The Cheetah

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Chapter 1: A Fool for Love.

I was twenty-five years old, and I was walking home from the market when I had a strange feeling. Something was wrong, and my parents were in trouble.

"Mom?" I asked when I got into the house. "Dad? Where are you?" I walked around, and went into their bedroom. I couldn't believe what I saw. They were lying on the ground very bloody, and their eyes had a very surprised expression on their faces. Their throts were cut, so I knew they were dead. I knelt near them and weaped so much that I had never done so before.

"You must be Marissa." A man said from the corner of the room. He was tall, and had silver hair which matched his eyes. He was wearing a fur coat and a long shirt with leopard print on it. He had a choker necklace on with a little diamond on it. Despite is girlish appearance, he was very handsome.

"I am Creed Diskenith." He finished.

"What do you want?" I asked scared. "Did you..."

"Kill you're parents? No. I came here too late. I was trying to save them from the person who did this." Creed said now walking toward me.

"Then who did?"

"You don't have to worry about that now Miss Keya. My associate Miss Kirisaki made him turn into ashes. You will not have to worry about him any more. If fact, I think we can take care of you. Why don't you come with us? We can help you get back to you're feet after this loss."

I don't know why I said "yes" to this invite, but soon I was living with this man Creed, and we became a couple. I have never had a decent relationship ever. It always ended in heartbreak. Three months went by, (rather quickly I might add) and now I was married to Creed. My name was now Marissa Diskenith, and I thought I found the place I'd be happy with, but I was wrong.

About two weeks after we got married, I found out I was pregnant. I was so excited, and I just couldn't wait to tell Creed. However, as I walked briskly toward where everyone was so I could tell him, I overheard him talking with Shiki, Kyoko, and Charden.

"When are you going to get her on our side?" I heard Kyoko say.

"Not until she produces for me an heir. Then, if she refuses, I can at least have an heir to finish Train if I die." Creed replied.

What was this all about? Creed loved me. He wouldn't make me join him in killing people for a living would he? As much as I tried to deny it, I couldn't shake the feeling I was developing. He was using me for producing and heir, and for a new person to use powers to kill with. Well I wasn't going to give in. I never wanted to hurt people with my power I've had since I was a child. It was my gift, and I wasn't going to misuse it.

Suddenly, I saw a bee buzz past me. One of Shiki's spies...

"You're wife has heard our conversation..." Shiki said.

Before I could run away, a bee stung me, and I was not able to move. Before I knew it, I was lying on our bed, and Creed was lying next to me. He raped his own wife. I was getting the feeling back in my body, and Creed was standing up, and he took hold of my arm.

"I don't know what's so hard about this. I'm offering you more power, and glory. You and I can rule the world." Creed said in his usual 'sweet talk' tone of voice. He touched my face lightly, and caressed my skin as he always did when he was trying to seduce me. I took shook my head away from his grasp, now that I had completed control of my actions. I slapped him.

"I will never kill for you. Never."

"Very well, than you will die after you give birth to my heir, and you will hold still until you conceive one..."

At this time, I've had enough. I had power, so I was going to use it. I made the heaviest decoration in the room hit Creed in the back of the head, and I ran with everything I could give. I sprinted out of the property, and I ran so fast I had no clue where I was going. I didn't care what the humans thought, but all I wanted to do was run. Run away from Creed, and I didn't care how far I went. I was getting tired, very tired. Allofasudden, I ran into someone. We both fell.

As I got up, I noticed that this man was very handsome. He had a long tan trench coat, and matching hat. He had a blue dress shirt, and a black tie. He has stubble, but I really liked stubble, and straight green hair. Despite the green hair, I liked him.

"I'm...I'm sorry sir." I got up, and I then noticed the boy he was with. He had brown hair, amber colored hair, a choker necklace like Creeds, only it had a bell on it. Then I noticed the Roman numeral '13' on is chest. I recognized who he was, and I had to get away. Creed told me that that man was the 'Black Cat.' Creed's archenemy. If he found out whom I was married to.

'I'm sorry... I... gotta... go..." I said as I went to run again, but the Black Cat caught me.

"Where are you going...miss...?" He said.

"Uh, I have to ... um..."

"Wait! Don't go." The other man said. "What is you're name?"

I sighed. There was no getting away from them. I had to talk. And I couldn't lie, or they'd kill me for sure. I couldn't put my unborn baby in danger.

"Alright. My name is Mrs. ..." I corrected. "Marissa... Diskenith."

"Diskenith... as is Creed Diskenith?" the Black Cat asked. I could see that there was anger in his eyes. I wanted to run away, but then the other man tried to calm the Black Cat down.

"Train calm down." He said. I now finally knew his real name.

"I can't, it's Creed! She's related..."

"Mrs. Means married idiot." The man said. "But then again, you wouldn't put incest past the SOB would you?" he said.

"Um, excuse me, but I can explain." I said finally getting up the courage.

"What if we..." Train started, but the other man interrupted once again.

"Train, it would be against my code of chivalry to kill her without an explanation." He now turned to me. "You can explain now."

I was scared to death. What would I say that wouldn't make the Black Cat want to kill me? Creed told me that he could not be trusted, and that he was the only one I could trust. I took a deep breath, and told my story.

"Well... you see, it all started when I was twenty two years old, and I was walking home to bring groceries home to my parents, because I was not married yet, and I could not keep a steady job. I found them lying dead on the bedroom floor, and then I met Creed. He took me in, and then three months went by, and I was married to the jerk." I said with a hint of hatred and tears forming in my eyes. As I said this, I saw the Train's eyes go from anger to an unusual awkwardness.

"Uh... don't cry... I'm sorry... just don't cry."

I looked up and wiped my tears away. This was the man that I should stay away from? The dangerous man that would kill me for being married to Creed?

"Ok. I'll stop." I said rather abruptly.

"Please go on Marissa." The other man said with a smile that was laughing at Train's reaction to my tears.

"Alright." I said. "I was going to find Creed to tell him ... something, but I stopped when I heard him talking to his associates. They said that all they wanted from me was an heir and me on their side to help kill innocent people. They caught me, and I was stuck with one of Shiki's bees, and I was stunned so that I could be raped by my own husband. He then had the nerve to ask me to follow him and 'rule the world with him' but I refused. Then he said that he was going to make me produce an heir for him, and then kill me.

"I had enough. I used my telekinetic power to make a heavy decoration fall on his head, and I knocked him out. I have nanomachines that make me run as fast as a cheetah can, so I ran out using that speed. Then I ran into you." I finished. I went to run again, but the man took my arm and said...

"Marissa, you don't have to run from us. We'll protect you from Creed. I promise you that."

Train also got a grin on his face, and said "... and Sven Vollfied never breaks a promise."

I knew that now I had people to care about me; The Black Cat, Train Heartnet; and a very handsome man named Sven Vollfied.

End of chapter one

Author's note: well, what did you all think? I'm just starting out as a fan of Black Cat manga, but I do know the characters pretty well.