Ben was having a bad day unlike any in the past few weeks. He thought he'd found his brother Jason and he might have. But if the man he found was his brother they didn't share the same factors in their blood. Add to that he'd almost been caught by Fletcher and his possible brother was at the very moment with Fletcher. At the least if they didn't share the same blood factors Maitland wouldn't want to keep Jason. They would test Jason to see if he was Ben's true brother. All of these thoughts went through his head as he hiked through the woods. Jason had told him about the nearest town but Fletcher knew about it too, so he would skip it and find a road instead. With any luck he could get a ride some where else and lose Fletcher for a while. He walked for hours being careful to stay away from open spaces where it was possible to be seen from the air. At last he came to an old road that was now reduced to a trail. Following his instinct he picked a direction and began walking again. It grew darker and rain clouds gathered over head. He made it to a road as the clouds started to lose there heavy water load. Very few cars passed and none of them wanted to pick up a wet hitchhiker. He was about to give up and find a place to bunker down for the rest of the night when a sports car came racing up the road. It flew by him then came to a screeching halt. It waited and he hurried to the passenger door. It opened as he drew near and he bent down to look in.

"Need a lift?" The teen behind the wheel asked. Ben hoped in as a reply and the teen started off just as the door shut. "Thanks for picking me up," Ben said after a few miles. "Not a problem," the teen replied never looking over at Ben. They rode in silence and Ben studied the boy behind the wheel. He couldn't have been more then eighteen or nineteen years old. He had dark blonde hair and alert green eyes, and a tall slim build. For some reason he imagined this was what Fletcher might have looked like when he was young. He gave a slight shiver at the thought of his pursuer.

"You cold?" The boy asked and reached over to turn up the heat. After a moment the heat came on and warm air filled the car. Soon Ben's clothes were beginning to dry with the heat. "So where are you heading?" Ben asked the teen as he looked for any clues in the car. "Washington," the teen answered and pointed to Ben's door. Looking down the doors side compartment held a small map. "You coming or am I dropping you off in the next town on my way?" Ben gave the teens question a moments thought to make up his mind. "I guess I'll go as far as you're willing to take me." At that the teen nodded his head and smiled. "I'm Sean by the way," he reached a hand over and glanced at Ben. "I'm Ben," he introduced himself and shook Sean's hand. Putting his hand back on the wheel they drove several more miles in comfortable silence before entering another town. "Gotta look for a place to stay tonight, then it's back on the road early tomorrow," Sean explained as he drove around the town looking for a motel. With Ben's help they found one not to far from the road and share the rent for a room with two beds. As they settled in Sean took a good look at the man he'd picked up. "Good night Ben," he said not sure if Ben was asleep then fell asleep himself.