Summary: Everyone knows that Riven's mom abandoned him at a young age. Well what if she also did the same to his sister and she was raised on earth? And then what if one day Cordatorta came and said that she was going to Red Fountain? Well I know the summary is terrible, but that's pretty much how it happens. So read on

Dedication: This is for all the readers who are tired of Bloom and Sky getting all the recognition and the fame. The readers and fans who think Riven needs some more story time because damn it all if he isn't one really cute two dimensional character. And the readers who think girls need more of a choice on Winx Club than being a perky fairy or a wicked witch.

Disclaimer: This one's for the girls! (1)

Introductions and a Quick note

You read it all the time. Bloom has a long lost sister and she also has the Dragon Fire. And basically she's a Mary Sue just like Bloom. With the blatant exception of RogueScholar07's Sapphire Flames Ficthis is always the case. Well not this time. First of all I don't like Bloom so this story is about as much about Bloom as it is about Prince Sky or for that matter, Prince Charles. This is about Riven finding out that he has a sister and that he's not the only one that had a crappy time of it growing up.

I'm going to say this once: I'm portraying Bloom as I've seen her in the RAI English dub and not the 4Kids' dub. Because I think she's more real life in the RAI version. So don't flame me if you have a problem with what I've done to Bloom. It's not my fault anyway- blame RAI and SRL.

I'm also sick to death of how girls on Winx Club only have two choices and can only either be a perky stereotypical fairy girl or a wicked stereotypical witch. Suffice it to say that I am not thrilled with either option and on two other occasions have changed this around (cough, What Happened Next cough) So to quote my main witch, Icy Trix: It's time for a few major changes around here.

I'd go on but I think you've all been tortured enough for one intro.

Let's end it on a high note

1.) Song by Martina McBride