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Chapter 11- Feelings needed


Sakura can feel herself redden quickly and much to obviously. She made a face and said in a the calmest voice:

"I have to practice on saying that, and I have to get use to it because of this job," she smiled so casually after that, it almost scared Sasuke. "Okay," she said quickly with a heavy sigh, changing the subject, "it's good to be home." With that she walked in quickly through the doorway, almost skipping slightly.

The Uchiha shut the door mildly. Sakura's words were slowly processing in his mind although he wished that they would sink in a hundred times faster than it was at the moment. That made him feel dumb. Definitely.

How weird was THAT? If she wants to play that way . . . "I love you too, Sakura," he called back then smiled crookedly with a small laugh.


The next morning, Sasuke woke Sakura up earlier than the usual time. Although Sakura sleeps lightly, he'd managed to walk in so silently like a ghost and call her out of her sleep.

"Have a nice day, Mikoto!" the girl yelled when she walked through the threshold of the house.

"You kids be good in school," the dark haired woman responded with one of her stunning smiles.

It was in the middle of spring but the sun's heat was radiating like it was summer already. They weren't even four feet from Sasuke's car yet and she was taking off her uniform's dark jacket already. She fanned her neck and clutched onto her school bag rather tightly when they approached the shiny car.

"Where're you going?" she asked in mystification. Sasuke was walking toward the opened gates. "Um, the car's over here."

He turned around, shoving his hands into his pockets. She almost couldn't breathe when he looked at her, even if it was only for the shortest time. "We're walking to school today, that's why I woke you up early."

"What?!" Sakura tried to keep her voice down but she was definitely yelling at this point. "Are kidding me?! I'm getting mauled out here! It's so hot!"

He rolled his eyes at the girl. "You're exaggerating. The weather's just perfect."

"I'm not!" she retorted. "I'm going to soak in sweat when we get to school. Besides it's going to take us, like, forty minutes to get there."

"And your point is . . .?"

"I'm going to die."

"Well, we all are going to die someday."

She sighed, "C'mon, are we really going to walk?"

He nodded. "Yup."

Sakura sighed/groaned loudly as she trotted after Sasuke through the gates. "If you wanted to exercise, you have that big gym in your house, you could've did that instead of dragging me along with you." Her back slumped over. Wining isn't going to help, she told herself when they were half a block away from their amazing home.

"I just wanted fresh air," he answered, looking intently straight ahead. She saw his expression marginally perked. "I forgot to give you this yesterday," he dug in his school bag and pulled out an envelope. It looked like it was going to rip open; it was filled with something and a lot of that something. "Here."

Her green eyes curiously glued on the envelope then she looked up at Sasuke, finally figuring out what was in there. "You know that you don't have to give me that much, Sasuke. It's too much."

"Just take it, you don't have to thank me."

She sighed. She needed the money, for her mom. They both knew that well. She reluctantly wrapped her fingers around the edges of it. "I'm going to thank you anyways," she said smiling up at him as she shoved the envelope in her bag.

Surprisingly, he smiled slightly too but looked straight ahead again as he did so.

"Um . . ." she started.

"What now?" Sasuke interrupted, a bit annoyed.

"Well," she continued, "I don't know, but, I noticed just now that you and Itachi fight more violently. It's almost as if you guys would murder each other whenever you guys see each other. And I know that siblings are always rivals and never get along, but you and Itachi take it to another level. Am I just over thinking?"

She took her eyes off the dull cement and looked up at Sasuke. He looked like his mind was somewhere else, maybe he was just thinking of an answer. But he didn't say anything. Before she could look back down at the ground, he said:

"Don't talk about him."

She nearly jumped a foot in the air. Harsh and . . . Almost monster-like, that's how Sakura would describe Sasuke's answer.

"What does he do? I mean is it because he's older than you?"

Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

"Because he get's more attention?"

Sasuke's body tensed.

"Is it because he's successful?"

Sasuke's knuckles turned white as he gripped onto the strap of his school bag.

"Or . . . Is it because he calls you 'gay' all of the time?"

When Sakura looked up from the ground, she saw Sasuke's nostrils flare. Her eyes widened. Before she could even think correctly, he was already twenty feet ahead of her, storming away.

She stopped in her tracks, mystified. ". . . What did I say . . . ?"


Sakura wandered around school, waiting for the school bell to go off. She couldn't find Ino. Or Naruto. Or Hinata. Or Tenten. Not Neji, Shikamaru; not even Sasuke, he'd disappeared right when they'd entered the doors of Konoha High.

"Hi, Sakura," that voice, she knew that voice. That annoying, perfect voice. Ugh.

She turned around and managed a smile. "Good morning, Ayona."

Ayona stepped closer, she looked curious. "Um," she continued as she looked around. "Are you lost?"

Sakura laughed. "Kind of. I didn't realize that until now. This school is so big; it'll take me weeks to memorize every hall and room."

"Ahaa," the dark haired girl laughed a little, it sounded fake. "Well the fastest way to get to Kakashi-sensei's room is if you go that way, down that hall and take the stairs down to the lower floor." She pointed down the hall.

As Sakura looked down the hall, she smiled then turned back to Ayona, a bit surprised. "Thank you!"

"Uh-huh," she said, crossing her slender arms across her chest. "You have a nice day, now." She then disappeared down the opposite hall. Wow, she thought, I thought she was supposed to be evil; I guess it is true that EVERYBODY has a good side…Maybe.

The bell rang.

"Holy shit!" Sakura immediately slapped her small hands over her mouth. She practically screamed . . . Swearing . . . With a teacher standing ten feet away from her. The a scruffy-looking man wearing thin glasses looked up from the papers in his hands and gave her a look. "Sorry," she said feebly before power-walking down the hall that Ayona pointed out. It was deserted but there were still low laughs and snickers and talking at the end of the hallway.

That made Sakura fastened her pace. When she turned the corner, towards the stairs, she slammed into someone. She yelped, startled. Then had her eyes glued to his chest.

"Sasuke," she breathed. Finally she found him. Sakura was about to yell at him for ditching and causing her to be late to class, but right now, she didn't feel anything but relief.

But then she looked up.

She felt very stupid, embarrassed. The guy that she'd slammed into, looked like he was probably around her age, looked down at her and was about surprised as she was. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said, trying to back away but he had his hands tight around her back.

That was when she realized that they weren't alone. Behind the guy that held her tightly were a group of friends. Some of them had their backs against the wall, but some of the guys crouched down. Why were they here? Hanging around at the end of a deserted hall?



Sakura didn't get answers, but she knew that A) every one of those guys' attention was on them and B):

The way the guy was holding her was making her feel more than uncomfortable. The way his warm hands slid from her ribs, down her narrow waist. "I know you," he said, then looking back at his friends with a crooked smile, "Your Sasuke's girl, eh?" By now, his hands pressed against her grown hips then slipped in between her legs from behind.

Immediately her hand shot up, palm up, hit his nose. Her purpose at that moment was to push his nose as far up into his brain as possible. She was raging.

He cried out loudly, only once as he let go of Sakura and covered his nose. Her heart raced and she panicked toward the stairs. All of those guys moved, two of them went over to the guy with the broken nose but the other three chased after Sakura.

She raced down the stairs so fast, she almost fell off balance. Without a warning, her head painfully jerked back when one of the guys pulled her back by a handful of her pink hair. She screamed.

"You ain't anywhere" the guy said, yanking her back up the stairs by her hair. She yelped helplessly each time he ruthlessly did so. He threw her to the ground when they reached the top.

"You…" the guy breathed, finally taking his hands off of his nose. Blood trickled down his nostrils, some were in his mouth and on his front teeth, blood also dripped from his chin and onto the floor. He spat out onto the floor; his spit red. "You…" he repeated as sat on top of her, raising his fist up in the air, "You fuckin' bitch!"

Then he punched her, hard and ruthless, almost knocking her out. He did that so hard that the side of her face went instantly numb.

"You are so dead!" he screamed in rage wrapping his hands around Sakura's neck, choking all of the air out of her system. Gripping her neck with so much force, she felt her eyes painfully roll back into her head.

"What the hell are you doing, man?!" one screamed. "Don't kill her!"

At that moment his hands released her, having her gasp and choke violently for air.

Just when she thought that it couldn't get any more worse than it was already, she felt his hands groping her breasts, hips, legs.

Her emotions changed rapidly, from anger to fright and then back to anger. He was feeling her! Where were the staffs when needed?! She felt like crying but then quickly clenched onto her loose bracelet around her wrist.

Her fist tightened then punched him and threw his face to the side, catching him off guard. But his hands were still on her, ripping her button-down shirt open. The milky-white buttons scattered on the floor. The other guys came to hold her arms down but she struggled and threw her head back far before slamming her forehead against his.

It worked. The guy on top of her shifted his weight of top of her, that was when she moved. When she sat up, she dug her fingernails into the guys that were holding her downs' hands. Sakura pushed the dude with the bloody nose down to the ground hard. He immediately sat up, reaching for her from behind but only managed to grab her shirt that was spilt open in the front.

No one was holding her down anymore or touching her in uncomfortable places but they were after her now as she dashed down the stairs (although she lost her button-down shirt). She panicked when she knew that they were racing after her. They were strong and they would've killed her already but it was only because they didn't want to rape a dead girl.

She landed at the bottom of the stairs harshly, jumping off 5 steps. Sakura didn't want to show any emotions that would make her look weak but she yelped and breathed loudly, uncontrollably.

Even though she'd figured that she'd probably sprained her weak ankle, she still limped her way fast down the hall.

It was like someone knocked the air out of her. Sasuke, appear from the other side of the hall. He looked confused. "Where were you? You weren't in Kakashi's, I was looking for you every . . ." he trailed off and stopped in his tracks.

His face wasn't just mystified now, he was shocked, also . . . He looked a little worried staring at Sakura as she ran unevenly down the hall with tears in her eyes and with only her thin undershirt on. He especially noticed those faint bruises and blood on her face.

He opened his mouth but before he could even ask her anything, she ran right into his chest, burying her bruised and pained face into his chest and wrapped her arms around his lean waist.

As reluctant as he was, he was able to bring his hand up to the back of her head and maternally press her closer to his body. She was shaking. Sakura didn't want him to pull away from her even though she knew that her tears were making his clean shirt damp. She couldn't help it.

"Who . . . ?" his voice was bleak. "Who did this to you?"

She didn't answer. She just focused on breathing evenly, not wanting to answer his question.

Right now he didn't care if he got an answer or not. But as he looked down the hallway, where Sakura came running from, his body suddenly tensed and his eyes narrowed dangerously.

Those guys . . . he began to himself. He was at his boiling point now. It was clear just by looking at his body language, the way he grabbed a fistful of her pink hair for a long moment and then let it go.

Oh yeah, he was upset.


"I want their asses out of school!" Sakura could clearly hear Sasuke's muffled angry voice through the closed door of Tsunade's office. She wished she was somewhere else than in front of the blonde woman's room. This subject was the last subject she wanted to discussed or even hear about.

"Don't use such language, Sasuke. I will handle everything, I don't need your help, thank you very much. Sakura, could you come in here?"

The girl maintain her calm expression when she walked in and stood next to Sasuke in front of the blonde woman.

"Okay, I just have a couple of questions that needs to be answered before I let you loose," Tsunade cleared her throat and leaned closer towards the two teenagers. "Did those students actually raped you?"

Sakura shook her head. "No, but they would've done that if I wasn't fighting back. Tsunade? Am I in trouble?"

Her eyes widened. "You fought back?" she repeated, ignoring her last question. Why would she even ask such a thing?

The girl nodded her head, her face and color was back to normal. "I actually gave him a bloody nose . . . Possibly a broken nose. But it was only in self defense because he touched me."

"Alright," the principle sighed, leaning back in her chair, folding her arms. She gave a deep sigh and looked up. The room was quiet for a long moment before she suddenly sat up again. "Tell you what, I give you permission to leave school for the rest of the day. Well, if you want to leave, I'll let you because I don't want any rumors or questions to go around; you know how this school is."

Sakura nodded her head, latching her eyes with Sasuke as if asking if she could leave.

"I'm going to take her home," the Uchiha said. Tsunade gave him a look. "Uh, may I?"



When the two arrived home with their homework and textbooks in their bags, they pretended that nothing happened.

"Why are you two here so early? It's only nine?" Itachi questioned when they walked up the stairs. He was standing below with a coffee mug in his hand, sipping casually as he asked.

"Ya know," Sasuke started as he turned around to stare him down, "I could ask you the same question."

The older Uchiha looked at him with a dumb expression. "I don't work on Mondays; you know that."

There was a long silence before Sasuke spoke again. All he said was:

"So." Itachi walked away with a smirk and scoffed. "Dick-face," Sasuke muttered in a low voice.

"Sasuke!" Sakura exclaimed but he didn't stop walking and walked past her giving her a dangerous look. She shied back and followed him. Why do I even try? she thought, exasperated. So, no school, no Ino, Hinata, Tenten, Yoko was at their bakery shop and Sakura didn't want to interrupt her. She was left with basically the Internet, talking to Sasuke (which was kind of hard to do), and homework.

As he approached his bedroom door, he was about to turn the doorknob but looked back at Sakura suspiciously. "Can I help you?"

"Huh?" she asked, bewildered, "Don't you want to work on our homework together?"

"I like doing my homework independently. I don't need your help." Sakura frowned. "Besides," he continued, "you have to treat that gash of your's. It doesn't look too pretty." Sasuke pointed toward the bruise at the corner of her mouth, where that guy had punched her. It wasn't exactly bloody as in liquid bloody because it'd already dried up. Now it looked a bit rusty.

Sakura touched the swollen corner of her full lips. It stung and she reacted quickly. "That's idly. I can feel it healing already," she said with exuberance.

Sasuke knew she was lying and was quick to grab her by her arm when she tried to enter his room. "This is completely ridiculous," he said, looking down at her. "Just listen to me and do it, then we can work on homework. Alright?"

"It's not a big deal. Let's just drop it."

"No," he said a bit harsher now. Sakura balked a little. "Go. Hurry up. Before I change my mind."

She sighed and said in a thick voice, "Alright, alright."


Homework has it's cons and pros but he found out that Sakura wasn't as obtuse as she appeared to be. She sure acted like she knew everything though, causing him to rub the back of his neck, hard, to hold himself back from yelling at her.

"No," she rebuked, pointing at Sasuke's neat handwriting. "That's incorrect."

His eyebrows twitched. He didn't answer but pressed down his pen, hard, almost ripping holes through the loose-leaf paper he was writing on instead. Sakura had the impression that he was trying to break the pen in half with his large hands.

"Sasuke? Did you-"

"Yes! I heard you! And I don't give a damn. Stop looking at my damn paper!"

Both of her perfect eyebrows raised. Talk about being moody. "Someone's PMS-ing." Just when she finished writing the first number of her answer, Sasuke's hand slammed on his textbook. His mouth opened wide and was about to say something but Sakura interrupted. "I was just joking. Jeez," she laughed a little at how childish he was.

He glared at her. "What now?"

She shook her head quickly and continued writing. "Oh, nothing, nothing. You just act so . . ." she paused and blushed. Why does her mouth has to be so big? Now she has to finish her sentence or Sasuke would give her that look like the one he was giving her now, gesturing her to continue. ". . . Pessimistic."

"Sure," his tone was sarcastic.

"I'm just stating my opinion. I mean, c'mon; I've never seen you really smile before," she tilted her head to look at him better, suddenly curious. It was true; Sasuke had never smiled a real smile in front of her, even if she'd been with him for a full week. To her surprise, he slightly looked away from her as he continued writing where he'd left off. "Don't tell me you're shy now?"

"Stop talking; I'm trying to concentrate."

A big wicked smile spread across her face. It looked cheesy but she didn't care, that was what she was aiming for in the first place. She leaned in closer towards him and said in a weird voice, "C'mon. It doesn't hurt to smile." He turned his head farther away from her, clearly annoyed. "Okay, you don't even have to smile, just do one of those smirks of your's or those crooked smiles that you do when you pity someone . . . Kind of evil but . . ."

Sasuke rubbed his temples irritably with his eyes shut tightly. "My goodness. You're so annoying!"

Sakura could feel her face fall a little but she quickly put on a small smile, looking away. "I know," she sighed. "You can't change really that."

He stood up in a haste and stretched a bit. "Forget this. I'm out."

"Wait," she started as she sat up. "Where're you going?" Was he mad at her? Mad for calling him evil? "I-I didn't mean to say what I said before."

Sasuke's had enough of this. He promised himself that if she spoke again when he was still in the room, he would slam the door on her while her big mouth was still running. He did.

Her nails dug into her palms. If he wants to walk away, she wouldn't care. If he wants to ignore her, she wouldn't mind. Sakura didn't have time to deal with this right now, she had to get back to her schoolwork.

If she knew that he would be like this, she wouldn't even bother talking to him in the first place.

She threw his bedroom door open and walked down the hall to her room.

"Bastard," she muttered in a low voice as she slammed her door shut with a loud bang.


"Sasuke, where're you headed?" Itachi called after him when he stormed past the living room. The younger Uchiha didn't answer or even looked back. Itachi looked at the keys in his brothers hands. He turned back to the television and smirked. "Fighting with your fake fiancée?"

Sasuke suddenly stopped walking, throwing Itachi a glare before he headed out of the house.

He stepped into his car then zoomed away. He didn't know where he was going but the way that he was going was the way to school. Maybe talking to Naruto would help. Maybe.

As his car sail into a parking space, students poured out of the school. He hadn't realized how long he'd worked with Sakura on homework. Quickly, he stepped out onto the parking lot and searched quickly for the blond. Nothing. Maybe he exited out another door.

He could see Neji walking with Tenten. When they stepped onto the pavement, they kissed goodbye. Sasuke made a face. It wasn't the normal goodbye kiss. It was the kind of making out before sex.

He looked away before they stopped. Typical Neji and Tenten.


He squeezed his eyes shut tightly. No. No. No. No. NOOOOOO!!! Anybody but her!!

"Sasuke!" Ayona called again. He could hear her footsteps coming at him quickly and before he could make a run for it, she was already standing, and smiling, next to him. "Who are you waiting for?"

"Naruto," his voice was bleak but he answered quickly before almost running toward his car.

"Um," she started as she tagged after him, "he left early; during fifth hour."

He stopped walking and raised his eyebrow at her. "He did?"

She nodded then looked around, almost in a shy manner. "I'll see you tomorrow." She waved goodbye as she headed the other way toward the pavement.

He opened the door to his car, his eyes on Ayona as she walked further away from him. Almost immediately, his back straightened. "Wait," he said to her. She turned around with a startled look. "Um . . . I could give you a ride home."

It took a while for her smile to finally appear. "Okay," she said cheerfully.

While they drove down the streets, Sasuke's attention was on the road. He was focusing so intense that it almost looked like the road was bothering him. Ayona blushed lightly as she glanced at him.

Naruto left early. It was almost hard for Sasuke to believe that. The blond probably had a hot date with the dentist or something.

It's only been a week since Sakura and Sasuke had been working together and he couldn't really stand it anymore. It was harder than he'd thought it would be. It wasn't exactly easy to pretend to love the other one when you really don't. Like acting on stage in front of world.

Sasuke scratched the back of his neck at the nervous thought. Marriage.

The expression that he had on his face at this point was a frightened look.


It was seven at night already and they were serving dinner.

"Where's Sakura?" Mikoto asked, stealing the words from Fugaku. She looked around the dining room, waiting for Sasuke to answer her.

"She's asleep, I just checked on her," he said, avoiding his mother's eyes.

Sayuko took her seat next to Itachi. "Itachi said that you and Sakura came home early. Was everything alright?"

He quickly nodded his head. "Yeah, yeah." With that, he shoved the food on his plate into his mouth to let the others know that he wasn't up for anymore questions.

Mikoto's eyebrows raised at her son's actions, a bit suspicious.


Sakura knew she was dreaming, but it was so terrifying it felt like reality. She had one of those horrifying nightmares when the harder you try to run, the slower it appears. She was hyperventilating uncomfortably, trying not to look back at what was chasing after her.

She'd hit a dead end and that was when the ghost grabbed her hair from behind.

Sakura gasped, sitting up in her bed so fast it made her dizzy. Her textbook was still in her hands. She quickly tossed it aside, trying to catch her breath. I'm shaking, she thought.

Paranoia swept through her again. Clumsily, she pulled the comforter over her head, hiding like a little child. It wasn't helping, not even close. She'd stayed under the thick blanket for so long, she started to sweat.

She bit her bottom lip lightly and counted to three before she ran across her room and bashed through the door. It was dark, almost pitch black except for the faint light of the half moon that lit through the cracks of the blinds.

"Where's that light switch?!" she said aloud. Sakura panicked as she ran nervously down the hall. Her hand was on one of the walls so she wouldn't get lost. But then she suddenly stopped at a door, satisfied that she found her destination. There were inaudible noises. What was Sasuke doing?!

She turned the doorknob, now halfheartedly, and pushed the door open. Her eyebrows narrowed, curious. She couldn't see what was going on, it was too dark. Sakura's hand lightly lifted the light switch that was a few inches away from her.

The light switched on so brightly that it stung her eyes. Someone in the room screamed, startled, it sounded like Sayuko. When Sakura's eyes finally adjusted, she turned bright red, immediately tuning off the lights and throwing her head to the side, out of the room.

"I'm sorry!" she squeaked. "Um…" she fidgeted uncomfortably, "do you know where Sasuke's room is?"

"Two doors down. Now get out!" Itachi yelled; his voice sounded smothered. She yanked it shut, still as red as a tomato. Stiffly, she made it to Sasuke's room. Sakura barged in and slammed his door a little too loudly. She could hear Sasuke's mattress shift and his sheets rustle. He was sitting up when she turned around.

"What the hell are you doing?" his voice was hoarse. Even though it was so dark, she make out his eyes narrowing grumpily at her.

She jumped onto his bed and crawled under his blankets, joining him. "Sasuke," she said breathlessly. "I had a terrible nightmare."

He sounded angry. "You have a bad dream and you crawl in bed with me?" She didn't answer but wrapped the blankets around her more tightly. She breathed in his comforter. It smelled like him; that cool, velvety, and masculine smell that was so addicting. "What are you? Five? Go back to your room."

He could feel her shake her head frantically. "I'm too terrified."

Sasuke stayed up in his position for a long moment, just staring at her, then heaved out an exasperated sigh and laid down with her. At this point, he was too exhausted to deal with anything; he just wanted sleep. She sighed too, but lightly. She turned onto her side so her back was touching his arm.

It was rather peaceful yet exciting being next to Sasuke. She didn't know. The feeling was weird. Fatigue started kicking in and Sakura finally sank into the soft mattress, closing her eyes. It felt safe, just knowing that he was there with her.

"Do you really trust me this much?" Sasuke suddenly asked. She was slightly startled and her eyes opened for a moment then they closed again.

"Uh-huh," she answered with her eyes closed.

"I really mean it. To actually sleep in the same bed?"

She nodded sleepily. "I know you wouldn't do anything. You're a good guy." The mattress shifted as Sasuke changed his position on the bed. Now the front of his body was pressed against her back and his warm hand slipped onto her flat stomach. His hands stroked up and down on her stomach.

Her eyes flew open. He was shirtless, and touching her and they were on the same bed.

He wouldn't do anything . . . Right?

Sakura was up and awake by now. She pushed herself off of the mattress, trying to get away from Sasuke. But his hands gripped her waist and pulled her back down next to him again. He was holding her down.

Her heart started to race. Oh my god.


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