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Chapter 2




Honestly, the first night without the McDonald girls here was hell. It was so awkward to have three missing places at the table.

Dad was trying to cheer us up by making useless conversation that nobody was interested in hearing or contributing to.

All Edwin did was stir his takeout around in his box while Marti complained about missing Casey and Lizzie and I was slumped over in my chair and muttering bitterly every time my dad asked me a question.

I kissed Casey. I full out kissed her.

Personally, that was a stupid, stupid move. Because as soon as the kiss was over and she was walking down the stairs, I wanted to grab her and kiss her again. I wanted to haul her into my bedroom and lay her down on the bed and lock the door. What I didn't want her to do was leave.

But she did, she left.

And now I'm almost as bad as my lovesick brother who keeps saying, "Well, Lizzie wouldn't like this food." "Well, Lizzie never did that." "Well, Lizzie…" (You think up any sentence in the world, and he would find a way to somehow connect it to our youngest stepsister), and sighing pathetically. He's in way over his head.

Of course, I am too. So who am I to judge?




"See? This won't be so bad." Mom says in an upbeat tone as we step out of the cab that had driven us from the airport to my grandma's house in Toronto.

I look up at the cottage style, white picket fence, brick house and sigh, "Yeah, sure."

Lizzie yanks her two duffle bags out of the trunk and stomps up the front walk ahead of me and Mom, "See if I ever talk to you again." She grumbles incoherently under her breath before stomping up the front steps and ringing the doorbell.

"I really wish she wouldn't take it so hard." Mom sighs.

I shoot her a "do-you-blame-her?" look before heading up the front walk myself. Leaving Mom to pay the cab driver and follow along behind us.

I kind of have to agree with Mom though; Lizzie is taking this whole thing much differently than I expected her to. She went to the bathroom halfway through our flight to Montreal and she had been in their for over twenty minutes. I seriously think she would have locked herself in their until the flight flew back to the airport in Toronto that we had left from if an overweight man in his mid-thirties wouldn't have banged his fists against the door and said, "This is a bathroom in an airplane, not a hotel room!". Lizzie had stalked out of the bathroom and shot him an angry glare before slumping back to her seat and wiping her eyes.

I glance over at the house next door to my grandmother's house and see two girls around my age and a boy around my age joking around on the porch of their house. One of the girls has long, blonde hair and the other has shorter, black hair, while the boy has short, slightly spiky blonde hair. I let out a sigh; I highly doubt I will ever make friends that look to be as tight as the three of them, I head into the house and feel my mom coming up behind me.

"Hello girls!" my grandma says happily. She looks a lot like my mom, the same auburn hair (although hers is definitely aged) and the same twinkling eyes, they are practically the spitting image of each other. Of course, my grandmother would never haul us out of our school district and city in one day.

Lizzie muttered a bitter "hello" before stomping up the stairs; the next sound we hear is a door slamming shut.

"Is Elizabeth alright?" Grandma asks.

I hike my thumb back towards my mom, "Ask her." I mutter before following after Lizzie.




"So…what's it like not having Casey around anymore?" Sam asks the next day as we sit on the couch playing Babe Raider.

I shrug, "Way better without them, man."


Sam sighs, "I miss her."

"Did she tell you goodbye?" I ask, turning to face him.

Sam nods, "I couldn't see her in person, but she called me yesterday morning and was crying to me over the phone. It was one of the first times I had talked to her since our breakup." Sam and Casey had (thankfully) broken up two weeks before due to Casey believing that the pair wasn't as "in love" as they had used to be. When Sam had called me to tell me the bad news, it took all I had in me tonight shout, "Yes!" into the phone (but of course, I did as soon as we hung up)

"How did you react?"

Sam scoffs, "How do you think I reacted? I felt horrible; I started missing her while we were still talking!"

I glance down at the rug on our hard wood floor, trying to block him out.

"It's going to suck going back to school without her there."

"Yeah…" I mutter absently.

Just then, the front door swung open and slammed shut as Edwin stomped into the house, throwing his rollerblades and hockey stick onto the ground before ripping off his pads.

"How did street hockey go?" I ask, glancing at the "I'm-going-to-beat-the-everlasting-shit-out-of-anybody-who-talks-to-me" expression on his face.

"Life sucks," was his reply.

Sam glanced back at Edwin curiously as he stomped up the stairs, "What's up with Ed?"

"He's been this total drama-queen-in-training since the McDonald's left. He misses Lizzie."

"I can imagine."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I look over at my best friend curiously.

Sam sighs, "It was obvious that Edwin liked Lizzie, and living under the same roof with someone who is appealing and close to your age and not blood related is obviously going to be tempting. I'm just surprised that you never fell for Casey; I guess I'm lucky that I got to her first." Sam said, chuckling and nudging me in the shoulder.

I guess I'm just lucky I got to her first…ha-ha-ha-ha…drop dead.




I wake up early the next morning to the sound of my grandma's Pug, Mario, yipping loudly.

I cover my head up with a pillow and try to block out the noise.

I can't even explain the feeling you get waking up in a completely different bed in an entirely different house that you know you're going to be staying in for a while. In all honesty, I hate that feeling.

Lizzie is laying on the twin bed across from mine, she started mumbling and groaning and turns her back to me so that the front of her body is now facing the lemon painted wall.

I sigh and remove the pillow from over my ears, glancing up at the ceiling with teary eyes.

I hate this. I want to be back at home with George, and Edwin, and Marti…with Derek.

Since we left the Venturi house, I haven't gone thirty minutes straight without thinking about him. Even my dream last night was about him.

In my dream I had been walking down the hall, clad in my Babe Raider outfit when I had seen this girl with Derek pinned to the locker and they were making out. I had flipped my way towards her and shoved her out of the way, kicking her into the stomach. Then out of nowhere a rope fell down from the ceiling, I latched onto Derek and the roped pulled us up and out of the school and onto a plane, where we proceeded to make out. I had just been getting ready to take off his shirt when Mario had started barking.

Thanks a lot, Mario!

I roll off of the bed and make my way into the bathroom to change and brush my teeth and hair before heading downstairs and noticing that there is a note sitting on the coffee table in the living room.

Casey and Lizzie-

Running errand… be back around noon.


Mom and Grandma

"Joy." I mutter just as the doorbell rings, making me nearly jump a foot in the air.

Mario immediately begins to bark.

I shush him and make my way towards the door; I swing it open and am face to face with the brunette and blonde girls that I had seen next door the night before.

The blonde is the first to speak, "Hi, I'm Emma. We heard that Greta's family was coming to stay with her for awhile, so we just decided to come introduce ourselves. This is my best friend, Manny." She gestured towards the brunette girl.

Manny glanced up at me and smiled.

"I'm Casey McDonald."

"Are you going to be going to Degrassi in the fall?"

I shrug, "I guess so."

"It's a good school." Emma says reassuringly.

"So, where is your other friend?"

"Other friend?" Manny asks confusingly.

I think back to the way the boy from last night looked, "The boy with the blonde hair, he was with you guys last night."

"Oh, you mean Peter." Emma says with a laugh.

"I wouldn't exactly consider him a friend." Manny says negatively, "He's just Emma's boyfriend."

"Hey Em, Manny, Spike told me I could find you over here." Another girl, with long brown hair, says, running up to the pair.

"Darcy, meet Casey McDonald. She'll be starting Degrassi with us in the fall."

Darcy turns to me and smiles, "Hey, I'm Darcy Edwards." She says and holds out her hand for me to shake.

I smile and shake it, "Casey McDonald."

"We're supposed to meet the guys at the Dot in like, twenty minutes." Darcy states in a factual tone, turning her attention away from me and back towards Emma and Manny.

"The Dot is like our local hangout," Emma explains towards me, "and a bunch of us are going to hang out there today."

Great…I guess?

"You should come with us!" Darcy exclaims, "You'd love our other friends."

Manny nods, "It'd be totally cool if you wanted to come with us."

I think back to Lizzie, it isn't fair to her to leave her here by herself, especially when she doesn't even want to be here in the first place.

Of course, neither do I.

"I can't." I say apologetically.

Manny shrugs, "No biggie."

"Soon, though, okay?" Darcy states before she and Manny wave at me and head down the porch steps.

"You're free to swing by my house whenever." Emma says with a small smile, "I could introduce you around."

I smile, "Thanks."

Emma nods, "See you." She says before turning and heading off down the stairs.

I close the door behind them.

Hmm…maybe Toronto won't be so bad…

Oh, please. Who am I trying to kid?

Myself, obviously.




"Hey mope-ass, get down here." I say to Edwin's bedroom door.

I can hear him slump his way down the stairs before opening up the door and glaring at me, "What?"

"They're playing the Greatest Leafs moments on ESPN, wanna go watch?" As long as it gets my mind off of Casey, I'm pretty much willing to do anything with anyone at this point.

Edwin shakes his head, "I'm just gonna stay up here." He says and turns around, heading back up the stairs.

"Not so fast." I say.

Edwin groans and turns to face me, "What?"

"What is your problem? Even I'm not acting this dramatic."

"I don't feel like doing anything." He grumbles.

I roll my eyes, "I can tell you're bummed about Lizzie, but move on, Man!"

Edwin shoots me a blank glare, "Should I take notes from you? It's so apparently obvious as to how easily you have gotten over Casey."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask confusingly.

"Like I didn't see you guys' round of tonsil hockey last night," Edwin scoffs.

My face pales, "I was just telling her goodbye."

"Because, you know, that's how I tell everybody I know goodbye."

I grip him by the collar of his shirt, "Shut up, Edwin."

"Smerek!" Marti calls out down the hallway.

I release Edwin and turn to my little sister, "What's going on, Smarti?" I ask, crouching down so that I am eye level with her.

"Do you and Edwin miss Lizzie and Casey?"

I nod, "Yeah, Smarti, we do."

Marti sighs, "Good, because I do too. And I think that we need to get over them."

Edwin eyes her confusingly, "Get over them?" he asks, stepping down the remaining stairs and glancing down at her.

Marti nods, "We need to go eat ice cream. Lots of ice cream."

Edwin chuckles, "You think ice cream can fix this?"

Marti gives us a toothy grin, "Ice cream can fix anything."


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