Author's notes-I just wanted to make a 2/5 songfic to this song "I won't say I'm in love," off of Hercules. I do not own KND or Hercules

Eleven year old Abigail Lincoln couldn't believe it, detention, how could she, Abigal Lincoln,teacher's pet and straight A student get detention and for what you may ask? For trying to pick a fight with Susan aka numbuh 10 for flirting with her teammate Hoagie Gilligan.

If there's a prize for rotten judgement

I guess I've already won that

no man is worth the aggravation

that ancient history,

been there done that

Man, what was I thinkin', wondered Abby, as she sit there pondering. Hoagie Gilligan is a flirt, and he has always been like that ever since I known him, why should it bother seeing him with another girl, especially Susan? I mean he has liked her for what seemed like forever.

Who'd'ya think you're kiddin'

He's the Earth and heaven to you

Try to keep it hidden

Honey, we can see right through you

Girl, ya can't conceal it

We know how ya feel and

Who you're thinking of

It's not like I think he is cute or anything, thought Abby, as she chewed on the end of her pencil, athough he is very sweet and has a great sense of humor, although his constant puns are a bit annoying, but I gotta admit, many of them are pretty clever. And he does have great eyes, when he does take off his stupid googles.

No chance, no way

I won't say it, no, no

You swoon, you sigh

why deny it, uh-oh

I know I am suppose to like Nigel and not Hoagie. Nigel is great and all, but I just cant see myself dating him. And Hoagie Gilligan...I am not quite sure about that.

It's too cliche

I won't say I'm in love

Why am I having these emotions? It's not that I like, like him or anything.

I thought my heart had learned its lesson

It feels so good when you start out

My head is screaming get a grip, girl

Unless you're dying to cry your heart out


Hoagie is a great guy, and a wonderful friend, I should be feeling happy for him, not feeling jealous of the thought of him with another girl. I mean what girl wouldn't want to be with someone like him?

You keep on denying

Who you are and how you're feeling

Baby, we're not buying

Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling

Face it like a grown-up

When ya gonna own up

That ya got, got, got it bad

Quit it girl, this is Hoagie Gilligan you are thinkin' about, not some stupid model. He is your friend, nothin' more. Just think of all the missions you two went on together. Like the dance?

No chance, no way

I won't say it, no, no

I just went with him, so you wouldn't have to be alone, it doesn't mean anything.

Give up, give in

Check the grin you're in love

What about the time with numbuh 78? It turned out to be a stupid card, but I thought it was a girl, rather stupid of me huh?

This scene won't play,

I won't say I'm in love

Or the time we rescued the first grade's pet rabbit, we could have tried to get the others.

You're doin flips read our lips

You're in love

And the time he was Hank. I thought he looked pretty cute, Too bad he kissed my sister.

You're way off base

I won't say it

Get off my case

I won't say it

There was also the time he couldn't tell any jokes. Poor guy , I actually felt sorry for him. He later got in trouble with the clown mob and I had to rescue him, no one eles was there, and I had to help him, thats what teammates are for right?

Girl, don't be proud

It's O.K. you're in love

But I am not being proud, I am just being...


At least out loud,

I won't say I'm in love

Okay, maybe I am.