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The alarms blared wildly as lights went off and on all around base.

"Off world activation," a disembodied voice shouted.

The alarms, lights, or even voice, did not wake Daniel up. Being flicked in the nose by a colonel, however, did the trick. Daniel had fallen asleep in the lounge while reading.

"Thank you Jack, I'm sure those alarms would have never woken me up," Daniel said sarcastically following Jack to the gate room.

Air Force personnel of all shapes and sizes stood with semi-automatics pointed at the gate that was enclosed by an iris. Jack and Daniel stood and watched.

In the other room Sam, Teal'c and General Hammond all stared at the computer waiting for the right codes. The computer beeped and showed acceptable codes from a GDO, but did not disclose who it was coming in.

"I don't understand," Sam said, "why would we give out a GDO, and not program the computer to tell us who?"

Hammond looked at the computer as he calculated the risk.

"Open the iris," he commanded.

The sergeant did as told.

A few seconds later a child came out and stepped into the SGC. She was very thin, with long blonde curls, and hazel eyes. She was dressed in a shirt and skirt that didn't seem to have been tailored too much. The Air Force personnel still had guns pointed at her. The blonde haired girl cocked her head at the guns and grinned. She seemed more curious than afraid. She was even starting to reach for one before the gunmen put his weapon down.

"Stand down," ordered General Hammond.

The girl looked about the room until she saw familiar faces.

"Daniel," she smiled and ran to him, embracing him.

"Colonel O'Neill," she grabbed his hand while she still had one arm wrapped around Daniel's waist. The girl kept her head on Daniel's stomach.

"Do we know you?" Jack asked.

The girl took three steps back.

"Daniel, look at me. Try to remember," she pleaded.

Daniel stared at her he looked her over more than once.

"I'm sorry," was all he could come up with when he didn't recognize her.

That didn't stop her. She grabbed Daniel's hand and positioned it so that it was extended, as if to shake hands. After, she extended her hand making like she was going to shake his, but instead wiped her hand across then did the same motion with the back of her hand.

Daniel did all he could not to get frustrated. As soon as Daniel saw the child walk through the gate his heart jumped and he became excited, but mostly happy, to see her. Then he thought it odd because he couldn't place her. Now, after she confirmed that they knew each other, he still couldn't place her.

"I'm sorry," he said in all sincerity.

Sam, Teal'c, and General Hammond had all come to the gate room by then.

"Do you remember Major Carter?" the girl asked sadly but hopeful.

Sam looked at her for a long second, "you're name is Anihla. I know that…but I don't remember you."

"It is a defense mechanism my people have. As soon as people leave our planet they're entire memory of the stay is forgotten," Anihla informed.

"Why did you seek us?" Teal'c asked.

"Something has gone terribly wrong on our planet," she started, "the grownups can't remember anything. They can't remember who they are, who we are, how to speak, how to eat, how to move," Anihla had to stop she had to choke back sobs, "this is only address I knew," she said after a deep breath.

Sam kneeled down to her level when she noticed Anihla's jaw was trembling. Without any encouragement the child jumped to her for an embrace.

"What is your planet called?" Sam asked stroking Anihla's hair

"Chynara," she answered.

"Okay," Sam said.

Sam stood up and took the girl's hand. Anihla made motions that she wanted to be lifted. Sam's shoulder was a bit stiff, so instead she lifted Anihla with her good arm and gave her to Daniel. Daniel took her, but as if she was an artifact. He held her away from him a minute studying her then he held her oddly against his body. There were no doubts children were foreign to Daniel Jackson.

"Haven't you been around kids…ever?" Jack asked him as they walked to the computer room.

"My stepson and some on Abydos, but I didn't have too many interactions with them," he answered.

"Come here princess," Jack said reaching for Anihla.

Anihla accepted. She wrapped her arms and legs around Jack, and put her head on his shoulder.

"How old are you Anihla?" Jack asked.

"Six," she answered.

This surprised both of them she was only as big as a four year old.

"How old were you when we visited your planet?" Daniel asked.


"Two years ago," Jack calculated "Do you remember?" he asked Daniel.

"Not a thing," Daniel confirmed.

Sam sat down at a computer. Jack moved Anihla so that she would be sitting on his lap, on a chair, right beside Sam. Sam wrote 'Chinara' in the computer, but came up with nothing.

"How do you spell the name of your planet, sweetie?" Sam asked.

"Umm, I need a pen," she said.

Daniel gave her a pen; General Hammond gave her a paper. Anihla wrote down her planet in an alien text. Daniel looked over the text.

"It's spelt with a y" he told Sam. "How did I read that?" He asked anyone who would listen.

"Because you learned our language," the child answered.

"But I don't remember," Daniel clarified.

"Neither does Sam, but she remembers my name," she said.

"As did I," Teal'c added.

"Listen," Sam interrupted, "when we were on your planet, did you remember us calling it by a certain number with some letters?"

Sam had no luck with the computer by the name of the planet.

Anihla shook her head, "there was a p, and a 3," was all she could manage.

"How about your address, do you remember that?" Sam questioned.

"No," she said. She looked worried for a minute then remembered, "I think Daniel wrote it in his diary."

Jack snorted a laugh.

"Journal," Daniel quickly corrected. It was too late he could see Jack cooking up jokes in his head.

"General, wouldn't you remember us coming back from a planet, and us forgetting we were there," the logical Teal'c asked.

"That could have been during the two weeks I was on vacation and General Skylark was in command."

"You went on vacation?" Jack.

"General Skylark?" Sam.

"Two weeks?" Daniel.

All three had a question within a second of each other.

"You really don't remember," Hammond said amazed. He was met with four blank faces. "Okay I will check the reports from when I was gone. Daniel take Anihla to find your…" Daniel gave Hammond a threatening face, "journal," he said clearly.

Jack took the child off his lap. Daniel took her by the hand and led her down to his office.

Sam massaged her shoulder for the umpteenth time that day.

"Okay that is bugging me," Jack said, "Go see Janet. I'll let you know if anything exciting happens."

"Something exciting is happening," Sam reminded him.

Jack pushed Sam's swivel chair toward the door. 'Go' he mouthed at her and pointed to the door. Sam grinned, but still had her Jack-your-such-a-child look on. She left still massaging her shoulder.


"Do you remember what color the journal was?" Daniel asked Anihla.

"Brown," she answered.

"Not going to help," Daniel said looking at his bookshelves full of brown journals.

Daniel kept meticulous notes on every expedition he has ever been to. The note-taking led to him buying many journals, most of which were brown.

"We need to go back to Hammond," he said.

"No, I can find it," she said and made her way to the journals.

Anihla opened each one sideways and leafed through the pages waiting for an object to drop out.

"What are you doing?" Daniel asked.

"I gave you a flower, you put it in your journal," Anihla said.

Daniel joined her in her search.


"I'm pretty sure you just slept on it wrong," Dr. Frasier said about Sam's shoulder.

"That's what I wanted to hear," Sam replied.

Dr. Frasier gave Sam a heat pack for her shoulder.

"Thank you," she said applying the heat.

"So, who came through the gate?" Dr. Frasier asked while putting Sam's chart away.

"A child," Sam answered.

Janet's ears perked. She liked children. Cassandra was testament to that.

"It's odd, when I saw her I thought to myself 'oh there's Anihla' then as I searched through my brain I couldn't remember ever meeting a girl named Anihla."

"Wait," Janet interrupted, "Anihla? From the planet Chynara?"

"Whoa, whoa, you know her?" Sam questioned

"No. When you came back from a two week visit on that planet, you returned very late at night. General Skylark told you and your team you'd be debriefed in the morning. Until then you had to spend the night in the infirmary, with me, for observation. All of you had high spirits, even Teal'c was actively talking about the pleasant experience you had on Chynara. Anihla came up a lot in your conversation. None of you could get over how cute she was, how smart she was, how much of an infatuation she had with Daniel."

Sam laughed, "She still does," she added.

Sam saw that Janet was still worried.

"Then what happened?" Sam persuaded.

"When you woke up the next day," Janet paused for a long moment, she hated recalling this memory, "none of you knew why you were in the infirmary, having been on the planet, or Anihla."

Sam's mood changed as well.

"I remember that part," she said, "vaguely, but I remember."

Due to switching the Generals back, the memory incident had been lost upon General Hammond. When Dr. Frasier found nothing physically, or, outside the memory loss, mentally wrong with SG-1, she didn't push the issue.

"Do you happen to remember what we numbered the planet?" Sam couldn't help but ask.

"It was two years ago," Janet said shaking her head.

Just then the phone rang. Janet answered, talked for a second, and then turned to Sam.

"General Hammond wants to see all of you," she reported.

Sam left and Janet followed.


"Is that her?" Janet asked about the small bundle Daniel was holding piggy-back.

"This is her," Sam said rubbing Anihla's head as they walked to the General's office. "She's our six-year-old, blonde haired, hazel eyed girl, who lives on a planet nobody can remember. She also has a serious problem with the fact that she doesn't like her feet to touch the floor," Sam said after observing that Anihla had spent more time being held than on the floor.

"You're strong I like that," Anihla commented.

"You know the kids on earth have a game like that too?" Janet said.

"Oh yeah? What?" Anihla asked.

"It's called 'the ground is made out of lava' " She answered.

"What's lava?" the girl questioned.

"It's what spews out of a volcano after it erupts," Daniel told her.

"We call that 'anie' " she told them.

"No that's ash. Lava is 'motin' " Daniel had to let that sink for a second. "That is creeping me out," he huffed.

"Anihla, sweetie, I need you to come with me," Janet told her before they reached the General Hammond's office.

"Daniel," she whined.

Daniel stopped his pace.

"It's okay I'll come back and get you. We still need to find my journal," he assured her.

"Come on cutie," Janet said as Anihla went from Daniel's back toJanet's arms.

Daniel couldn't miss the hurt look on Anihla's face as she was trading care givers.

"Where are we going?" Anihla asked as Janet started to walk away from the group.

"Every time we get a new visitor, I have to make sure they are not sick," Janet said.

"I don't feel sick," was the last thing Sam and Daniel heard before the child, and doctor turned the corner.

"We'll see her again soon," Sam responded to Daniel's pained expression.

"I don't even remember her," Daniel said.

"I don't believe that the memory of facts and the memory of feeling are on the same plane. We don't remember anything about her or her planet doesn't mean we don't remember how we felt when we were there."

"Guys, gate computer," Jack said from behind them accompanied by Teal'c.

SG-1 headed for the computer room.

"I found the planet number," Hammond said, "PX-3-489," he called to Sam as she punched in the numbers on the computer.

The information about the planet and its address came up, but so did a red bar across the screen.

"Sir," Carter addressed Hammond, "The address has been locked out of our computer. It's reported as being too dangerous."

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