Title Family History

Chapter 1 Trouble

It's been two weeks since Jenny became a SwatKat .

Jenny and Aleewood were outside in the salvage yard, doing the obstacle. Jenny was stuck on top of the monkey bars.

Jenny jump that's all you have to do, yelled Aleewood.

Jenny was about to jump when the earth shook under them. Jenny fell off the monkey bars and plummeted toward the ground.

Aleewood ran in order to catch the falling she-kat. Aleewood caught the Jenny and put her on the ground safely.

Jenny you okay, asked the concerned she-kat.

I'm fine what happened, answered Jenny.

Aleewood, Jenny yelled a voice from the garage.

It was Chance's voice and it sounded urgent. Aleewood and Jenny ran to the garage.

What is it what's wrong, asked Jenny.

We have a big problem, said Jake.

Jenny, Jake, Aleewood, and Chance ran to the ladder and they climbed down as fast as they could down to the hanger. They ran through the door to see the large room.

Swat Kats we have a big problem down town, said Callie.

What's happening Miss. Briggs, asked Klaws.

Dark Kat and Hard Drive are attacking the Power Plant, replied Callie.

Shadow should I stay here while you guys kick their tails, questioned Klaws.

No your coming with us Klaws, replied Shadow.

Shadow grabbed Klaws wrist and ran to the cyclotron, Razor and T-bone to the Turbo Kat.

But Shadow I'm not ready to fight yet, yelled Klaws.

Yes you are Klaws you have trained well so don't worry, said Shadow.

You think so Shadow, replied Klaws.

Yeah we all do, answered Shadow.

The Swat Kats had arrived at the Power Plant and ran toward the line of Enforcers, and in front of them was Commander Grouch Ass himself Feral. Shadow, Razor, Klaws, and T-bone ran right past him. When they pasted him he became in raged with the vigilantes.

Razor can you track Dark Crud and Hard Drive, whispered Shadow.

What do you think Shadow, answered Razor.

Let's not start that now Razor please, replied Shadow.

Got them their on the south side of the building, said Razor.

Then let's go get them, added Klaws.

Yeah let's get them, said T-bone.

Wait last time we did that Razor and T-bone got captured and I had to save their asses, remarked Shadow.

I know that looks like we'll just have to risk it Shadow, added Klaws.

Shadow, T-bone, Klaws, and Razor ran down the hallway to the south side of the Power Plant.

Stop their in this room, their talking about something but I can't make it out, whispered Razor.

Well what ever it is it's not good for Mega Kat City or us, whispered T-bone.

Well we can't just barge in their, said Klaws.

Yeah we can we're the Swat Kats we take risks, replied T-bone.

So what are we waiting for an invite let's crash this party, said Shadow.

Yeah let's do it to it, added Klaws.

Let's kick their tails, said Razor.

Let's do it, remarked T-bone.

On the count of 3 we kick down the door, replied Shadow.