Alex shakily looked at her hand, and then down to the wound at her chest. They were both white, not white per say, but more along the lines of glowing white. This, to Alex, seemed unusual, and with the strange fascination that those who have been fatally wounded but seem to be in no pain, she stared around at the world surrounding her. The faces of the people who had been watching these evens were an expression of shock and horror, her father's face as he ran slowly towards her was a mixture of panic, fear and despair. In fact, everyone was moving rather slowly, it seemed to be an age before her father's foot landed on the floor in front of him to take his next step.

Alex frowned at this and looked back to the glowing wound in her chest the glowing seemed to be getting bigger, consuming most of her torso now. A bright light flashed out from her chest and the world stopped moving, her father stopped mid-lunge, the crowd in mid gasp and Tucker in mid evil laugh.

Suddenly around her figures appeared, Alex recognised a few of them, love, the tooth fairy, death and many others, even in the background some of the lesser figures that she'd had to fight were there. A small cluster of Jinx's were hiding under a car, werewolves and vampires stood looking at her expectantly. Above her she felt the presence of ghosts, she looked up into a face that she knew belonged to Skulker.

"We're too late! Get her!" He yelled as he and the other ghosts hurtled towards Alex. Death frowned, quite how he did this remained unclear as he was a skeleton, but it was definitely a frown. He thumped his scythe on the floor menacingly and the ghosts stopped in their tracks, they all remembered death and they knew better than to cross him.

Ignoring this Alex watched with detached fascination as a glowing orb emerged from her chest and floated upwards, suddenly a strong vortex of suction began. She watched as the Jinx's were pulled screeching and yelping into it, a few other smaller creatures followed suit, the ghosts behind Alex looked on in terror. As suddenly as the suction started it stopped and a warm glow flooded out from it, Alex blinked at the harshness of the light and as it faded she saw that death appeared to be bigger, as did love.

"It's nice to see a little more faith in love these days." She murmured holding her hands up to her blind eyes. The tooth fairy on the other hand seemed to be smaller and angrier, she muttered something about pulling teeth before flying off irritated.

The ghosts floated in front of Alex and stared up at the glowing orb in awe.

"It's… a technical heaven… motherboards as far as the eye can see…" Technus murmured floating towards it.

"A safari of the afterlife… it shall be mine!" Skulker laughed in glee and sped upwards.

"A never ending rock concert, ROCK ON!" Ember yelped flying towards it.

"What's going on?" Alex asked confused.

"Ghosts get trapped on earth when they have too much on their souls to move on without resolving it. Any soul that chooses to stay on earth becomes a ghost, but is then is often unable to move on afterwards. The re-shuffle is a way of letting the ghosts that want to leave to the afterlife. But not all of them want to." Death explained in his deep and disconcerting voice. He looked over to Desiree who was cringing away from the glowing orb of light.

"Desiree…" Alex murmured, Desiree turned around and glared at her before flying off angrily.

"I feel sorry for her." Alex sighed.

"Me too. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to come with me though." Death sighed.

"What?" Alex asked confused. Death pointed to the floor below her, what Alex saw shocked her to the bottom of her soul, she was standing in her own crumpled body on the floor, she stared at the blood on her chest and the anguish on her father's face as he cradled her body in his arms. She watched him silently scream to the heavens, her grandparents were suddenly on the stage shaking Alex and on the phone, in a second paramedics appeared from thin air.

"What's… what's happening, why are things moving so fast?" Alex yelped in panic as she watched the paramedics pull a sheet over her body with a sad expression on their faces, in the distance the police were dragging a screaming Tucker into a police car.

"You're dead, you're outside of time." Death explained as he gestured for Alex to follow him.

"I… NO! I can't die! I can't leave my Dad alone, I'm all he has!" Alex yelped backing away from Death.

"I'm afraid you don't get a choice, and don't you want to see your mother?" He questioned her.

"Well sure I do, but she's waited for me for years, she can wait until I'm older my Dad needs me now. He was broken when mum died, he'd fall apart if he lost me too." Alex shook her head firmly.

"As I said, you don't get a choice." Death informed her sternly.

"You owe me! Remember!" Alex shouted at him as she snapped the black whistle from her neck and waved it at him.

"I can't just put your soul back into your body, I need to take something with me to the afterlife. If I went around granting life to everyone the system would freeze up, you know that." Death sighed as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"So take the ghost half of me, that's something isn't it?" Alex pleaded desperately as she noticed the ambulance, the police car and her father had disappeared. Death seemed to consider this for a moment, he pulled an hourglass out of his robe and looked at it thoughtfully.

"You won't live a LONG life if I do this." Death warned.

"As long as it's longer than my father that doesn't matter." Alex shook her head, her mind resolved. Death paused and seemed to pull the hour glass in two, the sand in half of it turning black and merging into a second smaller hour glass. The one filled with black sand faded into nothingness and before Alex realised it Death was swinging his scythe through her, Alex shivered and felt a part of herself vanish. Death turned to face her.

"You'll feel a slight kick in your chest, don't worry, it'll just be your heart starting up again . I'll be quick or you might wake up in the ground. You have fifteen years." He said ominously before placing his hand on her chest and shoving her backwards. Alex felt herself hurtling through the air backwards with the world around her a blur.


"Such a shame, I hate seeing the young ones in here." One young doctor sighed to his mentor.

"You and me both, I feel so sorry for the man in the hallway. He's her father. What's worse is it was only a few years ago since I had this girls mother on my table, that poor man's lost everything." The older doctor sighed.

"Ouch." The other one cringed with sympathy.

"I know, take her necklace off will you?" The older doctor instructed. The younger one reached down and touched the necklace around Alex's pale neck, he was surprised to see blood dribbling down from Alex's chest into the hollow of her collar bone where the pendant of her necklace rested.

"Sir…. She's… she's bleeding." The younger doctor quivered.

"What do you mean bleeding? People only bleed when they're alive." The older doctor snapped annoyed before turning around and gawping. Blood was seeping from the gunshot wound in the young girl's chest, the colour was even returning to her face.

"Holy-" He breathed before being cut off. Alex's eyes snapped open and she gasped a lungful of air, taking in her surroundings she screamed and fell off the table, landing running she skidded out of the door with only a white sheet covering herself. Her bare feet skidded on the floor as she rounded a corner and dashed off down another hallway.

Not too far away Danny Fenton was sitting in an uncomfortable chair hearing a speech he had never wanted to hear again.

"I'm sorry sir… we did all we could but… her injuries were too severe, we had the best doctors with her-" The doctor said sadly.

"Shut up." Danny growled. The doctor blinked at this, this wasn't how it was meant to go. "You doctors, you damn doctors, you don't care that your patients die. You don't care if it's my wife or my daughter, they're just another one that slipped through your fingers, so don't say sorry when you don't give a damn." Danny hissed angrily as he stood up and shoved the doctor backwards into a wall.

"Get out of my sight." He growled as his eyes glowed a malicious green. The doctor ran off terrified at this.

"Danny…" Jazz sighed gently.

"I don't want to hear it Jazz." Danny snapped as he sat back down. Suddenly his ears pricked up, there was shouting and screaming down the hallway and a sight that he had never expected to see greeted his eyes.

Alex skidded around another corner with doctors hot on her heels now, recognising her father she lunged at Danny and wrapped her arms around his chest and buried her face in his chest.

"Alex!" Danny cried happily, "you're alive! I thought I'd lost you!"

"You will if you don't let us take a look at her, she's bleeding everywhere." A doctor yelped pulling Alex back, and sure enough her chest was stained red with blood.

"I feel dizzy." Alex murmured before fainting.

When Alex opened her eyes a day or two later she felt in significantly more pain that she had been in before.

"Hey sweetie." Danny murmured looking up at her and brushing hair out of her face.

"Hey Daddy, I didn't want to leave you on your own." Alex mumbled rubbing her eyes.

"I've no idea how you did it, but thank you for staying with me. I'd be devastated without you." Danny smiled with tears in his eyes. Suddenly his eyes widened and he looked closer at Alex's face.

"What?" Alex asked staring back at him.

"Your eyes…" He breathed.

"What about them?" Alex panicked, Danny reached over to the beside and held up a mirror in front Alex's face. Alex stared into strange eyes that weren't her own, she looked at the purple irises before her with confusion before the realisation hit. Death had taken away all her ghostly powers, including her supernatural eyes.

"You look so much like your mum." Danny smiled hugging her.

"You were so lucky you know that right?" Danny asked her more seriously.

"I know, but I had a lucky charm I guess." Alex murmured rubbing her blue sun pendant happily.

Two months later Alex stood nervously in the ER department of the hospital with a Christmas card in her hands, she looked around warily before placing it on a table and leaving. Unseen to Alex, death reached out and pulled the Christmas card off of the table and read the inside.

"She gave me a Christmas card… sweet kid." Death remarked with a smile as he tucked it back into his robe and watched Alex rejoin her father as they left to walk back through the snow to Fenton Works happy and warm together as a family again.

The end! I hope all of you enjoyed this Fic, I'm sorry for the delay in posting this last chapter but it took the university ages to let me hook up my compy to their internet.