A Broken Promise


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"Why are you leaving?" Isabel asks as she follows Arkarian around his chambers.

"Isabel, don't worry. I'm just going on a mission. Lorian thins that Marduke will be going to the year Washington is born. He's going to try to kill him before he becomes America's first president," Arkarian explains as he stares contently into the hologram sphere showing the early 1800's.

"Why can't I come?" Isabel asks.

Arkarian turns to face Isabel and softly says, "Because we…I can't afford to lose you."

Isabel smiles and Arkarian pulls her into a loving embrace and softly strokes her hair.

"Promise me something Arkarian," Isabel whispers into Arkarian's chest.


"Promise that you'll come back," Isabel whispers as a tear falls down her face.

Arkarian lifts Isabel's chin with his finger and gently wipes her tear away with his thumb.

He closes the gap between them and slowly kisses her.

When they separate to breathe he whispers, "I promise."

"Isabel…we need to tell you something," Ethan says on the phone.

"Ethan! It's two in the morning! What is it?" Isabel replies irritated.

"It's Arkarian…he's gone…we can't find him…," Ethan finally says.

Isabel is silent except for the few stray tears that fall from her brown eyes.

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