Festival Chapter Seven

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Cat Café

Cologne sat silently in her quarters as she went over recent events, trying to figure out where everything had gone wrong. Reluctantly she realized that a large part of the blame lay with her own plan right from the get go. She had failed to take in Happossia's easily addictive nature into account figuring that the aged master of anything goes would do anything to restore his manhood and not just simply embrace the forced changes. She had been counting on him being so repulsed by having to get his ki fix from sweaty ball soaked boxers that he, now she, would do virtually anything she commanded to return her former masculinity. Looking back though, it was clear that once again she had vastly underestimated her errant son in law. It should have been easy to spot, but in her arrogance she had just simply chosen to ignore the pigtailed teens own massive stores of manliness.

A manliness so potent that only the most militant lesbian tomboys could resist…"Hmm…" Cologne considered thoughtfully, "Perhaps Xian Pu didn't have anything to fear after all...oh well…"

" This isn't helping." Cologne realized with a sigh, "There is nothing I can do now, what's done is done. I need to learn from my mistakes and come up with a viable plan to minimize son in laws physical influence… Perhaps that's the problem…" she added as she remembered spying on him that morning, watching as he willingly splashed himself to turn female, "I've been looking at this from the wrong way… It's too obvious to not be a coincidence…. His manliness is a front… An act… Token resistance…" standing up and hopping on her cane to pace the room the aged matriarch of the Amazons muttered, "What I need now is a means to capitalize on this information. Using the Hibiki boy is a bust unless he has a twin sister. That Kendoist might prove useful but he's too much of a buffoon to be anything more than a nuisance for anything I come up with."

Cologne paused as an idle possibility that something important had just slipped past her notice, something to do with Happossai. Before she could put more thought into it though she was quickly distracted by an angry quacking sound coming from her closet, sighing at the interruption she lashed out with her cane to hit the door, "Quiet you… I'm not done punishing you for that little stunt yesterday at the Festival." Turning her gaze out the window she smiled as an idea hit her, one so brilliant its mere thought threatened to rival the sun itself.

Turning back to the closet she opened it and withdrew the now silently sitting duck from his cage and said, "Come Mr. Part-time, we have much work to do if you are going to be ready to claim your brides."


Shampoo sneezed suddenly as she approached the gates of her former Airen's school. Glancing up at the clock tower she realized that school was due to be ending at any moment. Sighing sadly over being forced to demean herself in such a manner she took another few steps forward and planted her feet.

"I have to do this…" The Chinese Amazon chanted to herself in an effort to steady her resolve, "I can't return home without a strong Airen…" Looking down she traced the edge of her large sign with her eyes still wishing that she had not fallen so far to where she was forced to wear a large wooden placard in an effort to land a husband.

The reason why she was wearing the placard was rather simple; even after being in Japan for as long as she had she still only had a rudimentary grasp of its language and often missed subtle nuances that caused her to come across as some undereducated bimbo. Hopefully with a sign that said /defeat me and I'm yours/ she would be able to forgo the usual misunderstandings.

Hearing the bell ring she shifted her position again to where she was standing directly in front of the doors leading out of the school. After a few minutes students started to trickle out, slowly at first but quickly picking up in number. Keeping her keen eyes, ones honed with great skill to catch speeding bowls of ramen, she maintained her humiliating vigil ignoring the hushed whispers floating around the courtyard.

Finally after several minutes of waiting, surrounded by the mutterings of what seemed like at least half of the school Shampoo spotted her hopeful Airen. Pasting on a sickly smile she took a few more purpose filled steps to take up a position directly in front of her hopeful Airen. Now blocking his path she made a gesture pointing to him and then the sign.

The blue thunder, chosen hand of the gods, looked at the sight before him dispassionately. He could tell from her hopeful expression and the sign confessing her love that she was struggling to resist rushing into his manly embrace to bask in his mighty presence. Unfortunately he knew they could never be. No he had been hand picked by the gods themselves, chosen by destiny to sire a new beginning of mankind. A beginning that would forever be a testament to the virility of the mighty Kuno clan.

It was with a heavy sadness that he spoke, "I apologize my homely and obviously mute maiden, but alas you and I can never be. For my virtue is doth spoken for by scores of goddesses desiring my mighty manly presence."

Shampoo reeled backwards as if she had been slapped as she turned her dismayed frown into a fierce glare at the impudence of the mere male in front of her. "HE dare's to call me homely… Dares to reject my offer… He should be grateful that a proud Amazon warrior such as my self would even consider the possibility of sharing myself with him." Letting her displeasure at being cast aside known Shampoo growled, "Stupid stick boy too too delusional."

Kuno was about to wave off the poor distraught waif's obviously frantic pleads and brush past her in an effort to be reunited with his loves when it occurred to him that his divine presence must have healed the poor waifs voice. Wanting to show that he, despite his status among the heavens, was still as much a humble man as before he said, "Fear not wretched waif for thy gratitude is welcome but unnecessary for one such as I."

Nearly frothing at the mouth over the morons words Shampoo started to rush forward before she realized that she had just been given her opportunity all she had to do was loose the fight, the laws didn't care on whomever started it, no the only thing that mattered was who finished it. With that in mind she altered her course slightly making it blatantly obvious on where she intended to attack.

The self proclaimed salvation of mankind dodged frantically having narrowly avoided a cowardly attack that had come from nowhere. Removing his bokken from his robes he called out, "Foul ungrateful wench, trifle me not with your lowborn blood, for mine shall only mingle with its like! For I am the silence in the wind, My sight endless. My name is whispered by maidens across the sea! My reflexes unparalleled by mere mortals… "



With the majority of the Senshi


Rubbing her face in irritation Haruka growled, "There's no frick'en way… No way that this is a coincidence… Pluto better have some answers for us this time… No more of her cryptic crap."

Nodding her head in agreement Michiru sagely started, "I agree, though this would explain a lot of things… Like why we weren't in the future when the others went there." She added as she considered that while she and Haruka might consider going to such a location for a girls night out it would be either unlikely for either of them to be there for any expended amount of time. Unless that is if they won a lottery.

"I can't believe it…" Muttered Rei as she stood off to the side with the rest of the Senshi.

"Yeah… It's like it's some kind of sign…" Sailor Venus added thoughtfully.

"It is a sign though." Chirped Usagi as she stared at the large impressive building before them while pointing at a large neon sign in the front of the building.

"Crystal's Tokyo Palace…" Makoto drawled out in disbelief as she slowly read out loud what the sign said.

"Well we can go in now." Nodoka announced happily as she approached the assembled group with Ryouga-chan and Bambi in tow. "Mr. Parker was able to gain some help from our government to smooth things over with the real estate agent so that I could move in right away. All that's left is for the current owner to sign over the property." Looking around for a clock or watch Nodoka added, "He said that the owner was more than willing to sell and would be by later to sign over the building."

"I'm not going in there…" Rei groused angrily, "Besides, this has nothing to do with us. The only reason that we even went with you was to get our uniforms back and we can't even do that until we find out where Hotaru took your son."

"REI…" Makoto gasped in shock, "You're not supposed to use our names…"

"Oh you mean like you just did…" Retorted Rei fiercely having her bad mood strengthened due to her personal plans involving her fearless leader and several bottles of whipped cream being further delayed until they were finished dealing with their current mess.

"Hehe… She's just kidding… No one named Rei or Hotaru here… Nope…" Usagi flailed awkwardly as she tried to cover for her friend's verbal slip

Ami who had been silently musing the odds of coincidences between knowing that the distant future involved Crystal Tokyo with a palace while apparently their immediate future held a strip club/ Massage parlor named Crystal's Tokyo palace decided to interject into the conversation, "You know… I don't really think it matters if they know or not at this point." Ignoring the incredulous looks directed at her by her teammates she continued with, "Her son is already getting to know Hotaru at this point… And we have no idea what Pluto did with that girl Nabiki.. For all we know they both now know everything about us." Looking thoughtful for a minute she added, "Though I don't think that either of them would disclose our identities without asking us first. But who knows considering that one of us is supposed to become pregnant with Ranma's child so that we can insure the future. I mean it's not like whomever it is going to be will have intimate relations with him while in Senshi form…." Shaking her head as she tried to flush the possibilities of a Senshi power aided carnal night of passion Ami blushed and trailed off weakly with, "Right…?"

Though it was the second time that she had heard their intentions concerning her son, Nodoka could not keep herself from swelling with pride over her son's soon to be accomplishments. Turning to the door in an effort to hide the warm flush on her cheeks she started, "Well, we might as well go in and see how the place looks from the inside."

"Excuse me… Nodoka… Uhm… You mean that you didn't already take a look around the inside… It could be a rat infested dump." Makoto stated somewhat awkwardly as she thought back to her first apartment and how that she had signed the lease without ever looking at it only to discover that it was a total dive.

"Oh, I'm sure it's fine. It hasn't really been closed for all that long." Bambi stated nostalgically as she shrugged and began to follow Nodoka inside to see how much had changed with the place after not having been there for quite some time.


Back with Shampoo


"… My skill unsurpassed… My strength is limitless… My fortitude greater than the mountain… For I am more cunning than a fox… I have the speed of a thousand mongoose's…. The agility of a hundred cats… Possessing the nobility of all of Kami's creatures combined equaled only by our great emperor himself…."

Shampoo groaned again listening to the moron drabble on and on and on about his vastly inferior skills. Briefly she considered going home without taking him as a husband but quickly remembered that with Ranma disqualified the other elders might try to force her to take on Mousse as her husband out of some sort of punishment. "Have to let him win… must resist urge to flatten… Anything is better than Mousse…" Shampoo chanted to herself in the hopes that her thoughts would give her the patience she so direly needed.

"The girth of the vast Burmese Python… Possessing the virility of an entire bottle of blue pills…"

" That's it I can't stand it anymore… I have to act now… though perhaps I should check his claims. After all I don't want to wind up wasting my time like I had with Ranma…" Moving swiftly forward she lashed into a speed attack that while nowhere near as fast as her formers Airen's speed was more than enough for her to get in, spot the goods and retreat to absorb the information.

The self proclaimed Merciful Hand of the Kami felt a brief draft that distracted him from listing all his divine enhanced abilities momentarily. Fortunately he was not one to be swayed by minor incontinences and managed to continue without leaving so much as a discernible pause, "The grace of the gentle swan… Smarter than your average bear…"

Shampoo sighed in near disappointment having stepped back out of range after sneaking a peek at the prize. She had been worried for after listening to the boy's monologue thankfully those fears were quickly put to rest as more of the boys self delusions. For a brief second she considered that he could be a grower not a shower but given his stature she had her doubts. "Still I do not understand why I am still disappointed, I should be happy that he fits within the criteria. And if his size was any indication then laying with him as his wife might not be that un-pleasurable. After all, if I can't feel it, then I can't NOT like it." So it was with that last pragmatic thought that Shampoo finally went in for her attack. Making sure to use simple non extravagant moves she rushed in and moved to the side angling herself to impact the boys stick at just the right angle.

Unfortunately for Shampoo chaos reared his ugly head and just as she was about to make contact with the loud mouthed buffoons little stick, a fist appeared out of nowhere. Luckily for the Village Champion though, she was more than skilled enough to avoid such an attack but as she neared her initial target stray thoughts of, "Do I really want to do this…? To choose this one to share my bed…?" flooded her mind. Unable to silence them and realizing that she had mere seconds before she was too committed to her actions she decided to alter her attack. After all there was a minuscule possibility that whoever this newcomer was might be more tolerable than the stick waving idiot. It was with no small amount of trepidation though that she realized that she would not have time to perform an equipment check on the unknown fist's owner but in the end but she was an Amazon and it was inbred into her very nature to be highly adaptable. So with a twist of her neck and swipe of her hand she took a shot at destiny.

Destiny shot back

Shampoo looked up from her position on the ground with a hopeful expression on her youthful face to see whom her savior was and blinked. She had not been expecting the pasty scrawny kid that hung out in the bushes around the dojo to have the fortitude to attack her. Heck just from looking at him she knew there had to be something wrong with him. As her eyes traveled down his boney frame she realized what it was, the kid obviously had some sort of birth defect as there was something wrong his legs.

He appeared to have three of them.

Gosunkugi looked down to the ground in confusion. One second he had walking past the crowd of fellow students intending on spending a few hours around the Tendo dojo to try and take pictures of Akane when he had been forcibly shoved through the crowd and into the thick of things by members of the Sumo team. Needless to say his frail frame had nothing compared to those behemoths. Realizing that he was still standing after feeling something collide with his fist while he had been flailing about Gosunkugi looked up at in with a small sense of dread building in his gut.

For a few silence filled moments he just stared at his hand dazedly while flexing and unflexing it in wonder. "Why doesn't it hurt. I know I hit something. It should be throbbing right now." Once his mind caught up to his thoughts he paled, quite a feat considering his already pale complexion, and looked around to see what his traitorous fist had made contact with. His heart nearly stopped cold when he spotted the local Chinese Amazon on the ground staring at him in abstract wonder. Not knowing what else to do with suddenly being made into a sure fire target for the purple haired door-maker he immediately tried to run only to realize too late that his pants were around his ankles. His last thoughts as his face plummeted towards the ground though were surprisingly not on his own impending demise. No his last thoughts before darkness claimed him was wondering why the entire Furinkan Cheer team was on the ground with blood gushing out of their noses.

Shampoo rose off the ground with a dejected sigh having reached a conclusion about the true nature of the scrawny kids third leg. Feeling too depressed to even reconsider battling the idiot stick boy, who had somehow found an obscenely large bokken to wave about, Shampoo turned to return back to the safety of the confines of her bedroom in the Cat Café wanting nothing more than have a good cry at how fickle fate was.


Setsuna stood before the Gates of Time, having left the others in the limo so that she could catch up on recent happenings with the others and plan accordingly. Already she had needed to appear before her younger self to give her some instructions on what needed to be done without telling her the why or even how they were related to the little post-it note she had received earlier.


Back with Nodoka and the others


Rei grumbled to herself lightly as she trailed behind the procession into the building, upset with the fact that they had come to a consensus to share their civilian identities with this new group of interlopers. Though she was somewhat mollified due to the fact that the JSDF and the strange American had already left the location with the property manager in tow as to not appear too intrusive into Senshi affairs. Coming to a stop just inside the door she nearly doubled over in shock, the room was almost identical to the throne room of Crystal Tokyo's palaces throne room, it's only exception was that there was a bar and several stages surrounding a larger stage that instead of seating a large impressive throne like it did in the future was just home to a twenty foot vertical pole reaching to the ceiling flanked by mirrors in the background .

Hearing an exclamation of, "Ooohhh… Looky, a pole…" Rei jerked herself out of her examination of the room just in time to see Usagi climbing onto the center stage and taking a few test twirls around the said object before going into a full out routine. Standing there slack jawed at the unexpected grace and sensuality that her friend with hoped for benefits was displaying so casually that it looked like she was a long time pro Rei whispered in disbelief, "She has two left feet… Trips over her own hair… Falls on her butt more times than a toddler learning to walk…"

"I know… It's almost like it's decanned or something…"

Rei nodded absentmindedly, not bothering to correct Minako that the correct term was 'uncanny' as she slowly made her way to the stage so that she could 'support' her friend.

Michiru shook her head slightly in dismay; she had been having her doubts ever since the beginning but now everything was just falling into place too neatly for it to be anything other than a coincidence. Especially considering the matter that their usually somewhat clumsy leader looked right at home dancing provocatively around the pole. Leaning to her side she started out to whisper to her lover only to realize just as her statement was about to leave her lips that she was no longer there. Glancing around the room she nearly slapped her forehead in embarrassment having just spotted her flirtatious lover sitting in front of the stage with a large stack of yen sitting before her.

Seeing the long legged blond named Usagi mount the stage Nodoka shrugged and made her way to sit next to the other girl that had somehow teleported directly to the front of the stage. After all, Ranma was her son and if everything these girls had said was true than the future depended on her manly son spreading his seed amongst these virtuous maidens and she would be remiss in her duties as both a mother and a member of a Jurain Harem if she did not closely inspect the so called goods.

"Popcorn?" Haruka offered politely without taking her eyes off of Usagi on the stage.

"Thank you…" Nodoka replied formally as she took a handful of the offered snack pushing the matter of where it came from out of her mind.

Deciding that the dance was too G-Rated Haruka wolf whistled lecherously while holding up a handful of yen and adding, "Take it off… Take it all off…"

Rei frowned to herself as she took a seat on the other side of Haruka, away from that Nodoka woman. Seeing all the yen clenched in her fellow Senshi's hand and not wanting her teammate to get the metaphorical first licks on the vixen prancing on stage she immediately reached into her subspace pockets, pulling out the entire contents onto the table. Grabbing both a large wad of yen and a Manga, she held the items up hoping her counter offer would entice Usagi enough so that she could get first dibs.

Usagi blinked on the stage, she had just been dancing and not really paying attention to anything around her but Haruka's call had snapped her back into reality. Noting her position on stage and the wad of money clenched in her teammate's hands one thought ran through her mind, "People can make money from dancing???" that single thought sparked a revolution inside the girl's mind. For as long as she remembered her mother had harped on her about her grades, telling her that if she wanted to amount to anything in life she needed to do better in school. But ever since Luna had come into her life she had felt that she had already amounted to something special

Unique even.

Something important.

She was a Princess…

Princesses dance all the time…

Princess needed lots of money for their kingdom…

Most of her fragmented memories from her former life involved dancing…

From the looks of the wad of yen and other assorted booty clenched in both Rei and Haruka's hands, dancing seemed to pay rather well.


Ryouga turned away from the dancing girl on stage with a sigh, somewhat confused by her own lack of reaction at seeing an attractive girl putting on a sensual display that had she still been male might have caused him fall back in a full feint as all her blood exited her body via her nasal cavity. Turning her attention to her side she noticed her own reflection staring back at her from one of the many mirrors that flanked the room. Approaching it slowly she started to stare at her figure while contemplating all of her changes that she had undergone within the past 20 hours or so.

First off she realized, was that even though she had seen herself naked twice in the past day, was that just how attractive she was had not fully registered. Sure Nodoka had mentioned something about having the perfect set of hips for child bearing but she had blocked most of what the quirky woman had said at the time as her mind had been too preoccupied with burying what she had nearly done to Ranma in the furo that morning under many layers of denial.

Unfortunately the image in the mirror refused to go away instead it stood there tantalizing her with her visage making her wonder on what possibilities her future held for her. "What am I going to do now??? Would my parents believe me if I told them the truth??? Can I be happy living the rest of my life this way? What happens the next time I get lost??? Will I be hounded by those crazy pigs??? Wait a second let me back up here a bit… I haven't managed to get lost since this morning… Could I be cured??? If that's gone then what about my curse…am I locked as a girl??? Is the pig gone forever??? More importantly…" Ryouga-chan thought as she twisted a little more to the side forcing her mind to shift gears to more pressing matters, "Does this Fuku make my butt look too big???"

While Ryouga was busy contemplating the complexity of life's issues as a woman, Bambi had stumbled across the bar and as luck would have had it managed to come across several bottles of Saki and other assorted liquors. Smiling at her good fortune she grabbed several bottles and started to make her way back to the stage wanting to have an unobstructed view of the tantalizing display. Considering the events that had left her stranded in the body of a very stunning bombshell of a vixen she felt that she was entitled to allow herself some time for R and R, and if the old adage concerning her new hair color was any indication it would be quite the time. Slipping one of her pilfered bottles into a nearby girls hand on her way Bambi thought, "I wonder how true it is…? That Blondes always have more fun…. Hmmm… Though maybe it's that they are more fun… I can never remember these things… Oh well…".

Minako had been standing there silently fuming after Rei had wandered off without so much of a by your left. It was confusing to her; she had always been the pretty one, the center of attention. Despite that; the reality was that she was always dateless no matter how many boys fell over themselves trying to impress her. Even after joining the Senshi; a group that she had quickly bonded and befriended with, that fact had still remained true. Now though moments after Rei had drifted off to take a seat around the stage, Minako felt shunned, discarded, and perhaps more than a bit unattractive. "Well…" Minako thought as she dropped her leather clad Senshi transformation and purposely strode towards the stage, "If they want a show… I'll give them a show… I'll show them just why I'm called the Senshi of love…"

Ami had been standing still with her eyes taking in the events before her as her thoughts drifted towards the two Missing Senshi and their apparent captives. "I really hope Hotaru will be willing to help me get in on some of her action. Not that I'm against being with any of the others for the occasional night of boundless passion. … No it's more of a matter that I would at least like to try the steak before settling on the salad. As things stand now It's almost as if we are acting out a scene in some lame author's half assed attempt at a yuri themed fanfiction involving magical girls." Heavy with contemplation Ami decided to make her way over to the bar so she could sit down and try to sort things out.

From the moment that Usagi had started her little dance Makoto had been feeling a bit out of place, the feeling was nothing new to her. No she had been coping with it for a very long time. She had always felt a bit awkward partially due to her tall stature, it was one of the reasons on why she put so much effort into cooking, appearing feminine, and even chasing guys. Ever since Michiru and Haruka had joined up with them though she had been beginning to think that perhaps her height was not the source of all her problems.

Unfortunately with her parents long gone her outlets for seeking out council on how to deal with her hidden desires were greatly restricted and she didn't dare ask her friends lest they reject and shun her. One part of her knew that she was being ridiculous, that both Haruka and Michiru were confirmed lesbians and that despite the rocky start in the beginning they were as much a part of the group as anyone. However the other part of her felt that the reason behind the two outers acceptance was that they had been 'that' way long before they were Senshi and that if she were to suddenly go over to the other side things might be different.

Seeing all the other girls converging on the stage though and the wads of boundless booty converging there went a long way in putting her self doubts aside. The fact that Bambi had managed to slip an opened bottle of booze into her hands and that she had just downed a quarter of the bottle in one swig had absolutely nothing to do with anything as she quickly migrated towards the others. "No…" she decided as she loosened her top to show an almost indecent amount of cleavage, "I'm just being sociable, that's all… It's the neighborly thing to do…"

Michiru was still stationed near the door huffing in annoyance as she glared at her lover from afar as her so called soul mate now had one of Minako's thighs wrapped around her face with one of her hands busy stuffing yen into Usagi's pants. She was feeling really torn between being righteously ticked off at her lover for not wanting to share with the others or amused at the inners for coming out in such a fun manner. "Though I guess it would explain a lot of things. Like why, with the exception of our braless leader, none of us have had many resurfacing memories involving men… Well for the most part anyway… Some of the others have made claims but I've been having my doubts…"

Noticing her lover extract herself from in between the apex of Venus's thighs only to turn slightly so that she was now imposing in on Rei's fun as the Fire Senshi had just managed to coax Usagi into giving her a face full of boob, Michiru swore to herself, "Dammit Haruka… Leave some for the others… Kami above you are such a greedy bitch sometimes."

Briefly Michiru contemplated the idea of joining Haruka at her position front and center at the main stage but decided against it in the end as her presence would only add another convenient target for the grabby blond, so with that in mind she made her way to sit next to one of the Neo Senshi, the blond named Bambi if she remembered correctly. "Besides…" she thought as her eyes caught up with what the long legged Senshi of Jupiter was doing with Bambi, "It's not like Usagi and Minako are the only girls performing."

Bambi was in heaven, a place where she had thought that she would have to repent her evil ways to even be allowed near. Belatedly she realized yet another benefit for being turned into a hot young woman and that was that apparently other hot young women find being felt up by attractive girls far more pleasurable than having it done to them by a shriveled old gnome of a man. Leaning back in her eyes closed in a brief moment of bliss before they fluttered open just in time to notice a shadow moving past her to sit down next to her. Realizing that it was another one of the Senshi she relaxed and offered the teal haired woman one of her bottles with a sultry smile, "Care for a drink?"

Michiru shrugged and took the offered bottle, after downing a quarter of the remaining liquids she sighed and handed it back with, "Enjoying yourself?"

Bambi nodded and replied, "Yeah this is great… You girls sure know how to party…" Truthfully she was having a great time but then again she realized that there was something missing so without thinking about what she was saying she added, "I could really use a pipe to suck on right about now though." Unfortunately for Bambi it was at that minute that the doors opened revealing a quartet of people.

Nodoka whom had been sitting on the other side of Bambi and heard what she had said turned to the former aged master to say with a giggle, "Well how's that for timing? Ask and thou shall receive."

"Urk… It's not like that… I meant a smoking pipe… I have addictions… " Feeling flustered over her inability to clarify what she had meant Bambi reached into her own subspace pocket and withdrew a bundle of yellow and blue cloth. After taking a rather large inhale from the garment to steady herself she calmly restated, "A pipe for actually smoking."

"Uhuh. I understand." Nodoka replied teasingly as she rose out of her seat to greet her currently scantily dressed female son, "Though I do find it most curious that as of late every time I see you, you have your face buried in my son's shorts?"


Moments earlier


" Things are starting to get worse I can feel the pull from the others wearing down my defenses. " Fretted Ami as she idly toyed with a long length of Nylon cord with her hands that she had found laying on the bar. "I don't know how much longer my meager defenses will be able to withstand them." Hearing the door open behind her she turned in the hopes that she would find salvation only to be slightly disappointed that yes, while Ranma had arrived, she had done so as a girl and was wearing a very sexy see through pink outfit. Feeling the urge to join in gnawing at her, she decided to rise from her stool to make her way over to the foursome, intent on trying to improve her situation.


Ranma stood there slack jawed at the sight before her once her eyes had adjusted to the somewhat dim lighting of the room. Seeing the orgy of flesh strewn out around the stage caused her to mutter, "It seems like there's a party going on here…"

"Yes." Nabiki replied, "And we're all invited…"

"Much like your mouth earlier… Right Setsuna?" Added Hotaru with an innocent smile on her face.

"What? No more Setsuna-momma?" The mistress of Time asked with mock hurt showing in her voice.

Forgoing a verbal response the Senshi of Silence and destruction settled for giving the older woman a lecherous grin.


After her initial scan of the room Ranma, tuned the others out briefly so that she could consider returning back into her rightful male form. As much as she didn't care for what she was wearing at the moment, she knew that the benefits of keeping herself transformed for the moment far outweighed the ones in favor of her returning male as the fact that the only reason she was still standing was because the magical outfit gave her added energy. Energy that she needed after nearly being completely drained by that Testical Demon. Of course she realized that she could just simply turn into her magical male form, but seeing the boundless ocean of flesh before her had her thinking that now was not the time to be the only rooster in the hen house.

Feeling two hands clamp down on her shoulders Ranma broke away from her contemplations only to be caught off guard as her eccentric incestuous alien mother locked lips with her.

Feeling her newly reunited sometimes son squirm beneath her embrace Nodoka moved forward while placing her hands directly on the back of her currently daughter's thighs. Using her weight to move them forward she pinned Ranma against the nearby wall and brought the girls legs up so that they were wrapped around her body. Now that she had her little one trapped she deepened the kiss not stopping until she felt the last bits of resistance fade away.

Ranma tried to fight it, to resist the flooding arcs of pleasure that where sparking throughout every fiber of her being. It was only when her small frame began to spasm that Ranma realized that all of her resistance was for naught, her mother's subtle administrations had already achieved to elicit several muffled moans of increasing volume into her mothers mouth, causing her to briefly wonder how it was that everyone seemed to know how to press her buttons when she hadn't been entirely aware of even having them just a day ago.


Nabiki looked on with interest while she leaning her head to the side to say to her shorter companion, "You know… She must have the endurance of hoard of angry Mongolians. I don't think I'll be able to manage another go for at least another two days."

Hotaru, having not realized that her new special friends seemed to be without any form of magically boosted healing from their Senshi transformations, bit her lip in worry. She knew she could do something to help but was afraid that revealing her special gift might cause some friction in her newly minted friendship. Stepping over to face her new Senpai, she awkwardly fidgeted with her hands while she worked up the nerve to disclose her greatest secret.

Noting the change in Hotaru's demeanor almost instantly Nabiki's face softened into one of concern as she asked, "Is there something wrong?"

"No Senpai… I just wanted to tell you about my special gift…"

Smirking wryly Nabiki replied, "I've seen it in action already sweetie. That's a real special gift you have."

"You did??? It is???" Hotaru gasped out in surprise.

Now no longer sure that they were talking about the same thing Nabiki asked, "You are talking about that thing you do with your tongue right?"

Momentarily caught off guard with the realization that she had two special gifts Hotaru's cheeks pinkened as she tried to stumble out a coherent sentence, "Ah. Go… Gomen… Err…. Not that one… I… have another… Gift."

"Ohh?" Nabiki asked curiously, "And what special talent might that be?"

Still blushing under her new Senpia's scrutiny Hotaru decided that perhaps it would just be best to show Nabiki what she was talking about. Bringing her hands forward she began to call forth her healing powers. Now alight with a soft white glow she began to run them down the taller girls frame letting them come to a stop just as she reached the region between the woman's thighs.


Ami had opted to approach Setsuna instead of the others because while she might know Hotaru better, she was hoping that the eldest Senshi would be more open to helping her plead her case. Of course there was also the fact that the three others seemed to be rather preoccupied at the moment. Trying to steady her nerves, but finding the task increasingly difficult as she continued bore witness to the deeds being done in her presence. Finally, she managed to pull her mind into focus and break her gaze away from her surroundings to focus solely on the Guardian of Time.


Nodoka broke away from her illicit embrace slowly while shifting her burden's weight so that she could bring one of her hands to lovingly trace along her daughters jaw line. Teasingly she leaned forward once more this time forgoing Ranma's lips in favor of a quick nibble on the teen's ear causing another muted moan to come from the fiery pistols mouth. Drawing backwards once again Nodoka whispered, "Whose you're mommy…?"

Ranma's mind, still caught up in a mental reboot, tried to respond, but had the words taken from her mouth via another soft kiss from the sensual creature holding her captive.

Nodoka smiled again knowing that her number had finally come up after years of solitary stress relief. Letting her captive's remaining thigh go to slide reluctantly down her leg she mentally cheered in triumph, thankful for her own mother personally tutoring her oh so many years ago. Not wanting to wait any further she once again locked eyes with her sweet Ranma-chan and said, "Now that I've got your attention, mommy wants to check on a few things… So we're going to go find some warm water and retreat to somewhere a little more private… Is that okay with you sweetie???"

As a dazed Ranma nodded slowly she tried to understand how her life had come to this point. She was not sure about it at the moment, and was more than a little bit puzzled over where it exactly it had happened, but was fairly certain that somewhere along the line she had lost control of the situation. Despite the rather hot and bothered state that her mother had managed to bring her to, she was still mentally struggling with what her mother had on her agenda. Sure she might love the woman and might even not really mind a little lesbian fun with her, but doing something as intimate as what her mother was implying as a guy, well she just wasn't ready, family history or not. Feeling the grip holding her in place loosen a bit, Ranma made her move, intent on escaping the auburn haired woman's clutches.

Hearing another gasp of pleasure coming from behind her Nodoka was momentarily distracted as she turned to find out what was transpiring only to feel her wiry sometimes-daughter slip out of her clutches. Feeling distraught over her only child not wanting to celebrate the bond of a close knit family she cried out, "Ranma stop… Please…" her call went unanswered though as the short red haired sexpot slipped further away. Desperate to catch her child she called out, "Somebody stop her…"

Hotaru stepped back having just finished restoring Nabiki to pristine condition just in time to catch Ranma attempting her valiant escape out of the corner of her eye. Feeling a little tired from her earlier activities and from finishing healing Nabiki's virtue, she gathered her strength to gasp out a panicked, "Silence Wall… "

She did not want to lose Ranma so soon after all.

Hearing Hotaru start to say something Ranma turned her head and slowed slightly. Unfortunately her haste and tired predisposition stymied her attempt before Hotaru's plea even had a chance to fully register causing her to be just distracted enough to loose track of her surroundings and plow into the nearly invisible barrier that had just come out of nowhere.


Ami felt that she was loosing control. That at any moment she would give into temptation and let her carnal desires override her highly functional mind. Trying as she was though to keep her focus on the eldest Senshi, she found her attention wavering as her eyes and ears began to receive the immediate happenings around her. Hearing a panicked plea. One begging for Ranma to stop and upon turning her head and then seeing that the currently red-haired teen was rapidly stumbling towards her she tried to react. Unfortunately both her eyes and ears were momentarily distracted once again as she turned her head upon hearing Hotaru gasp out something right before a Silence Wall appeared right in front of her.

Not wanting Ranma to get hurt and thus become unavailable until she/he was healed Ami began to move, her mind moving on auto pilot as all other thoughts focused on one thing, preventing harm from befalling Ranma. Although the idea of nursing the pigtailed currently girl back to health did cause her enough pause to suppress an exaggerated perverted manic giggle.

Luckily the pause was just the right amount of time to allow the Silence Wall to dissipate. Otherwise Ranma might not have been the only one needing to be nursed back to health.

Moving on auto pilot with untested skills learned in the dead of night within the solace of her own room, the Senshi of Mercury dashed forward and flipped the rope in her hands forward in a loop that caught the flailing Ranma across the upper back, just above her breasts stopping her backward momentum. Twisting her arms across each other Ami took a few quick steps to the side causing the rope to cross over itself and rewrap around the redheads torso right underneath the well developed bosom . Returning to the front of the now partially bound teen Ami flicked her wrists again causing the rope to wrap around Ranma two more times effectively doubling her bonds.

Only thinking that she was quickly being tied up Ranma tried to fall backwards and flip up off of her back, but soon realized her mistake in underestimating her opponent as her own legs became entangled up in the ropes wielded by the blue haired girl..

Ami was not finished yet, not by a long shot. Throughout her studies she had maintained a secret hobby, more of an addiction really. It had never impeded her grades so she had allowed herself some leeway in her strict study schedule. But in her desire to fully understand what she was reading she had branched out to discover other things. Things far more interesting than plain old romance novels. Things, that she had applied her formidable intellect and study habits into learning.

In her clandestine studies, she had come to learn Shibari, more commonly known as Kinbaku-bi, the art of beautiful bondage, an art that uses the ropes to force pleasure on the more sensitive regions of the body.

Despite her untested skill and her mind running on auto pilot though, the blue leather clad Senshi was quick to capitalize on her hopeful bue's mistake and with just a few more twists and turns had managed to immobilize the now squirming sometimes girl. With a surprisingly blank expression on her face Ami moved in to add the last few finishing touches, a series of more loops and knots ensuring that any further movement on the redhead's part would be utterly futile…

…and thoroughly pleasurable...

From the sidelines Setsuna watched on with interest as the weakened pigtailed teen was quickly subdued and trussed up in a classical submissive Shibari pose with her body firmly tied up by a single rope that twisted along Ranma's curvaceous feminine body and around her arms, legs, torso and lower regions in a rather complex looking pattern of loops and knots.

"Ohhh… I like this one." Nabiki cheered, breaking the stunned silence, as she watched the bluette step away from the now squirming bundle...

"She is rather pleasantly surprising, isn't she?" Setsuna replied as she covered up her own shock over finding out just how well the little bookworm knew her knots.

"That looks kind of fun Senpai…. Can you do me next?" Hotaru asked as softly.

Ami was stunned having not quite realized just what she had done as she stared down at her handiwork.

Realizing that Ami was unresponsive and likely to be so for several minutes Setsuna reluctantly replied, "Perhaps later. For now why don't you take her over to that couch over there and tend to her needs… "

Hotaru nodded as a perverted grin started to adorn her rather cute face, Setsuna had been somewhat vague and just told her to see to Ami's needs. Well she could work with that. So taking her fellow Senshi by the hand she started to lead her away from the others to a secluded couch nestled comfortably away from prying eyes.

Nabiki sighed and decided that it just had to be a magical girl thing as she turned away over towards the bar, spotting some rather conspicuous supplies set up to make tea. Stopping briefly only to shake her head as she realized that the blue leather clad Senshi had just managed to do what no other woman had been able to do.

Tie down the wild horse.

Of course the hidden irony of it being rope and not marriage did not escape her.

Nodoka looked away from the trio of retreating backs to her trussed up daughter and shrugged, deciding that if they wanted to go off for awhile, well that just meant more for her. Taking a few steps forward she smiled down to her child, pleased to see her current daughter giving her a doe eyed expression in return.

Tapping her finger to her chin Nodoka circled the silent bundle in contemplation wondering the best way to move her prize.

Ranma watched her mother circle her warily, unable to do anything about her current predicament. At first she had tried to squirm or break the ropes but the slightest changes in pressure or position on her part caused several of the knots to shift eliciting some disturbingly pleasurable reactions from her body. Currently she was trying to ignore the shivering sensations wracking through her in favor of working the knots rubbing up against her recently discovered very most sensitive places out of position so that she might then be able to snap the ropes without giving herself a sure to be uncomfortable wedgie. Unfortunately she was so caught up trying to move the knots that she had lost sight of her well meaning but highly perverted mother.

As is often true with such things, it was a rather costly mistake.

Nodoka had spent several moments searching for the best way to carry her daughter away but had drawn up a blank. Sure she had been tied down before and knew a fair amount about what her sometimes daughter was feeling but in those cases she had not needed to be moved. Not wanting to waste any more time in the open lest some of the others get any ideas she decided to just use the ropes to carry her bundled daughter.

Ranma squealed out indigently in an attempt to mask the highly pleasurable sensations running rampant through her now thoroughly wedgied body.

Thinking that perhaps that had might not been a good idea, Nodoka set her bundle down and looked Ranma over in concern. She was a mother first and foremost and did not want to see her baby physically hurt. After all, bondage, no matter what the form, was about trust and she did not want to loose her child's trust for being so callus as to not ensure her safety.

Ranma was about to speak out her objections to the pleasurably rough treatment when her mouth was suddenly filled with a very familiar tasty candied treat.

Setsuna smirked, as she wound a piece of silk cloth around the redheads face locking the candied treat in place, "Nabiki is not the only one that likes that vendor's candies. I'm on his mailing list… Though why I never saw this coming I don't know." Clearing her throat to draw the several millennia younger woman's attention she went on to say, "Why don't I give you a hand with this little pistol." Sensing an objection in favor of a mother/daughter/son only bonding she added, "Just to carry her back stage… To somewhere a little more secluded… I've had my fill for now. Besides I still have a few things to take care off. Later though… Yes… later, I'll be more than happy to show you a few tricks even your mother doesn't know."

Nodoka blinked, unsure at the possibility that someone would know more than her mother when it came to all things bedroom related. After all her mother did not get named as the Devil Princess of Jurai for her more than modest political skills. Of course after a spending a full minute considering the facts Nodoka shrugged it off as to her it was simply absurd to even consider anyone knowing more than her own mother in all things sweaty and pleasurable.


Ranma trembled in pleasure as she felt herself being lowered down onto a soft surface. She had tried to object to her being moved but thanks in part to the phallic candy and a silk strip of cloth, her mouth was fully occupied and would remain so for some time.

"Well here we are." Setsuna said, stepping away from the moaning bundle that she had just assisted in placing on the bed.

"Yes here we are." Nodoka replied, "I thank you for your assistance. I wouldn't have wanted her to get hurt."

Setsuna shrugged while making a move towards the door, "Oh I doubt that would have happened… She is quite resilient."

Ranma sat there awkwardly as she resisted the urge to shift her position again, knowing that if she did she might not be able to control herself later. Hoping to distract herself from the ropes and knots wrapped around rather sensitive areas she tried to formulate a plan of escape. She knew that she was virtually completely at her mothers mercy unless someone came charging through the door intent on rescuing her. Since any help would likely come in the form of another woman wanting to bed him or her, she didn't think that her rescue would be likely, or very helpful if it did arrive.

That left one other option, she could try to drop the magical transformation and perhaps if she was lucky it would take the ropes away with the clothes.

Concentrating on her new found magical link, she tried to will her disturbingly sexy pink outfit away.

Setsuna choked back a laugh at the near constipated expression adorning Ranma's face as she was about to leave the room. Deciding to share one last bit of information with the other woman in the room she said, "There's a connecting bathroom through that door, the hot water heater has been up and running for a few days so the water should be more than warm enough to change her."

"Thank you… I'm sorry, I didn't get your name…" Nodoka replied awkwardly.

"I didn't give it too you yet…" The guardian of the Time Gates replied cryptically before laughing lightly and adding, "It's Setsuna, and no problem." Making her way out of the door she added as a parting shot, "Though perhaps it might be a good idea to undo the ropes before taking on such an endeavor."


While Ranma was focusing on an attempt to drop her magical transformation, the semi aware magic's of the suit was preoccupied with finding a larger source of raw untapped magic. Linked as they were the suits had already devoured most of the latent magic's of their new hosts, leaving both the former pig and old man permanently trapped in their new bodies. Being semi aware as it was, it did not see any problem with doing so as the pig seemed fairly intelligent for farm stock and the old man was already locked as he was. Briefly it had considered locking it's main source of magic who had two connections to much more potent magic's, but in the end decided against it as she seemed to like being male despite the fun she had been having as a girl.

So instead of robbing the primary link of his manhood it sought to stabilize it while following a small thread of raw untapped magic. When it had finally reached the end of the line it noticed countless trapped souls, being that the semi aware magic's had been an instrument for good and justice for several Millennium it took action and consumed the raw magic's leaving the souls free to move on to the afterlife.

Now with a much higher charge the semi aware magic was able to expand its search for more potent power sources to link itself to.

It was during this time that the magic's main host decided to drop her magically enhanced power suit for fighting evil. Feeling the slight drain from physically sustaining itself dissipate, the magic decided to temporarily power down the others as it would mean more power for itself to seek out a new link. Normally it would not do so without something being dreadfully wrong, but since none of the suits hosts were in any real danger it would be okay.

Just this once.


Ranma's eyes dropped slightly as she felt her transformation drop.


Nabiki had made her way to the stage and was about to sit down next to the former aged master of anything goes when her transformation dropped causing her to spill the cup of tea she was carrying on the floor. Huffing in annoyance she turned to get herself another cup and a towel to clean up her spill.

"I don't suppose you could bring me a cup on your way back?" Michiru asked the girl with the page hair styled cut.

Shrugging Nabiki replied, "Sure I guess, one thousand yen."

Deciding to drop her own transformation the teal haired woman shrugged back and reached into her pocket to hand over a crisp bill.

Stuffing the bill down into the safe confines of her bra Nabiki turned away and resumed her trek to the bar.


Bambi was too busy being entertained by a leggy brunette to even care that her magical uniform had just disappeared.


Ryouga-chan, off balanced from suddenly not having the high heals of her suit, fell backwards on her enormous feeling behind with an, "Ommmff…"


Ranma's eye ticked in annoyance as she felt the transformation drop without returning her clothes and leaving her bindings with further liberties to her person.


Nodoka did not even miss a step as her transformation dropped. She had too much experience walking around in higher heels to be effected by something so inconsequential. Looking down at herself to realize that she was once again wearing her Kimono she said, "Well it appears that one of us is a bit over dressed for the occasion… No…"


Setsuna stepped into the hallway and looked around, more out of reflex than anything else, before calling forth her Garnet staff and opening a portal.


Frank Parker struggled to raise his head off of the ground. He didn't know what had happened to him. One minute he had been stepping into his hotel room and the next he had somehow been tumbling through a foggy blackness before landing on some sort of tiled floor.


"What? Where… Who's there?" Frank asked as he pushed aside the stars in his eyes to sit up and reach for his side arm only to realize that it must have fallen out of it's holster during his fall.

" I asked if you wanted an Aspirin." Setsuna said from the shadows, "Though if that's not your thing I'm pretty sure I have some Tylenol… " Not getting an immediate response she continued, "Motrin…or maybe some Bayer perhaps…?. I'm afraid the only other thing I have is Midol…."

Zeroing in on the mysterious voice Frank ignored the pounding of his skull in favor of finding out who he was dealing with, "Look lady… I don't know who you are but I want you to step out slowly so I can see you."

Setsuna smiled innocently as she stepped out of the shadows to say, "Relax Mr. Parker… I mean you no harm."

Frank groaned to himself. Although he did not recognize the woman, she was wearing the same type of outfit that some of those girls had been wearing. Unlike before, where he had no Intel on these super powered cheerleaders, the JSDF had been more than willing to fill him in. Well not so much fill him in as threaten him if he should disclose their existence. Realizing what this must be about he said, "Look lady, I don't know who you are but like I said to the others, you don't have to worry about my government trying to track down your friends… The JSDF already made it quite clear on what would happen if I did." Frank added remembering what the liaison officer said about it being best for international relations and all that. Besides he knew that until the sphere was loaded up and back on its way to Never-Never Land they were at the mercy of the Japanese government, unless they wanted to explain exactly what the sphere did.

Setsuna shrugged before stepping forward to offer him a hand, "Oh I know all about that already… I brought you here for another matter entirely… You could say that once I saw what was going on I had to take a few 'steps backwards'and gather some information. All in all it took me about 'seven days' to get everything I needed."

Frank tensed having caught the very obvious implied hints but took her hand anyway, he had not been aware that they had a security leak somewhere, but if this woman knew as much as she was hinting at, then Ramsey was going to have a field day and probably blame it on him. Climbing to his feet, Frank looked around in wonder not knowing how he had started off in his hotel only to be tossed into some sort of vast room with only some sort of eerie light seemly coming from nowhere. Not wanting to show his unease and hoping to draw some information from her about her source he started off politely, "I'm sorry… Where are my manners. Frank B, Parker… And where the hell am I?"

"Sailor Pluto at your service." Setsuna offered with a slight flourish, "I merely came by to chat for a bit and to make you an 'offer'… As to where you are… Well… That… is a secret."

Momentarily ignoring everything else Frank scowled and shot out, "Look I'm not into the whole cryptic crap. You're in some serious trouble here lady…"

"Oh You Americans, always so serious…" Setsuna said airily with a good natured laugh before adding with a slightly mocking fake scowl, "You're in big trouble Missy…"

Frank slapped his forehead at the woman's behavior and groaned out impatiently, "Would you just tell me what you want already… I don't have time to sit here and talk circles with you all day…" taking in a deep sigh he questioned, "Honestly its almost as if you just got laid or something…"

"Or something…" Setsuna replied soberly as she reigned in her humor as she considered her actions as of late. Truthfully the several hours of unbridled passion had done her a world of good while managing to shake loose more than a few cobwebs. Analyzing the way she was acting though she realized that perhaps she had been acting a bit too carefree with her job. Deciding that she needed to move things along better she finally saying, "Very well, You are for all extensive purposes nowhere…" Sensing the upcoming objection she continued, "Think of it as a palatable rift in space time, or a waiting room if you will. I'm afraid the nature of my job prevents me from sharing anything more specific. What I can tell you though is that I am fully aware of your job and have been watching you for three years now. You are quite the little chrononaut, Frank Parker. I was especially impressed when you fought that little devil on top of the rooftop a little while ago…"

Frank hid his surprised reaction at the woman's knowledge, Unlike most things related to operation Back Step, he had kept that little romp a secret partially because he knew no one would believe him and well that and he did not want to end up back in his room over at the lovely Hanson Island. Flexing his jaw as he considered his next words carefully he asked, "How did you know about that?"

Setsuna smiled and said, "Simple, I was watching you. I had to make sure that the threat was dealt with." Reaching into her subspace pocket to withdrawal two folders she continued, "Regardless of what you might be thinking of me right now, I assure you that in the end our goals are pretty much the same… We both seek to ensure the survival of Humanity. What you do is take care of the short term, think of me as a more long term chrononaut." Pulling out two folders from her subspace pocket she added, "…And consider these as gifts from a peer."

"Okay…" Frank drawled out slowly as he took the offered folders and began to flip through them. As he scanned through the pages despite his best efforts to keep his face impassive his color began to drain. The first folder contained very detailed information about operation back step confirming a very serious security leak. The second folder contained detailed information about Doctor Becket along with a lot of intel on something called, project Quantum Leap. After skimming through the first page though he quickly shut the folder and placed it on the table. Staring at the woman in front of him he asked, "How did you get this…"

"Oh I have my ways." Setsuna smirked as she opened a rift between space and time to send the American chrononaut back to his hotel room, "Give those folders to your superiors and tell them that we'll talk."

Frank nodded carefully feeling more than a bit puzzled at the women's actions and was about to ask her something else when she pulled out a large key shaped staff out of nowhere causing him to raise his guard.

Opening a rift behind the man Setsuna said almost as an after thought, "Oh and the folder with the information concerning project Quantum Leap… You might want to show that to Doctor Beckett, it is his creation after all… I'll be in touch…" Having said what she had needed to say, Sailor Pluto used her connection to the gates to speed up her own movements, something only possible when she was near the time gates and shot forward like a blur seamlessly breaking through Agent Parker's guard and sending him backwards into the rift.

After closing the rift she turned her gaze to her time key and thought, "It is simply amazing what Man can do sometimes, I would not have thought it possible with the level of current technology to find an end-run around the Gates as even I can't change the past without branching off and creating another timeline. With those two though… Dr. Beckett's work is locked into this time line by the Kami and that creative use of element 115 simply resets the timeline, just like a video game save-point. Something that I can do only in the most dire of circumstances. Even though I broke more than a few rules by bringing Mr. Parker here, it is for the best, with the information I spied from the future those projects will be able to run more efficiently and be far more productive in the long run. I'll just have to keep tabs on them to make sure that the American bureaucracy does not infect the programs too heavily. For now it's safe as Agent Parker and Sam Beckett are not easily corruptible but that might not always be the case."

" I wonder what Mr. Parker will think when he finds a certain little pink phone sitting on his dresser… At least now they won't be able to connect it back to Ami." Were Setsuna's last thoughts right before she opened a portal back to the club.


"Here you go…"

"Thank you… Nabiki… right?" Michiru replied as rose out of her seat to move in next to Haruka.

"Yes… and you are…?"

Smiling politely Michiru shrugged and said, "Well I guess it wouldn't hurt… Michiru Kaioh."

Nodding Nabiki stopped in her tracks and did a double take, "Wait a second… THE Michiru Kaioh… The famous musician…?"

"I wouldn't say famous…" Michiru replied gracefully as she stepped up behind her love who was currently searching through her sub space pockets for more yen.

"Kami… I'm a… huge… huge fan… I have all your work, DVD's of all your performances….Cd's…" Nabiki gushed as she was struck with a bad case of fangirlism.

" Well it's always nice to meet a fan." came the seemingly awkward practiced polite response as Michiru took up a position behind her lover.

Nabiki in an attempt to hold onto the conversation with one of her idols said, "It looks like Blondie here is out of money."

Michiru shrugged, at first she had been unsure which blond but just looking at the stage she knew that her love had just blown all her money, seeing as Minako and Makoto had moved down the line and were both entertaining Bambi. A glance to the seat next to the tomboyish Senshi revealed that the more volatile of the inner Senshi was very content to let her leader use her head as a desk while she read over a magna. Sighing at the knowledge that at any moment her love was going to ask her for money she replied, "Well it's her own fault."

"How so?" Nabiki inquired.

"Everyone knows that you don't start tipping till the top comes off… She was too busy caught up in the moment and forgot to apply the proper etiquette." Michiru said as she squeezed Haruka's shoulder.

Raising an eyebrow at the thought that there was an actual etiquette in play Nabiki asked, "So… Are there any other rules…"

"Oh sure…" Michiru replied as she toyed with her lovers hair, "Well perhaps, rules is the wrong choice of words. More of… Oh look Setsuna is back from helping Nodoka with her… Bundle…." Glancing down at her watch she added, "That was awfully fast."

Shrugging Nabiki replied, "I'm pretty sure that she was just helping carry Ranma into the back."

"Ohh…." Michiru said before adding, "Well she's coming this way so I guess we can always ask."

Nabiki gave her long time idol a skeptical once over as she pondered over the possibility of having a bit more of an intimate conversation. Preferably one that involved heavy breathing and a lot less clothes

"Ladies…" Setsuna greeted as she stepped up to the pair and goosed Nabiki causing the teen to jump in her place.

Laughing lightly Michiru stated, "Well someone seems to be a little frisky…"

Shrugging Setsuna answered, "A good lay does wonders for the psyche."

"Ohh…. Is that so…? So how was it?" Michiru asked as she gave Nabiki a contemplative once over.

"You'll have to try it out for yourself… Mere words just don't do it justice."

"Hmmm… Perhaps, this time I'll take you up on that. Though I'm not really all that into men… In this case though I might be willing to make an exception as she seems to be quite the little pistol…"

"Oh she is alright, I was lucky though… I had the added benefit of Hotaru and Nabiki here to offer up as distractions…"

"Hmmm… I'll think about it." Michiru said as she turned a hungry gaze downwards to her lover.

"Ohh… I almost forgot. I took the liberty of ordering dinner for all of us." Setsuna said over the increasing tempo of sounds coming from the back.

Haruka who had still been lamenting about running out of yen perked up at hearing that Setsuna had just ordered dinner. However before she could inquire to what had been ordered for her a wild eyed redhead burst through the back doors stark naked and stumbling her way.


Ranma looked around for any potential ally to help fend her mother's advances off. Having just narrowly avoided being returned to her rightful gender when her mother had removed her bonds, she had taken the opportunity to flee. So with her mother hot on her heals she sought out the most likely source of help and made her way directly towards Nabiki, hopping up on the stage for want of the most direct route. A few days ago she might not have ever considered using Nabiki in such a way but after the night before, and deep thawing that afternoon, she figured that hopefully she could persuade the former ice queen. Sure it could still possibly cost her her soul, but at the moment she had better things to worry about. Like a very attractive mother wanting to build upon her mother-son bond.


Nodoka slid into the room gracefully as her eyes locked onto her target with her child's former impromptu gag grasped firmly in her hand. Spotting her stumbling prey Nodoka hopped up onto the stage to renew her pursuit.


"Say Setsuna…?" Haruka asked as she realized the redheaded vixen was about to trip over one of Makoto's legs.

"Yes…." Said woman drawled out slowly with no small amount of amusement in her voice.


Ranma swore to herself, her haste having caused her to miss two long slender legs belonging to a tall brunette that were laying across the stage as the girl in question preformed artfully to a very content Bambi, sending her off balance and sliding across the rest of the length of the stage legs first.


Smiling in anticipation as she latched onto two soft legs as they slid over her shoulders Haruka finished, "I think I'll just have the Clams…"

"Ohh Really…" Michiru said slowly as she turned her gaze to the temporarily stunned redhead wrapped around Haruka, "Are you sure about that… She is a guy after all…."

Nabiki smirked as she looked contemplatively down at her tea, noticing that Ranma's mother was about to befall the same fate of her son before she turned her gaze over to Setsuna to ask her a silent question.

"Do it…" Setsuna dared as her eyes twinkled with amusement causing Nabiki to dump her drink on Ranma transforming the girl back into a boy just as his mother slid into him from behind.


Seconds earlier


Gazing lustfully into the wide open Gates of Mordor before her, Haruka leaned forward while inhaling the sweet scent of arousal and was about to reply, "Not where I'm looking…" But before she could get the words out of her mouth it was filled as a raven haired boy replaced the girl in front of her and another set of legs locked around her forcing her to keep her head in place causing her to let out a garbled, "GRrooofffmmm"

Chastising her lover as she leaned onto her back forcing her to go down further Michiru said, "Now now… It's not polite to talk with your mouth full."


Ami's head jerked up from her near catatonic state as she heard some commotion over at the stage. Frowning at the sight presenting itself at center stage Ami fumed, "I can't believe it… She's supposed to be a lesbian… How am I supposed to compete with that…" pausing briefly to adjust herself in her seat Ami continued sadly, "It's not fair… why can't I have a turn…"

Breaking off from her oral debate with Ami's breasts Hotaru said, "But Senpai, I'm giving you a turn."

Shaking her head after hearing Hotaru's remark Ami looked down at the younger girl and stared numbly having just realized her current state of undress and the fact that Hotaru was well on her way towards making a woman out of her. "How… When…"

Sensing the formerly blue leather clad girls discomfort Hotaru added helpfully, Setsuna momma asked me to see to your needs… You looked stressed… I thought this would help…" Suddenly turning her face into a cute pout she added, "I'm not helping am I… It's all my fault… I'm so sorry…"

Now faced with a distraught Hotaru Ami was forced to backpedal lest the younger girl start shedding tears, "No… No… You're helping…" After making a few satisfied moans Ami added, "See… I'm at the heights of womanly pleasure… Ohh… Yeah… That's the spot…"

"So I am helping then…" Hotaru exclaimed as she beamed proudly before her face was once again marred with a slight frown as she asked, "So what was wrong then?"

Sighing deeply Ami started, "You wouldn't understand."

Running her hand lightly across the older girls thigh Hotaru purred seductively, "Try me."

After suppressing a shiver at how sensual the younger girl sounded Ami said, "All my life… I dreamed and hoped for some amazing man to come along and sweep me off my feet. Before I even joined the Senshi I was way too shy to even consider approaching a guy. It only became harder for me after that as there just wasn't enough time between fighting the bad guy of the week and school. After awhile I guess I sort of just settled… Then this morning though… Pluto appeared and said that in order to save the future on of us would have to take his seed…" trailing off momentarily while she stifled a sniffle Ami added, "It's just that, everyone knows that Rei has a thing for Usagi… And Usagi had Mamoru… Minako and Makoto… Well you'd have to be blind to not see that coming… I just thought that it was finally my time to shine, I don't have the heavy attacks that the others do… I figured that I would finally be able to use some of my other skills…".

"But Senpai… You're the one that keeps us focused and gives us our strategies." Hotaru stated as she leaned up and began to lick some of the stray tears off of Ami's face.

"I guess it's too late now anyway…" Ami started s she parted her legs slightly to allow better access to the region between her thighs for Hotaru's roving hands. "I'm a lesbian now…"

"You are?!?" Came the surprised gasp as Hotaru shifted slightly to allow for better reach with her wandering hands.

"I'm… You and me…" Ami tried to get out awkwardly

"Silly Senpai… Just because I'm ravaging you like a drunken salary-man doesn't mean you're a lesbian."

"It doesn't?"

"No not at all… well unless you decide that you are going to swear off men for the rest of eternity."

"So I'm Bi then…?" Ami announced in a moment of self realization.

"Well technically not until you've had a man… But we can work on that later…" Hotaru said as she frowned at the sight on stage where her papa was currently poaching on her territory without her permission.

"What can we do though… At the way things are going it could be days before I get my chance."

"Hmmm…" Hotaru purred as she considered her options, "What if they weren't in the way…?"

"That could work, but we would have to keep them tied up so that they can't interrupt us…. Wait a second… That could work. I can tie them up. Then they won't be able to interfere." Ami said as she began laughing manically.

"Good… Goood…" Hotaru agreed somewhat sinisterly before adding, "Now if you don't mind lying down on your back and reciprocating a bit I would be very grateful."


Usagi closed the magna with a content sigh having been in her own little world as she read through it. Hearing a slurping noise next to her she briefly wondered when Minako got a dish of noodles and why it was that no one had thought to offer her any. Turning her head to express the unfairness of not thinking about others Usagi blinked, sitting next to her was not the busty blond Senshi of Venus, but a rather handsome young man with a pigtail. Feeling something brush against her leg she looked down and spotted two different sets of legs that were currently intertwined around the Senshi of Uranus. Following the smoother silkier version of the two her eyes spotted a rather attractive slightly older woman with auburn hair.

Nodoka smiled cheerfully at the blond next to her as she tightened her grip on her squirming son and said, "Oh hello Usagi… " Pausing briefly as she thought of the phallic candy in her hand Nodoka shifted slightly her position slightly and held it out to the young blond to ask, "Would you like some candy..? Oh where are my manners, have you met my son Ranma?"

"Well not formally Nodoka-san… " Usagi said as she slowly took the offered oral treat in hand, " And not so much in the flesh." She added as her eye's traveled downwards to where Haruka's head was moving, which happened to be when she discovered something …"Ooh….mmm, strawberry…"


The continuous sound of bamboo scraping along concrete accompanied Tatewaki Kuno, owner of countless self appointed platitudes, as he walked listlessly through the streets of Nerima with his bokken trailing behind him. Normally he would not dare to defile one of his bokken so, no… not with the countless late nights that he had spent polishing them to perfection. It was a shame really, had he been paying more attention to his surroundings and not lamenting over the vile tentacle monster Gosunkugi, he might have looked both ways before crossing the street.


Hirohito Satou, sole practitioner of Martial Arts Plastic Surgery and physical enhancements looked up from behind the wheel of his brand new Jaguar XK convertible after hearing an ominous meaty thump and instantly slammed on the brakes coming to a skidding halt that loudly advertised his cease of momentum with a piercing shriek. Carefully opening the door after looking back to ensure no other vehicles were coming he slid out of the driver's seat intent on finding out what he had hit. Walking carefully around the front of his vehicle he sighed with relief, nothing was damaged; the fine sheen of paint covering his brand new vehicle was unmarred from what ever had impacted it.

He was about to turn his attention to the undercarriage to make sure that pristine undercarriage had nothing wedged up underneath it when a low moan caught his attention. Peering past the side of his finely crafted auto he discovered the source of the sounds. It was a boy in his mid to late teens laying crumpled in a heap at the curb.

Walking up to the downed boy he frowned, "It looks like someone just beat this boy with an ugly stick." Spotting a bokken laying a few feet away on the sidewalk he mentally amended, "An ugly bokken… Well no worry, I am a doctor after all. It's nothing I can't fix… I shall take it on as my civic duty to help this poor fellow gain what genetics and bad breeding had obviously shorted him." Kneeling down he picked up the teen and was about to set him in the passenger seat but quickly changed his mind upon realizing that blood was incredibly hard to get out of upholstery.

"Well the trunk it is then…" Hirohito said to his unconscious companion as he stumbled to the back of his Jag. "Don't worry though by the time you wake up, you'll be a whole new you…"


Haruka blinked as she felt a set of slender hands trailing down her body, she would have liked to object at being handled so but with her mouth preoccupied at the moment the most she would have been hard pressed to express her displeasure. Not for the sensual massage mind you. No her objection basically stemmed from the fact that whomever was molesting her was also slowly stripping her out of her Fuku.


"And now for the gloves…" Michiru said as handed off the bodice and skirt to Nabiki.

"So why are you doing this again?" Nabiki asked as she appreciated the sight before her.

"Does she really need a reason?" Setsuna asked from Nabiki's left, "Haruka is a shameless flirt after all, perhaps this is just some sort of harmless revenge… I mean she stopped holding Haruka's head in place several minutes ago and instead …."

"Yeah… about that…. I thought you said that Blondie here was a confirmed lesbian."

Shrugging the green haired Senshi of time replied, "I thought she was too… but boy look at her go… If I didn't know her better I would swear that she practiced sword swallowing in her spare time…"

"I wouldn't say confirmed. More like had her heart broken by a younger man… Some sort of okonomiyaki chef, I think… Not really sure, it was before Haruka and I met." Michiru said as she worked a glove of her lovers hand. "All I know is that back then she was almost as boy crazy as both Minako and Makoto combined." Shooting a quick look over at the aforementioned duo's where the two were currently showing Bambi a rather good time she amended, "Well as boy crazy as they had appeared to be before today."

"Are you serious?" Setsuna asked.

Stunned over Setsuna's question Michiru replied, "How could you not know? I thought that with the gates you would have checked up on us before you activated us."

Shrugging said mistress of time commented, "Well I did… but I sort of just skimmed through to some of the more interesting parts."

"Bah…" Nabiki exclaimed, "It's more like she probably just watched you all sleep or something."

Michiru turned her gaze up to the exotic green haired beauty for a moment while she considered Nabiki's statement.

Suppressing a wince at the close scrutiny Setsuna defended herself with, "What..? I said I skipped through to some of the more interesting parts."

"Well… what's done is done I suppose…" Michiru said carefully, feeling unsure on whether she really cared or not that her house mate was apparently a voyeur. Putting that image aside to be thoroughly considered at a later time the famed musician turned to Nabiki with the final remains of Sailor Uranus' uniform and said to Nabiki, "Would you mind setting these somewhere for the meantime?"

Stifling her ingrained quick reply of '1000 yen' Nabiki assured the woman with, "Sure no problem." After all it was considered bad form to milk money from one of your idols.

"Oh hey, could you throw out these bottles too?" Setsuna added gathering up a few bottles and setting them into Nabiki's now over laden arms.

This time though Nabiki was under no such compulsion to not show her more opportune nature, however before she could express her desire for payment her mouth was filled with another candied treat. After internally debating on whether or not it was worth it to complain and consequently expel the delectable treat onto the floor, she shrugged and decided that the candy would do for payment for now… Later though was a different matter.


Al Bundy was in heaven. Of course his version of eternal paradise differed somewhat from the usual pearly gate norm, being that in his version he was surrounded by nearly naked women being hand fed food of a vast array of dishes. Of course this little corner of heaven was further magnified by the fact one of the women laying before him was a literal dish Sure she was attractive and all, some would even say that the woman was down right stunning. However in this case mere looks alone could not qualify the admittedly stunning women as a dish. No what qualified her as a dish was in fact that she was one as her body was in fact covered with a wide variety of foods.

Mamoru Chiba, destined prince of earth, sat silently next to his companion in awe over all of the women currently fawning all over his newfound injured friend. They had come to the establishment seeking nourishment after getting Mr. Bundy's shoulder checked out. Thankfully it was nothing major, just a slight strain, but the mere fact that the foreign women's shoe salesman from Chicago had taken out a demon with such ease had told him the value of maintaining this man's friendship.


Ryouga-chan sighed to herself for the hundredth time in the past hour as she had continued to examine her body. Overall she had been disturbingly pleased with her overall appearance but there was one part of her new anatomy that just left her with a unsettled feeling. It wasn't her breasts, they were rather nice looking, full and perky. Not as big as a few of the other girls in the club but not the smallest set there either. Her face was rather pleasant to look at, her fangs while present were no longer her most prominent feature, that honor now resided with her petite slightly upturned nose. Nor was she distressed by her now fragile looking hands and feet that were no longer marred by the small scars born from a harsh life on the road.

No what had her standing there examining herself for the past hour was that once her gaze left her taut stomach and trailed down her narrow waist past her flaring hips it would latch on to the last portion of her new anatomy, her freakishly large feeling butt. "It looks like two large hams pressed together. Ryouga-chan thought to herself as she finally came to a conclusion as to why it was bothering her so much. "Just great I'm finally rid of the pig… Pork butt… Fan fricken tastict I'll never loose that little nickname now…" Mentally switching hers into a lighter mood the neo girl blushed as the buried thoughts from the furo that morning reasserted themselves, " I'll be Ranma's not so little Pork Butt…"

"If you want there's several rooms in the back and upstairs where you would be able to give yourself a rather thorough examination." Setsuna said as she came up behind Ryouga-chan illicitating a shriek of surprise from the raven haired girl.

Holding her hand to her chest to quell her now furiously beating heart Ryouga hissed, "Don't do that."

"Don't do what?" Came the coy response.

"Sneak up on me like that…" Ryouga huffed in annoyance before the fact that she did not know this woman registered, "Uhmm, Who are you?"

Shaking her head at the girls bluntness Setsuna bowed slightly and answered with a flourish, "Setsuna Meioh, Senshi of Pluto, Guardian of Time… At your service… Oh and you still haven't answered me on if you would like me to show you to one of the private rooms."

"Ryouga Hibiki… I.. Err guess… Not sure anymore…" Blushing at the implication at what she would be doing in a private room by herself studying her new body she quickly added, "No thanks… I'm… Good… Maybe later…"

Shaking her head at the girls awkwardness Setsuna replied shrug, "Suite yourself, I offered… I am curious though. Would you mind doing me a favor? I mean that mirror isn't going anywhere so after you finish helping me out you can go right on back to staring at your rather pleasant behind." Taking a few steps back from the neo girl she added with evident appreciation in her tone, "Though I do say it is rather tantalizing to look at… Plenty of cushion for the push'in… But not overly so…"

"Err… Thanks…" Ryouga-chan replied awkwardly in embarrassment. "You mentioned a favor?"

"I did." Setsuna responded forgoing her instincts to lightly tease the dark haired girl, "I ordered dinner for everyone here and it should be arriving shortly. But… With the current state of dress several of our friends are in right now I think it would be best for everyone if someone waited outside for the food."

"What do you mean? What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?"

Shaking her head in amusement over the girls indigent reply Setsuna grabbed her by the shoulders and pointed her towards the stage while she clarified, "I was talking about the near ocean of exposed flesh over at the stage. Not about you."

"Sorry about that…" Ryouga replied weakly as she hung her head slightly to avoid watching her former eternal nemesis having a rather good time. The fact that her cheeks had flushed and her heart had started racing again at the sight only served to make her feel more uncomfortable as it was invoking more of those treacherous feelings.

"No problem. I understand that this has been a rather trying day full of new experiences for you… So would you mind waiting outside for the food?"

Glad to have an opportunity to escape the room and it's occupants the neo raven haired girl responded slowly in the hopes of not betraying herself any further, "Sure.. I guess… It's not like I'm doing anything important right now anyway."

"Good." Setsuna said as she placed enough yen into Ryouga's small hands to cover the food and a respectable tip. "Oh and would you mind taking out the trash too? It's over next to the bar."

"I guess…" Ryouga said as she turned to make her way over to the bar to gather up the trash only to stop in her tracks as Setsuna placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Oh and Ryouga honey, there's nothing wrong with the way you look. In fact there are a lot of girls that would kill for a body like yours."


A few moments ago

Nabiki tossed the pilfered Fuku belonging to Sailor Uranus onto the edge of the bar before dropping the mass of now empty bottles, breaking a few of them in the process, in the trash bin. Frowning slightly because the bag was now sliding out of the bin from the weight of the bottles, Nabiki grabbed a hold of the sides of the bag and gave it a few tugs to ensure that there was now enough slack for it to remain in place. Her duty finished she turned back over towards the stage to watch the impromptu show.

If the brunette would have stayed just a moment longer though she would have realized that in her haste to unburden herself that the uniform she had placed down on the bar was not going to remain at its current location. That due to her haste, it was unbalanced and as such began to slowly slip down over the edge of the bar into the trash.


With Ryouga

Ryouga glanced around quickly before grabbing the sides of the trash bag and tied it shut. Hefting it out of the bin after a bit of fumbling because apparently there were broken bottles now clanging around she hurried over to the door, not wanting to risk the bag tearing open because she took her time.

After getting through the outer door of the club she cursed feeling a small amount of liquid make its way onto her leg. Not wanting to risk spilling any more of the liquid on herself she picked up her pace briefly before coming to a jarring halt as something occurred to her. She had no idea on where the trash cans were.


A few minutes earlier

Konatsu felt relieved as the wind tugged gently at his hair while he roof hopped his way to deliver a rather ludicrous order. After taking another long reaching leap to the next building he realized that he would eventually have to face the facts. That being that something had happened the day before that had drastically changed the interpersonal dynamics of his Ukyo-sama's life.

He was not completely sure, though if he were a betting girl he would say that there had been some sort of life altering revelation that had taken place and that most likely Ranma-san was the most likely culprit. Because yesterday after coming back from her time out with Ranma and his other suitors his Ukyo Sama had surprised him in a way that had left him shell shocked fort he rest of the day and well into the evening.

What had she done?

She had kissed him.

Sure it had been just a quick peck on the cheek but For the genderly confused teen it was as major boon, probably right up there with that pretty pink kimono he had spotted a yesterday while window shopping… and of course a fabulous pair of sandals to go with it.

Despite his good fortune though Konatsu was beginning to worry, ever since that kiss his Ukyo Sama had been getting more aggressive as the hours had ticked away. In the span of the past twenty four hours his spatula toting boss had gone from giving him innocent pecks on the cheek to aggressively feeling him up the in front of the customers.

Sure the resulting tips had been really nice but he could do without the public shows of attention as per his training as the best dam Kunoichi around sort of relied on being unnoticed, something that he was hard pressed to do with his cross-dressing boss manhandling him at every opportunity.

Realizing that he had arrived at the delivery's address Konatsu made his final leap, one that he belatedly realized would set him down right behind a raven haired girl with a rather pleasantly plump looking backside.


Feeling a presence appear out of nowhere behind her Ryouga squealed girlishly while spinning around, tossing the slightly torn bag in her hands off to the side so she could show this new threat that she was still a world class martial artist regardless of her newly found sex. Unfortunately for the former pig cursed youth, her now dainty feet got caught up on themselves resulting in her arms flailing wildly as she started to spin out of control.

Konatsu had instantly braced himself in anticipation for a well deserved slap and was almost ready to offer up an apology for startling the poor girl. Before he could even utter a word in his defense though, he realized that in her haste to confront him the raven haired girl had lost her footing. Moving at speeds that would rival Ranma-Sama on his slowest day the effeminate ninja moved forward while shifting his bundle of packaged food into a one-handed grip.

Ryouga slowly opened her eyes after her world had stopped spinning. Blinking at the sudden influx of light she tried to focus her vision, staring blankly ahead as she wondered what could have possibly happened to prevent her ungraceful fall. Slowly her eyes began to slide back into focus outlining first a long raven mane that swayed gently in the slight breeze obscuring her rescuers face. For a moment she just stared slack jawed, "I can't believe this… I haven't even been a girl for a full day and I'm already being swept off my feet… By another girl no less… What would Ranma say..? She's so gentle… her strong hands seem like soft little vices holding me in place…" Feeling her body begin to betray her for the countless time that day Ryouga tried to mask her blush while erotic fantasies began to play themselves through her mind.

Unfortunately the moment quickly ended, disallowing her from further thoughts of her pigtailed former nemesis or her unknown savior as the wind shifted revealing her rescuer to be no one other than Nerima's own resident Kunoichi. Shocked that the effeminate boy could produce some of the rather strong feelings that were running rampant through her body Ryouga shrieked loudly while breaking away from Konatsu's grasp.

Konatsu blushed slightly over the warmth that had enveloped him while he held the flighty maiden in his arms before his face contorted into one of confusion as he realized that the slender arm that had formerly been holding said girl was now suspiciously empty. "I can't believe… I only feel that way about Ukyo-Sama… So beautiful… and that nose… Hey where'd she go?" Raising his head to search for the mysterious maiden Konatsu looked around for any sign of the nameless girl. Fortunately for him though the wind chose that moment to pick up once again clueing him as to her whereabouts with the sound of flapping cloth. Following the sounds he shifted his vision upwards until he came across slender set of smooth silky legs, unable to stop his own movement his eyes continued their upward trek, consequently discovering the source of the fluttering sound.

Apparently some how the back of the girls skirt had managed to flare up revealing a lacy blue thong. Try as he might though Konatsu could not tear away his eyes from the lovely visage on display above him. Well not until his keen eyes noticed a slightly darker blue embroidery running through the lace. Thankfully he had been gifted with exceptionally sharp vision, something that he credited to being able to be as good as he was. Focusing in on the barely visible embroidery he started to make out words in the lace.

/// per f an S o///

"No that's not right… there's more…"

"roper f an S o"

"roper f Ran Sao"

Blinking as the last of the letters became clear Konatsu read the message out loud in disbelief, "Property of Ranma Saotome…" Realizing that he was staring at another mans booty, the cross dressed teen automatically adverted his eyes before his mind registered a very traitorous line of thought, "Why is it that every time I meet a girl I find attractive Ranma-san already has a claim on her? Though he's not here right now… And it would be considered impolite if I didn't try to talk to her… And you should always try to make eye contact when speaking to a girl… Unfortunately, I can't see her eyes… Very unfortunate indeed… Well I guess I will have to settle with just looking in that general direction until I spot her lovely eyes… Her two well formed… perfectly proportioned… pleasantly plump… Silky smooth looking… eyes???"


Ryouga eeped in embarrassment as she clung to the side of the building as she realized that the wind had caught a hold of her jumper and consequently exposing her backside in the process. Not wanting to give Konatsu any more of a free show she released her iron grip on the side of the building and pushed off, doing a few graceful flips in the process, intent on showing the male Kunoichi that she was not some prissy unskilled girl. Unfortunately in her hurry to get off the wall she did not fully consider her predicament and subsequently gave the delivery boy a rather pleasant tip.

"I'm in love with Ukyo-Sama… And she likes me back… I do not find this girl attractive… cute… stunningly beautiful?" Konatsu muttered silently to himself as he tried to steady his resolve.

Feeling really awkward and wishing that the world would collapse where she was now standing and swallow her whole Ryouga tried to find a worthy distraction, anything to take the cross-dressing ninja's attention away from her. Spotting the package resting in his arms the raven haired girl groaned, "She just had to order the food from there… Well at least no one followed him here."

Konatsu nervously shifted his feet after having caught himself staring at the girl. Coughing lightly he tried to speak, "Excuse me miss… I… have an order…"

Not trusting her voice at the moment for any other sounds than a mousy squeak Ryouga nodded while producing the yen that Setsuna had given her and thrust it forward with the hopes that Konatsu would take the hint.

Konatsu stepped forward once he realized that the girl must now be too embarrassed to willing speak to him. While this distressed him somewhat it also firmed his resolve to get her to say something. Taking the money from her hand he began to slowly count it out, with the hopes that by taking his time he would find a way to draw her out.

Ryouga wanting to get back inside as soon as possible made a move to retrieve the order from the ninja only to sigh in frustration as said ninja took a step back and said, "Miss you gave me too much."

Ryouga looked down in embarrassment realizing that she was going to have to speak, after a brief prayer to whatever Kami would listen to her would help her keep treacherous body in line she replied, "You can keep the change."

Dodging another one of the girls attempts to retrieve the food Konatsu rebutted, "Are you sure? It's an awfully large tip."

Nodding Ryouga-chan made another move to grab a hold of the food, feeling only slightly disappointed when Konatsu actually relinquished it to her."

Truthfully Konatsu had been wanting to draw out the sparse conversation longer just so he could work up enough nerve to ask the lovely visage her name but after dodging her the second time his eyes spotted a mess twenty feet away. A mess he realized that he was responsible for because he had startled her and caused her to loose her grip on the bag as she spun around ready to defend herself. So, feeling guilty for making such a mess he relinquished his hold on the packaged bundle in his arms and apologized softly, "I'm sorry about startling you earlier.."

Ryouga was about to refute his statement before she realized that by doing so she would draw the conversation out more and until she had a proper handle on her new body she was feeling very reluctant to do so.

"… you don't have to worry though. I'll clean it all up… It's the least I can do after receiving such a generous tip from you.."

Looking over to where the Kunoichi was looking Ryouga blushed again realizing that in her momentary moment of weakness she had made quite a mess of broken glass. Looking down to her feet again to hide her embarrassed blush Ryouga replied softly, "Thank-you Konatsu."

Konatsu was barely able to hide his admiration of the girls gently swaying hips as the girl walked away tantalizing him with her perfectly formed backside. It was not until several minutes after the nameless girl had disappeared back into the club that he was able to break out of his hormone induced stupor and attend to the task that he had willingly volunteered himself for. After taking several purpose filled steps toward the torn remains of the trash bag Konatsu stopped dead in his tracks as one thing occurred to him, "She knows my name???" with a wide grin slowly enveloping his face Konatsu took another few steps, "How? I don't ever remember seeing her before… She was wearing a Furinkan Jumper though. Maybe she goes to school there? I can't ask Ukyo-san about her… Perhaps, I'll be able to get away from the shop for a little bit to buy some information from Nabiki… Or I could just…" Pausing in mid step as the wind picked up and took hold onto the now empty trash bag revealing the most darling little skating uniform underneath Konatsu squealed girlishly in excitement and exclaimed in a soft hiss, "Sooo pppprrreeetttyyyy."

Rushing over to the precious looking garment the cross dressing Kunoichi knelt down to pick it up cradling it to her faux bosom. After a few moments of just sitting there hugging the uniform tightly Konatsu wrinkled her nose and muttered, "Uhhh… It may be absolutely fabulous but boy does it reek of cheap booze and loose women. Don't worry though… Daddy's going to take you home and make you all better…" switching his voice into a higher pitched girlish version of baby talk he continued, "Yes she will… She will… And then when you are all cleaned up I saw the perfect set of knee high boots at the store … I did… Yes I did…"


Noticing a sudden influx of sunlight Setsuna tore her gaze from the spectacle before her and glanced over to the door. Rising out of the chair to her feet she clapped her hands twice drawing everyone in the nearby vicinities attention to her. Clearing her throat she called out, "Dinners here." Holding up her hands to silence more than a few complaints over the interruption of their fun she added, "You're all growing girls…"

"HEY!!!" Ranma objected as Haruka pulled away from him.

Not sure which part he was objecting too, being called a growing girl or the fact that Haruka just pulled away from him Setsuna tried to placate him with, "Relax Ranma honey. I was talking about the others."

"Okay." Ranma replied happily, "Hey Blondie-chan… Setsuna said she wasn't talking about us."

Shaking her head in exasperation Setsuna called out, "No Ranma… That's not what I meant… I was calling the others growing girls. Not… Haruka stop that… It's time to eat… That means you too Nodoka… Stop trying to feel up your son and come and eat."

"Fine." Haruka responded as she pulled away from the pigtailed teen with a visible pout.

Turning to Ryouga who had just finished her approach to the stage Setsuna offered the raven haired girl a warm smile of gratitude and asked, "Why don't I help you set these out… Just place them out on the stage so the others can just pick out what they want." Realizing that they were still missing two Senshi Setsuna turned her head to the far corner and called out, "Hotaru… Ami… It's time to eat. Come and get it while it's hot."

Sighing as she lifted her head Hotaru replied with a pout, "But momma… I am eating… And it's hot too…"

"Hey she has you there Sets.." Haruka replied as she looked around for her clothes adding in a mumble when she was certain she was out of earshot, "Wish I would have thought of that… Dammit where is my Fuku…"


Sometime later, after dinner


"So you're not mad at me?"


"You sure?"




"I don't know?"

"Look Haruka." Michiru stated rather forcibly, "I'm not mad at you. I was right there. It's okay."

Adjusting the towel that now hid her modesty due to her Fuku having been somehow misplaced Haruka asked in a pout, "Then why won't you let me kiss you?"

Giving of a rather loud sigh of exasperation Michiru said, "Let's examine just where exactly your mouth has been in the past hour…"

"But we just finished eating… There's no icky boy germs left in there for you."

"True… But I wasn't the one that just had to have the anchovy okonomiyaki with extra wasabi." Michiru chastised gently before she noticed her lover fumbling with her towel to preserve her modesty. Shaking her head at her lovers antics she added, "You were already dressed for class this morning before you transformed."

"Yeah and?" The tomboyish towel clad Senshi asked not following her partners train of thought.

"So… If you drop the transformation you'll be back to wearing what you were before you powered up."

"Oooh… Right. Why didn't I think about that earlier?".


Ryouga sighed in contentment as she pushed away the remains of a half eaten Okonomiyaki away from her. "Boy am I full. One and a half Okonomiyaki's really filled me up. I wonder if this is another perk of being a girl? Not having to eat as much to be full.. Full… Wow, I haven't been full for ages. I guess no longer having to ration food out of fear of not knowing when I'll be able to stock up again really makes a difference." Leaning back into her seat Ryouga once again considered the meal she had just eaten, "I wonder what kind of meat that was? What ever it was, it sure was tasty."


Usagi looked enviously at the half eaten okonomiyaki sitting in front of Ryouga. She just did not understand how some girls could eat so little and not be hungry all the time. She had eaten four of the tastypancakes and was still hungry. Realizing that the girl next to her was likely stuffed due to her posture Usagi decided to ask if she could have what was left.


"Excuse me, Ryouga?"

Turning her head to look at Usagi the content feeling neo girl asked, "Yes?"

"Are you going to finish that?"

Realizing that the girl wanted what was left of her okonomiyaki Ryouga replied, "No, go ahead."

"Great. Thanks, Pork Okonomiyaki is my absolute favorite."

"Pork??? That was Pork?" Ryouga thought in alarm before her content smile returned, "Well… It was still delicious… Even if it IS Cannibalism. I guess that's just something else I'll have to get used to as well…"


Ranma was feeling suspicious as he looked around the room, somehow during the course of dinner a few of the girls had disappeared to somewhere. "I'm just being paranoid… Besides even if they were out to get me. It's not like it would be all that bad. Though the fact that my mother is among the missing is a bit worrisome."


Rei cautiously peeked around the corner; unlike almost everyone else she had noticed the steady decrease in the female population from the main room. It had started innocently enough with just Setsuna and that girl with the page styled haircut but then she began to notice others slowly trickling out of the room.

Normally she might not have been so curious at what the others were doing with their own bodies but then Nodoka had left the room and frankly that worried her. It was not that she found the woman intimidating or anything. No… the cause of her worries were that unlike the others, she had seen the woman's eyes light up as they had discussed what exactly was going on.

The final nail in the coffin for her had come when the older woman had tried to assist her son earlier with Haruka. Somehow she knew that if she allowed this woman's actions to go unchecked, she very well might wind up having to share Usagi.

And that was unacceptable.

She had just managed to squeeze into the now vacant hole that Mamoru had left behind earlier and she was not about to share.

Well at least not for several years at the very least. Preferably somewhere around the two-hundred mark.


"And that's what I think we should do." Hotaru stated with complete seriousness as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Don't you think that it's a little too much?" Nabiki questioned as she fended off a grope from Nodoka.

"I agree. I'm certain that my manly son has enough skills and stamina to sate everyone's carnal desires…" with her eyes taking an extremely dangerous glint Nodoka added dreamily, "Why he's so manly… He can literally charm the pants off of a confirmed lesbian with nothing more than his overbearing manly presence."

"Right…" Hotaru replied as she agreed with the older woman's sentiment.

"You know something has been bugging me."

"What's that Nabiki-Senpai?" Ami asked nervously, hoping that the slightly older girl would not squash her hopes right then and there.

Turning to face Hotaru, Nabiki asked, "Is it just me or did you get taller in the several hours that we've known each other?"

"You know? Come to think about it… she seems older too… Not too much perhaps a few years." Setsuna said as she held back a knowing smirk.

"Let me see." Nodoka asked as she stepped closer to The violet eyed girl. "I'd say around seventeen or so." She added after a moment of silent consideration.


"Yes Hotaru-Chan?"

"Could you stop squeezing my breasts? It's not that I don't mind but… " Blushing bright red in embarrassment she continued I a near whisper, "They're kind of tender right now."

Shaking her head because apparently Nodoka could judge a girls age like a piece of fruit Setsuna decided to point something out, "Hotaru's tender breasts aside, perhaps we should do something about Sailor Mars?"

"I knew it…" Hotaru exclaimed as she pounded her fist into her hand, "If we don't take action now poor Ami will never get her chance and will have to remain an old spinster for the rest of her life."

"Hey!!!" Ami objected, "We're about the same age now."

At that moment, much to the mistress of time's chagrin, a small vortex appeared seemly unnoticed by everyone else. Recognizing it as a slight temporal displacement reeking of her energy signature she relaxed so as to not alarm the others to what they couldn't see. Just then though a small folded up paper sped out from the displacement so fast that not even her reflexes honed over the course of several millennia were fast enough for her to prevent it from smacking her sharply in the face.

With the others now watching in curiosity over what exactly had happened Setsuna knelt down gracefully, not wanting her irritation to show and retrieved the slip of paper. Deftly unfolding she read, "Actually Hotaru is now eighteen years and three months old."

"I am…" Hotaru stated in alarm, "I had thought something was off but I didn't think that I had changed that much."

"Are you sure? She doesn't really look that much older." Ami stated as she peered closely into Hotaru's face wondering why she had not noticed it earlier.

Shrugging Setsuna replied, "That's what it say's here…. Oh wait there's more… It also say's that Hotaru doesn't look much older because of something called Magical girl genetics."

"Magical girls Genetics…" Nabiki slowly repeated dubiously, "Are you sure about that? I might not have known her before this morning but that seems awfully quaint."

Ignoring Nabiki for the moment in favor for returning Ami's gaze Hotaru exclaimed, "Wow!!! How come I didn't notice this before?"

"Notice what Hotaru?" Ami asked.

"We're about the same height now."

"Wow… We are." Ami exclaimed.

"Yes we are… Do you know what this means?"

"No, what's that Hotaru-chan?" Setsuna asked as she looked over the girl wondering how she could have missed Hotaru's aging before mentally consoling herself with, "Well it's not like I had ever really looked at her closely when she was naked before. This morning I just thought that she was just developed for her age."

"This means that Momma and Papa have to call me Senpai now." Mentally switching gears as another thought surfaced Hotaru nearly wailed in concern, "Oh no…"

"What's wrong?" Setsuna asked in alarm as she was snapped out of her thoughts.

"My clothes…"

"What about your clothes?" Ami asked as she looked over the girls assamble,

"Nothing will fit me anymore. I'll have to replace everything." The now older girl realized with dismay as she looked down at what had once been her favorite outfit..

"Oh…" Ami replied, " I had just thought that you were going for a naughty schoolgirl look."

Shrugging Setsuna tried to alleviate the girls fears with, "You look fine dear. Sure that skirt is now a bit small and while your breasts haven't grown that much your bra doesn't seem to be bothering you too much."

Looking down at her feet Hotaru blushed and replied quietly, "I'm not wearing a bra… I took it off earlier… It was too small."

"Ohh… Well that's not so bad."

"It's not?"

"No not at all." Setsuna answered, "If it's just your bra's that don't fit anymore well that's not really much of a problem to replace. And even if we need to replace more than that… Well I have more than enough money for that.".

"That's a relief." Hotaru sighed, " I was really worried there for a moment."

Realizing that no one was going to answer her on how it was that magical girl genetics was a logical baseline answer for Hotaru not realizing that she had apparently both aged and grew Nabiki began to look around. After a few moments she noticed that they were currently missing one very amorus alien deciding to clue the others in on her little discovery she said, "Where's Nodoka?"


Rei braced herself for a confrontation once her cover had been blown but when no action was taken after a few moments of having her cover blown she visibly relaxed and leaned in closer in an attempt to hear everything that was being said. After all if they did not want her to listen then surely they would have done something once Setsuna blew her cover.

Feeling something brush up against her leg the Fiery Senshi did her best to ignore the slight sensation in favor of remaining silent so as to not remind the others of her presence. Fortunately for her she had countless hours of meditation as a shrine maiden to fall back upon to ignore whatever it was brushing softly against her.


"Well, as I said the rooms ready. So you can lure Ranma in there whenever you're ready." Setsuna said as she made a point to change the subject away from where Nodoka had gone.

Signing dreamily in relief and excitement Ami asked once again just to clarify things, "Are you sure that you are all okay with this?"

Waving the bluette's worries aside Nabiki stated, "Normally I'd probably be pretty adamant about not sharing Ranma but... I don't know... It's like a switch was turned or something and now... I want to be with him though at the same time sharing him with other attractive girls just seems so right."

"Besides…" Setsuna added with a perverted grin, "We'll be right there just in case any issue's pop up that you can't handle alone…. And of course Hotaru will be right there with you as well."


Rei's eye ticked in annoyance as she withheld a slight shiver at the sensation of something crawling up the back of her thigh. It was something she was used to, having her mind try to play tricks on her while she meditated so she would lose her concentration. She was experienced though and determined to not give into it. Not even when she felt whatever her mind was dredging up start to creep over her more intimate regions.


Nodoka smiled to herself as she felt the young flower stifle another tantalizing tremble of need. Normally she might not have been so bold but the constant displays of carnal pleasure had heightened her libido after several years of cold showers and nightly frustrations. Today though it was like a dam had broke and unleashed all her pent up repressions and she was finding herself feeling nearly twenty years younger and in dire need of a marathon sating.

Boldly moving her hands to more intimate regions Nodoka shuddered in anticipation, soon she would have this lovely girl in her thrall and then it would only be a matter of time until she was finally rewarded with some special bonding time with her Adonis of a son.


Rei tensed up warily as light maniacal laughter started to softly erupt directly behind her. Slowly she turned her head just as the light sounds began to increase in volume.


Nodoka grinned hungrily as the raven haired girl turned to greet her. Not wanting to waste anymore time with words Nodoka decided to act by grabbing the girl and dragging her into a nearby room.


Meanwhile in the very dark confines of the Kuno Mansions subbasement


Pantyhose Taro woke up slowly with a moo-ish groan. the last thing he remembered was lighting up a cigarette after defeating all of those crazy nearly naked catholic schoolgirls. As his mind caught up with that fact he realized what was wrong with his situation, instead of lying outside against an iron gate on the concrete he was inside a dark looking room made out of cinder blocks.

Jerking to his feet and thus caught completely off guard when he felt something tighten around his neck, arresting his upward momentum immediately causing him to fall backwards and slide back down the wall to the floor.

"Ahh... Ranma-Sama you're awake..." Kodachi purred as she approached the large tentacled monster. "I have been waiting for you to regain consciousness for several hours now."

Taro's eyes narrowed dangerously as he recognized the crazy girl from the morning. Unfortunately without the added benefit of human vocal cords he would have to settle for a ever menacing moo to show his displeasure at being shackled to the wall by his now tender neck.

"Now... Now. Ranma-Sama. I know that you must be upset for me imprisoning you so but it's really the only way I can help you."

"What the hell... She thinks I'm fem-boy..." Mooing in agitation as that thought made itself clear Taro tried to lunge his tentacles foreword to show the crazy shrew that he was no aqua-phobic two bit cross dresser with a need for overcompensating, only for the clearly delusional girl to effortlessly step out of range at the last minute.

Stepping out of the tentacles range Kodachi giggled lightly and exclaimed in fake surprise, "My my aren't you eager... " Sliding her hands across her trench coat clad body she continued, "What ever shall I do??? " Gaining a dangerous glint in her eyes she mock exclaimed, "Oh I know… I shall have to exorcize the demon from your person."

Taro mooed angrily in an attempt to show his displeasure at being confined to shackles.

Tapping her index finger to her chin in order to discreetly wipe away a small amount of drool Kodachi considered, "Of course even for one such as I… to take on a task of such epic proportions such as this… Well I am afraid that I am clearly in over my head…. "Ignoring her Ranma's-sama's moo of desire the slightly crazed girl continued in her monologue, "It shames me so to admit it but I am afraid that I will have to call in some help for this. For while I have the fortitude to carry this burden alone I fear that my body is not up to the task." reaching out and grabbing a hold of the nearest tentacle Kodachi gave it a loving squeeze and finished, "Fear not though my dear… For I have decided to retain the services of the St. Hebereke's school for girls' entire rythemtic gymnastics team…"

Taro blinked as the crazy but admittedly attractive girl clapped her hands together loudly wondering what exactly was going on. His wonder did not last long though as immediately following the girls clap the door to his prison opened up and admitted several other girls all clad in identical nearly see through kimonos.


With Akane


Akane trudged back into the house after spending almost the entire day showing her martial might in a true test of skill that had encompassed several blocks of Nerima.

Kasumi sensing that someone had finally arrived home left the confines of her kitchen where she was busying herself with rearranging the cupboards and exclaimed with relief, "Oh My Akane… You're home…" Noticing her youngest sister's rather haggard appearance she added, "Are you alright?"

Still feeling the rush of adrenaline flowing through her body Akane crowed, "Alright..? I feel great!"

"That's nice." Kasumi replied, feigning interest as she went to return to the important task of alphabetizing the canned goods in the cabinets.

Wanting to regale her sister with tales of her mighty martial prowess Akane followed Kasumi into the kitchen while absently rubbing her hands and wrists.

"Are you sure that you're alright? You seem to be rubbing your wrists like you sprained them." Kasumi stated as she realized that her sister was following her back into the kitchen.

"Well… Now that you mention it…" Akane started carefully not really wanting to admit a weakness even if it was after the fact. "I'm not really sure what happened. All I know is that after I finished beating off all those perverts…"

Even though she knew that it was rude to interrupt Kasumi couldn't help herself, "You beat them all off?"

"Yeah? So what?" Akane snorted, "How else do you think I got them to leave me alone."

"So scandalous." Kasumi hissed under her breath before calmly asking in concern, "They didn't force you did they?"

"No… Not really… Well they didn't really give me any other options either." Akane answered truthfully, as her whole body swelled with pride over her accomplishment.

"Well… I suppose that it's alright then… Even though it wasn't very ladylike…" Kasumi considered slowly.

Confused over Kasumi's reaction Akane immediately tried to defend her actions and retorted, "Unladylike? How is it unladylike? I mean sure I'll admit that had some problems handling them all at the same time at first and unfortunately went down a couple of times… But once I fell into a rhythm things just started to slide into place… Besides it's not like I didn't do anything that any of the perverted baka's hussies haven't done before…" Scoffing lightly at the idea that manhandling men dressed up as giant rubber phallic tools was somehow unladylike Akane added, "Besides what else was I supposed to do..? Let them take me like some two bit damsel in distress and wait for someone to save me?"

Mentally shooting down the ready response of, 'Why not? It's worked before." Kasumi replied, "Akane, I'm sure that even though you and Ranma have broken up, he would have been perfectly willing to save you."

"And let that pervert have all the fun?"

"Now Akane, that's not very nice." Kasumi chided gently, "While Ranma may enjoy battling with his friends he certainly doesn't ever have any fun."

Staring at her eldest sister incredulously Akane scoffed again and shot back, "Yeah right sis… Tell me another one… Ranma not having any fun? Have you seen the way that pervert goes at it with his father every morning?"

Holding her hand to her face to hide her scandalized expression Kasumi stated, "Oh My… I wasn't aware of that. Are you sure… I mean Mr. Saotome and Ranma? Is Ranma a girl when he does this?"

Waving off her sisters shock Akane answered, "Sometimes… Sometimes he's a guy… Usually though he finishes up as a girl. I don't see how it really matters though."

"How can it not matter?"

Wondering if her sister had hit her head or something Akane replied, "Well it's not like Mr. Saotome is always human when they're doing it."


Soun's eyes widened in surprise at the latest tidbit of information that his youngest daughter had released. He had not meant to eavesdrop, instead had been making his way into the kitchen to look for some Saki to help alleviate the boredom that had sunk in with a near empty house.

Regardless of his original intentions though he had managed to overhear almost the entire conversation and was drawing some rather obscene conclusions as a result. Not wanting to hear about and further escapades involving either his daughter or his two house guests he burst into the room with twin rivers of tears flowing freely from his eyes and wailed, "WAAGH… MY POOR BABY…"

"Huh? What?" Akane asked as her father rushed into the room, "I'm alright daddy… See…" She added while spreading her arms apart to show that while her clothes may be ruined she was not hurt in the slightest.

"My baby… My poor baby girl…" Soun sobbed as he fell to his knee's and pounded his fists into the floor, "Corrupted into loosing her innocence in a misguided attempt to over come her fears of intimacy…"

"Innocence?" Akane wondered as she thought about all that had happened since the Saotome's had came into her life, "I lost that a long time ago."

"No…" Soun whispered hoarsely, "It can't be…it's not true." "Am I that bad of a father that I failed to realize that my baby daughter had started to partake in the pleasures of the flesh at an early age… Oh Kimiko… where did we go wrong…"

Feeling rather annoyed at her fathers antics Akane demanded hotly, "What are you talking about? You should be proud of me…"

"Proud…" Soun muttered weakly in response.

Shaking her head sadly over how little her father thought of her skills she tearily replied, "Yes proud… As in beaming with pride over my accomplishments."

Not realizing that her own sister was apparently a nymphomaniac Kasumi tried to get a handle on the situation, "Akane…"

"No Kasumi… Daddy should know… " Akane said as she began to recount her battle, "At first I was caught off guard… My movements were awkward and unsure as I found myself trying to fend off their advances as I tried to adjust to my new form. They were relentless in their attacks though, calling out all sorts of perverted attacks… Strike of the golden spear, flop of the flaccid Phallus… but in the true spirit of anything goes I adapted and over came…"

"No more… No more…" Soun pleaded from his position on the ground not wanting to hear his youngest recap her intimate escapades.

Huffing in indignation at her father not wanting to hear about how well she had handled herself when faced with overwhelming odds, Akane turned to make her way out of the room. As she left the room, she shot back over her shoulder, "Momma would have been proud of me."


Back at Crystal's Tokyo palace


In the main room of the club, Ranma had moved away from the stage onto one of the many couches adorning the walls intent on resting his eyes for a bit to recuperate from his earlier activities. Staring at the now cold glass of tea in his hand he briefly debated on splashing himself with the cold liquid, just in case some of the other girls decided to get frisky with him while he was trying to rest up.

Looking directly across the room he recognized the tall blond from earlier snuggling warmly up to a woman with aquamarine colored hair.


Haruka glanced across the room back towards the young man that she had not yet officially met and smiled upon spotting him gazing back at her. Feeling playful she switched her gaze to that of her soul mates eyes while shifting her position slightly to reveal what exactly her hands where up to.


Michiru hissed softly in pleasure as her lover's hands continued with their ministrations, wondering why Haruka had shifted her body into what must surely be an uncomfortable position. Her wonder was brief though as she realized that her blond tomboy was intentionally giving her pigtailed acquaintance a bit of a show. Mentally shrugging at the idea she decided to just roll with it, "Well I guess if a young man is going to come between us… Preferably at the same time… We couldn't really do much better." Nodding to herself in agreement, the Neptunian Senshi smirked visibly, offering their pigtailed watcher a wink while moving her hands to slowly caress Haruka's firm buttocks while lifting up her school skirt, in the process revealing a pair of cheeky pink lace boy shorts with writing covering both cheeks.


Ranma shook his head in amusement as he silently read the print covering Haruka's pear shaped rear end, "I'm a naughty girl… Please return me to Michiru Kiaoh for spanking."

Chuckling to himself Ranma lifted up his glass in greeting as he thought, "Well I guess that's one mystery solved… Nice to meet you Michiru."

Smiling back at the young man Michiru gave her lover a playful thwack.

Reluctantly Ranma tore his gaze away from the duo to continue his assessment of the room. Spotting the long haired blond, Usagi laying by herself sprawled half hazardly across another couch, seemingly asleep if the snores and snot bubbles were any indication. Adverting his eyes elsewhere and coming across the former aged grandmaster, now buxom beauty sitting at the bar with two other girls the teen took a few minutes to just watch what was going on.

Bambi looked up from the bar where she was busying herself with making drinks. Peering past the two girls in front of her she spotted Ranma looking at her. Blushing over his scrutiny she nervously fidgeted in place while bringing up a wadded piece of cloth up to wipe away the sweat from her brow while thinking, "I'm sweating because it's getting hot in here… Not because I was a dirty old man who this morning suddenly found himself trapped in the hot body of a hot young woman who has been having one of the best day's of her long life. The fact that the manliest young man this side of the pacific is staring at me like a ripe fruit fresh for the picking has nothing to do with anything."


Meanwhile on the other side of the pacific outside of the local S-Mart where one man was once again fighting for the survival of the human race.


"Bless you…"

"Thanks… You too… I err guess…" Ash stated awkwardly as he lifted up his boomstick, "Now where were we?"

"Would you believe that you were in the middle of surrendering your soul to me? So you can suffer relentlessly for all eternity in hell." The now rotting corpse of what had used to be his manager said..

Shaking his head slowly Ash replied, "I don't think so…"

"Dead by dawn…?" The misshapen mockery of a man asked hopefully.

"Uhuh…" Ash drawled out slowly as he carefully took aim.

"Well in that case…" The creature started as his neck grew to ridiculous proportions, "I'll swallow your soul…"

"Swallow this…"


Now standing over the splattered remains of one former deadite/manager the twice tested savior of mankind huffed, "Never liked you anyway… Uptight asshole… It's not like I asked for your daughter to come on to me…"


Back with Ranma


Breaking his gaze away from the now grandmistress of anything goes Ranma glanced down to the now cold cup of tea. Figuring that right now there were about even odds with him being accosted in either form he decided to stay male for the meantime. "Of course regardless of what these girls decide to do, I'm willing to bet that it won't be an hour until one of the others come back in to get me for a little endurance training…"

Setting the tea on a nearby end table Ranma stretched himself out in preparation for his well deserved rest, "I wonder where Ryouga ran off too… Sure hope the knucklehead didn't manage to get lost again…" Just as he was about to lay his head down the pigtailed teen realized something, "Dammit… How does she do that.?? I could have sworn I was wearing my boxers not even five minutes ago."


With Ryouga


Sighing in relief as she glanced back into the hallway Ryouga thought, "That's a relief for a second there I had thought I got lost again." Turning around to check out the room she had just entered the lost girl let out a low appreciative whistle, "Wow this room is pretty swanky… Sure beats a ratty sleeping bag and worn tent… I hope that Setsuna woman doesn't mind me taking her up on her offer but I just can't take it anymore…"


Sometime later


"Momma… Poppa???"

Sighing Michiru tried to turn her attention to her adopted little firefly only to realize that like usual her lover was being rather selfish and was allowing her to take care of things while she kept at it. Feeling torn between letting Haruka continue uninterrupted and giving the blonds nipple a more than playful twist she decided on the latter.

"Owwweee.." Haruka complained as she brought her head up to give Michiru a puzzled look, "What'd you do that for?"

Playfully cuffing the side of the blonds head the usually elegant woman stated, "You were being a greedy bitch again."

"Yeah and?" Haruka questioned back before letting her face break out into a grin to show that she was just playing around.

"And…" Michiru said, "Our little Firefly would like some attention."

"Ohhh really.." The blond outer drawled out as she leered lecherously at the little light of their life.

Blushing at the looks being sent her way Hotaru stammered, "Gomen… No… That's not it…"

"So you just want to watch?" Haruka asked as she stretched out seductively and gave the blushing girl a good look at what was no longer being hidden by her clothes.

"…No… Well… No… Maybe later?" Hotaru flushed awkwardly as she tried to tear her eyes away from the lovely visage in front of her.

Laughing lightly the so called male parental figure said, "Relax Kiddo I was just Fu…"

"Language." Michiru snapped as she elbowed Haruka sharply in the ribs.

Wincing the tomboyish blond directed a pout at her companion before turning back to Hotaru to say sheepishly, "Sorry about that. You wanted something?"

"Mhh… Yes… Setsuna-momma has a room set up for you so you can… have your privacy…."

"Thanks but I'm good."

After shooting her voyeuristic lover yet another glare Michiru stated, "What your father means… Is that while we are quite comfortable where we are we both think that a slight change in venue would be more appropriate… Isn't that right dear?"

"Oh yes. We really need a change in venue." Haruka replied instantly, in the hopes of forgoing any further punishments.

Smiling happily Hotaru stepped to the side and gave a slight bow while saying, "Right this way then."

Sighing as she started to follow their apparent hostess out of the room Haruka quickly leaned over to her upset lover and whispered, "I'm in trouble aren't I?"

Shaking her head negatively the Musician replied, "No… Not tonight…"

"That's a relief… Wait a sec… Why not tonight? Am I in trouble or not?"

"Not tonight because I left my not so little attitude adjuster at home this morning…"

"Oh… Crap… Hey is it just me or did Hotaru get a haircut?"

Shaking her head again Michiru replied, "No she always wears her hair like that."

"New shoes then?"


"New dress?"

"Don't think so, pretty sure that we bought that for her last week."

"Contact Lenses?"

"No… Her eyes are always that color."


Coming to a stop just behind Hotaru who was now holding a door for them Michiru replied, "Stop trying to distract me or I'll break out Little Miss Attitude adjuster's older and much bigger brother…"

Stepping into the room after giving Hotaru an overly affectionate kiss Haruka turned back to her companion and replied, "Show's what you know. He's my favorite."

"Oh really… Well We'll just have to see about that." Michiru shot back as she leaned forward to give her adopted daughter a comforting hug only to be goosed by the girl in response. Smiling affectionately at the younger girl the Neptunian outer beamed, "So much like your father… You're growing up so fast."

"Don't you know it."

"What was that hun?" Michiru asked not really sure if she had just been sassed.

Smiling because she had just won ten thousand Yen from her other matriarchal figure over a bet that involved when exactly both her other parents would realize that there was something different about her, Hotaru replied, "Some time today I was magically aged a few years and now you have to call me Senpai."

"What?" Haruka exclaimed as she looked closer at the girl standing before them, "I had just thought that you were wearing that purple corset I bought you for your birthday to give you more of a full figure."

"Kami… She's right… How did this happen?" the usually unflappable Michiru asked as she stared at her daughter.

Smirking as she prepared herself to close the door the now older girl replied teasingly, "Magic silly. How else could it happen?"

"Hey… Wait a sec…" Haruka tried to say but was cut off rather rudely as the door swung closed and clicked ominously. Rushing forward, she tried to twist the knob. Realizing that it was locked she loudly banged on the door with her fists, "Get back here little missy… You're not too big for me to turn over my knee…"


Giggling perversely at the notion of her poppa's current ideas of spanking Hotaru, put a little extra bounce in her step as she turned to seek out her current co-conspirator.


"She gets it from you. You know." Haruka sighed as she turned to face Michiru. Realizing that her better half was not responding the blond waved her hand in front of the statuesk woman's face and asked, "Hey? What's wrong?"

Ignoring the words coming from her lovers mouth the aquamarine haired young woman simply pointed further into the room. Specifically towards the bed.

Following the appendage with her eyes Haruka's puzzled face quickly turned into one of delight as she exclaimed, "Hello Nurse… I'm Haruka and I'll be your doctor tonight."

Coming to her senses Michiru quickly intervened and said, "Don't mind my associate here, I'm Michiru, we've met already of course. But I'll be your examiner tonight. Don't mind my assistant, she's just going to watch."

"Hey…" Haruka tried to protest.

"I watched earlier, it's your turn now."

"But that doesn't count… That was with a guy…"

Ryouga had been peacefully minding her own business. Well sort of… If you consider lying on a bed spread eagle with both hands exploring every nook and cranny of her naked not even day old body as her own business. Of course later on Nodoka would debate this very issue, but that's neither here nor there at the moment though.

Ever so slowly the neo girl raised up her head and tried to look past her newfound mountainous seeming chest appendages to stare at the two newcomers inserting themselves into her fun. "I have got to be going crazy… This is just one big giant colossal dream concocted from Ranma sabotaging Akane's delectable culinary creations."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes… Maybe… Sort of… No…"

"Well there's only one way to find out for sure."

"What's that?"

The certainly less naive and thoroughly more perverted side of the neo girls conscious sighed sadly before giving herself the equivalent of a mental slap.


"Senpai… There you are…" Ami huffed as she tried to half carry/drag a reincarnated moon princess down the hall.

Moving in to help the now slightly younger teen Hotaru asked, "Did you have any problems with the others?"

Sighing as she shared her burden Ami answered, "Nope… not really anyway. Minako and Makoto are now comfortably sharing a room down the hall."

Nodding as she helped carry their still sleeping leader Hotaru asked, "What about Bambi?"

Letting out a slightly perverted giggle as she thought about how she had left the neo blond Ami eluded, "Well… She's resting… Sort of... Lets just say that she's tied up for now..."

"That's good. Now, where to put Usagi?"

Hearing a door open behind them Ami turned her head slightly and upon seeing who had just stumbled into the hall replied, "I got an idea, this way."


Rei slid into the hall with a shuddering sigh, "That… That… Woman is something else… She's got to be some sort of nymphomaniac Succubus… She's nearly unstoppable.." As she slowly caught her breath the Fiery Senshi of Mars face twisted into a smug grin, "But I showed her… Yes I did…" Feeling a draft Rei tiredly glanced down and sighed, "Crap… I was in such a hurry to get out of there that I forgot to take this off and put my pants back on." Reaching down with one of her hands she gave her faux attached appendage a loving tap and grumbled, "I was meaning to save you for Usagi…" After taking in and releasing a deep breath she continued in a satisfied tone, "But I guess my little Usa will have to settle for being the main course… Isn't that right sweetie… Yes it is... Whose mommy's little pervert pounder...?"

"Excuse me Rei…" Ami interrupted cautiously not sure or not if the girl had finally snapped and went over the deep end.

Breaking her gaze away from her new best friend the not so pure shrine maiden looked and noticed the new arrivals. Spotting the target of some of her most recent thoughts the raven haired teen thought, "Speak of the Devil.." Realizing who else was there and that her fearless leader was currently sleeping Rei narrowed her eyes dangerously, "They better not be taking her to where I think they are."

Trying to look as innocent as possible Hotaru asked cutely, "Could you help us carry her into a room?"

"Depends on where you are wanting to take her." Rei stated firmly as her eyes glinted dangerously in the florescent lights of the hallway.

"Actually we were taking her to you." Ami supplied helpfully, remembering all the innuendo from earlier.

"Oh… Okay then…" Rei chirped happily as she made a motion for them to hand Usagi off to her. Now with her blond leader fully in hand Rei began to ask the other girls if they would be so helpful as to point out a private room for the two of them when her words were deemed unnecessary by the door creaking open ominously and a pair of slim arms latching onto her, dragging both her and her burden back into the room.

Looking over to Ami Hotaru shrugged and said, "Well that was easy… Good idea… Now on to Operation-no-longer-a-lonely-old-spinster.

Blushing at the praise from her newly aged Senpai Ami pouted, "You're older than me now… Remember."

"True, but I have experience."

Conceding to the older teens point Ami consented, "Yes Senpai."


Meanwhile, with Rei.


"So you came back with reinforcements… Well while I might not have the benefit of a sleeping ally to aid me in my quest, I am not without tricks of my own.

Letting out a feral growl Sailor Mars gently set down her sleeping friend and fiercely stated, "Virile woman, you should watch your tongue for I need no help from my currently sleeping and very trusting friend to sate the likes of you."

Smiling happily as she reached into the folds of her Kimono Nodoka stated, "I see… Well then be warned fair maiden for this time I am prepared for your debauchery." Withdrawing two large phallic candies from her robes Nodoka continued, "Consider this though wretched temptress… Should you strike me down… I shall become more powerful than what you can possibly imagine…"

"That's just a risk I'm going to have to take." Rei replied as she slid into a blatantly open grappling stance. "Let's dance.."


A few minutes later


"So where are we going?" Ranma asked with a yawn, having just woken from his nap.

"It's a surprise." Hotaru answered happily as she shared a feral grin with her blue haired cohort.

"I like surprises." Ranma replied as he began to muster his fortitude in preparation of what he suspected was to come.


With Setsuna


Plopping down unceremoniously next to the red eyed mistress of time Nabiki sighed out, "So how's it going? Everyone in their place?"

"See for yourself." Setsuna replied as she motioned towards the several monitors in front of them.

"Ah… Where's Ranma?"

"Hotaru and Ami just went to get him."

Chuckling darkly while steepling her hands together Nabiki hissed, "Exxxceelllent…"


Breaking character for the moment the middle Tendo asked, "You know I was wondering?"

"Yeah?" Setsuna commented as she kept her attention on the screens before her.

"Isn't this all a bit much?"

"How so?"

"Well…" Nabiki started cautiously not wanting to offend the older woman, "I mean… Don't get me wrong or anything… I like voyeurism just as much as the next girl… But isn't taping it for future posterity a little much?"

"Oh this isn't for future posterity at all…" Setsuna answered as she managed to turn to face the younger girl.

"It isn't?"

"No. That's what I have the time gates for… This… Well, have you ever heard the saying that kingdoms are built upon the backs of men?"

Not really understanding what her cohort was getting at Nabiki shook her head and replied, "What does that have to do with this?"

"Simple really. Just substitute the men part with woman…"

Still not getting it Nabiki was about to ask for a little more clarification but then after taking in all of the video equipment a light bulb suddenly went off in her head and she exclaimed, "Your making porn!!!"

Leaning back in her seat and letting her arm wrap around the younger girl Setsuna replied, "First off, it's we… We are shooting Porn… And creating a magical Kingdom takes a lot of money."

Conceding to the Mistress of Time's point, Nabiki favored the green haired woman with a nod of understanding while she let her hand begin to wander up the woman's thigh.

Shuddering slightly at the less experienced girl's pleasant touch Setsuna saw fit to add, "Besides I've seen the future and believe me it will only help us if our queen was a porn star."


End of chapter.