack Naruto?" asked Sakura amazed he still had any left

"Well you see after I saw Tenten use those scrolls to summon weapons I asked her how she did it and did the same thing with ramen" explained Naruto

He then brought a scroll out of his bag and opened it a little to reveal a symbol that was used for summonings

Naruto put his hand on the symbol and a cup of ramen appeared in a puff of smoke on the symbol

"Ta da! Instant ramen! Literally!" bragged Naruto holding it up

"Of all the things to use the ninja arts for…" said Sakura shaking her head at Naruto's use of the summoning technique

"Wow he must love that stuff almost as much as Sokka loves meat" said Katara

"Um Naruto?" asked Toph nervously which was rare for her

"What Toph?" asked Naruto not noticing she was acting weird

"I was wondering if we could eat together at this place I found a little past the top of the waterfall" said Toph sounding more awkward with each word

"Huh why?" asked Naruto

"The rocks up there conduct vibrations better so I can see better and I also want to get some advice from you on that Shadow Clone jutsu I keep messing up" said Toph thinking about how stupid a lie that was

"Ok, just let me change into my normal clothes and then we can go" said the clueless Naruto who was still in his blue bathing suit

As they left together Toph could almost feel the others staring at them as they left wondering what was going on and what could possibly cause Toph to be nervous

Top of the Waterfall

Naruto and Toph both made their way up to the top of the waterfall using the same path that he and Katara had used to get up there for their cannonballs earlier

When they reached the top Toph lead Naruto a bit down the stream that went into the waterfall to a nice secluded spot that was a small clearing in the woods with a little mini waterfall gently running in the stream nearby

The spot was cool and shaded and looked very nice with the waterfall and some flowers growing nearby that Toph could sense from their roots

"Wow this place is pretty cool Toph! How did you find it?" asked Naruto impressed

"I felt it as we were walking nearby, I can find places and know what they look like even when I'm not near them" explained Toph

"Man that's cool how you can do that" said Naruto

"Thanks ninja boy" said Toph gratefully

"You may be blind as a bat but you can still see what others can't, it's like being blind and having super vision all at the same time" said Naruto

"I guess" said Toph only letting Naruto get away with the blind as a bat comment since she was in a good mood

"So what did you want to know about the shadow clone jutsu?" asked Naruto remembering that's why she called him up here

"Well I thought we could eat first and then train since I'm hungry" said Toph hoping Naruto was truly dumb enough to fall for this

"Ha Ha Ok! I'm kinda hungry to!" said Naruto happily

Naruto took out his ramen scroll and began summoning up ramen as fast as he could for him and Toph

Toph could feel that he had summoned at least ten or so bowls and asked him what he was doing

"Ninja boy you realize it's just me and you right?" asked Toph as Naruto was reaching for a bowl already

"Oh I know this is for you…" said Naruto pushing one bowl towards Toph

"…and these are for me!" shouted Naruto happily as he took nine for himself

"There's no way you can eat that many" said Toph to Naruto

"Shows what you know, I hold the record for ramen eating in every ramen place in Hidden Leaf village and all the surrounding towns! There's not a ramen place within ten miles of my home that doesn't have a picture of me in it!" said Naruto proudly

"And there are a few that have a sign that says "do not let in at all costs" underneath those pictures for good reason" added the fox

"Shut up fox" said Naruto bitterly to him

"Wow you take this stuff seriously" said Toph

"You know it! There's no one that can beat me at ramen eating!" said Naruto proudly

"Wana bet?" asked Toph challengingly

Naruto's eyes narrowed out seriously sensing a challenge from Toph

"What was that?" asked Naruto with usual seriousness for him

(Cue western showdown music)

"I bet I can beat you, how hard can it be to force down a few bowls of ramen?" asked Toph confidently

"Sounds like you're looking for a challenge" said Naruto

"I am" said Toph

"Ok then you want a challenge then I got one" said Naruto eagerly

"Good" said Toph

"We'll see who can go the longest eating without pukeing and/or passing out" said Naruto summoning up almost all the ramen he had which turned out to be a lot

Toph felt all the bowls all over the place and wondered what she was getting herself into with this challenge

She had only challenged Naruto to impress him by beating him at his own game but now she was seeing she may have been in for more than she bargained for and he stomach was going to pay the price

Now she was beginning to regret stealing some of Sokka's food before coming up here for lunch with Naruto

'Stupid karma' thought Toph bitterly

With the Others

Meanwhile back down at the base of the waterfall everyone else was busy eating various things on the bank of the lake

Sokka had some meat or as Sakura called it "freshly killed cute animal"

Aang again had no meat and was sticking to vegetarian ways that all monks followed that Jiraya said was boring

The rest had some fish that Katara and Sakura had managed to catch while practicing their skills

Katara levitated the fish out of the water with waterbending and Sakura used them as target practice for her kunai knives

The one thing they were talking about was Toph's weird behavior earlier with asking Naruto to the top of the waterfall

"Maybe she's going to do something bad to him with no witnesses up there" suggested Sokka

"Toph would never do that…I think" said Katara unsure

"Well how do you explain Toph acting so weird when she asked him to go up there, it was very suspicious how she talked" said Sokka

"It almost sounded like she was nervous" said Aang

"I've never heard Toph sound nervous ever" said Sokka

"Yeah that's weird Toph's never sounded nervous since we've met her even when we were nearly dead back in the desert" said Katara thinking about it

"Maybe she's sick or something?" suggested Sakura

"Not physically" commented Jiraya

"What does that mean?" asked Sakura

"The only way she's sick is emotionally" said Jiraya

"Oh my god! Toph's gone insane finally! She's going to kill us all in our sleep!" yelled Sokka in a panic

Sokka immediately imagined Toph lunging at them sleeping with two knives in her hands yelling "I have deep seeded emotional problems! Die! Die! DIE!!!" (Ok I amdit I copied this from somwhere else but I just thought it fit)

"No, she's just come down with a very serious condition that most people go through at least once in their lives" said Jiraya knowing the real reason Toph was acting weird

"The chicken pox?" asked Aang

"No, she's got a crush on Naruto" said Jiraya

Everyone including Momo did a classic spit take as they were eating followed by a fit of coughing

"SHE WHAT???!!!" asked everyone in shock

"Naruto and Toph have got a nice little relationship going on between them" said Jiraya

"Toph actually likes someone?!" asked Katara amazed that Toph could actually have enough girl in her to like a boy

"There's no way! How could any girl find Naruto attractive?" asked Sakura amazed someone could find the ultra annoying and stupid Naruto attractive

"Toph must have really gone insane" said Sokka finding that the only logical explanation

"Are you sure?" asked Aang wondering if Jiraya was senile

"Oh I'm sure alright, I traveled with them for two weeks and I could see it was obvious Toph liked Naruto" said Jiraya

"There's just no possible way" said Sakura in disbelief

"Trust me it's possible, they've got a serious relationship going on" said Jiraya

"Really?" asked Katara

"Yup they've even slept together already" said Jiraya prompting yet another spit take from everyone

"WHAT!???" they all yelled at once

"They've slept together already" said Jiraya calmly

"But they're both twelve! Isn't that rape or something!?" asked Sokka

"I suppose" said Jiraya

"What's rape?" asked Aang since he had never heard that word before

"It's kinda hard to explain Aang" said Katara nervously

"And what's the big deal about them sleeping together? I know it might be pretty awkward but is it honestly that bad?" asked Aang wondering why everyone was freaking out about them sharing a bed

"Um Aang? You never had the talk about the birds and the bees did you?" asked Katara nervously

"What? I know about a bunch of different birds and know about bees" said Aang unsure about what this had to do with what they were talking about

Everyone all got nervous looks and began looking at each other hoping someone would know what to do

"So Sokka do you want to explain?" asked Katara trying to dump the unpleasant job on Sokka

"ME!? I can't do that! When dad explained all the adult stuff to me I wasn't able to go near you for two weeks!" yelled Sokka

"Don't worry I am well schooled in this subject I'll tell him all I know" said Jiraya proudly

"Are you sure?" asked Katara nervously

"Of course I am! I am a sage after all!" said Jiraya

"What is everyone talking about?" asked Aang confused

"Listen kid I'll explain it all to you later but for now let's get back on subject" said Jiraya

"There's just no possible way that Naruto and Toph have already slept together!" yelled Sakura not believing it

"I got pictures of it as proof" said Jiraya taking out some of the pictures of Naruto and Toph sleeping together that he had posed and laying them on the ground for the others to see

They were all of before either Naruto or Toph had woken up so the two of them were in an embrace under the blanket together

A few showed Toph apparently snuggling up to Naruto which Jiraya hadn't had to pose at all since she had done it by herself in her sleep!

Jiraya couldn't help but think they looked cute as Toph snuggled with Naruto subconsciously

The last one was of a very shocked looking Naruto and Toph looking up and discovering Jiraya taking the pictures

Everyone looked at them with shock realizing what Jiraya said was actually true

Sakura looked at the pictures of Naruto and Toph sleeping together in her hands before placing them on then ground with a furious look on her face

"THAT SICK PERVERT!!!! SLEEPING WITH A GIRL ONLY 12 YEARS OLD!!! I'LL KILL HIMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" roared Sakura furious and slightly jealous Naruto was having a better relationship with a girl he had only met four weeks ago than she was having with Sasuke who she had been after for years


"Wow she's acting like she's her mother" said Jiraya under his breath

"Guys what if Naruto and Toph went up to the top of the waterfall to you know what?" asked Sokka

Before you could blink Katara and Sakura where heading to the top of the waterfall as fast as they could go

Top of the Waterfall

"How can he still be eating?" moaned Toph as Naruto went onto yet another bowl of ramen in the contest

She had lost count of how many they had eaten after 23 or so and she was not feeling good right now

Her horriblely stuffed stomach had turned into a belly that looked like she was in her second trimester with a few kids and she felt like she was about to puke it all up any second (Toph isn't a full fledged anime girl so she can't eat an aircraft carrier's worth of food without it affecting her)

Meanwhile Naruto was still going strong on his god only knows how many bowl and he had absolutely no sign of it on him

"What the heck is he?" moaned Toph to herself as she sat barely eating at all compared to Naruto's lightning pace

Then she remembered the talk they had had about the demon fox before

"Oh yeah" said Toph remembering it and suspecting the fox had something to do with his perfect metabolism

"Hey Toph are you ok?" asked Naruto finally getting away from his bowl to looked at the stuffed Toph

She was going to deny it and say she was just fine and could handle herself but unfortunately her body didn't comply and she fell back in defeat

"Oh Toph!" said Naruto worriedly coming over to her and seeing if she was alright

"Are you ok?" asked Naruto by her side

"I don't feel so good" she moaned clutching her swollen stomach

Naruto looked over to see just how bad Toph was and saw that she looked like she was going to have a baby and looked ready to puke any moment

"Wow you're stomach looks like you ate a watermelon whole!" said Naruto poking it once

"Don't remind me" said Toph in pain as Naruto's poke nearly made her throw up

"I've got an idea, Sakura probably has something to help with stomachaches in her first aid kid hopefully" said Naruto thinking a first aid kid would have some kind of medicine that could help

"Hurry I think my stomach is going explode soon" moaned Toph with her hands on her belly

"I'll be back as soon as I can!" yelled Naruto as he ran off to find Sakura leaving Toph all alone on the ground

As Toph lay there she could hear horrible gurgle and grumbling sounds coming from her outstretched belly

"Oh shut up" she said weakly putting both hands on it and praying Naruto came back soon

On the Path

Naruto ran down the path towards the camp to find Sakura at the camp at the same time Sakura was heading up the path to find Naruto and kill him

As Naruto ran he was surprised and happy to see Sakura appear on the path as well heading towards him

"Hey Sakura there you are! Boy am I glad to see you!" shouted Naruto happily unaware he was in mortal danger

Naruto failed to noticed that Sakura looked extremely angry and was only aware something was wrong when Sakura slammed her fist into his face so hard that he went flying through the air down the path

He landed in a small could of dust a few feet away from where he had been before after skidding on the ground upon impact

"Ow Sakura what was that for?" asked Naruto painfully as he got up with a black eye

"Like you don't know you sick pervert!!" yelled Sakura hurling some of the red stolen shuriken at him

Naruto jumped into the air and let the shuriken fly under him and embed themselves in the dirt path with a dull thud

"What's going on Sakura?!" asked Naruto as Sakura threw even more shuriken at Naruto who was forced to duck to dodge them

"I saw the pictures and know what you and Toph have been doing!!" yelled Sakura furiously

"What pictures?!" asked Naruto panicked as Sakura continued her shuriken assault

Naruto was beginning to wish he hadn't scavenged so many shuriken for her to throw from Mai's stash

"The ones Jiraya had!" yelled Sakura throwing a shuriken the few just inches away from the side of Naruto's head

"She's talking about you two sleeping together in those photos" said the Fox

"Aghh! The pervy sage showed them the pictures!" yelled Naruto in fear remembering the pervy sage's posed pictures from that time he had talked with the Fox

"Yes we know all about what you two have been doing!" yelled Sakura

"It's not what you think!" yelled Naruto fearfully trying to get Sakura to believe him or at least stop her attack

Sakura stopped her shuriken attack but that just lead to something much worse

"Yeah right!" yelled Sakura doubtfully pulling out a kunai knife

"What are you going to do with that?" asked Naruto not liking what that could mean

"I'm going to castrate you you sick pervert!" yelled Sakura with the knife ready

"Castrate?" asked clueless Naruto not knowing what that meant

"Well if you were a fox or a dog you'd call it getting fixed" explained the fox

"Fixed?" asked Naruto to the fox fearfully

When Naruto realized what that meant he made a whine similar to a dog's whine while covering his south pole

"Ah Sakura you can't do that!!!" yelled Naruto as Sakura slowly stepped towards him with the knife ready and a evil grin on her face

"I'm going to get you!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Sakura charging the terrified Naruto while holding up the knife like she was some homicidal maniac from a b-grade slasher movie

Naruto yelled before running off while Sakura chased him down looking to make him unable to sleep with any girl ever again

With Toph

While Naruto was off running from Sakura in order to escape a fate far worse than death Toph lay on the ground where they had been eating trying to digest enough to sit up without throwing up

She waited at least five minutes with only the sound of her belly gurgling and groaning to keep her company

"Where the heck is he?" asked Toph annoyed wondering what was taking Naruto so long to get back

It should have been a quick trip with his ninja speed and tree jumps and he should have been back by now even if he had walked

Something was wrong and Toph figured she'd have to get up and try to make it down herself

"Come on body you can do this" said Toph trying to get her body to sit up with some trouble

As if her heavy stomach wasn't enough Toph's belt was constraining it and putting a lot of pressure onto it that almost made her puke

Toph lay down again and took of her belt to let her stomach have a bit more room

Her belly stuck out a bit more without the belt blocking it but it also felt a lot better now that it wasn't putting pressure on it

Toph let out a comfortable sigh and tried sitting up again

She managed to sit up this time and then slowly got to her feet with her weighed down frame causing her some problems

"Oh man how can pregnant woman stand this?!" asked Toph frustrated how hard it was to move now

She almost thought walking with her injured legs was easier than moving with her stomach stuffed

Toph had to arch her back to lift her stomach and when she moved she actually waddled a bit to the side

"Great now I look like I'm pregnant, I hope I digest a bit before I get back to camp. The last thing I need is Sokka making fat jokes or something" complained Toph as she started back towards camp slowly

Toph headed down the path back to camp for a few minutes taking her time so her stomach would hopefully settle down and digest a bit before she got back

She felt someone on the path as well heading her way and based on the footsteps it was Katara and Toph could feel the vibrations of her heart beating quickly which meant she was mad, nervous, scared, or excited

Toph just figured Sokka had said something really stupid and sexist again and just kept walking towards her

But then Toph felt something was wrong when Katara's heartbeat increased a lot when she came into view

"TOPH!" yelled Katara angrily

"Oh great what now?" asked Toph annoyed and hardly in the mood for this

As Katara approached Toph she was shocked by what she saw

The young girl had a belly that could rival a mother's in her sixth month easily and she was waddling down the path

"OH NO IT'S HAPPENED ALREADY!!!" screamed Katara at what she thought was Toph's pregnant belly hanging off her small frame

"What's happened already?" asked Toph annoyed and confused at why she was yelling

"Jiraya told me you and Naruto have been sleeping together but I didn't think you could be pregnant this soon!" said Katara furiously

"Wait! What?!" asked Toph surprised

"I saw those pictures of you two sleeping together and now you're pregnant!" yelled Katara

"Oh Jiraya's pictures they're not what you think, and I'm not pregnant" said Toph rather calmly

"Like I'm suppose to believe that with that hanging off you" said Katara pointing at Toph's oversized stomach

Toph looked down and realized that she could not have chosen a worse time to have a stuffed stomach

"This is from having a ramen eating contest with Naruto, I'm just full…really full" said Toph but she could tell Katara was not buying any of it

"Please! I know you and Naruto came up here to sleep together again!" said Katara not believing a word from Toph

"Now we did not! We've never slept together! And besides how could I be this far along in only a half hour or so!?" yelled Toph getting angry now and pointing at her stomach to emphasize how big it was

"He's from another world it could work this fast where he's from" argued Katara

"That's a really stupid idea" said Toph

"It doesn't matter I got all the proof I need right here!" said Katara poking Toph forcefully in her belly

Immediately Toph turned as green as her chakra and ran over to side of the path and puked into some bushes so violently her feet came off the ground for a second

"Ah ha! You're throwing up! That's a sign of pregnancy!" yelled Katara accusingly at her as Toph continued throwing up

"My lunch" moaned Toph as she finished up

She moved back over to Katara very slowly feeling really sick now

"Come on Toph just admit it and I'll help you deal with being a young mother" said Katara

"FOR THE LAST TIME I'M NOT PREGNANT!!!!" roared Toph at the top of her lungs

"Now you're having mood swings! It's obvious you're pregnant!" accused Katara poking Toph hard in the belly again to make a point

Again Toph was doubled over the side of a log on the side of the path puking half the ramen she had eaten into the bushes

"Come on Toph just admit it" said Katara as Toph finished up again


Toph then did some quick earthbending moves despite her heavier frame and submerged Katara up to her neck in earth

"Hey let me up!" shouted Katara angrily

"When I feel like it!" yelled Toph as she waddled away

"Mood swings!" shouted Katara again

Toph slammed her foot into the ground as she walked away covering Katara's mouth in dirt as well

"I'm going to hurt that pervert when I get back to camp" muttered Toph angrily as she went down the path

"But at least my belly shrunk from all the puking although I'm not going to get that horrible taste out of my mouth for a while" she added

With Naruto

"Run Naruto Run!"yelled the Fox to Naruto as he ran all over the woods with a rampaging Sakura on his tail trying to fix him

"You're not helping!" complained Naruto as he ran frantically down a dirt path in the middle of the woods with thick brush and trees on either side of it

"I know but it's your body not mine so if she does catch you all I get is a very disturbing show" said the Fox mockingly

"Have I ever told you how much I hate you?!" said Naruto angrily

"Too bad. I'm stuck in here with you so get used to it"said the Fox tauntingly

"I'm beginning to prefer your "I'm going to kill you" speeches from before" said Naruto

"Ouch, now that's mean"said the Fox mockingly followed by a laugh

"Just shut up and help me come up with a plan!" said Naruto annoyed

"Naruto I'm going to get you!!!!!" shouted Sakura from behind Naruto as she was beginning to catch up to him quickly

"Great! I don't think even Lee can outrun Sakura when she's really mad like she is now. Aw Man I need a plan! I gotta find some way to ditch her" said Naruto to the Fox

"Can I make a suggestion?"asked the Fox

"About time! Help me out darn fox!" said Naruto

"Try the same thing you did with Ebisu back when you had to run from him to get him off your back"said the Fox

"Oh right! Good idea!" said Naruto to the Fox as he formed a handsign running

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" shouted Naruto crossing his fingers to make the handsign for it

As Naruto ran 30 other Narutos formed around him and began running in the same direction that he was going

"Ok guys split up!" ordered Naruto to his clones

"Right!" replied his clones obediently

Naruto then threw a smoke bomb at his feet to cover his escape and to not let Sakura know where he was really heading

All Sakura saw was a big cloud of purple smoke covering Naruto and his clones for a second followed by them all dashing off in different directions

"Idon't care if I have to kill a million of your clones Naruto I'm still going get you!!!!" roared Sakura angrily as she took off after the biggest group of clones

As soon as Sakura and all the Narutos where gone the real Naruto came out of his hiding place in some thick bushes

He had sent all the clones off in different directions while he had hidden in the bushes to trick Sakura into thinking he had fled with the clones masking his escape

"Oh man that was close!" said Naruto gasping for breath as he sat down to rest after running for so long

He fell back onto the ground and just lay there on the semi-comfortable dirt looking up at the clouds and resting

"I've got to get Jiraya back for this" said Naruto to the Fox

"Personally I thought it was pretty funny actually" said the Fox

"You're not the one who nearly got fixed" said Naruto

"I know and that's why I'm mocking you" said the Fox

"Oh shut up. Don't you have anyone else to bother?" asked Naruto

"Sure just let me invite over a few fine female foxes and a few of my buddies and have a nice little party. Oh wait! I can't cause I'm stuck inside you!" said the Fox to mock him even more

"Complaining won't get you out any faster so just shut up and deal with it" said Naruto

"Fine and by the way didn't you have work to do?" asked the Fox

"What are you talking about?" asked Naruto

"I'm talking about…hey what the heck is that?" asked the Fox mid-sentence looking through Naruto's eyes and noticing the sun and sky where being blocked out by some round dark thing above Naruto

Naruto jumped up in surprise to see it was only Toph with her full stomach standing over him as he sat down

"Here you are! I'm ready to burst and you're resting on the path you lazy moron! I told you to get something for my stomach and you decide to take a nap!" yelled Toph angrily at him

"Ahh! Toph it isn't what it looks like! Sakura came after me and tried to constrate me!" pleaded Naruto

"Castrate" corrected the Fox

"Whatever! Either way it leads to me losing my manhood!" shouted Naruto at him

"Let me guess it was because she thought you slept with me because of some pictures Jiraya took of us sleeping together?" asked Toph already knowing the answer

"Yeah! How did you know?" asked Naruto

"I just had a nice little chat with Katara who was convinced I was pregnant" explained Toph

"Well you do look like you are" said Naruto looking at Toph's stomach that was still sizable

"I don't need to be reminded!" shouted Toph angrily

"Ok! Ok! Sorry!" said Naruto defensively at Toph's outburst

"I'm going to kill that perverted sage when I get back to camp! I'm going to use that new move I've been working on that I was saving for those two idiots who are after me!" said Toph

"Yeah but when we get down there first thing we're going to have to do is convince them you're not pregnant and you've never slept with me" said Naruto

"Or we can let them think Toph is pregnant" said the Fox with a mischievous tone to his harsh voice

"WHAT!? Why would we do that?!" asked Naruto in shock

"I just came up with a great idea for a joke" said the Fox grinning inside

"Hey Toph the Fox just told me he has a plan to have some fun with this" said Naruto to Toph who was sitting down now to relax after he walk

"Really? What?" asked Toph interested

Naruto leaned over and whispered the plan quietly into her ear as the two of them sat on the dirt path by the bush Naruto had hidden in

A huge grin slid across Toph's face as she heard the plan it was almost like the Grinch's as he devised his plan to steal Christmas

After he was done Toph leaned against a nearby tree with a smile on her face that meant only trouble for the others

"That's brilliant, but can we wait a while here first? I'm still not feeling too good" said Toph

Honestly she could have gone on but since her alone quality time with Naruto had been ruined she was determined to have some alone time with him at least as she rested her stomach

"Um Toph?" asked Naruto nervously

"Yeah? What?" asked Toph hoping that being alone like this would get him to perhaps be a little romantic with her

"You smell like barf" said Naruto

"It's that idiot Katara's fault! She made me puke twice!" shouted Toph

"Oh, well look at it this way at least you won't gain any weight now" said Naruto trying to cheer Toph up

"For some reason that doesn't make me feel better ninja boy" said Toph laying on the ground hoping the Fox's plan would make her feel better

Later back at Camp

Back at camp a while later Katara and Sakura where still ranting and raving about how mad they were at the two as Aang, Sokka, Jiraya, and Momo listened on

Sakura had tracked down and killed most of the Shadow Clones but had not managed to find the real sick pervert anywhere

She did happen to find a mostly buried Katara in the path when she accidentally tripped over her and kicked her in the face

Sakura managed to get her dug up and they both headed back to camp to wait for those two to show up and explain themselves

'Man this is going to be brutal! Who knew those pictures could cause this big a problem? I'd better get out of here before this whole place turns into a war zone' thought Jiraya realizing this was not going to be pretty

"Oh Sakura I'm going to explain what we talked about earlier to Aang here" said Jiraya standing next to Aang

"Are you sure it's a good idea to let him talk to Aang about that stuff?" asked Katara in a whisper to Sakura

"I think it's ok, he's the only adult here and it can't be any worse than my talk with my sensei about the subject. At least he's probably not going to give him a Icha Icha book to read" said Sakura unaware that Jiraya had written Icha Icha

"Ok Aang follow me I'm going to tell you and show you things that will forever change how you look at girls and blow your mind" said Jiraya leading Aang away from the camp to a more privet place

"I've still got a bad feeling about him being alone with Aang to explain "that stuff" to him" said Sokka

"You want to do it instead?" asked Katara

"Never mind!" said Sokka quickly

Before their conversation could go on any further they were interrupted by none other than Toph and Naruto coming into camp from the woods both smiling for some reason

Katara, Sakura, and Sokka where shocked by two things they noticed right away had changed

Naruto and Toph actually looked like a couple since they were walking arm in arm and both were smiling happily like a couple in love

The second thing was that Toph's belly had gotten even bigger than the last time Katara had seen her and she looked ready to pop

She looked easily in her 9th month at her size and perhaps even looked overdue with how she looked ready to burst at any moment

"AHHHHHHHHH! You weren't kidding! She's pregnant!" yelled Sokka in horror and shock

"Oh don't worry so much I'm sure it'll be nice to have a baby around with us" said Toph in a very odd happy tone

"Yup I'm going to be a daddy!" shouted Naruto happy patting Toph's belly once

Everyone else was at a total loss for words and were just paralyzed with shock at the fact that Naruto and Toph looked happy at the fact they were going to be parents at twelve years old

"Isn't it going to be nice honey?" asked Toph in a loving tone to Naruto putting emphasis on the word honey

"What is going on?" asked Sakura feeling like her head was going to explode trying to process what was going on in front of her

"Toph is acting nice and loving" said Katara feeling much the same way

"Aw come on guys! Is it honestly that bad?" asked Naruto

Before anyone could come out of shock long enough to answer Toph interrupted and startled everyone by putting both of her hands to her belly with a pained look on her face

"I feel weird" said Toph with a concerned look on her face

Everyone looked at Toph as she looked like she was sick or something

"I think it's coming!" she shouted

Sakura, Katara, and Sokka all shouted in unison "WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????"

Toph moaned for a second as everyone stared at her when suddenly a full sized Naruto head appeared between her legs near the ground

Katara, Sakura, and Sokka all let out loud horrifying screams as they pointed at the Naruto head between Toph's legs

"Mommy! Daddy!" said the head in a high-pitched voice while looking up at Naruto and Toph

"Aww it looks just like you!" said Toph in a happy tone

It was at this point that Katara, Sakura, and Sokka all let out a weak moan before fainting and falling to the ground in a series of three dull thuds

When Naruto and Toph looked over at all three of them they saw they were out like lights

Then the Naruto head retreated behind Toph's legs to reveal it had actually been a Naruto clone bending down behind Toph that had stuck it's head between Toph's legs

The clone laughed hysterically while rolling on the ground for a second before disappearing in a puff of smoke

Toph and Naruto likewise also broke out in a fit of hysterical laughter and fell to the ground laughing madly at their prank

Naruto laughed while rolling on the ground and pounding the ground with his hands

Toph rolled on the ground laughing with both hands on her oversized belly

"Aw man! That was funny! I can't believe they fell for that so easy!" shouted Naruto in between laughs

He wasn't honestly sure that their deception would work on Sakura and Katara since they were pretty smart

"What did I tell you? I knew that would work! That's why they call it being clever as a fox!" said the Nine Tailed Fox to Naruto

"That was brilliant! I didn't know you got such good prank ideas Fox!" said Naruto still laughing uncontrollably

"Where did you think you got your mind for pranks?" asked the Fox proudly

"Hey Naruto tell that Fox that I don't care if he is a demon I like his style!" said Toph laughing still unable to stand up yet

"Naruto I'm beginning to like this girl" said the Fox happily

After about three more minutes of uncontrollable laughter Naruto and Toph finally managed to calm down enough to stand up and catch their breath since they were both winded

"That was great" said Toph out of breath as she sat down on a nearby stump to rest

"You did a great job playing a mother Toph" commented Naruto as he sat down and caught his breath

"Thanks, I've gotten good at acting nice and sweet around my parents" said Toph

"The belly trick worked perfectly too" said Naruto

"Yeah and this one was a lot more comfortable than the last one" said Toph with a laugh as she put a hand on the side of her belly and patted it once

She then reached under her shirt and pulled out Naruto's blanket that she had curled up into a ball and stuffed under her shirt to make it look like she was nine months along

At least this one didn't make her feel sick or make her puke violently whenever someone touched her stomach

Toph handed it to Naruto who hesitated for a second before grabbing as little of the blanket as possible in his hands and let most of it drag on the ground

"No offense Toph but I think I'm going to wash this before I use it again. It was under your shirt after all and you're not exactly the cleanest person I know" said Naruto holding the edges of the blanket

"I just like to have a healthy layer of dirt on me at all times, it's good for an earthbender to be used to dirt and mud" said Toph

"Why do I get the feeling you liked playing in mud when you were little?" asked Naruto sarcastically

"I bet she still likes to do it now" commented the Fox

"Well with living all my life as little miss princess at my parent's house I had to find fun somewhere" explained Toph

"I know what you mean, I used to do all sorts of pranks back in my village for fun and to get people to notice me" said Naruto

"I'm guessing this isn't the first time you've done something like this then?" asked Toph

"Nope! I once spray painted the Hokage mountain faces which can been seen all over town!" said Naruto proudly remembering that moment

And then of course there had been the "Incident"…

That was mostly not talked about much around the village since it had been one of the darkest days in Hidden Leaf Village history and it was almost as bad as the day the Fox attacked them

Naruto had gotten into severe trouble for that and had almost gotten himself kicked out of the village by an angry mob that was calling for his head afterwards

Besides the angry mob Naruto also had to deal with a very angry Sakura who although couldn't prove it was him highly suspected him

But there was not a doubt in his mind it had been worth it

That had been the day Naruto unleashed his master plan for the ultimate prank that had yet to be topped by anyone in any village he had heard about

Naruto had been forced to hide the plans to his ultimate prank in order to keep the Village from being able to prove beyond any doubt that he had been the one who did it

That was the only way he had been able to stay in the village since the third wouldn't let them throw him out without absolute proof

Naruto still had fond memories of that day and he knew exactly where his ultimate prank plans where safely hidden from everyone

He had multiple plans for super pranks or PMDs (Pranks of mass destruction) as he called them but was forced to hide all of them

Naruto was just waiting for a day when someone would come along who was vile and evil enough to deserve his ultimate pranks

"I bet you broke rules all the time" said Toph

"Yeah but that was only when they caught me" said Naruto with a grin

'I like Naruto more and more every moment' thought Toph

"So Toph can you still believe they thought we slept together?" asked Naruto still shocked that they actually believed he would be sleeping with Toph

"Yeah it's ridiculous" said Toph

"I mean we have to be boyfriend and girlfriend to be sleeping together and who would believe we would be boyfriend and girlfriend?" asked Naruto with a slight laugh at the crazy idea

"What's the problem with that?" asked Toph as she felt her heart sink a little at Naruto acting like the idea of them dating was crazy

"Well I like Sakura for starters and I'm sure you have someone you have a crush on to" said Naruto

"Well I do like someone" admitted Toph

"See! We both like someone already so we can't possibly be dating each other!" pointed out Naruto having no idea just how wrong he was

Toph let out an angry growl in her head at what she had just heard

She did have a crush…on Naruto but he had to go and have a crush on that Sakura girl who Naruto had said had used him as a human punching bag and had no interest in him at all

It wasn't fair at all! Naruto ignores her for Sakura who had no interest in him

Toph jealously built up at a high rate and she was soon trying to figure out what to do to get Naruto's attention of Sakura

She would have to find some way to get Naruto off Sakura and onto her but in the meantime Toph added her to her "Revenge list"

#1: Sakura

#2: The bounty hunters

#3: Jiraya

#4: Her Parents

Naruto was completely unaware of what Toph was planning as she got an evil grin on her face while she planned out what to do to Sakura

"Hey Toph what are you smiling about?" asked Naruto curiously

"Oh it's nothing ninja boy" said Toph

"Ok I guess it's just that I don't usually see you smile unless you're hurting someone, have already hurt someone, or are planning to hurt someone" said Naruto worried

"I was just thinking about our prank again that's all" said Toph to throw him off

"It was pretty funny, I don't think they're going to find it as funny when they wake up" said Naruto concerned looking over at passed out Sakura, Katara, and Sokka

It was just then that Naruto noticed something that he and Toph had missed before

"Hey wait a second! Where's the pervy sage and Aang?" asked Naruto realizing they were a pervert and Avatar short

"Hey you're right twinkle toes, Momo, and Jiraya are missing" said Toph wondering how they could have missed that earlier and where those two had gone off to

"Where could they be?" asked Aang

"I don't know but this means they missed our trick!" said Toph frustrated that she and Naruto hadn't gotten the chance to get revenge on Jiraya for showing those pictures

"I guess we'll have to ask the others about it when they wake up" said Naruto

"Let's not stick around for that ninja boy I don't think they're going to be happy when they wake up" said Toph

"Too late" said Naruto looking over and seeing the others slowly coming to and getting back up

"Aw man I just had one of the worst nightmares I've ever had in my life. Toph was acting nice and going to have a baby and the world was coming to an end" said Sokka groggily getting back on his feet disoriented

"I had the same dream too, the worst part was that the baby was the ugliest thing I had seen in my life" said Sakura shriving at the thought as she got up

"I don't think that was a dream guys" said Katara looking up and seeing a nervous looking Naruto and Toph

"Ahh! What happened! Where's the baby?! Is the world coming to end?!" asked Sokka in a surprised panic

"Well it's kinda funny actually, you see that was all one big prank" said Naruto nervously

"What?" asked Katara

'You mean that was all a prank!!!??? That little bastard!!! I'm going to kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' roared inner Sakura

"YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT WAS ALL A PRANK!!???" roared outer Sakura with equal ferocity

"Yes it was because you losers jumped to the conclusion that I was pregnant and me and Naruto have slept together. We wanted to teach you a lesion" said Toph

"But Jiraya showed us pictures of you two sleeping under the same blanket and cuddling" argued Katara

At the mention of cuddling Toph turned a light shade of red and Naruto looked confused

"Cuddling? I don't remember Jiraya mentioning that" said Naruto

"I'm sure it's nothing" said Toph quickly and embarrassed

"Anyway those pictures were posed by Jiraya. He put me and Naruto under a blanket after we had both passed out and began taking pictures of us in the same bed" explained Toph

"So you two never slept together?" asked Sokka

"Yes" said Toph

"And Toph's not going to have a baby?" asked Sakura

"Not anytime soon anyway" said Naruto

"Ha Ha I guess we owe you guys an apology" said Katara embarrassed that she had overreacted so much

"Sorry Naruto about nearly castrating you before" said Sakura also fairly embarrassed

"I'm just glad you didn't catch me" said Naruto with relief

"No need to apologize the look on your faces when the Naruto clone stuck its head out was more than enough to make up for it" said Toph happily

"Oh I'm going to make Jiraya pay when I find him!" shouted Sakura angrily

"Me too! Where is that old pervert? I need to redefine pain for him" said Toph evilly

"He went to give Aang the "talk" in privet" explained Sokka

"What talk?" asked Naruto not sure what he meant

"You know the "talk" said Sakura trying to get Naruto to understand

"I didn't know what talk you're talking about" said Naruto confused

"Kakashi and Guy gave us ours along with the other ninja teams one day in a spare classroom" said Sakura

Immediately a million horrifying memories came flooding back to Naruto instantly and he knew just what "talk" they meant

"Oh god!" yelled Naruto in fear

"Yeah I remember too, at least Aang's will probably be better since I doubt he'll have to read the Icha Icha book for it" said Sakura

"You let Jiraya give him that talk!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????" yelled Naruto in a horrified panic at the top of his lungs

"Yeah why?" asked Sakura not knowing why Naruto was going ballistic

"Have you ever looked inside a Icha Icha book?" asked Naruto to Sakura

"Yes for sex ed. Class" said Sakura

"Did you see the page that lists the author?" asked Naruto

"No, why is that important?" asked Sakura soundly slightly worried now

Naruto dug in his bag and found a autographed copy of Icha Icha paradise that Jiraya had given him during his training

He held onto the book since he was planning to give it to Kakashi for his birthday since he knew he'd love it

Naruto handed the book to Sakura and opened it to reveal the first page on the back of the cover that listed all the boring publishing stuff

Sakura sat down and read the page until she came to the part that said "Written by: Jiraya the Toad Mountain Sage"

She stared in disbelief for a few seconds before the total consequences of what she had just read sank in at last

"Oh My GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Sakura so loudly that it traveled throughout the woods scaring birds out of their nests and sending them flying off in a panic

Katara and Sokka had to cover their ears to avoid going deaf at the sound of Sakura's scream

"We have to find them now!!!!" yelled Sakura getting to her feet quickly

"Why what's the matter?" asked Sokka

"Why are you freaking out about Jiraya talking to Aang about adult stuff?" asked Katara worried

"Because he wrote this book!" said Sakura handing it to Katara

"So he wrote a book? What's wrong with that?" asked Sokka

"Look inside the book. Try page 183, that one has pictures on it" said Naruto

Katara and Sokka opened the book and they were met with a very disturbing sight

Sokka stared dumbfounded at the pictures while Katara nearly gagged at the sight of the illustrations that Jiraya had written himself

"Wow" was all Sokka could manage to say weakly as he stared at the pictures until Katara closed the book

"What kind of sick man would make a book like this?!" asked Katara furiously

"The same one who is giving Aang the talk about the birds and the bees right now" said Sakura seriously

"So right now the world's biggest pervert is giving a 12 year old monk who has no idea about the birds and the bees the "talk" said Naruto

"WE NEED TO FIND THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!" they both yelled as they took of running into the woods in the direction Jiraya and Aang had gone off into

Sakura followed them but Toph and Naruto stayed behind for a second

Naruto was about to follow Sakura after Katara and Sokka but then he noticed that Toph was just standing in place and not moving with a smile on her face

"Hey Toph what's up aren't you coming?" asked Naruto curiously

"Oh yeah it's just that I can't wait to see how that old pervert screwed Aang up! It's going to be hilarious! I might actually forgive him for the whole photo thing after this" said Toph laughing

"I'm beginning to wonder whether or not she's a demon is disguise" commented the Fox to Naruto who stared blankly at Toph for a second after she had said that

In The Woods

They all ran through the woods looking for any sign of Aang or the soon to be deceased Jiraya

"Where could they be!?" asked Katara as she looked around frantically for Aang

"The woods are pretty big it could be a while before we find them" said Sokka

As soon as Sokka had said that Sakura flew over their heads by ninja jumping through the trees with Naruto

"I can sense them! They're over this way!" said Sakura seriously heading into the woods where she sensed Jiraya and Aang

"Are you sure?" asked Katara

"Yup I can sense them to" said Naruto following Sakura

"I guess having freaky ninja powers can help when searching for someone" said Sokka as he, Toph, and Katara ran as fast as they could to keep pace with the ninja jumps

"Hey can you slow down! We can't run that fast!" called Katara to Sakura and Naruto

"The longer we take to find them the more time Jiraya has to talk to Aang" said Sakura

Katara got a worried look on her face before running twice as fast as before through the woods

"Nothing like a little motivation to get people to go faster" commented Toph to Sokka who was looking very winded

"I don't care what you say I gotta rest" said Sokka out of breath

"Hey pick up the pace back there!" yelled Naruto back to Sokka and Toph

"I (pant) gotta (pant) rest" said Sokka weakly

"I got an idea" said Toph with a grin

Toph formed a giant moving slab of rock out of the ground and jumped on it to ride it like a skateboard

She then picked up speed and began knocking down everything that got in her path with ease

Sokka screamed as she rode the thing right behind him threatening to crush him like a bug run over by a rhino

He began running for his life as Toph rode behind him laughing all the way

"See what did I tell you? All it takes is the right motivation!" said Toph as she continued her ride of destruction through the woods behind Sokka

"I'm glad I'm up here" said Naruto looking down at Toph's path of destruction

Up ahead with Sakura and Katara they were getting very close to where Sakura felt Jiraya

As Katara cleared some bushes on the ground she was the first one to spot Jiraya standing alone of the path looking for something

Sakura was second one to spot him on the ground below and she immediately made her move

She came flying out of the trees shouting a angry battle cry as she dove right at Jiraya who barley had time to give out a shocked scream as he spotted the demoness pounce at him

Katara saw Sakura give Jiraya a massive flying punch to his face sending him flying into a nearby tree with a lot of force

Jiraya smashed clear through the tree knocking it down in a shower of splinters and leaves

He continued flying until he landed against a rock that he slammed into causing an outline of him to be imprinted into it

"OW" he moaned as he lay there dazed as everyone else showed up to confront him

"What was that for?" moaned Jiraya as he put a hand to his aching head and stoop up

Katara responded by sending some ice needles flying right next to his head missing by less than an inch

Jiraya jumped on top of the rock in shock as Katara sent another set of ice needles right towards his crotch

"Whoa! What's going on?!" asked Jiraya fearfully

"Well let's start off with the photos you showed them of us sleeping together!" shouted Naruto and Toph

"Oh that! I honestly did think you two were sleeping together. I'm mean you two did have two weeks alone before I came here and you could have had some "fun" together during that time" said Jiraya

"How many times do I have to tell you we didn't sleep together!!!" yelled Naruto angrily

"Well technically when you two were asleep under the blankets together you were "sleeping" together" said Jiraya

"Shut up!" yelled Naruto angrily

"Where's Aang?!" yelled Katara more worried about what could have happened to Aang's sensitive mind by now

"Did you give him the "talk" you old pervert!?" asked Naruto

"Yes, what's wrong with that?" asked Jiraya innocently

"What did you say to him?" asked Sakura

"I simply explained all the basic things a young boy needs to know about girls and life" said Jiraya

"And what's that?" asked Sokka

"Oh you know all the important stuff" said Jiraya nervously not wanting to be too specific in front of two angry girls

"What did you say to him you old toad!!?" yelled Naruto

"What the heck did you do to him!!???" yelled Katara jumping at Jiraya, grabbing him by the neck and shacking him violently

"I didn't do anything!" shouted Jiraya painfully in his defense while being strangled

"Then where is he?!" yelled Katara right in his face

"Well you see…I kinda...lost track of him" said Jiraya nervously

"What!?" screamed Katara in Jiraya's face

"I was looking for him when you all showed up" explained Jiraya

"How did you lose track of Aang?" asked Sokka

"Well…" said Jiraya nervously putting his fingers together a lot like Hinata did

"Out with it!" screamed Katara shaking him again

"After I got done talking to him he ran away screaming for some reason" said Jiraya

"WHAT!?" yelled Katara

"That's not a good sign" said Toph not sounding too bothered by it

"So after you got done talking to Aang he ran away screaming?" asked Sokka in disbelief

"Yup" said Jiraya jumping down off the rock after Katara finally let go of his neck

"What did you tell him?" asked Sokka wondering what he could have said

Jiraya walked over to him and began whispering in his ear for a couple of seconds

Sokka's eyes grew wide in shock as he listened to what Jiraya thought were the most important things a man should know

"I didn't even know you could do stuff like that! Doesn't it hurt?" asked Sokka after Jiraya was done

"Not if you have a lot of stamina, experience, and plenty of sake on hand" said Jiraya with a smile

Meanwhile Toph got a disgusted look on her face for some reason

"Hey Toph what's up?" asked Naruto wondering why Toph was making that face

"I could hear what he said" said Toph still looking sickened

"Oh" said Naruto knowing what Toph had just heard since he had heard it many times before from his perverted sage

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" yelled Katara as she dove towards Jiraya with a blade of ice in her hand she made from water

Everyone else gasped as they saw Katara dive towards Jiraya with full intent to kill

Before they could do a thing to stop her from killing him she dove the ice blade into Jiraya's chest right where his heart was

Everyone even Toph looked shocked for a moment as they saw Katara give Jiraya a fatal blow

Just then Jiraya turned into a log revealing that he had used a substitution jutsu before he was attacked by the enraged Katara

Katara looked confused for a second as she pulled the ice knife out of the log Jiraya had switched places with

The others breathed a sigh of relief and looked around to see where Jiraya had went

"Man I still don't understand how women can get so worked up over such little stuff, I haven't seen someone try to kill me like that since Tsunade" said Jiraya in an annoyed tone as he sat on a tree branch above Toph and Naruto

"I'm going to get you! You old pervert!!!" yelled Katara in full demoness rage as Sokka and Sakura held her back by the arms

"Calm down! You can kill him later. Right now we should try and find Aang" said Sokka struggling with Katara

"Wow! She's scary when mad" said Naruto thinking she may have been almost as scary as Sakura mad

"I know, I haven't seen her like this since that fight we had the first day I joined her, Sokka, and Aang on our journey" said Toph impressed that someone besides her could get Katara in to full on demoness rage

"Enough of this let's just find Aang and make sure he's ok" said Sakura trying to get everyone (mainly Katara) to calm down and focus on what was important

They could fight later but Aang was alone (and possibly mentally unstable at this point) in unfamiliar woods that was not too far from Fire Nation controlled lands

It was important that they find him before something bad happened to him like being captured or even worse

"Fine but we're settling this later" said Katara bitterly as she gave an angry glare at Jiraya

"Ok now if we all look it shouldn't be too hard to find him" said Sakura beginning to set out a search plan

"I already know where twinkle toes is" said Toph plainly with an amused grin

"Really?! How did you find him? With your earth sense?" asked Sakura surprised

"Where is he?!" asked Katara urgently

"I can hear Momo chattering above us and odds are he's with Aang, they're in one of the trees" said Toph pointing up

Everyone looked up at where Toph was pointing to see two wide eyes peeking out of the branches and leaves

When he saw them looking at him he quickly tried to hide in the tree again but was given away by the sound of rustling leaves

"Aang is that you?" asked Katara sounding concerned

"Yup it's him, I can recognize his breathing and I can feel his heart beat through the tree's root's vibrations, his heart is pounding for some reason" said Toph

"Aang come on out it's just us" said Katara into the trees

Again a pair of wide open eyes peeked out of the leaves and looked at Katara

They stared at her for a few seconds before darting off towards Sakura

For a few seconds Aang just stared at her before he finally stared at Toph for a little while almost like he was examining each girl present

"What's he doing?" asked Naruto in a confused whisper

"It looks like he's starring at all the girls for some reason" said Sokka

"Is it safe to come out?" asked Aang in a very tense as he continued staring

"What? Of course it is Aang" said Katara a bit confused by what could make him think that he was in danger

"Hey Aang come on down!" shouted Naruto into the trees

Aang gave the area below him a quick scan, almost like he was looking for danger, before he finally jumped out of the tree with Momo perched on his shoulder

Aang looked horrible to say the least

His eyes were wide-open and very tense, he looked pale and sickly like he had seen or heard horrible things, and he was shaking uncontrollably

Overall he looked so much like Golem from the Lord of the rings you'd half-expect him to start mutter stuff about his precious

"Oh Aang you look horrible!" said Katara compassionately as she began to walk over to Aang to make sure he was ok and see if he needed healing or anything

As soon as Katara got close to Aang he screamed before jumping back away from her as far as he could

"Stay away!" he screamed taking a defensive stance

Katara looked confused and worried as she say her best friend Aang act as though she was his worst enemy

"Aang what's wrong?" asked Katara worried

"Are you safe?!" asked Aang defensively

"What does that mean?" asked Katara confused

"What does Aang mean by is Katara safe?" asked Sakura wondering what was going on

"You're not at Def con 1 are you?" asked Aang tensely (I know this is out of place but I need it for another joke later)

"Def what?" asked Sakura confused

"I know what that means" said Naruto

"Really? What's it mean ninja boy?" asked Toph

"Ha Ha! You see…it's what Jiraya calls…um,…how do I say this? It's what he calls…I just can't say it!" said Naruto nervously trying to explain it without saying anything that could get him beat

"What's it mean Naruto!?" asked Sakura angrily

"Hey Jiraya what does Def con 1 mean? … Jiraya?" asked Sokka turning around only to see Jiraya running down the path as fast as humanly possible

Meanwhile Aang was about to explain what that meant in his own terms

"So is it true?" asked Aang nervously still looking at Katara with caution

"Is what true?" asked Katara still not sure what Aang was so afraid of

"Do you…bleed?" asked Aang


There was a dead silence for a few seconds as everyone processed what Aang had just said (By the way thanks to the reviewer, I really ought to check the name, who made that Katara blood bending comment. They gave me the idea for this little joke)

The look on Katara and Sakura's faces, and even Toph's too, was absolutely priceless as they stared at Aang in the wake of what he had said

"Ok I'm out of here" said Naruto as he disappeared in a puff of smoke before hell came out of hiding

"Hey wait what about me?!" asked Sokka as Naruto left before he got caught in the crossfire or three very angry girls

When the girls' shock finally wore off…

(The following segment can't be shown due to extreme amounts of violence and the fact that any descriptions worthy of said violent acts are inappropriate for anything under R rating. Please do not mind the small plot gap and we appreciate your continued patronage of Clash of Ninja. We now return you to the story)

…………and with that final attack Aang was forced into a five-foot deep crater a bloody mess while the three girls stood around him

"That was the most horrible thing I have ever witnessed!" said Sokka looked terrified as he peeked out from behind a tree he was using for cover

"You want some too!?" roared Sakura looking at him

Sokka just let out a loud shriek before running off crying for his mommy

Later, Back at Camp

Hours later everyone was back at camp getting over what had happened earlier

The girls had administered "sufficient punishment" on Jiraya after he had finally showed his face around camp again

He was close to death for a little while but after Sokka pointed out that they couldn't just let him die Katara was forced to heal him…to some extent

Jiraya was currently trying to snap both his legs back into place while lying on the other casualty of the girls' rampage, Aang

He had woken up after his beating with a pounding head and no memory of anything after lunch, which undid all the damage Jiraya had done to him

Aang was lying down after taking some serious aspirin that Sakura had in her first aid kit to cure his unholy headache

Naruto was talking to Toph about the shadow clone jutsu she was having problems with while Sokka was with Katara and Sakura going over paths to Ba Sing Se

"It looks like there's only one path" said Sokka pointing it out to the girls

"Are you sure about this path Sokka I get a bad feeling about it" said Sakura unsure about it

"It does look like our only choice based on this map" said Katara looking for any other routes

"Ok it's decided then, we're going to take that pass to Ba Sing Se" said Sokka

"What pass?" asked Toph coming over with Naruto to see what they were discussing

"We've decided on the way we're going to Ba Sing Se, it's this small strip of land on the map here" said Sokka pointing it out

"You're pointing at it aren't you?" asked Toph unable to see it since she was blind

"Oh sorry, it's just a thin piece of land that crosses the lake from shore to shore" said Sokka

"Oh goodie, more water! Hey how about we just try and cross an ocean by swimming?" asked Toph sarcastically

"Relax there's plenty of land to walk on, nothing can go wrong" said Sokka thinking Toph was just over-reacting due to her hate of water

"I'm so sure you're right! I mean it's not like the last two places we've had to travel through have been giant disasters filled with danger and bad guys" said Toph again in her sarcastic tone with a mocking false smile on her face

"What's the name of this pass?" asked Naruto

"It's called…" began Katara but she was cut off quickly by Sakura drawing her kunai knife

"Someone's coming!" she said in a serious whisper while in a battle stance

Everyone quickly got ready for a fight by drawing their weapons and getting into fighting stances

Even Jiraya and Aang managed to get up and get ready for a fight

They waited a few seconds before there was some rustling in the woods

Everyone was tense for a second and got ready for anything to come out and attack them

To their surprise what came out of the woods was not some kind of ambush but was just a husband, his very pregnant wife, and another young woman

The family and them both looked at eachother with mild surprise and shock as they faced each other

"It's just some travelers" said Sokka with relief as everyone put away their weapons and calmed down

"Good I've been getting tired of getting sneak attacked" said Toph

"Oh! I thought I heard someone over here" said the husband in mild surprise at seeing all these people

"We heard you coming too, we thought you could be Fire Nation. They've been patrolling woods heavily not too far from here" said Sakura

"We're not Fire Nation we're just some travelers looking for peace and protection in Ba Sing Se so we can raise our growing family" said the husband as his wife waddled forward so they could all she her 9th month belly

"You weren't kidding about growing! That thing's huge!" shouted Naruto rudely pointing at it causing the woman to blush slightly

"Naruto! Show some respect!" scolded Katara

"Ah it appears as though you'll deliver soon. Congratulations, child bearing is very difficult and painful but it is very rewarding as well" said Jiraya in a polite tone to the wife

"Thank you sir" said the wife gratefully

"Allow us to introduce ourselves, I'm Tahn and this is my wife Ying and my sister" said Tahn as he pointed to Ying who was holding up her belly with her hands and his sister who just smiled

"Nice to meet you all" greeted Aang

"Hey what's wrong with Sakura" asked Sokka looking at the ground and seeing Sakura lying on the ground in the fetal position rocking back and forth muttering something incoherently

"BadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBad sexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacks BadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBad sexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacks BadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBad sexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacksBadsexedflashbacks" she muttered over and over again with a blank look on her face

"You seriously don't want to know" said Naruto

"I'm guessing there's an interesting story behind this" said Toph feeling Sakura's pulse race

"I'll tell you about it later but right now help me with her" said Naruto

Naruto and Toph walked over to Sakura and lifted her off the ground by her arms and Naruto shook her slightly

"Come on Sakura snap out of it!" said Naruto as he shook her hoping to get her back to reality

"NosenseiIcan'twatchthis.Pleasedon'tmakemewatchit!Ahhit'sblue!It'sblue!" muttered Sakura still trapped in a nightmare

"Ugh! No good" groaned Naruto as Sakura refused to snap out of it

"What's wrong with her?" asked Ying wondering if this girl had gone insane or something

"It's a long and disturbing story" said Naruto trying to wake up Sakura again

"Let me try" said Toph as she pounded her foot into the ground blasting Sakura off the ground and into the air in an earth explosion

She flew nearly 20 feet through the air before she came down with a splash in the water

"I guess that works" said Naruto in surprise thinking that was a bit much

"Not very subtle is she?" commented the fox

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH What was that for?!" screamed Sakura as she emerged from the water soaking wet

"Well you're back to normal now aren't you?" asked Toph with a sinister smile on her face

"You didn't have to throw me into the lake!" yelled Sakura

"I figured that a splash of water would help you get back to your senses" said Toph in her defense

"Why you!" shouted Sakura almost ready to tear her to pieces

'I don't care if she is blind! I'm going to kick her but from here to Ba Sing Se and back!!!' shouted inner Sakura throwing punches

"Ok everybody calm down you're making our guests nervous" intervened Jiraya before Sakura could do anything

She gave one last growl at Toph before she turned back to the travelers

"Sorry about that, our little group has some real short tempers" said Jiraya

"It's nothing, so where are you heading?" asked Tahn

"We're heading to Ba Sing Se, we're going to take the Serpents' Pass" said Sokka

"The Serpents' Pass!? Only the truly desperate take that route. It's very dangerous!" said Ying frantically

"Dangerous and suicidal, nice choice Sokka" said Toph sarcastically giving Sokka a hard punch to his shoulder

"You should come with us to full moon bay, there's a ferry terminal there that'll take us to Ba Sing Se and it's hidden so the Fire Nation can't attack us" said Tahn

"So it's between a nice ferry ride and a dangerous pass, personally I'd prefer the ferry ride" said Sakura

"Aw come on where's your sense of adventure?" asked Jiraya teasingly

"Sorry I think I left it at home" replied Sakura "Anyway who thinks we should take the ferry?"

She didn't really have to ask but everyone raised their hands anyway

"Ok we'll go with you guys to the port" said Aang

"I hope there won't be any problems" said Naruto

"Huh? Why would there be?" asked Sakura

"Well we just missed going through a dangerous pass and we get to just take a normal ferry right to where we want to go" said Naruto

"Yeah so?" asked Sakura

"That's really good luck and for us that never lasts long, every time something good happens ten seconds later a disaster strikes" pointed out Naruto

"You're just being paranoid Naruto" said Sakura

"Fine but don't blame me we our boat sinks or we run into a giant army of demons or something" said Naruto as all the others ran to get their stuff so they could leave

The Bay

About and hour later they were all walking into the giant cavern that housed the secret bay

It was very cool in the shady cavern and a little damp which felt good to everyone after walking in the sun

The place was full of activity as people went through a little tent city that had been set up by refugees

People walked and ran around in a flurry of activity as they got their belongs and got ready to leave on the next boat that they would called out occasionally by the workers

Traveling merchants offered to buy or sell goods from the refugees since they were the only shops for miles around and knew they could make a killing

Patrolling security guards dressed in Earth Kingdom army colors and armed with swords and spears would occasionally stop someone if they thought they looked suspicious and check their belongings to make sure they weren't dangerous

The last thing they needed was a spy telling the Fire Nation about the only safe port to Ba Sing Se

Mothers sat around at their tents and took care of babies that were crying because of all the noise

Little kids who didn't understand the seriousness of the situation and just thought they were taking a vacation or something ran and played in between the tents and occasionally would bug some of the guards or workers

Beyond the tents were some buildings made out of stone at the edge of the harbor that lead to the docks

These were obviously designed for defense in case of an attack and to act as secure entranceways to the boats

Many soldiers guarded a wall that lead to the docks and some archers were mounted in towers built into the wall

They were to act as last defenses so people could escape onto the boats if the place was overrun

The battlements and soldiers really seemed to reinforce that this was a war to Naruto and that things were really serious

He had handled missions before but never in a war situation and was really unnerved by the sight of some many refugees

"Wow look at all these people" said Naruto in a slightly saddened tone as he gazed at the many refugees who had had their lives turned upside down by the war

"I didn't expect so many" said Sakura also feeling great pity for these people

"Many lives have been ruined because of this war" said Tahn

"I had heard from Toph that things were not going well for the Earth Kingdom but I hadn't expected something like this, they must really be on the run" said Jiraya

"The Earth Kingdom has been on the defensive since the last Earth King died, the Fire Nation just keeps smashing our defenses and closing in day by day" said Tahn

"Just defense? Why don't they try and counter attack?" asked Sakura

"I'm not sure, the top generals have never made any offensive strikes" said Ying

"Now that doesn't make sense at all" commented Jiraya looking like he was thinking hard about something

"Why not?" asked Sokka

"Well I may not be a general but I know you can't win a war without throwing a punch or two, just defending won't win any battles" said Jiraya concerned about the war strategy they were using

"We'll have to ask the Earth King about that" said Aang

"But first we should go get our tickets, we can't see the Earth King if we can't get to Ba Sing Se on the ferry" said Katara pointing at the ticket booth across the giant cavern

"Ok, let's go see how much they cost" said Naruto happily

"Why are you so happy? They can't be cheap" said Sokka

"Actually they're free for the refugees" said Ying

"Really? Too bad" said Naruto

"Why's that bad?" asked Aang

"I've been wanting to spend some of that gold we stole from Azula on something!" said Naruto with a laugh as he tossed the bag of gold coins they had lifted from Azula's tank a few times in the air

"You should get those to a goldsmith in Ba Sing Se and have him melt them down" said Toph

"Why?" asked Naruto

"Using Fire Nation money may look just a little suspicious" pointed out Toph

"Good point" said Sakura

Naruto took out one of the coins and saw it had the Fire Nation symbol engraved into it as well as…

"No way!" shouted Naruto as he looked at the side opposite of the Fire Nation symbol

"What is it?" asked Katara

"Have you guys ever seen Fire Nation money?" asked Naruto

"Not really why?" asked Aang

"Azula got her face on the 100 coin!" said Naruto as he showed Azula's ugly mug engraved into the gold coin

"Wow even on a gold coin she still looks evil" said Sokka noting her evil "I'm going to rule the world one day" look on the coin

"I never thought I would actually not want to see a gold coin" said Jiraya

"I hear Ozi went for the 1000 piece so he could see his face everyday when he counted the money in his treasury" said Toph

"Wow, Fire Nation people have some serious ego problems" said Naruto as he put the coin back

"Remind me to come with you to the goldsmith" said Sakura

"Why, you're not going to make it into jewelry or something are you?" asked Naruto suspiciously

"No, I just want to watch someone throw Azula's portrait into a vat of molten gold" said Sakura

"I'm coming too then" said Katara

"Ok but right now let's go get those tickets, being around all these refugees is really depressing" said Naruto

"Naruto! Show some compassion! Things probably aren't exactly cheery for the either" scolded Sakura

"Sorry" apologized Naruto

"He probably didn't mean it Sakura, let's just go get the tickets" said Katara

"I hope we see you guys again in Ba Sing Se" said Aang to Ying, Tahn, and Tahn's sister

"If we get our tickets soon odds are we'll be on the same ferry" said Tahn

"I look forward to it" said Aang as they went their separate ways

After they left to get their tickets Aang and the others walked thought the tent city to get their own

As they walked through the maze of tents Sakura brought up a very important concern

"Hey guys I juts thought of something" she said as they walked

"Yeah what is it?" asked Naruto a little louder than usual since all the talking and noise coming from all the people around made it a little hard to hear

"They'll have security on these boats right? And security checks before we board too?" asked Sakura

"Yeah I'd think so, why?" asked Katara

"What do we tell the security people about us?" asked Sakura worried

"What do you mean?" asked Sokka

"I'm talking about us ninja, we look kinda suspicious don't we?" asked Sakura

"I didn't think of that" said Katara "We might have problems too since we don't have any Ids"

"But we have an even bigger problem, you guys can just say you're from the Water Tribe and people will understand why you look weird but we can't just say we're from another world" said Sakura

"I agree, it would be best if no one knew we were ninja. They may not believe us and it's just another advantage" said Jiraya

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto

"If no one knows were ninja and we have to fight someone they'll never see any of our ninja abilities coming and be caught off guard" explained Jiraya

"I get it, the element of surprise. It's like someone thinking you're a normal person then you sneak attack them with bending" said Sakura

"I don't quite get it but I guess I get that we shouldn't tell anyone what we are and where we're from" said Naruto a little confused

"What do we say then?" asked Sakura

"Just say we're from a very small isolated island in the ocean a little west of the Earth Kingdom coast" said Jiraya thinking that being strange foreigners would be a good excuse for their outfits

"Think they'll buy that?" asked Naruto

"They should, besides it's all I can think of now" said Jiraya

"I just hope this works" said Sakura a little worried as she passed by an old man with a baldhead and beard down to his waist selling tea to refugees

As she and the others walked past he offered them some but they turned him down and continued walking away

Five seconds after they had disappeared in the maze of tents a very familiar face passed by the tea seller and stopped

"How much?" asked Iroh as he and Kakashi lead Zuko and Sasuke through the tents

"5 coins per cup" said the seller pleasantly

"Quite steep but I haven't had a cup in a while" said Iroh

"Half and hour" commented Zuko annoyed

"Geez with how much tea he dinks you'd think he'd always have to go to the bathroom" added Sasuke

"Pay attention Sasuke, now what are we going to say about where we are from?" asked Kakashi making sure Sasuke had their excuse memorized

"We're going to say we're from a small island" repeated Sasuke

"Good, hopefully we don't have any problems with port security" said Kakashi knowing getting into trouble here could be bad

"I'm not sure getting past the ticket lady will be so easy, she's thorough and quite ruthless from what I hear from the workers" said Iroh

"Oh don't worry, I've got a plan just in case" said Kakashi

"Really?" asked Sasuke interested in what his sensei was planning

"Yes and I need you to help with it" said Kakashi

"What do I have to do?" asked Sasuke

"You see that man over there next to the dock entrance?" asked Kakashi pointing to a man with a black phony tail in official robes that was standing next to a big pile of crates at a cargo entrance to the docks

"Yeah" said Sasuke as he watched the man who appeared to be in his late 20's order some workers around

"That's the harbor master, he's the boss around here" said Kakashi in a whisper

"I hear from the workers he's quite the slave-driver" commented Iroh

"He's also our ticket onto the boats, all we have to do is get his signature on our "Passports" and we can easily get tickets" said Kakashi holding up their "Passports" that he had made five minutes ago using some paper he bought from a merchant

Zuko had nagged him to just tear out a page from his Icha Icha book that didn't have any writing on it and use that instead of wasting their money but it was pointless to argue with Kakashi on that subject

"How do you expect him to sign the obviously forged passports of two complete strangers?" asked Zuko thinking his plan was stupid

"That's where Sasuke comes in" said Kakashi

"I think I get what I have to do" said Sasuke with a grin as he took their passports and headed off towards the harbormaster

Loading Area

He snuck over to the loading area and then hid on a big stack of crates where he could easily spy on the man by just peeking around the corner of the crate in front of him

Using a transformation jutsu or genjutsu would have been much easier but since they hadn't seen much action in a while Sasuke figured he'd keep his skills from getting dull by trying to make this a challenge

"Come on you lazy oafs! We have less than five minutes to get all this stuff loaded up!" shouted the harbormaster from below Sasuke's position

All the workers grumbled but hurried up anyway since they didn't want to be fired

"Come on! Come on!" he shouted again

"Hey you try lifting some of this stuff!" shouted one worker who was easily twice the harbormaster's size

"That's your job, everyone has their place. You poorly educated muscle-heads lift the cargo for minimal pay while I get twice the pay for half the work since I went to Ba Sing Se University" shouted the master arrogantly

"Grr! Whatever! You got to sign off on this stuff" said one worker holding up an official document of some kind

"Show me what you got" said Sasuke in an eager whisper as his red Sharingan eyes peeked at the man's hand

He watched the harbormaster sign his name on the documents and then retreated around the backside of the crate with a pen in hand

Sasuke took out the passports and laid them out in front of him

He then mimicked the harbor master's hand movements while signing his name and copied his name onto both passports just like how he had cheated off the person in front of him in the Chunin exams

With his work done Sasuke got his stuff packed up and prepared to move

However he decided to give the harbormaster a little present for helping him out

Sasuke jumped down off the crate and snuck through the loading area till he found something of use

He managed to find a jar of insects used to feed some lizards and birds in the section of the loading area where they kept the animals being transported

Sasuke attached an explosive tag to it and ran back to his hiding spot where he had a good view of the man

"One day perhaps you'll be as successful as me" he boasted to the workers as Sasuke got ready

Sasuke threw the glass jar into the air over the man who was standing all by himself in the middle of the loading area as workers moves various cargo all around

When the jar was in a good position Sasuke focused his chakra enough to set off the tag with enough force to cause a tiny explosion

The jar was cracked and the harbor master quickly looked up to see what had gone "bang!" above him just in time to watch a shower of various bugs rain down on him

Before Sasuke could even release his hand sign he used to focus his chakra the man was running around screaming like a girl


The workers only watched and laughed and even Sasuke had a smile on his face as he crept away from the loading area forged passports in hand

"I've got to stop hanging around with Naruto when I get back home" said Sasuke to himself as he walked through the refugees back to Kakashi and the others

Back with Kakashi, Zuko, and Iroh

Sasuke walked back through the various color tents and crowds of people till he was back at the little green tent the tea seller was operating out of

A short distance away Iroh was still drinking his tea and watching his nephew argue with Kakashi

"There's no way he'll be able to get the harbormaster to sign those things" argued Zuko unaware Sasuke was walking up to them

Kakashi and Iroh who were opposite of Zuko could see Sasuke walking over but didn't say anything

"Fine, how about if he does get them you have to do something for me and if he doesn't I'll show you a secret way to learn Chidori faster?" offered Kakashi

Zuko and Iroh's training in jutsu and other ninja ways were going slow to say it nicely

Iroh turned out to have a decent amount of chakra control and he was quickly learning how to focus chakra at specific points

He still wasn't anywhere near what was required to use Chidori but he was a lot better off than Zuko who almost killed himself in chakra explosions every time he made a hand sign

Kakashi thankfully had decently estimated how much chakra a bender had and he had both of them blow as much chakra as they could before they made any hand signs allowing him to avoid any disasters like Toph had

So far the worst that had happened thanks to Zuko's rage and poor control was him blowing a 10-foot burning crater into a small field they were practicing in

It was pathetic to say the least and Kakashi thought Rock Lee had better chakra control that Zuko

Zuko's frustration and his unstable emotions made it even more difficult for him and so far Kakashi estimated that unless he did something drastic he could use Chidori when he was Iroh's age

That's why Zuko was so eager to learn this "secret method" of learning Chidori

"I accept your offer!" said Zuko eagerly unaware he had already lost

"Hey Kakashi" said Sasuke as he walked by Zuko holding out the passports for all to see

Zuko looked in shock as he saw, clear as day, the harbormaster's signature on both poorly made passports

"How did you…? That's not possible!" stuttered Zuko amazed at what he was seeing

"I guess you lose" said Kakashi smugly as he pocketed his forged passport

Even though he was wearing a mask you could just tell he had a huge smile on his face right now

"Don't be so eager to accept gambles Zuko unless you know you have a chance to win" said Iroh wisely as he finished up the rest of his tea

He then crushed the cup made out of leaves in his hand and put his straw hat back on

"Now that we've got that cleared up let's go and get our tickets" he said as lead the way to the ticket booth

"You coming?" asked Kakashi to the still dumbfounded Zuko as he began to follow Iroh

Zuko finally snapped out of his shock and muttered something angrily under his breath as the two men walked away

"Try not to bet against my sensei too often, he knows more than he shows" said Sasuke as he walked past Zuko to follow Kakashi and Iroh

He knew all too well that Kakashi was unpredictable and never showed all of his hand until he had the other person show him theirs

"How can you work with him?" asked Zuko as he followed Sasuke out of earshot of Kakashi and Iroh who were a bit ahead of them

"You think that's something try working with Naruto, you have never met annoying until you meet Naruto" said Sasuke calmly

"You don't like that kid much do you?" asked Zuko remembering all the stories Sasuke had told him of this strange Naruto kid

He didn't think it was possible for anyone to honestly be as stupid and annoying as how Sasuke described this Naruto Uzumaki

From attacking him for no reason to making a fool of himself constantly to even kissing him by mistake, it just didn't seem possible to Zuko

"Well I'm stuck with that dope until I can get a new team or work by myself" said Sasuke liking the latter option

"What about that Sakura girl? How is she?" asked Zuko curiously

"She's just as annoying as Naruto sometimes, at least you probably don't have some crazy girl throwing herself at you" said Sasuke knowing little of Zuko's love history

"Well there was one girl I…never mind you're right" said Zuko hesitantly changing his sentence halfway through

"Hey keep up back there!" called Iroh from the front "We have only a couple of minutes until he have to get on the next boat"

"We get it" replied Sasuke with slight annoyance

"So what will you do if you ever meet up with your team and get back home?" asked Zuko

"I'm going to continue training so that one day I may kill my brother and avenge my clan" said Sasuke seriously always remembering what his goal was

"He's the one who wiped them all out except you?" asked Zuko remembering the story Sasuke had told of his brother Itachi after their encounter with Azula

"Yes, I will kill him even if it means my life. If I have to give my life to kill him so be it" said Sasuke seriously

"I'm not sure if I'll kill Azula but I know I'm going to beat her and reclaim my honor somehow. Perhaps if you help me with Azula I'll go with your world with you to help you with Itachi" offered Zuko

"I don't need help" said Sasuke sternly

"But it may be easier together, besides it would only be repaying my dept" said Zuko

"Fine, but I doubt that even your sister is anything compared to my brother" said Sasuke knowing that Itachi was a lot more powerful than Azula had been when he fought her in the woods

"It's a deal then" said Zuko

"I only hope that you can keep it" said Sasuke in a doubtful tone

"If you two are done planning revenge back here can you hurry it up?" asked Kakashi suddenly appearing out of nowhere

Zuko looked surprised for a moment and looked towards his uncle who was a good distance ahead waiting fro them to catch up

"How did you get back here so…never mind I'm not even going to bother asking" said Zuko getting frustrated at Kakashi sneaking up on him

"Be warned you two, thinking only of revenge and yourselves will keep you from getting what you really need to win your fights" said Kakashi

"And what's that?" asked Zuko

"Well now, what's the fun of speaking in riddles if you're just going to explain what you mean right away?" replied Kakashi smugly

"Now come on you two let's get to the boat" he said as he turned to walk away

"Also be careful once we reach the city, no one can know what we are so no jutsu even if they're not fire style and no fire bending" warned Kakashi with his back turned

"So we have to use only taijutsu and weapons in the city?" asked Sasuke

"Yes, can you handle it?" asked Kakashi

"Ha! I've been meaning to practice the taijutsu I got from Lee" said Sasuke with a grin

"Good, now come on" said Kakashi as they began walking to the ferry ride entrance

As they walked Sasuke thought he spotted a familiar spot of pink and red in the distance for a second but it was quickly lost in the crowd

'No way could it have been…?' wondered Sasuke as he looked for the spot again

But it didn't show up and after a few seconds he let it go and kept following the others to the dock

All the way he couldn't shake the feeling that he recognized that pink and red blur in the distance

With Aang and Co.

"What do you mean we can't get tickets you old hag!?" yelled Naruto loudly at the ticket booth causing a lot of people around them to stare

"Naruto don't make a scene!" whispered Sakura seriously as she and Jiraya held him back

They were all at the ticket booth and had all been turned down for tickets by the ugly, angry, old woman working it

"No passports! No tickets!" yelled the woman

"But he's the Avatar and we have very important information to get to the Earth King" argued Sokka pointing to Aang who just gave a nervous smile

"HA! I've seen more Avatars today then you could count! Go over there with all the others!" yelled the woman pointing to a small area near the ticket booth

They all turned to see at least two dozen people dressed in bad Avatar costumes that had tried to get tickets with the same excuse

Aang looked shocked while all the others just gave a "you've got to be kidding" look

"Wow that's embarrassing" said Jiraya feeling not only sorry for Aang but also for the people dressed as him

"Boy I'm lucky I don't have a bunch of people dressing up as me in really bad costumes" said Naruto (I don't have a thing against cosplay but so long as they actually have a good costume)

"But he's the real one" argued Sakura

"Like I'm supposed to believe that! And what about you? You and the other two with headbands don't look like anyone I've every seen before! How do I know you aren't Fire Nation spies!?" yelled the woman angrily at Sakura

"Listen here you old hag!…" began Sakura with some of her inner Sakura getting to the surface

Jiraya swiftly covered her mouth to keep her from calling out and making a big scene

"Hey don't you think a good spy wouldn't dress like this? A spy would try to avoid standing out, not dress in a suspicious manner" argued Jiraya

"Good point but I still cannot let you on without passports" said the woman

Toph then went charging up to the desk and handed the woman a green, folded piece of paper

The woman opened it up to reveal an official passport for the prestigious Bi Fong family complete with the Bi Fong golden boar seal

"My name is Toph Bi Fong of the Bi Fong family, as you can see I'm blind. The lemur is my seeing eye lemur" said Toph officially as Momo landed in her hands

"These two are my body guards and the old one happens to a wise old sage and scribe who is my teacher" said Toph pointing at Naruto and Jiraya

"A sage?!" asked the woman surprised looking at Jiraya

"Yes he has trained many powerful leaders and warriors and is also very wealthy himself thanks to his Icha Icha scrolls which are highly valued in his homeland" said Toph

"Yes, my lovely student Toph speaks the truth! I am know as Jiraya the toad mountain sage and I have been teaching Toph all the necessary things she will need to know to be a proper lady and lead such a prestigious family as the Bi Fongs" said Jiraya slyly making sure to act as important as possible and show off his big scroll

"The small one doesn't look like much of a body guard" commented the woman looking at Naruto

"Don't underestimate him, he saved my life and recently took on two earth bending masters and emerged victorious. He only looks weak so that people will underestimate him and be careless. I trust him with my life" said Toph

There was something about the way Toph said that last part that intrigued Katara

It seemed so sincere and honest that she was certain that Toph actually meant that

Naruto stood closer to Toph and made a serious face to further convince the woman that he was a real bodyguard

"What about the others?" asked the woman

"These three are my servants" said Toph pointing to Katara, Sokka, and Aang

"Naruto and the pervert get to be body guards and we get to be servants!?" complained Sokka in a whisper to Katara

Katara elbowed him the ribs to shut him up and keep their act from being revealed

"What about her?" asked the woman pointing at Sakura

"She's the lemur's servant" said Toph with a huge grin

Sakura's jaw practically hit the floor when she heard this and she got a look of horror and shock on her face

'WHAT THE HELL!!!???' roared inner Sakura loudly

"The lemur has a servant?" asked the woman surprised

Sakura was about to protest when all the other's held her down forcefully to keep her from blowing their cover

"Yes, my family is the richest in the Earth Kingdom. We can easily afford it" said Toph with a smile

'Blind Bitch!!!!!!' roared inner Sakura as the others barely held her in check

"It may sound odd but this seal is so official, ok you and you entourage are granted tickets even if you only have one passport" said the woman handing them over

Toph put down Momo and grabbed the tickets off the table before turning back to the others feeling great

Not only had she saved the day she had also embarrassed Sakura and impressed Naruto!

"Man that was great Toph!" said Naruto as they walked away

"Yeah I know" said Toph with a smile


"I ran out of job ideas and that happen to be the first thing I could come up with" lied Toph innocently

"Yeah Sakura you're getting all worked up over nothing" said Naruto

"But you got to be a professional bodyguard and I got to serve something that's furry, un-evolved, and can't even use a toilet!" yelled Sakura

"Momo is house trained" argued Aang

"That's not the issue!" yelled Sakura

"Calm down, I'm sure Toph meant to give you a good girl's job like maid or weaver" said Sokka

"Hey you!" yelled someone behind them

Sokka and the others turned to see a female guard run up to Sokka with an angry look

"No offense kid but saying sexist things around female guards, not such a good idea" whispered Jiraya to a nervous looking Sokka as the guard approached

"What seems to be the problem?" asked Sokka nervously

"What was that I just heard you say about "woman jobs"?!" asked the guard forcefully

"I didn't mean it like that!" said Sokka nervously

"I know your type, I bet you are also sarcastic and like meat a lot" said the guard with a grin

"Huh? Do I know you?" asked Sokka suspiciously thinking that could be the only way for someone to know that

"Don't recognize me do you?" asked the guard with a smile

"Can't say I do" said Sokka unable to put a finger on who this girl was

"How about now?" she asked before she kissed him on the cheek

Sokka immediately turned red before squealing "Suki!!!" happily

"This a girlfriend of yours?" asked Jiraya slyly

"Hey Suki get back to work!!!" yelled the old woman at the ticket booth from a distance

"I have to work but I get off duty in five minutes, meet me up in the guard tower so we can catch up" said Suki to Sokka before running off

Guard Tower

Five of the longest minutes in Sokka's life later they where all in the guard tower resting on one of the many wooden benches in it and talking

"Sorry I didn't recognize you" apologized Sokka

"Why aren't you wearing your makeup?" asked Katara

"The old woman forces us to wear these outfits in order to work here" explained Suki

"So the rest of the Kyoshi warriors are here?" asked Aang

"Wait a second! Hold up! Who is this girl and who are the Kyoshi warriors?" asked Naruto not knowing what was going on

"Kyoshi is a island north of our home, all the warriors there are girls and Suki is their leader" explained Katara

"And apparently one of Sokka's love interests" added Jiraya

"What does he mean by one?" asked Suki suspiciously

"He means nothing!" said Sokka quickly and nervously

"That's right, I just mean he likes you and other things" said Jiraya

"What are these other things? Are they other girls?!" asked Suki sending Sokka a glare

"No of course not! I meant meat and sarcasm" said Jiraya feeling sorry for Sokka and knowing it was hardly his place to criticize someone for likeing more than one girl

"So all your warriors are female?" asked Sakura to Suki

"Yes, we are one of the few places that have any female warriors" said Suki

"I'm one too! Where we come from one out of every three of our warriors are girls" said Sakura

"Really? I'm glad to meet another female fighter" said Suki happily as she shook Sakura's hand

"Likewise" said Sakura

"Great we got some kind of girl power thing going on here" said Naruto annoyed

"What was that Naruto?!" yelled Sakura

"Nothing!" said Naruto slinking down into his seat

"Don't underestimate female warriors Naruto, I can tell you from first-hand experience that girls are some the fiercest warriors and strongest too" said Jiraya

"Yeah just look at Toph" said Aang

"Did I mention I couldn't figure out Toph was a girl for two weeks after I met her?" said Naruto

"That's different, that's cause you're a moron" replied Jiraya

"Since when are you the one to treat girls with respect you dirty old pervert!?" yelled Naruto as he and Jiraya glared at each other

"So who are these guys?" asked Suki amused as she watched them bicker

"Well this is Toph, she joined our group a little while ago to teach Aang earthbending" said Sokka introducing Toph who just a gave hardly interested "Hi"

"So Aang is learning earthbending? Does that mean he mastered waterbending?" asked Suki

"Yup, under my guidance of course" said Katara proudly

"That's great! Hopefully he'll beat the Fire Nation soon and finally stop this war!" said Suki thrilled

"Don't worry, I'm the best Earth Bender alive. With my help he'll probably be able to just skip Firebending and move onto smashing Ozi into the ground!" said Toph confidently

"Dear god she truly is the female incarnation of Naruto" whispered Jiraya recognizing that amazing over-confidence as one as Naruto's main traits

"What about them?" asked Suki looking at Jiraya, Naruto and Sakura

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki! The next Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village!" shouted Naruto proudly jumping up on top of the back of his seat and making a dramatic pose

"And the only person alive who can be even more annoyingly confident that Toph" added Sakura annoyed

"What's Hogake? Is that some kind of leader? And where is this hidden Leaf Village?" asked Suki curiously and mildly amused by Naruto's display

"It's where we're from, it's a small island in the ocean" lied Sakura knowing if they said the Land of Fire they would be in serious trouble

"Yeah and I intend to lead it someday so that everyone will respect me and know how strong I am!" said Naruto eagerly as he jumped down off the back of the seat

"So you're forgeniers?" asked Suki

"Yes" replied Jiraya

"That explains a lot, I thought you looked a little different based on your odd outfits. I know what it's like to come from a small island and to have people stare at your outfit" said Suki having already gotten many stares thanks to her warrior makeup and outfit

"Yeah well we're not exactly up on the latest Earth Kingdom fashions, our island is so remote we're the first ones to even hear about this War with the Fire Nation. We're probably the first ones from Hidden Leaf Village to even know there's a Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom" said Jiraya

"Really?! That's amazing! You actually come from a place so remote that you never even heard of the Fire Nation and the war?!" asked Suki shocked

"Well it's a longways off from here, I doubt the Fire Nation could find us even if they tried" said Jiraya

"I envy you, you actually come from a place so safe you never even heard of the Fire Nation. It must be amazing" said Suki

"It's a pretty nice place, lots of really good looking women too" said Jiraya with a dirty smile

"How did you get here?" asked Suki

"It's a very long and confusing story and we don't have enough time to get into before the boat leaves" said Jiraya

"After they got here they decided to be my body guards" said Toph

"I heard you say that to the woman at the counter" said Suki

"Well despite what you heard I am no animal's servant!" said Sakura bitterly

"Yeah she doesn't really have a job, we just needed an excuse to get her on the boat so that the woman wouldn't think she was a freeloader and deny her a ticket" said Toph

"Toph: 2 Sakura: 0" commented the Fox

"Why you!? What is you problem!?" asked Sakura furious and having no idea why Toph didn't seem to like her

"Calm down you two before we get into a brawl here and get in trouble" said Jiraya stepping in

"So you're the one they said is a sage?" asked Suki looking at Jiraya

He defiantly fit the description of what you'd expect a sage to look like

Old, white hair, and he appeared to be pretty smart with that huge scroll on his back, which she thought probably contained some important information

"Why yes I am. I am know as Master Jiraya the Toad Mountain Sage" said Jiraya proudly

"I just call him the pervert sage" said Naruto bluntly

"Ha Ha! Don't listen to him! He's just bitter cause he couldn't handle my training!" said Jiraya "accidentally" giving Naruto hard knock on the back of his head so hard he fell over

"You threw me off a cliff to die!" yelled Naruto on the ground

"You lived didn't you? And you learned the technique! What more do you want?" argued Jiraya

"Stupid old perv" muttered Naruto under his breath as he got up quickly

"Do they argue a lot or is this just a bad day?" asked Suki quietly to Toph as Naruto and Jiraya gave each other angry looks again

"They argue a lot but at least it's fun to watch" said Toph as she felt the two continue their stare down

"So what have you been up to Suki? We went back to Kyoshi Island right before meeting Toph but they said you and the other warriors had left" asked Sokka

"We all decided to do our part to help out in this war too so we all left to help out were we could. Me and the other warriors are working here so that refugees can get to Ba Sing Se safely" explained Suki

"That's great! It's good to see people helping each other, especially all these refugees" said Sakura

"Yes, it's a very noble thing you and your warriors are doing" said Jiraya wisely after finally stopping his stare down with Naruto

"It's the least we can do, it's not like we're doing what you guys are doing. We're only helping people flee the Fire Nation while you are working to beat them and finally end this war" said Suki

"Don't underestimate what you are doing, every person helping out in this war counts" said Aang encouragingly

"Yes and it's far better to help save lives than to fight" commented Jiraya

"They're right, what you and the other Kyoshi warriors are doing is great Suki" added Katara

"Thanks guys" said Suki happily

"Don't mention it and don't worry we'll hurry up and end this war so that no more refugees have to come through here ever again!" said Sokka fiercely

"I hope you do" said Suki

"Well the first step towards that is getting to Ba Sing Se" said Jiraya looking at all the docked boats

"Yeah when is our boat leaving?" asked Naruto

"Too soon for me" replied Sokka knowing that as soon as their boat got in they'd have to leave Suki

"What's with Sokka? I thought he liked that Ty Lee girl" whispered Naruto to Jiraya

"Foolish Naruto, you've yet to learn it's hardly a bad thing to have more than one girl interested in you" whispered his perverted sensei back to him (Why do I get the feeling Jiraya would be a bad person to get dating tips from?)

"I can't even get Sakura to like me let alone more than one girl" said Naruto depressed

'Ugh! He still has no clue at all about Toph! It would take the most direct confession of love ever to get Naruto to wake up to it' thought Jiraya

"The boat should be arriving in a few minutes" said Sakura

"I still don't like this, everything has been going too good. Watch in five seconds everything is going to fall apart" said Naruto

"Quit being so paranoid Naruto, everything is going to be fine" reassured Sakura

"Avatar! Avatar!" came a panicked female voice from somewhere below

Sakura got a shocked look on her face while Naruto gave her an "I told you so!" look

Katara looked over the edge to see the family from earlier standing at the base of the guard tower looking tense

"What's wrong?" asked Aang as he and the others came over and looked too

"Someone stole all our stuff including our passports and tickets!" said Ying frantically

"I totally told you so!" shouted Naruto at Sakura

"It's just a coincidence you moron!" shouted Sakura angrily as she punched Naruto clean out of the tower and into the bay

Back at the Ticket Booth

"But come on! Someone stole their stuff! Can't you give them new tickets?" begged Aang at the ticket counter but the old woman would not budge an inch on the subject

"No passports, no tickets!" yelled the woman

"How about if we give them ours?" asked Naruto holding them up

"NO!" yelled the woman stapping both his and Aang's faces with a "rejected" stamp that she used on non valid passports

After they wiped off the ink they both went back to the others and told the family the answer was no

"What do we do now?" asked Than

"I say we help them" said Naruto seriously

"But how? We've done all we can" pointed out Sakura

"We're going to help them go through the Serpent's Pass" said Aang

"Are you sure?" asked Katara surprised

"We can't just leave them behind while we travel safely on the ferry, we have to do something" replied Aang

"You honestly don't have to Avatar, we'll be alright" said Tahn honored that the great Avatar cared so much for them

"No, It's just not right to leave you behind when you need help" replied Aang seriously

"I'm with him! Who needs some stupid old boring ferry ride?" said Naruto loudly

"I agree with Naruto, besides I really don't like riding in boats that much" said Toph

"So we're going through the pass! Everyone agree?" asked Jiraya

Sakura, Katara, and Sokka all nodded yes

"Ok let's move out, there no point in sticking around here any longer than we have to" said Jiraya

They all quickly gathered up their stuff and got ready to leave the harbor

"Wait a second!" shouted Naruto suddenly as they were just about to head off

"What is it Naruto?" asked Sakura as she slung her backpack over her shoulder

"I have to take care of something first before we leave" said Naruto sounding a little stressed

"Really? What?" asked Sakura wondering what business he could possibly have in a strange port

"I need to go to the bathroom" admitted Naruto with his legs shaking a little

"Oh" said Sakura hardly surprised it would be Naruto to hold them up with stupid stuff like this

"Um, does anyone know where they are?" asked Naruto looking like he really had to go

"They're about twenty feet left of the ticket booth" said a female voice behind him

Everyone then saw Suki in her warrior outfit walk up behind Naruto who didn't even bother to thank her before he took off at top speed towards the bathrooms (Must have been all that ramen)

"Suki? What are you doing here?" asked Sokka surprised

"I'm coming with you through the pass" explained Suki

"No way! It's really dangerous and you could get hurt" said Sokka

"Don't worry about me, I can handle myself just fine" said Suki

"But…" began Sokka

"You don't have to worry about me, but it is kinda sweet that you are so concerned" said Suki

"Glad to have you with us Suki" said Sakura happily

"Thanks, I figured that you might need some extra help going through the pass" explained Suki

"And you thought it'd be a great way to hang around Sokka more?" asked Jiraya thinking that was the main reason for her coming

"Maybe" she replied slyly

"Well we're heading out as soon as Naruto is back from the bathroom" said Aang

"Before we leave, does anyone else have to go? There might be a severe lack of privet places on that tiny pass" pointed out Jiraya which was all they honestly needed to hear to change there minds

"I'll be right back" said Toph before heading to the bathrooms too

"Good point" said Sakura also running off

"Excuse me for a minute" said Katara as she followed them

"Now that you mention it I guess it couldn't hurt" said Aang as he too went off towards the bathrooms

"I'll be back in a minute Suki" said Sokka being the last to leave

"Ahh this reminds me off the old days" said Jiraya remembering when he was the sensei to the fourth and his team and he traveled around with them

He had quickly learned that most kids seem to only have to go to the bathroom when traveling around and when there wasn't one for miles around

Jiraya also knew that most people didn't like using the bushes and that it took up time while traveling

After a few minutes everyone was back except for Naruto

"Aw great! Where is he?" asked Sakura annoyed

"I saw him come out of the bathrooms when I got in, he should be back by now" said Sokka

Just then Naruto came running like mad towards them and didn't stop running even after he caught up with them

"Naruto what's wrong?" asked Sakura

"Nothing! Nothing!" said Naruto nervously still trying to move towards the exit by backing up towards it slowly

"What did you do Naruto?" asked Sakura suspiciously

"Nothing I swear!" said Naruto but it was obvious her was lying

"Get back here you brat!!!!!" yelled someone from the direction of the ticket booth

Everyone turned to see the old woman with the words "Old Hag" drawn onto her face chasing after Naruto

"(Nervous Laughter) I think we better get going!" said Naruto as he dashed towards the exit

At the Gate to the Serpent's Pass

Fifteen minutes later they were all standing at the gate that marked the entrance into the serpent's pass

The pass fit its name perfectly as it was extremely narrow and long with many curves in it

"Wow the name really fits" said Naruto as he stared at the pass

"Are you sure this is safe?" asked Sakura

"Probably not but it's our only option at this point" said Jiraya hardly sounding worried

Meanwhile Ying and Tahn were busy looking at the gate when they noticed an inscription on it

"Abandon all hope"

"Abandon all hope? That's terrible! Hope is all we have left!" said Ying in shock that someone would write something so horrible

"What were you expecting on something called the Serpent's Pass? Have a nice day?" asked Jiraya

"The name still creeps me out, nothing called the serpent's pass can be good" commented Suki

"I'm not going to scared away by a stupid name!" shouted Naruto

"But it is not exactly a positive sign you have to admit" said Katara

"Ha! You think the "serpent's pass" sounds scary?! We once had to go through a place called the "Forest of DEATH"! It was filled with giant snakes, poisonous plants and animals, and a ton of people that wanted to kill us! There's no way I'm going to be scared of a stupid strip of rock in the middle of a lake cause its name sounds scary! Bring it on! This is going to be easy!" shouted Naruto at the top of his lungs almost like he wanted the entire pass to hear his insult

"I think he's been hanging around Toph WAAAAAY too much" whispered Sokka to Sakura

"No he's always been like this" replied Sakura with a look of annoyance as she watched Naruto's outburst

"Well I guess this is it, let's go" said Aang as he lead the group through the gate and onto the Pass

End Chapter

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Chapter 10: Battle in the Pass: The Fox Unleashed

Things so pretty well as everyone crosses the pass except for a few little bumps in the road such as the Fire Nation Ship attacking them and Naruto still trying to learn Rasenan. But when they encounter the Serpent and Toph is in danger Naruto is forced to let the Fox loose in order to save her. The Fox goes all out and shows what he truly capable of.

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