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Harry 's Quest

It was a stormy night. A door squeaked open and a girl about 19 stepped out of a Japanese well house. She had a buddle that she was shielding from the rain. She ran to the main house that was on the shrine property. She knocked on the door. A young boy answered the door. The boy was her brother. "Kagome? What's wrong? You're soaking wet."

"I don't have enough time to explain everything Souta." She looked around before she entered the house. "Here take him." She handed him the buddle. Souta unwrapped it and a baby sleeping. "Tell mama to give to a man named Dumbledore. He'll take good care of him." She looked out the door again. "Remember tell mama what I told you." She was about to leave but she remembered something. "I almost forgot." She took something out of her pocket. "Give this to Dumbledore when he comes. It explains everything." With that she ran back to the well house and disappeared. Souta closed the door and held the little baby closer to him.

"Souta who was at the door?" his mother asked from the kitchen.

"It was Kagome mom. She was in a hurry. She seemed scared for some reason. She didn't say what though."

Souta walked into the kitchen and walked up to hi smother. "Here mom, Kagome told me to give you him."

He handed the baby to his mother. His mother took the baby and got a good look at the tiny thing. He had black hair with two little dog-ears on top of his head. He woke up and they got a good look at he eyes. They were a bright green with a slight tint of gold. He started to cry.

"Souta go into my room and get some baby bottles and clothes out of the closet," instructed his mother.

Souta ran upstairs and into his mother's room. He got the things that she asked for. He ran back down to the kitchen. He handed her the things.

"Good now get some milk out of the fringe and heat it up a little bit." She said while she tried to sooth the crying hanyou child.

After the milk was warm, Souta put some in a bottle and handed it to his mother. She took it. She put the bottle in the baby's mouth. He started to suck in it hungrily. She feed him till he was full then he fell back to sleep.

Back in the Feudal Era, Kagome just climbed out of the well. She walked back to the village in tears. She walked into Keade's hut and went to Inuyasha. She sat in front of him and burst into tears.

Inuyasha hugged his mate, trying to comfort her. "It's alright Kagome. Dumbledore said he'd take good care of him." He said.

"I know Inuyasha but I can't help it." She said as she wiped her eyes. "I just wish that we could of kept him. He was our son." She said as fresh tears fell.

Inuyasha started to panic. "Don't cry, you know I can't stand it when you cry."

It went on like this for hours. Kagome finally fell to sleep, with Inuyasha holding her. He too went to sleep soon after.

Mrs. Higarishi was sleeping in a chair holding the sleeping baby. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. The knock woke her up. She put the baby in the chair. She walked up to the door and opened it. Standing in front of the door was an elderly man with half moon spectacles. "Hello madam, is this the Higarishi shrine?" asked the man.

"Yes it is. May I ask who you are sir?" she asked.

"Aw, of course allow me to introduce myself. My name is Albus Dumbledore, O am the Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Your daughter, Kagome, contacted me and told me that she wanted to give her son to some friends of mine."

"Kagome didn't tell us anything, other than to give him to you. She didn't tell us is name or anything." She walked up to the kitchen counter and picked up a note. She walked up to Dumbledore and handed it to him. "She told us to give you this."

Dumbledore took the note and opened it:

"Dear Dumbledore,

Please take care of our son. Inuyasha and I have named Inutaisho, after Inuyasha's father, but you can give him an English name if you wish. Something else that you have to know, Inuyasha is a half demon, a hanyou but he found a way to become a full demon. Since I'm human, our son is a hanyou. We'll allow you to put a concealment spell on him, to hide his ears, fangs and claws. Now the reason I'm giving you our son is because a demon named Naraku would be after him. You see there's a jewel known as the shikon no tama or jewel of four souls. I am the protector of the jewel and Inuyasha protects me. Meaning that Naraku would want Taisho so he could force us to trade the jewel for our son. We won't allow that. Thank you for doing this, we will be in your debt.


Dumbledore folded the note and laid it on the table. He looked at Kagome's mother, "May I see the child?"

"Of course you can. Follow me." She said as she walked into the living room.

She picked the sleeping child up and handed him to Dumbledore. He looked at the child. "In the note your daughter said that his name is Inutaisho. She said that they named him after Inuyasha's father." He looked at Mrs. Higarishi, "I promise that this child will be well cared for."

"Thank you." She whispered before Dumbledore left with her grandson.

Dumbledore appeared in his office. James and Lily Potter were waiting for him.

"Did you get him Albus?" Lily asked.

"Yes Lily, I did but we'll have to put some charms on him." He said while looking at the baby still.

"Why?" James asked.

Dumbledore looked up from the child. "Because there are certain characteristics that he inherited from his father."

James looked at Dumbledore for a minute and then asked, "What characteristics Albus?"

"The baby's father is a Japanese dog demon. The mother is human. Making the child a hanyou, I believe she said," he replied. He started to unwrap the child. When the cloth was off him. Dumbledore handed Taisho to Lily.

Lily looked at the child and gasped. She couldn't believe that this child had dog-ears on his head. "James look, he has dog-ears." Lily said. James looked and sure enough, he had dog-ears.

"Put the charms on him Albus." James said.

Lily looked at her husband. "Are you sure James? The charms could have side affects on him."

"Yes Lily, we have to. If he has these ears people will know he's not ours. Not to mention, he could be made fun of with those. I won't have it. Do the charms Albus." James looked at Dumbledore. He raised his wand and put the charms into place.

Lily looked at her 'son'. He looked normal now. He had regular human ears. She looked up and smiled. "Thank you Albus, for this chance."

"Don't thank me, thank the mother of that baby. But I don't know where she is." He said.

With everything done James and Lily left with their son. They were on their way out of Hogwarts. Lily stopped and looked at James. "What will we name him?" she asked her husband.

James looked at him a moment and then said, "Harry, Harry James."

Lily smiled and then they left the school and went back to Godric's Hollow.

For a year the tree lived happily together. But that fateful Halloween night it would change. Voldemort killed Lily and James Potter and turned his wand on the hanyou child. His spell backfired and hit Voldemort instead. A baby's cry was heard through the night. Hagrid arrived and took young Harry to Lily's sister, Petunia.

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