Godzilla and Anguirus's Random Quest

Disclaimer: We don't own Godzilla and Company. And this plot is NOT ripped-off from a fanfic. Oh, and one more thing: No flames PERIOD. Enjoy the show!

Godzilla was stomping along as usual; walking on the peaceful home he called Monster Island.


"Wow," Godzilla said, "King Kong was right. Stomping DOES lower stress." He smiled and continued walking.

Godzilla stopped by a cave and called out, "Yo, Anguirus! Ya home?"

"Yes. Maybe. Well, sorta. Okay, I am," Anguirus randomly replied.

Godzilla smiled, and then the mutant dinosaur then pressed the doorbell.


Anguirus popped out of his cave. "Hello? Oh, hiya Godzilla!"

Godzilla waved. "Heya Anguirus!"

Anguirus moved out of the entrance and pointed inside. "Come on in."

"Thanks," Godzilla said, as he and Anguirus entered the cave, with Anguirus closing the entrance door.

Godzilla looked around, as was agape. "Wow. You sure did redecorated, Anguirus."

Anguirus nodded. "Yup. Now, let's go into my videogame room."

Godzilla nodded, and the two dinosaurs came towards a warp pipe, but when they got to the room, they found King Kong playing a Gamecube with Peter Jackson's King Kong game in it.


"Playin' video games," King Kong replied, as he munched on some chips.

Anguirus fumed and growled. "King Kong, get out of my house right now, or I will..."

King Kong groaned. "Oh come on, Anguirus! I want to be cool and have a huge fan-base like you and Godzilla!"

"But you have a fan-base..." Godzilla interrupted. "And besides that, you-"

However, before Godzilla could finish, Anguirus was beating down King Kong to a bloody pulp.

Godzilla sweatdropped. "Okay...I'll just not say anything..."

Anguirus sighed. "God, I hate that huge building climbing ape so much."

Godzilla then felt himself being sucked up, and went down the pipe.

"GODZILLA!" Anguirus shouted in that Japanese accent from Godzilla 2000.

Godzilla came through another end, and just when he was about to walk out, two figures appeared from nowhere.

"What the?" Godzilla exclaimed, as the two figures appeared out of nowhere. "Ah crap."

"We must take you to our master for trespassing!" Gorgo shouted, snarling her teeth.

Godzilla only gulped, like in the style of horror films.

Rhedosaurus sighed. "Look, either you come easily, or we'll force you."

Godzilla was about to say something, when he suddenly bonked his head on the ceiling, and fell unconscious.

Gorgo and Rhedosaurus grinned and picked up Godzilla. "Glad you agreed to come easily."

The two reptiles then summoned a warp portal and went through it with Godzilla. The warp portal shortly disappeared afterwards.

Anguirus popped out from the warp pipe, and looked around. He gasped when he saw the remainense of the warp portal. "ACXK! GODZILLA'S BEEN KIDNAPPED!"

To Be Continued...