Author: Burdela

Title: Dance for me, it's an order.

Genre: Romance, drama

Summary: After the pair, Itachi and Kisame have been send to catch an Hyuuga, or rather, the byagukan. They decided to go after an easy target.. Hinata. But Itachi will learn otherwise..

Pairings: Itachi x Hinata

Notes: I'm from Holland, so it's possible there will be some mistakes. I might have been a little bit OOC with Kiba's karaoke, but hey! If it would be Hinata or Shino who said, I want to try Karaoke, then we'd probably all say: ".. Will it be snowing?" and look up. In the story, Hinata is 17 and Itachi 22, Sasuke had is ass kicked by Naruto and has been brought back, against his will ofcourse.

My first easy target..

"I thought we were after the Kyuubi." Kisame said, obviously irritated by the mission they were given. "It seems he made other plans." Itachi replied, clearly not happy with the new mission aswell. With this mission, he had to go back to Konoha again. Their cloaks were pretty known by now, which meant they could only get the Byakugan when it was night. They begain their traveling to Konoha. "He said to take a child right? Since you came from Konoha, do you have an idea? Or just take the first we can?" Kisame asked, while running. "I want to take the easiest person who we can get.." He replied. Since Itachi clearly didn't want to say who he meant when he asked the first time, Kisame knew he would just ignore his questions about it furtherly. From where they were now, they would probably arrive at Konoha around 2 o'clock at night.


"I'll see you guys tommorow morning then." Kiba said, riding on Akamaru. "Yeah.. Untill tommorow then.." Hinata answered, waving while walking away. Shino didn't said anything but a mumble that might've been something like "Tommorow", while walking away. When Hinata got home, it was already halve past one. She had been hanging out to much with Kiba and Shino, when Kiba said he wanted to try Karaoke. At the final, the one standing on the stage was her crush, Naruto, who had joined with most of the other rookies they met on the way. Even though Kurenai had warned them they had a mission in the morning, Kiba insisted on Karaoke. She lay down on her bed, to get a minute rest. 2 minutes later she already fell asleep.


"Here?" Kisame asked, slighty suprised that Itachi had choosen a girl who already looked like a grown up. "She's the same age as my little brother, which means she isn't 18 yet." As if he could read Kisame's mind. Kisame nodded. "Let me handle this, you stand on guard, for any jounins who take a nightwalk." Now, Kisame out of the way, Itachi could finally go his way. He quietly walked towards the girl, looking at her for a few seconds. As if she felt his presence, she slowely begain to wake up. Before she was fully awake, and could call for help, he placed both of her hands above her hand, and while holding them, he covered half of her face, from her chin until under her eyes with his other hand, who was pretty big, compared with hers. He had to entirely hang over her to do this, but he was smart enough to keep his legs on one side of the bed.


Her eyes widened when she saw the two read eyes in front of her. Even though she didn't knew who the man was, she immediately begain to panic, activating her Byakugan. "That won't help you right now" He said, keeping his grip on her wrists. It hurted a lot, he was holding her too tightly. After a futile 5 minute struggle she stopped, too tired to continue. "Don't try to scream, I'll kill everyone who will response on it." he threatened. She slighty nodded, and he removed the hand from her face, but didn't let go of her hands yet. Itachi sat down next to her, and his left hand with his right to make the holding easier. "W.. Who are you?" she asked, still completely terrified by him. He looked into her eyes for a second. "You really don't recognise me?" He asked. A silence took over. All of the sudden, Hinata's eyes widened even more, as she finally recognised him. He smirked for a second, but didn't said anything. "Don't do anything suspicious, or I'll restrain you again" He said, letting go of her and walking over to the door. Hinata, still slighty suprise of the return, looked at him as he walked of, and then looked at the window. She took her chance to get on her feet and ran to the window to escape from there. "Kisame, co-" Itachi immediately stood behind her and pushed her to the ground. With one knee next to her, and one knee on top of her, while holding her hands one hand, he continued talking to Kisame, who was standing in the doorway, smirking at the scared girl, who layed with one cheek on the ground, watching the big fishy man. "We'll return now, I want to end this mission as soon as possible." He said. Kisame nodded, and turned around to walk outside again. He stood up himself, pulling Hinata up on her arm. She didn't look at him, knowing his Mangekyou sharingan. Aware of this, and knowing she would refuse to look him into the eyes, he forced her by holding her onto her chin. After a few seconds, Hinata suddenly felt tired, falling asleep. 2 arm caught her, one around her waist and one around her shoulders.


"Are you going to carry her all the way?" Kisame asked, slighty suprised, seeing the girl on Itachi's back. "No.. You're going to carry her half way" He said, not even bothering to listen to Kisame's protests. 10 minutes later they were on their way again, to their hideout. "What are they thinking anyway, they can't just get the Byakugan out of her or something, and they can't kill her either." Kisame was still upset. "Kisame. Stop." Itachi said, shutting Kisame's mouth. "They probably just going to examen her, and kill her when she's not needed anymore." He said, coldly. "Rather ashame, she's pretty cute." Kisame chuckled. Itachi ignored him. Indeed, Hinata was cute, even when she was afraid or angry. He experienced all her emotions already. Yes.. He knew all her emotions, even her face of hate, even though he was the only one who had ever seen it.


Yup yup, I'm to obsessed with Itachix.. pairings, even though Hinata and Sakura are my favourites lately. If you've written a good Fanfic, xDD I'm probably already reading it. I hope you guys were happy with this chapter, and I'll be writing the next chapter in a few days, I have to update my other aswell so..