Chapter 7

Saving Shadow

Chance was in the kitchen fixing he's breakfast. Jake was just waking up. Jake looked at the small she-kat next to him. He unwrapped her arms from around his chest. Once he did that he got out of bed and walked to the kitchen where he meet Chance. Chance looked at Jake.

Buddy you look tired, said Chance.

Is it that obvious Chance, answered Jake.

Yeah it is did you not sleep last night, replied Chance.

Jenny came in my room last night she had a nightmare. She said it was Shadow and that she was going to kill her, responded Jake.

Jenny walked out of Jake's room and walked over to the both of them.

What are we standing around here for let's go find Shadow, said Jenny.

Jake and Chance followed Jenny to the hanger. They put their flight suits on and headed toward their vehicles. T-bone and Klaws took the Turbo Kat and Razor took the cyclotron. All three of them went toward MKC.

In the Outskirts of Mega Kat City.

Shadow took the communicator out from under the pillow and she stuck it out of the window but she didn't get a single .

Dam it, said Shadow.

Then footsteps came echoing down the hall. Shadow put the communicator in her flight suit. Hard Drive came up to the cell door and opened it and walked in he walked up to Shadow and grabbed her arm and brought her into the main room. When she entered with Hard Drive she was surrounded by villains. A table of weapon's was wheeled out into the room and Dark Kat stepped onto the floor.

Choose your weapon Shadow. commanded Dark Kat.

Shadow grabbed the sword off the cart as well as Dark kat. Shadow and Dark Kat took fighting stance's. Dark Kat and Shadow charged each other. Dark Kat struck firs but Shadow blocked it. Then Dark Kat kicked the sword out of Shadows hands and kicked her to the floor and put the sword blade to Shadows throat, But he didn't cut her throat. Dark Kat put the sword back on the cart. Then Turmoil stepped onto the floor she didn't have any weapon. The first chance she got she ran toward Shadow. Turmoil kicked Shadow in the face blood dripped out of Shadows nose as she fell to the floor. Then Turmoil charged Shadow again. Shadow had barely enough time to get off of the floor. Turmoil tried to punch Shadow in the face, But Shadow ducked and moved out of the away and elbowed Turmoil in the back causing her to fall to the floor. But she got right back up. Shadow let her guard down and got kicked in the face again and blood sprayed out of her mouth and onto the floor. Then Shadow punched Turmoil in the face and gave her a bloody nose, Then Turmoil punched Shadow in the stomach Shadow fell to the floor and Turmoil kicked Shadow in the face. Then Shadow got on her feet and then round house kick to Turmoil's head then punched her in the stomach. Turmoil fell to the floor unconscious she was done fighting and then someone else stepped up.

Downtown Mega Kat City.

Razor drove down the street as he was looked for Shadow, He was heading toward the harbor for one last look. He stopped at the light, He looked at the consul were a picture of Shadow sitting at the work bench. Then the light turned green and he took off down the street. Then turned down a different street, and then an Enforcer car pulled up behind him and turned on their siren's. Razor pulled over to the side of the road.

What the hell, said Razor.

An Enforcer stepped out of the car and walked over to Razor. Razor turned around to see who it was who pulled him over. It was Lt. Felina Feral was walking toward him.

What's up Lt., replied Razor.

I have good news for you we found out were Dark Kat is hiding, remarked Felina.

Really where is it, said Razor.

Outskirts of Mega Kat City in an old abandoned warehouse, replied Felina.

I'm going to this warehouse to save the one kat I love the most, remarked the common colored Tomkat .

Razor restarted the cyclotron.

Before you go I think T-bone and Klaws might want to help, said Felina.

Razor smiled and picked up he's communicator and pressed the talk button.

T-bone Klaws come in over, said Razor.

Hello Razor Over, replied Klaws.

Klaws I got an lead on Shadows location from a very reliable source meet me in to outskirts of MKC, said Razor.

You got it, remarked a very happy she-kat. T-bone let's turn around and head toward the outskirts, replied Klaws.

T-bone turned the Turbo Kat around and headed to the outskirts. A few minutes later they meet up with Razor. They followed him in the building.

Inside the warehouse.

I don't think I can take much more of this, panted Shadow as she got up off the floor.

When she stood up her body began to shake from all of the kicks and punches from all of the villains blood was tickling down her nose and from the gash on her cheek. Right now she was facing Viper. Viper was trying to hit her using his massive tail, first time he swung at her she ducked, seconded time it wrapped around her chest and constricted her lungs. Shadow struggled to get free then her other side started to come out. Then Razor, Klaws and T-bone ran down the hall and came to the main room where everybody else was watching Shadow suffocate. Razor saw Shadow in the massive coils struggling to get free. Then she stopped moving completely. But what everybody didn't know something was happening Shadow opened her eyes and they were blood red. She began to move, Shadow pulled out her hands and dug her claws into Dr. Vipers tail. Viper let Shadow go and then tried to hit her again with his tail. But Shadow jumped out of the way and did back flips until she reached Razor. Shadow got into her fighting stance and grinned at the villains.

Bring it on, said Shadow with a grin on her face.

Viper was the first to charge Shadow then ran toward Dr. Viper with Razor close behind her. Then Klaws followed then T-bone. Turmoil and the MetalliKats followed Viper while Dark Kat and Hard Drive escaped. Viper, Turmoil and the MetalliKats weren't easy to beat. Shadow looked around but the fighting had taken it's toll. Shadow fell to the floor exhausted. Razor walked up to Shadow and picked her up and headed out the door with T-bone and Klaws following him.

Two Days Later.

Jake stop it I'm trying to work here, said Aleewood.

I'm sorry I just missed you so much, replied Jake.

Well can you hug me later Jake, remarked Aleewood.

Jake put he's hand on Aleewood's shoulder and turned her around and brought her closer to him. Jake cupped Aleewood's cheek and then their lips meet. Aleewood wrapped her arms around Jake's neck. Jake wrapped he's arms around her waist and hugged her tighter. Then they broke away and Jake smiled at Aleewood and she smiled back at him.

I love you Aleewood, said Jake.

I love you too Jake, replied Aleewood.

Then Jake just hugged Aleewood like he would never let go of her.

The End