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Danny Phantom laid back on his big double bed in the dark. It had been a lovely wedding, a big one too, Sam had inherited her grandfather's knack of inventing things, she was after all the 'toothpick-cellophane-wrapping-machine-heiress' and Sam's own inventions had made them both very wealthy. He sat up and took off his dark fleecy jacket and laid it on the chair by the bed, it had been a long night.

It wasn't long after they had been married that they had discovered that Sam was pregnant, he remembered the day that they had rushed Sam to the hospital when the pains started. He hadn't woken up straight away and Sam had to punch him in the small of the back before he woke up and called an ambulance for her.

When they were eventually left alone in a room in the hospital waiting for a midwife Sam had turned to him and said it.

"What if it turns out like… like…" She had began nervously.

"Like me you mean?" Danny said understandingly, Sam looked a little embarrassed but nodded.

"Look, I'm only half ghost right? So it'd only be one quarter. And we don't even know if it's genetic. So don't worry." Danny said soothingly to her yet now feeling worried himself.

When she was born, it was a girl in the end, they had both looked at her nervously. She had a little tuft of jet black hair but otherwise she looked normal. Danny and Sam breathed a sigh of relief. Their daughter gurgled and opened her eyes for the first time, Danny and Sam gasped, they were green, a ghostly and slightly glowing green.

"Th-that doesn't necessarily mean that…" Danny began.

"Danny," Sam said touching him on his arm gently, "It doesn't matter, she's healthy. We'll cross this ghost bridge when we come to it. If we come to it."

Danny smiled, they had named their daughter Alex, they both admitted that any child of theirs, especially of Sam's was unlikely to be a girly-girl. Jazz, now a child psychologist, had attempted to lecture them on the affects of giving a child a gender-neutral name, that was until Sam pointedly said that it had never done her any harm. Ah, the look on Jazz's face had been hilarious.

Alex had never exhibited any real signs to Danny's mind of having any kind of special ghost powers, short of being afraid of monsters under the bed that only she could see and bizarrely enough, the tooth fairy, she was a perfectly normal child.

Cruelly enough today of all days had been Alex's birthday. He had gotten the call about… well, about twenty hours ago now. He's been called to the hospital saying that Alex was in the intensive care ward and his wife... his Sam… was dead. He'd had to identify her body, what was left of it that was, there hadn't been much of her left, but enough to tell it was her. The doctors said it was either a horrible car crash or a wild animal attack, possibly even both. They couldn't say because the only witness was his daughter, just turning six that day, and she wasn't in such a good way herself.

Physically there wasn't a scratch on her, but mentally… well the nurses told him that she would scream the place down if anyone entered the room that she was in, the nurses couldn't even get near her.

He cried when he entered the room. That morning Alex has opened just one birthday present, a white shirt with little glittery patterns on it chosen by Sam, Alex had adored it, she was leaving the rest of her presents until her part that afternoon. Sam and Alex had gone out in the car to pick up her birthday cake whilst Danny had stayed home to put up the decorations to surprise Alex and her party guests. He had known something was wrong when they took so long in getting back and there was no phone call to explain their lateness.

And now Alex sat in the middle of the room curled over and shaking, her new white top drenched in blood, Sam's blood.

"Alex! Alex are you hurt?" He asked desperately running up to her, Alex cried more but shook here head as a no.

"What happened baby? What… what…" he trailed off, Alex looked up to him with eyes filled with tears and sobbed out an answer.

"Monsters!" Alex cried and crawled into his arms.

When Jazz, the resident child psychologist at the hospital gave Alex crayons and asked her to draw what happened to her mother… Well, Danny pulled the picture out of his pocket and looked at it again in the half light of the bedroom. It was a picture of monsters all right. Big green and purple things with big teeth attacking Sam, one of them had here arm in its mouth and it wasn't attached to Sam. The monsters were glowing, Danny could tell because they were deliberately surrounded in white when the rest of the picture was coloured black. Sam was in the middle of it, shielding Alex with her body who was drawn curled up behind her in the only white bit in the picture.

Jazz had explained to him that often children couldn't comprehend acts of violence done to people by other people so they created monsters to make it go away and that it was possible that Alex would never remember the event properly. Danny didn't think that that was necessarily a bad thing.

But how on earth would he cope without Sam? How could he raise Alex on his own? How could Alex herself cope without a mother?

"Daddy?" a small voice asked from the door. Danny sat up and looked over, Alex was standing in the open doorframe in her little blue nightie and her little black 'goth' bunny that Sam had gotten custom made for Alex as a baby.

"Yes sweetie?" Danny asked.

"Can I stay in here with you tonight? I'm afraid the monsters will come and get me too." Alex said quietly.

"Don't worry Alex, I won't let any bad monsters get you." Danny said picking Alex up and laying her down on his bed where Sam would normally have been sleeping. Alex rolled over to look at him, her eyes glowed softly in the dark, Danny blinked and let his eyes slip into the same green that they did when he was in ghost mode, just like Alex's.

"Why did the monsters attack mummy dad?" She asked him, Danny bit his lip.

"I don't know sweetie." He replied after a moment.

"Mummy's not coming back is she?" Alex asked in the same knowingly perceptive way that Sam always did. Had.

"No baby, she's gone a long way away. But she's very happy there and it's very peaceful for her." Danny replied a little a little guiltily, neither of them had ever been really been religious but how else did you explain to a six year old that their dead mother wasn't in any pain anymore?

"Well," said Alex after a while, "I hope if I have to go there I don't have to get there the same way mummy did."

That one had kept Danny awake at night for years.