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Z Warriors A.E,

(Densetsu no Senshi)


Kami-sama watched over the Earth from where he stood on his personal lookout, and shivered a little. There was a dark shadow passing over the land; a dark unseen shadow with a deadly purpose.

"You sense it too, Kami?" Came a soft, silvery voice from behind him. Kami glanced over his shoulder, and smiled warmly at his visitor.

"You still insist on sneaking up on me, Setsuna?"

Sailor Pluto smiled at her long time friend, before staring back at the little cerulean/green planet below. "I'm afraid that I have not come for a simple friendly visit You know that as well as I," Pluto whispered, staring solemnly into the sapphire sky.

Kami studied her delicate face with a worried expression. "Please? Tell me what you know?" he paused to swallow the hard lump burning in his throat, "What is it I sense?"

Sailor Pluto winced a little. The future she had witnessed was so dark and cold: full of hatred with the empty, chilling smell of death lingering in the air. Pluto unconsciously held her staff closer to her body, and turned away from her friend's questioning stare.

Kami sighed heavily when she did not answer, "The androidsSon Goku can't defeat them, can he?"

Sailor Pluto turned to him and shook her head softly. "No, it's not that. This darkness, it has not been caused by Dr Gero's androids. It's much too powerful." Kami frowned, more than a little confused. Worse than the androids?

After an uncomfortable long silence, Pluto slowly lifted her head to meet his stare. "The Evil has risen once more."

Throat dry, head spinning, Kami-sama began to collect his thoughts by the side of the fountain. Why was he so surprised? In all truth he had suspected that the Evil had been resurrected. But to have his friend confirm it...

He sighed. "We must call upon Earth's Special Forces," he whispered softly.

Sailor Pluto stood before him with a solemn look upon her face. "We both know they're not strong enough. They wouldn't have a hope against him. But ...maybe the Phoenix-"

Kami shook his head sadly. "You were right before. Now I doubt even the power of the Phoenix combined with the Z senshi could defeat him."

Pluto sighed. She didn't want to bring the Sailors into this. They would not be used to such power; such horrifying nightmares. Besides, the Sailor Scouts had only sworn to protect the Earth, right? Why should she bring them into this ordeal?! Pluto mentally slapped herself. This was no time to be thinking in such a selfish manner. This danger concerned everyone in the entire universe. Not just this one planet beneath her. Sooner or later, the Scouts would be forced to fight.

Finally Pluto took a deep breath and whispered, "Then we only have one choice."


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