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The end.. (whaah! XD 16!!)

"Hinata." Itachi dark voice reached the girls ears as she stood up from behind the bed.

"Itachi.." She answered, with mixed feelings. She slighty betrayed him, with planning to go back with Kurenai. But she wasn't sure if he knew that. He probably did. Itachi knew anything for some freaky reason.

She came closer, but Itachi made no move to get closer to her aswell or to step away.

"You wanted new clothes." He stated, but not even bothering to wait for an answer.

"Yes.." She hadn't thought about the clothes anymore, but Itachi did remembered it, meaning that he had planned everything to go like this.

"Let's get going then." He said, pulling her along as he looked into the hallway, dragging Hinata along with him. As soon they got out of the building he let go of her, expecting her to just follow him.

"We're going back in an hour." He said, as they arrived in the village.

.. I guess even Itachi is really a man.. Well, yeah that's logical, I've already seen he's 100 procent male, but even with shopping he's total male.

"What are you thinking of?" Itachi asked her, noticing that she was deeply in thought.

"Eh? N.. Nothing." She blushed, happy Itachi couldn't read her thoughts.

"Where do you want to look first?" He asked, looking around himself for some usefull stuff.

"Ehm.. Over there!" Hinata said happily, seeing a shop with trainings clothes, she loved training clothing, it was fitting with everything.

Itachi felt himself getting pulled at, and didn't protest when getting dragged towards the shop.

"What do you think?" Hinata had changed clothes.

"..." A blush came on Itachi's face. She looked great, a lot different then the dirty clothing she had been wearing the last few days.

".. I'll take that as an "nice", I guess." Hinata giggled as she walked back in to change herself again.

In the end they bought a lot of beautifull clothes, perfect for Hinata. And she was able to stretch it to two hours, instead of one. But after that, Itachi was obvious glad to be back.

"Thanks for taking me there." Hinata said, finally feeling a little bit better again around Itachi.

"Hn." He answered her, putting his own stuff down.

"I'll make it seem for Konoha that your dead. So don't think that they'll come for you anymore.. Okay?" The last word was making Hinata slighty trust him again. She had already expected this, she knew from the moment he wanted to go shopping with her that she had no chance of getting away anylonger.

"Then don't start about it." she said slighty irritated, but Itachi let it slip since he was the one starting about it.

"All right. You can walk around in the building and outside if you want. But try to get away once and that freedom is gone. Don't go into doors who are locked, and don't go outside if that door is locked aswell. That's all." He said, as he walked out of the room, towards the kitchen.

She changed her clothing as she walked out of room herself, going into the direction Itachi was going.

"So you'll take care of it?" She heard Itachi saying, she hadn't openend the door yet.

"Yeah, if you keep your part of the deal." Another voice said, but she could finally recognise it as the leader's one.

"I won't let her get back to Konoha.. I know. Hinata, you can come in." Itachi said, clearly already knowing she was standing over there.

"Hmm? Someone was listening without our permission huh?" The leader chuckled, clearly still having his annoying sense of humor.

Hinata came in, not sure if she was seriously allowed to come in, or that Itachi was just joking around. Well, knowing Itachi, he was probably serious, so she came in.

"Want to eat something?" He asked, but not expecting an answer anyway. So he throwed an apple at her, which she catched and took a bite of.

".. What kind of deal did you made?" She asked, getting more sure of herself with Itachi around, the fear of the leader creeping away.

"There will be a body of you lying in front of Konoha tommorow, to be sure they won't go looking for you anymore." Itachi said, after waiting for a nod from the leader.

"Ohw.." Hinata said, but the news came less hard then expected, Itachi had said something similiar to that earlier anyway.


A day later..


"HINATA!!" Kiba yelled, seeing a dead corps lying in front of Konoha.

He wanted to take a walk around Konoha, and the walk ended with this.

Within a few minutes, ANBU was standing with him, aswell as all the teammates who were with him a day ago.

"She's gone.." An medical nin said, not daring to face the ninja's behind him.

Kurenai was stunned that Itachi had actually done it, and the rest was busy taking it in his own way. Even Sasuke was having a hard time. He just couldn't take the it, the fact that they had worked so hard to get her back, and in the end the mission failed anyway.

"... With this I cancel every request and mission that go with Hinata." The hokage said, but she was clearly sad herself.


Back At The Akatsuki Place...


"Mission a succes." The leader said, looking directly into Hinata's eyes, scaring her like hell.

"Thank you." Itachi said, bowing for the leader before passing him outside.

Hinata didn't dared to stay alone with the leader and followed Itachi within a few seconds.

"Hinata.. Do you still hate to be with me?" Itachi looked at her, a sad expression on his face.

"... Itachi.." Hinata didn't knew how to bring the news.

".. I'm sorry I'm doing t-" Itachi hadn't had the chance to finish his line, as he was kissed by soft lips.

Hinata pulled back, but wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I don't want to go back .." She whispered in his ear, giving him a warm hug.

Itachi was shocked for a moment before hugging her back, with a loving smile.

"Thank you." He just said, as they stood there.


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