Author's note: I'm sorry I have not written, but I was trying to juggle finish my novel I am writing, schoolwork, spending time with my new boyfriend, and my other fanfics. I decided that I should start writing more, so don't be mad if this isn't a great chapter...

The Doctor

The next morning, I woke up to Sven and Eve sitting on either side of me, and Rinslet lying on the bed next to mine.

"Good morning." Sven said grinning at me with his sweet smile.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You fainted." Sven said. "The doctor said that you started having contractions because you stressed too much."

"Oh... Ok..." I said.

"Ah!" Suddenly, Rinslet woke up.

"Yo, you're awake..." Sven said.


"I heard pretty much the whole story, tough luck..." Sven replied retreating back under his paper. I just sat there. I didn't really know what to say. I was happy that Creed was gone, and I just lay down and rested a while.

"Sven, Where are we?" Rinslet asked.

"Our hideout." He replied. "It's not too serious, but you injured the tendon in your right arm."

"I remember we jumped from the tower...Where is he!" Rinslet said suddenly remembering about Train. I sat up as well.

"Yea, what happened to him?" I inquired.

"Who?" Sven asked us.

"Train, with the sea-urchin head!" Rins said forcing me to laugh.

"Hey, your both up!" a chipper voice came from the door.


"Train Heartnet has arrived!" Train said as he jumped up, but than hit his head on the ceiling.

"You're awfully chipper...!" Rinslet said.

"He was in serious-mode all night. He's forgotten how to relax." Sven said looking at his partner lying on the ground.

Suddenly, I noticed something strange... train's arm has been reassembled. I was thinking something... but no... Creed wouldn't let that bastard do that... could he?

"Your hair! It's back to how it was?" Train asked with Rinslet's wig off. "How?"

"Er... she took off her WIG." Sven awnsered.

" hand..." Rinslet said as Train did chop movement with his arms. "What!"

"Okay, tell me now... what's going on?" Rinslet asked him as Sven went out to cook. (wow a man that cooks... I wish I ran into him a long time ago!)

"You mean how'd we get here? Well Sven found us and brought us here." Train said.

"I figured that much!" Rinslet yelled. "What else happened while I was out cold? How the heck did you get your arm back to normal?"

"It grew back!" Train said playfully.

"Liar!" Rinslet said angrily.

"It was that Doctor wasn't it?" I asked suddenly.

"Creed's yeah..." Train said. "You know him too huh?"

"Yea, he tried to rape me once..." I said remembering that instance when he was giving me a check-up. "Creed said he got rid of him, but obviously he didn't..."

"Am I missing something here?" Rinslet asked.

"Creed's doctor can heal wounds like that in an instant with his Tao ability." I said.

"If your talking about a tall guy with glasses yea that's him..." Train said. "So he's not as good as he seems huh?"

"No... he's as good as Creed was..." I said annoyed.

"Is... you mean." Train said suddenly. "That idiot's still alive."

"Great..." I said angrily.

Later on, Rinslet left after we ate.

"Marissa, do you want to stay here while we do sweeper duty?" Sven asked me. "I mean I don't really know what you could do with us..."

"I want to go with you all..." I replied. "The thing is that I need to travel. I can't be cooped up all the time. Plus I have powers that might prove useful." I smirked as I lifted his pack of cigarettes from the table and flew them to him.

"I see... but what about you're..."

"I'm pregnant... I'm not dead Sven." I smiled.

"I guess you're right..." Sven said to her smiling as well. Than Train came in and sat down with a bottle of milk.

"Rins took off awfully fast after we ate..." Train said.

"She was kidnapped in Sapidoa right? Then brought here? Does she have a place to go now?" Sven asked.

"She said not to worry... she has friends in the Elsida Government."

"I see..." Sven said.

"So Riss... are you gonna join our sweeper team?" Train asked.

"Yes... I am..." I said laughing at his enthusiasm.

"Sven..." Train said suddenly. "I caused you a lot of grief again... I'm sorry."

From what Sven looked like I though he was going to be saying thank-you, but he just flung Train something.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Past-due bills... We haven't had a payday in a while. Sweeper business resumes tomorrow!" Sven said seriously. "If you have time to worry about me, you have time to clean your pistol... need you in top form."

"Of course! But... same goes for you partner!" Train replied.

From that point on, I knew that I have found friends and a team I can use my powers for good with.