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I felt his arms around I loved a lot of things about him, like how his sent intoxicated me and how his touches made me shudder in pleasure and the lullaby he use to sing to me when I was scared or sad it always calmed me down and made me happy.

But he's gone

Just being around him made me feel like an angle that was made only for him but what am I to become now that he's gone I may never see him again

You won't he's never coming back…

These voices in my head keep telling me these thing that I don't want to hear but why do they haunt me? Did I do something wrong? Sakura moves around in her bed tossing and Turing trying to sleep but the thoughts and the voices wont let her sleep.

She starts crying again like every other night when this happens she hated her life she felt incomplete without him the guy that made her happy but she had gotten news that he died on a mission. Since then she mostly kept to herself her daily routine would be the same every day wake up, eat ,train, meet with Tsunade, go on missions.

She became stronger, faster she'd changed a lot her once vibrant green eyes where dull and almost lifeless.

"Damn it." she got up and went to her closet she took out a pair of black sweat pants and a black tank top she got dressed quickly and made her way to the door. She walked around her village a while then headed to the training grounds, she sat near a cherry blossom tree to stretch before working on her fighting style.

A couple of hours had passed by while she trained she was tired but she kept going at it "take a break, its not going to kill you" inner Sakura said tiredly "no" was all Sakura said "there someone else here."

"I know"

"What are you going to do about it?"

"nothing if he attacks we fight back"

"how do you know it's a he?"

"I just know so relax" Sakura took a break and drank some of her water she looked up at the sky and saw it was a light blue "the sun is going to come out soon" she looked at her watch it was two am "what the hell it should bestill be dark"

"something not right" she got up slowly keeping her guard up,She walked to the middle of the field and waited.

"what are you doing are you trying to get yourself killed!"


"you've lost it"

"don't you mean we lost it we're the same person remember" she said in a hush voice she felt different now the person's chakra was strong very strong she didn't feel scared about but she was trembling.

(a/n okay the words that are in italics now are the voices that haunt her)


"oh no, not again leave me alone" she trembled even more

"you may have gotten stronger but on the inside you'll always be weak"


Sakura heard a rustling sound near her she took out a kunai and threw it in the direction the noise came she jumped back in a fighting stance.

"your going to die"

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