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Sono Saishuu Konwaza

Epilouge: 5 years later

It was a bright sunny day in Konoha, as the days of spring gave way to the start of a warm summer season. Still, it was a quiet day for the village, and the two shinobi in charge of gate duty today had seen little action. It was the early afternoon however, so the day could still provide fruit. The two gate shinobi had two visitors to the village, and they began their duties.

"Halt!" addressed the guard. "State your business in Konohagakure."

There were two young men approaching them, with a third figure in the distance behind them. One of the young man was covered in a black cloak, which covered his entire body, save for his feet which wore sturdy black boots. The other was wearing chain mail mesh with a brown vest over it, with long brown sleeves covering his arms. He had on grey shinobi slacks, and wore black boots of the same fashion as his companion. The notable traits were the kanji for 'love' above his left green eye, and the giant gourd strapped to his back.

The brown-clad one showed papers of identification to the guard.

"Don't you fools recognized the Kazekage when you see her?" asked the man.

Kankuro and Gaara (Ages 24 and 23 respectively) had become special-duty ANBU in direct command of the Kazekage. Over the past years, Kankuro had become recognized by his village as a master of puppet ninjitsu, and was said to have over one-hundred in his arsenal. Gaara, after his brief encounter with Uzumaki Naruto, had taken a turn for the better. While his convictions remained as stalwart as ever, he was more collected and wouldn't jump the gun as much as he used to during the cout de taut in Sunagakure.
"Now now," came a female voice, and the four men turned their heads in the direction of the third figure. She had a white cloak and mantle attached to her shoulders. Underneath it, was a mix of causal dress and shinobi protection. The woman had shinobi chain mail as well, and was overlayed with a white tube top. Her bottom half had on white dress slacks, and white shoes with a bit of dust from the ground itself.

"Its not every day we come to this village right? Besides, today is the day of our friend's celebration."

Temari (Age 26) had become both the youngest and the first female Kazekage in history. Reluctant at first, her brothers convinced her that she had the best skill set fitting of a Kage. While inexperienced, her elders remarked their approval of her dedication and tenacity. As Kazekage, Temari completely destroyed the monarchy system of rule in Sunagakure. She instead implied more of a militaristic system of power. She was the head of a long branch of officers and employees that oversaw all business within the village. This however, did not mean she didn't keep a close eye on everyone, for she wanted to never see another cout in her lifetime. With Gaara and Kankuro by her side and helping her the whole time however, that was unlikely to happen.
"Our apologies," said the guard, "we were simply doing our job. You may proceed, and enjoy your stay"

The three Suna citizens then made their way to their destination...

Meanwhile, over in one of the many cafes in Konoha, a discussion was happening.

"Please Hinata-sama," said a man, on his bended knee with his hands held out. "We need you to come back immediately to the house."

They were directing their comments to a beautiful young woman. She had on high heels, and expensive looking white slacks, which had a cobalt blue stripe running down the middle of the leg. Her upper body had on a unique type of sweater vest, which was also white. The sleeves were long, but only covered the top part of each of her arms. The sleeves reached to her hands, which had small straps for which one could put their fingers in place to keep the sleeves in position. Her eyes were like glass, and sparkled like brilliant diamonds when hit with the sunlight coming into the shop. Her hair was a cobalt blue, and was kept trimmed and at neck-length. Her pale white skin made her look like a exhibit in a famous museum.

"Oh please you guys," she said to the man and his silent companion to his left. "I'm sure the Hyuga clan will cease to exist if their leader takes one day off."

"But-!" started the other man, before he was interrupted by the slamming of one's palms on the table the woman was sitting at.

The perpetrator was a wild-looking man. His brown hair was cut in the fashion of a flat-top. While he looked clean and kept, his brown eyes held back a savage heritage. He was dressed in black slacks and shirt, with a red belt and tie. The tie had white stripes running down it diagonally.

"You heard the lady, you two!" he barked at the men. "Now get out of here before you start to annoy both of us!"

At this threat the two men scattered like scolded pets. The man then let out a breath he was holding in and sat himself back down onto the table.

Hyuga Hinata and Inuzuka Kiba (Both age 23) had shocked the entire village with the announcement of their marriage. It started off as simple time together, but then soon they were spending a lot of time together. Soon friendship turned to deeper feelings, and the two had admitted their love for each other. Naturally, both of their families were in an outrage at the two of them dating. The Hyuga denounced Hinata for mingling with "loud, unkempt, obnoxious" people like the Inuzuka. Kiba's kin also scolded him for dating one of the "elitist, eccentric, snobbish" Hyuga. In the end though, they both went with what they wanted rather than the good of their clans. When Kiba was promoted to ANBU as an expert in reconnaissance, and could finally afford to support someone more than himself, he asked for Hinata's hand in marriage. She gladly accepted, and despite protests, both clans attended the wedding ceremony.

Kiba had remained with the ANBU for a year before he found another calling: teaching. He was admitted into the Konoha academy as a teacher for the first-year students. He made the jump for two reasons. The first was that he found a knack for it, and eventually found he liked having the power to order around students and mold them into his vision of the perfect shinobi. The second was because of his wife.

Hinata was abruptly made the leader of the Hyuga Family when her father, Hiashi resigned the position. He said his reason was that he was tired of the burden of taking care of both the Head and Branch families, but it was never known if that was his only reason. Hinata's first act as clan leader was to dissolve the two families and merge them into one giant clan. While this system was celebrated by the Branch family, and destroyed the use of the cursed seal forever, it lead to the clan being far to large for one person to oversee everything.

It was at this that Hinata asked her little sister Hinabi, and her cousin Neji, to aid her in dividing the clan into more sizable chunks. Kiba played a role in this as well, as Hinata would come to him for support and another view of the situation. After a while Kiba moved in with Hinata over in the Hyuga main house, and became almost nobility in the eyes of the Hyuga. Kiba didn't let it get to his head though, and he never forgot the clan he was born to.

"Are we done with lunch?" said Kiba. Hinata nodded.
"Yes, ready to go to the party?" Hinata asked her husband, to which he grinned. "By the way, thanks for taking care of those guys for me."

"No problem, the only person that gets to beg in front of you is me," said Kiba, a look of realization coming to his face. "That didn't come out right."
"Nope, sounds right to me," teased Hinata. Kiba groaned as Hinata and himself walked out of the cafe.
"Is Shino going to be able to make it?" asked Hinata, voicing a sudden thought that came to her.
"Sadly no," said Kiba. "He's locked up in business out of town."

Aburame Shino (Age 23) resigned as a full-time shinobi at the age of 21. While this type of resignation is uncommon, it wasn't unheard of. Shino became a researcher, mostly in the area of insects and how they could benefit humanity. His research bore fruit, as he managed to find antitoxin for several poisons used in the shinobi community. He traveled from city to city, and village to village, sharing his research with anyone who would listen. His work also helped to forge a new legacy for the Aburame clan.
The couple walked themselves to the party, while passing along the way the Uchiha household. Inside the compound, inside the living room, there was a gorgeous woman preparing herself for what looked like a night on the town. Her blond hair was like strings of pure gold growing from her scalp. She had on a long dress shaded in a pretty royal purple. She had on earrings, which were shaped to look like flowers, with a amethyst in the center of each flower.

"Honey," she shouted to no one in particular, "are you ready? The party will start soon."
"I'm coming," said a male voice, and a man emerged from one of the connecting rooms.

He was in a blue dress shirt, and had the long sleeves rolled up to the wrist. His spiky jet black hair had been kept untouched. He was wearing black jeans, and held them in place with a leather belt. A peculiar scent could be found to be floating about him. It smelled like a mix of pheromone and lavender.

"I'm ready," said the man, as he walked over to look the women over.
"You're looking good," said the man.
"Of course, its a party after all," remarked the woman.

Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Yamanaka Ino (Ages 23 and 24 respectively) had both prestigious careers in the ANBU. Sasuke was a general field commander, while Ino worked for the Interrogation branch under the tutelage of the renown Morino Ibiki. Ino's parents retired, and had moved to another country to live out their golden years. Ino, having her parent's permission, sold off the flower shop, and used the money to refurbish the Uchiha compound.

The inevitable came when Ino reached 21. It happened in a way thought, that she had never expected. It was the annual Yamanaka family meeting, where all the members would gather for a day of fun and catching up with family. Sasuke came bursting in through the front door of the family house, and made beeline right here for Ino. He wasn't upset however, he just had a serious look on his face. Ino didn't know what to make of this, but she understood soon enough when Sasuke, in front of her entire family, asked her to be his wife. The two were married almost immediately, as they had the ceremony a remarkable week after Sasuke's proposal: a record in the village of Konoha.

The two lovers came out of their house and made their way to the party.

The "celebration" was being held at a remarkable new mansion that had finished being built on the outskirts of town. Well, it wasn't a mansion, but since it was made for a very important person, it was bigger than your average house. It was a two story, and was made of marble, brick, and maple. It looked like an ancient monument from the outside, as the marble columns held aloft the edge of the roof hovering over the entrance patio. The inside was amazing. The living room was the first room one entered when inside, and it was larger than two normal rooms combined. It was hardwood, and had a sheen of wax. It was almost like a ballroom, made to accommodate large numbers of guests. There was a stairway that led to the second floor, which was empty and bare for the occasion. To the left was a doorway leading to a kitchen, which seemed to be state-of-the-art at a glance.

In the middle of the living room were the hosts of the party. Two were women, who apparently decided to dress in the same attire. They were long pink, dresses, which covered the entire body. They appeared to be Chinese in style, with ornate button hooks on the chest, and an outline of fabric that ran over the whole dress. They were cut at the waist, creating a flap on each side. One girl had pink hair, which was shoulder length and allowed to fall freely from her head. Her green eyes seemed to be more polished. Her face was more defined, with full eyes, trim cheeks, and full lips. The other girl had brown eyes and black hair. Her hair appeared to be shoulder length as well, but it was tied up into a bun-ponytail combo that fell from the back of her head. Her face was smaller and more compact than her counterparts, but held a beauty of its own.

The other host was a man dressed in red and white garb. It was an intricate ensemble, with a traditional men's hakama with obi, kyahan, and subaki. A brown obi belt was wrapped around the man's waist. The man also was wearing a white mantle and cloak with red trim. His yellow hair shone like the sun, and was gelled and spiked which made it glisten in the light. He bore whisker birthmarks, had blue eyes which pierced even the most closed soul.

"Thanks for coming!" said the blond, a huge smile appearing on his face. "Now lets have some fun!"

Tenten (Age 23) became a legend in her own right. Seeming to take a page from Futeki's book, Tenten became a collector of rare, exotic, and powerful weapons. She became a part-time teacher at Konoha Academy, to which she taught students the ways of both taijitsu and weapon skills. During the rest of her time, she would be given missions that required her own unique touch. She had never failed a mission since, a precedent never heard of before in any shinobi village. Tenten's deeds became the stuff of rumors, which became fables, which then became legends. She was recognized as a Weapon master, unofficially, by the world. There was no such official title, but Tenten knew all the same that she was the best in the world. Her smile could never be erased when people would talk about her remarkable accomplishments as a kunoichi, an ANBU, and a person.

Haruno Sakura (Age 23) also made a remarkable career for herself. When her teacher, the Gondaime Tsuande, passed away at the age of 67, Sakura immediately was called to step up to take the role of Administrator and Chief of Medicine for Konoha Hospital. However, the Rokudaime proposed, and managed to convince the Summit of Elders, to hire an administrative body to deal with the bureaucratic processes that ran a hospital. This was a welcome addition to Sakura, as she could now focus on the treatment of her patients. She was quite lucky in the fact that it was a hospital in a shinobi village. As such, people - shinobi and civilian alike – were not as prone to injury as normal people. This allowed Sakura much more free time compared to a normal doctor. Sakura was a person who was both feared for her prowess in combat, and cherished for her skill in the medical field. The pink-haired kunoichi, in the minds of Konoha, had truly become the Yondaime's true heir.

Uzumaki Naruto (Age 23) was recognized as Rokudaime Hokage a few days ago. It was a heated debate amongst the people in charge of finding the next Kage; but after much deliberation, thought, and hearing the public opinion, it was decided that Naruto's deeds, as well as his loyalty to Konoha, was enough to warrant him to become Kage. The ceremony was too over-the-top for Naruto's personal taste, as he was marched down the main village road, decked out in clothing even more gaudy and ornate than the outfit he bore for now for the party. Still, it took all his effort to not break down in the middle of the road. It wouldn't be a good impression if he showed the village their next Kage in the fetal position in the middle of the street. It was only a few days since his inauguration, but the festivities around the village seemed to have an eternal life to them. For now though, Naruto was content to just have a private celebration in honor of his making Kage, and his new house he managed to afford due to the "bonus" a Kage received in advance of his yearly salary. Naruto had never seen so much money in his entire life: where was this money when he was in a broken down apartment!?

The festivities were nothing short of heart-warming, as soon more guests throughout the village came to give thier respect to the new Kage. Naruto was the toast of the party, and he was egged into giving dozens of toasts to the guests, as well as hear so many from the guests towards him. There were no house-warming gifts, except for arguably for the kiss Ino gave her "brother-in-law" in her own words. Kiba dragged Naruto towards one of the plush couches and along with the other men talked and laughed as they told their best stories.

As such with a waxed hardwood floor, Naruto was also asked to dance with the ladies, in some instances dancing with a girl twice. The new Hokage actually surprised everyone as he managed not to mangle his partner's feet. Food was plentiful, and alcohol was indeed offered to the guests. Tenten provided some entertainment when she brought to the living room three full-length katana and proceeded to juggle them for her audience.

The girls were a tight niche as well. It seemed like every single minute either Tenten and Sakura were pulled in by the other girls and asked about Naruto. The questions ranged from his favorite food (a silly question) to more intimate questions concerning his sexual stamina. Tenten and Sakura were lady-like enough though, to simply wave off such questions and say they wouldn't tell a soul.

Slowly but surely, the party died down, until Naruto, Sakura, and Tenten were the sole inhabitants of the house.

"What a party," said an exhausted Naruto, collapsing onto one of his new couches. He sighed happily as the new cushions engulfed his body.
"We'll have to clean this up, you know Naru," said Tenten, scoffing at her boyfriend.
"That can wait for the morning," said Sakura. "Besides, its not like this place is a war-zone."

"Nope, to me, this place looks like Heaven," said Naruto as he got himself up. "Which would be the perfect place to do something."

The two kunoichi looked at their boyfriend. He approached both of them, and took one hand in each of his.

Naruto blew out a breath, his breath lightly hitting the two women in the face.

"Girls, I know you were just here for the party, but now I've got a problem," he explained. "Ya see, this place is way too big for my dumb ass, way too big for any one person. So I was wondering if you move in with me. But not as girlfriends," said Naruto, and shuffled around in his robes.

He pulled out two boxes, and handed one to both Sakura and Tenten. Naruto then pulled out another box from his robes. He waited for the girls to open their gifts.

Inside were two rings, both different, but both equally stunning. The rings were made of solid gold. On top of the rings were a unique decoration.

Sakura's ring had a cherry blossom on top, about 10 centimeters in diameter. Each petal had a small ruby at the tip, eight in all. The middle was made of a giant ruby, cut to perfection.

Tenten's ring was also gold, but the decoration was different from Sakura's. It was shield with two swords criss-crossed. The total decoration was about 10 square centimeters in area. The parts of the sword that were exposed where made of white gold, and were encrusted with tiny diamonds. The shield was a onyx polished to perfection.

"I want you to move into this home, as my wives," said Naruto. "Sakura, Tenten, will you make me the luckiest man in history and marry me?"

Tenten and Sakura knew this day was coming. They knew that is was only a matter of time before Naruto popped the question. However, they couldn't stop the tears from coming out of their eyes. They clamped onto his body, almost knocking him down onto the floor.

"Yes!" they both shouted at the top of their lungs. Naruto simply smiled as he released the girls. Naruto carefully placed both rings on both Tenten and Sakura. He then opened the third box, which was another gold ring.

The decoration on top was the face of a fox. The eyes were sapphires, and there were whiskers on its face. Each whisker was tipped with a diamond.

Naruto gave the ring to both his finance's and they placed in on his finger together.

The new Uzumaki legacy had begun...

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