Winter Heat

A Phantom of the Opera Fan Fic

By DonJuanTriumphs

:Summary: Christine becomes deserted when her car breaks down in a fierce snow storm on her way to visit her friend Meg. Knowing her car will get her no where she sets out into the dangerous weather.

:Rating: M for sexuality and language and sexual references. You have been warned.

:Pairing: E/C, but the beginning is definite R/C

:Universe: Modern day

:Author's Note: Here is my first attempt at a modern day since Escort and I hope it lives up to all your expectations. I really know where I want this story to go so it is only a matter of time before I have it all mapped out. This Erik, like in Escort, is a Gerik, easier to picture him in a modern day setting. Who knows, one day I might write a Leroux Erik in our time, but not just yet. I know the last thing I need is another story but I just had to write this one, and all my stories will be finished, it is only a matter of time! So please read and review and let me know what you think of this new premise! DJT

Chapter One: Abominable Snowman

Christine shivered. The heat from her car heater was providing only minimum warmth. Snow beat at her small automobile with a force that had Christine biting on her lip in nervousness. It was becoming more and more difficult to see the road in front of her and Christine's heart was beginning to race in nervousness. It appeared her friend Meg had been right. Christine should have never left her hotel after the news reported a possible blizzard. She had just been so anxious to get to Meg's after fourteen hours on a plane she had ignored the warning.

Obviously a very bad idea.

It had started out as a light drizzle but the further she drove the further Christine realized that she was heading into dangerous ground. She knew that the nearest town was almost fifteen miles up the road and almost that far back. If she were to get stranded she would be in serious trouble.

"Things could always get worse," she told herself. Christine had to remind herself why she was on this road in the first place. Meg had just given birth to her first child, a little girl, and she had begged and pleaded Christine for months to come and visit her. Christine would have been there in a heartbeat but work had been crazy and she had been unable to take any time off. After graduating from college with a major in music she had been offered a job on Broadway. She had played in several starring roles that she was very proud of but it left her little time to herself.

That was why she was on this road in the middle of winter. Christmas was coming up and she had done everything in her power to get away from work for the holidays. She had called Meg and informed her that she was boarding a plane, on her way. The excitement in her friend's voice had been well worth the trip.

Christine knew she would not be completely alone once she got to Meg's. Raoul would be there already because he had left two days before her, at Christine's request. She wanted Meg to know she was serious about coming. Now she was kind of regretting her move with Raoul. If he had been in the car with her and they were stranded, she could think of several things they could do to help them keep warm. That thought made her smile.

"Focus!" she told herself. She should not be thinking of Raoul in such a way! Christine had promised herself that she would not sleep with him until after their marriage, which was going to happen that July. They had been engaged for almost a year and had been making plans for what Christine hoped would be a perfect wedding. However her promise to herself had not lasted long. Raoul was a smooth talking, handsome man, and Christine really had been unable to keep her hands off of him.

But all those nice thoughts were going to get to her nowhere because Raoul was not with her and she knew her car was not going to last much longer. As her car began to slow Christine began looking to the left and to the right, hoping she would see a cabin of some kind, anywhere that she could stay until the blizzard stopped. The snow was too thick however and she could see nothing.

"Great...just great," she muttered as her car stopped completely. Christine knew she was not one to have particularly good luck, but this was just awful! What was she supposed to do now? If she stayed in the car too long she would not be able to get out when the snow level continued to rise. Christine was not one for closed in places, especially when she was trapped, so if she did not want to have a panic attack, she would have to get out of the car and search for a cabin. There had to be one around, some of the richer families always had cabins in these parts of the mountains.

Making up her mind Christine grabbed her suitcase from the back and set it on the seat beside her. Opening it up and trying to remain calm, she took out all of the sweaters and jackets she had decided to take with her. She was not on times side so she frantically began to pull on as many sweaters and jackets as she could manage. With that accomplished she pulled on two sets of sweats and the two pairs of gloves she had brought with her. Christine had a feeling that the more clothes she had on, the more likely she was to survive.

Taking a scarf she wrapped it around her neck and slowly wove it around her head until only her eyes were left bare. If I lose my toes or fingers because of this I am going to kill Meg! How was it that she just wanted to have a peaceful holiday with her friends and family and not even that could go according to plan?


Christine gasped when she was hit with the piercing, cold wind. If only Raoul could see her now! What would he say if he knew she was about to go trekking through the snow in the hopes of not freezing to death? He always told her that she was a city girl and she would not survive out in the wilderness. In a way she agreed with him. Her life had always been the city; she had never been given a chance to see this kind of life. At the moment however she would be glad to leave it that way. She pushed back tears when she took her first step and almost sank down to her knees, causing her to trip. She could do this! All she could do was keep moving and pray that she would find someone who could help her.


"I am really worried about Christine," Meg said, glancing out the window. She turned when she received no answer to find Raoul pacing back and forth, obviously immersed in his own thoughts. He had been that way since Christine had insisted over the phone that she would be able to make it to Meg's before the storm struck. Well the storm had struck and Christine was not there yet. They both knew she would call if her cell was in range but both knew it probably wasn't.

"Raoul, you need to sit down," Meg said. His pacing was making her nervous. She knew this man loved Christine and if anything happened to her he would be devastated.

"How can I sit down when we both have no idea if Christine is alright?" he demanded. Meg sighed. She did not know the answer to that question. She just hoped that Christine was smart enough to stop somewhere and seek shelter.

"She will be fine, Raoul. Christine is a smart woman, I am sure she is just fine right now," Meg assured him. Although she would not admit that she was beginning to worry.


It was so cold. Christine could feel the snow beginning to seep through her clothes straight to her bones. Her teeth were chattering and she could not feel her toes or her fingers. It felt like she had been walking for hours and she had no idea which direction her car was in so she had no idea how to get back to it. But the best plan of action was to keep walking in the direction she was going. She had to end up somewhere.

I could fall off a bloody cliff and would not even know it until I hit the ground!

The thought entered her head when not for the first time she thought about the fact that she could not see what was in front of her. Christine tried to walk slowly and feel what was beneath her but the cold wind kept pushing at her, demanding that she move faster. She had to think of something that would keep her mind off of the cold. She was rather good at distracting herself when she had to. Christine began to sing, the sound muffled by her scarf. She paid no attention to it though and continued to sing. She could barely hear herself over the constant moaning of the wind but it gave her some strength and she continued to push forwards.

After about another thirty minutes Christine felt her legs beginning to give out. Not even her singing could block the situation from her mind. Her body collapsed even when her mind screamed that stopping would mean her death. She had to ignore her conscience, she was just so tired. Her eyes stung from the constant wind and even if she wished to continue walking she now could not feel her legs.

"Help! Help!"

There was silence. Christine cursed.

"Who is going to hear you, Christine, the abominable snowman?" she chided herself. Even the snowman would be welcome if it meant getting her out of this cold. Her hands went to one of her many jackets and tried to pull it more tightly around her. Everything was by now soaking wet. Her eyes were beginning to feel heavy but she had enough sense to know that falling asleep was certain death.

"Talk to yourself, Christine, you are a pretty entertaining person when you want to be," she told herself. Talking to herself had always been a habit that annoyed people to no end. Especially Raoul. He wondered what appealed to her so much about talking to herself. On several occasions she had wanted to tell him that she was a better conversationalist than himself. Well at the moment this annoying habit could save her life by keeping her awake.

"Let's think about all of the things we wish to do before we die, which we might not get to do seeing as we are about to freeze to death! Let's see...skydiving? That would be wonderful, plummeting to my death. Deep sea fishing sounds like fun, if I can get over the sharks. Trek through the Amazon? Mosquitoes. Ride a camel through the dessert? They spit and smell. Geeze, I am very optimistic!"

Christine realized that she was making every possible situation sound miserable and she shook her head. She did not want to have this kind of conversation with herself. What else could she possibly talk about? Raoul! Now that was something she could use to distract herself.

"Raoul...hmmm, he's handsome, good hair and teeth. He's an awesome kisser, good dancer. He could use some work in the sex department though...God, what is wrong with me?" she whispered, putting her head in her hands. This was not working! She was going to freeze to death and the only person she had to talk to was herself! She did not want to die like a popsicle! She did not know how she wanted to die, but definitely not like a frozen fish!

"Help! Help! Help!"

She coughed, realizing she was slowly losing her voice. That would be perfect. If her boss found out she lost her voice she would have hell to pay. One thing she did not need was losing her voice when she was a singer by profession.


Christine froze. A voice...she had heard a voice! Her almost limp neck looked from side to side slowly, praying that she was not hallucinating. She saw nothing but heard the voice again.

"Hello? Is someone out there?"

Christine took a deep breath and with her remaining strength screamed help.

A figure began to immerge from the whiteness all around her. It was definitely human...she hoped it was. But bears did not shout human words the last time she checked so it had to be human. As it got closer she could make out that it was definitely a man, dressed all in black and extremely tall. As much as Christine wanted to stay awake she felt herself slowly sinking into unconsciousness. When the figure was standing directly in front of her Christine spoke her last words before everything went black.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Abominable Snowman..."

A/N: There you go! The first chapter, I really like this Christine, and she does have a problem with talking to herself! Let me know what you all think! DJT