A/N #1: This is the sequel to The Phantom's Daughter. If you haven't read The Phantom's Daughter, then stop, get out of this story, find The Phantom's Daughter, read it, and then come back.

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"This isn't the end!"

With that, Christine picked up a candleabra and began smashing the mirrors. When she broke the last mirror, the weak wall behind it broke, and she could see a passageway - her escape to freedom.

She grabbed her cloak and put it on. Before she stepped through, she looked behind her and took one last look at what she was leaving - the only home she'd ever known.

"I'll return," she vowed silently to herself. "I'm just not sure when..."

The room behind pasageway was cool and dark, so Christine could hardly see anything. She guided herself away from her lair blindly, knowing she had to be gone - soon -, or else the mob set out to kill her would catch her. She didn't want to think of what would happen then.

She continued walking quickly, thinking about how disastrous the past few hours had been. She'd destroyed the Opera Populaire by letting it catch fire, she'd killed countless people - which she honestly didn't care all that much about -, and most of all, definitely most of all, she'd lost the love of her life.

Cameron Luc had been just a male chorister when Christine had first met him a little over two years ago, and she'd fallen for him the second she'd seen him. He had golden blonde hair, clear blue eyes, a handsome face, and a smile that had made every chorus girl or ballet rat working at the Opera swoon.

Shortly after she'd met him, he'd heard her singing in the Opera's chapel one day and mistaken her for the Angel of Music. In her view, that hadn't been a bad thing. It had given her the opportunity to be able to see him and speak to him, though he wouldn't ever see her, and she could teach him how to sing beautifully, which she did easily. It was because of her that he'd soon become very close to being the leading tenor at the Opera.

But a certain young woman by the name of Emilie Chastain had ruined that for her. Emilie and Cameron had started liking each other, which really angered Christine, seeing that Emilie was a lot more attractive than she was.

Then one night, after Cameron performed that night's opera, Emilie caused Christine to go against her original plan - meaning Cameron never saw her - by insisting that they go have supper together. Christine wasn't going to let that happen, so she lured Cameron through the mirror to her world, and that was how they'd met.

After that, though, things were disastrous for the next year and nine months. Love, hate, obsession, lust, sadness, happiness... those were one of the countless emotions that she went through during that time.

Then it had all ended earlier that very evening, when Cameron went off with Emilie, the woman he truly loved. It had been sad to see him go, but Emilie had shown her kindness by saving her life. She couldn't have kept him with her after that, so she'd repaid her debt and let him go.

She silently shook her head. None of it mattered now. Cameron was dead to her. She knew that she would be dead soon, too, if the mob caught her.

Just then, she felt someone grab her from behind, causing her to let out a little yelp. She struggled to break free, but her captor's hold on her was too firm.

"I caught her!" a man's voice triumphed. "I caught the monster!"

When that proclamation had been sent out, she heard joyful shouts coming from behind her. She was turned around by her captor and saw torchlight coming closer along with the shouts. She knew in an instant what it was - the mob.

Soon all the mob had gathered around her. They started mocking her.

"Take off that mask and show us what you really are!" a woman declared. Everyone else agreed.

Christine's captor, who was still holding on to her, quickly met the demand of the crowd by grabbing her white half - mask and pulling it off. She let out a little screech when he did. The crowd cheered.

"Come on! Let's take her away!" a man shouted. The crowd cheered in agreement.

She felt her captor pulling her away from the lair, towards some unknown place. Although she didn't know where that place was, she knew that they weren't taking her anywhere she wanted to be.

After a moment, she regained the ability to speak. "No!" she cried out, struggling. "No, no, no!"

"She's resisting too much!" her captor declared. "Put her out!"

Suddenly, she felt something hard and heavy come down on the top of her head.

Then everything went black.