It was four in the morning, and Godzilla gasped, taking in as much fresh air as possible. He sighed of relief as he stood on his two legs, turning around and laughing as he managed to escape from his prison, being outside of the castle.

"HA!! I did manage to escape, after all!" Godzilla stated with pride as he rubbed his chin, thinking up an idea, "And now, sticking true to Rhedosaurus's word, I'll go and experience life to the fullest." He then smirked as he began to chuckle evilly. "But first..."

Several minutes later inside the castle, Rhedosaurus was doing his routine check up on the prison cell, seeing the huge hole that Godzilla has dug. He took a moment to take the consideration of Godzilla escaping in, and he smiled, chuckling as he muttered under his breath, "Godzilla, you have made me proud. Now go and kick Gamera's butt to the extreme." With that, Rhedosaurus headed straight down the hole and bursted a hole through it, leaving the premisis of the castle as he went back to enjoy his former life style, finally freeing himself of being a simple peon.

It was the next night, and Gamera has somehow managed to take control of the entire world.

"Bwa ha ha!" Gamera laughed as he played around with his action figures that he had in storage a long time ago, "Now, this planet is under my control! And that means all the action figures for the world to play with!"

Gorgo made her entrance into the throne room as she cleared her throat, Gamera's other lackey not being present.

"Umm, Gamera, I just want to say," Gorgo started as she took out a letter, holding it next to her face, "I have decided to head back to the cold seas nearby Scotland so I can reunite with my husband and son."

"WHAT!?" Gamera exclaimed angrily as he fell off his throne, landing flat on his face as he was shocked beyond shocked. "What do you mean, you're retiring!?" he panicked, biting his claws as he looked around frantically. "Is it because I hang around too much on TV Tropes!?"

Gorgo sighed as she shook her head. "Well, it is true that TV Tropes may potentially ruin your life, but that's not the gist I'm pointing out." She motioned her hand as she stated, holding a note in her other hand, "It's just that, I decided to quit and head back to my previous life. So yeah, nice knowing you, Mr. Gamera." She began to head out of the throne room, turning around to face Gamera one last time. "Oh yeah, and Rhedosaurus quit, too."

"WHAT!?" Gamera exclaimed as blood began gushing out of his mouth, his eyeballs brimming with yellow electricity as he screamed loudly, "BUT HOW!!! HOW COULD I LOSE MY BEST HENCEMEN!? HOW!?"

Rhedosaurus was seen deep in the depths within the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, whistling to himself as he was having a friendly dinner with a random family of mutant crabs, who were eager to part with Krabby Patties with the reptilian monster.

Gamera controlled himself and thought deep thoughts deeply, as suddenly the entire throne shook, and a second later, BAM!! Gamera was knocked into the wall as the entire castle crumbled, leaving only the throne room in place. Gamera moaned in pain as he tossed his crown away, getting up, to see an enraged Godzilla.

"Time to beat you up mercessly!" Godzilla shouted as he roared, running towards gamera and tackling him to the ground.

Gamera growled angrily as he got to his senses, getting into a fighting stance. "It's on now!" He bellowed back as he grabbed Godzilla's right hand, smashing Godzilla into the television set nearby.

Godzilla got up, apparently not feeling the pain as he grabbed a few sticks and started chucking them at gamera. gamera hid into hsi shell, spinning around and forcing dust up into Godzilla' stomach as he then rammed into Godzilla, causing the ground to split into three. Godzilla got up and used his tail to jump really high, landing on gamera and smacking him out of the shell with his tail, using it to suffocate Gamera. Gamera used his claws to pierce Godzilla's tail, causing Godzilla to yelp as he was then chucked onto several trees. gamera then clapped his hands as several spikes began spiking Godzilla, impaling the mutated dinosaur as the mutated turtle began tossing empty bottles of Pepsi at Godzilla. Godzilla punched the bottles away, before being kissed several times in the face by mini gameras, biting them to bits as he was picked up and chucked at a nearby stadium, causing it to burst into flames as it collasped on itself.

Meanwhile, the writer for the fanfic pondered as he rubbed his chin, wondering how to make the situation even more stupider than it was. He gasped, and snapped his fingers. "I know!"

Back on the battlefield, Godzilla was being pecked to death by several mutant chickens that shot lasers from their eyes, causing Gamera to laugh, the laugh making Godzilla's ears bleed. Godzilla suddenly evolved into a cat and escaped the chickens, running up gamera's left leg and scratching the turtle as he returned to his normal form. gamera hopped up and down in a skirt, using the pink-colored skirt to grab Godzilla and toss him into the air. Godzilla then ricochetted into several different colored balloons, before being reflected back to the ground by a bright, shiny rainbow with eyes. Godzilla shook off the pain and fired his radioactive fiery breath at gamera, who replied with his own radioactive fiery breath. The two continued breathing fire at each other, until Godzilla did a barrel roll and quickly shot a blast of fire underneath gamera's feet, causing the ground to collaspe as Gamera fell right into the pit.

"CURSE YOU, GODZILLA!!!" Gamera was heard shouting in rage as he disappeared into the earth's core, apparently not to be seen again.

Godzilla grinned as she stood triumphally, laughing as he them gave himself a PROMOTION.