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"Does it have an explanation as to why?" Jack asked.

Sam pushed a button for more info.

"The report is that we went for two weeks and came back with no memory. The General thought it must have been an alien weapon. That's not right," Sam said.

"What's not right?" Daniel asked.

"Janet said when we got back we still remembered everything. It wasn't until the next day we forgot."

"So, Anihla is telling the truth," General Hammond replied.

"I'm sure of it," Sam said.

"Can we override the lockout?" Jack asked.

"Yes, I'll need General Hammond's help, give me a few minutes," Sam told them.

"Okay," General Hammond ordered, "Daniel, keep looking for the journal. Jack, I want you to read General Skylark's report and find out why this is the first time I'm hearing about this. Teal'c…" he didn't have anything for Teal'c, "help Jack," he decided.

All went to their appointed tasks.


Daniel walked into the infirmary, just as Dr. Frasier was finishing drawing blood from Anihla.

"I'm sorry honey. Did it hurt badly?" Janet asked.

Anihla shook her head 'no' but it was obvious she was holding back tears. Janet brushed the girl's cheek.

"Well, you were very brave," Janet said.

"Are you almost done?" Daniel asked Janet.

"You came?" Anihla said surprised.

"You thought I wouldn't?" he asked her.

"I'm almost done," Frasier told him. "Anihla, are you as tall as the other children your age on your planet?"

"There only two other kids that are six and they're boys," she told her.

"How many kids are on your planet?" Daniel asked.

"20," she said.

"How many adults?" Janet followed up.

"Forty…six….no seven…forty seven,"

"Anihla, are you thinking of your village or your entire planet?" Daniel asked.

"My village is the entire planet. Are we going to find your journal now?" she asked Daniel.

"After I weigh and measure you," Doctor Frasier answered for him.


After rifling through some of his journals, Daniel finally found one that had a purple flower in it.

"I found it," he told her.

Daniel sat at his desk and started reading the journal. Anihla stood beside him and watched.

Dr. Jackson read the physical description of planet he took and then the notes on their language text. After Daniel turned the page, there were five pages of scribbles.

"That's from when you taught me to use a pen," Anihla explained to him.

Daniel looked at her curiously for a second. He flipped past the scribbles and went back to his handwriting. Dr. Jackson was skimming trough when his phone rang. He answered it then hung up.

"Anihla," he said, "I'm sorry you keep switching from grownup to grownup, but I need to do it one more time.

Daniel stood up to lead her out. Anihla, no surprise, lifted her arms up. Daniel shook his head in disbelief before picking her up. Daniel carried her down the hall until a tall lady with long dark hair stopped him.

"Are you Sergeant Montgomery?" Daniel asked.

"Yes I am," she answered all eyes on Anihla.

"Anihla, this is…" Daniel didn't know her first name.

"Alice," she told him.

"Alice," Daniel told Anihla, "the others and I need to talk about how to save your friends on Chynara. One of us will come back and get you when were done."

"Don't you need me there?"

"We will later, at the end, but right now it'll just be boring. Okay?" he asked her.

" 'Kay," she answered.

Daniel handed her over to Alice.

"She likes to be held," Daniel told Alice.

Alice didn't know if that was a statement or a warning. Alice smiled at Daniel and walked away with Anihla.

"My goodness, you are so pretty, look at you,"

Daniel heard Alice tell Anihla. Daniel watched as the little girl got lost in a moment of shyness and covered her face. Daniel watched as Anihla was taken from him for the second time that day.

"It's alright Danny," Jack said from behind him and wrapped his arm around Daniel's shoulder, "you can write all about it in your diary after the briefing."

"I hate you," was Daniel's reply.

"I know, and I'm fine with that," Jack said squeezing Daniel tighter.

Jack waited for Daniel to make his priceless 'I-wish-you-were-anywhere-but-here' face before he let him go.


Jack poured Daniel a cup of coffee as a peace offering before they started.

"Tell me what we have," General Hammond said.

"I got the address unlocked," Sam started.

"I found out why we got overlooked," Jack told them.

"I gathered information on the planet from the MALP we sent," Teal'c said.

"I have the medical reports from when you came back," Janet said.

"And I found the journal, I took notes on, while I was there," Daniel finished.

"Jack you start. Why did you get overlooked?" Hammond asked.

"It seems the two weeks we were on Chynara SG-2 was having a rather tense face off with the goa'ulds that demanded so much attention that it seemed less important that we had forgotten our visit to Chynara. Apparently we went to investigate Chynara because it had a way of refining naquida that is very advanced. All they wanted was ways to advance their farming techniques," Jack summarized.

"Now I know why I got overlooked, but tell me how is it you don't remember forgetting?" the question even sounded strange to the General, but he wanted to know. "I mean two weeks of your life did get erased."

"It has been two years, sir," Sam piped in, "and if I remember right, we almost immediately had to go rescue SG-2."

Jack pointed at her and gave the General a look to tell him that she hit the mark.

"Teal'c?" Hammond addressed him.

"Chynara is a fairly small planet. It is only habitable on half the surface. Anihla and her people live in a small section half a mile from the Stargate. Apparently her village is the whole population."

"And a very small population at that," Daniel added, "there are only sixty-seven people from what Anihla told us," Daniel pointed to Janet to show who the 'us' was in his sentence.

Janet nodded in agreement.

"Chynara has two major sources of vegetation," Teal'c continued, "a purple flower, and a crop that looks like the equivalent of earth's wheat."

Teal'c put down the pictures that the MALP took of the planet.

"Give me the medical report," General Hammond asked next.

"As far as SG-1, their brain scans were perfectly normal. Whatever affected their memory didn't leave a trace of anything identifiable. Now I didn't push the issue of SG-1 to you, sir, because the brain scans were normal. Besides forgetting the planet they visited, they experienced no problems whatsoever. They could recall old memories, and they still had the ability to make new ones," Dr. Frasier reported.

"Dr. Jackson, what information can you offer me," Hammond asked last.

"From what little I've read, all I know is everything Teal'c said is correct. I wrote down the physical description of the planet first. Sir, it's all my handwriting we were definitely there."

"I have no doubts about that Dr. Jackson. Keep reading the journal and give me a full report when you're finished," General Hammond told Daniel. "Now," he addressed the attendees at the briefing, "I am going to give the go ahead to bring the people of Chynara here. Here's how we are going to do it…" General Hammond gave the team a detailed description.


Sam came into the room that Anihla was in. SGC had a room specifically for children, or those with the mind of a child. Anihla was sitting on Alice's lap listening as Alice told a story. When Anihla saw Sam, the child eagerly waved her over.

"Samantha, have you heard these stories," she said excitedly, "there's one about a baby duck that was a swan, one about a little girl and a talking wolf, one about a princess with long hair," Anihla paused a second, "Jack called me a princess," she remembered, "this one is also about a princess only she's about to go to sleep on a pea."

Sam got a kick out of the speed and excitement Anihla was talking about earth's fairytales and children's stories.

Sam sat down and listened to the rest of "The Princess and the Pea," before taking Anihla.

"Did she give you any trouble?" Sam asked Alice.

"No, it was only one story after another. I only wish mine was that excited about books," Alice said referring to her daughter.

"Most the girls on my planet don't know how to read," Anihla told Sam as they walked down the hallway.

The Major, at first, was angry that there was a planet that wouldn't let females get an education. Then Anihla's words sunk in more clearly; she had said most girls, not all girls.

"Why not?" Sam asked.

"Women don't live as long as men, so they don't have to study reading and writing like boys do."

"How long do the women live?" Sam asked.

"Don't know, I ask the elders so many questions sometimes they ignore me." She answered.

"You knew how to write the name of your planet," Sam acknowledged.

"Daniel taught me," Anihla smiled, "I can write my name too."

"Good for you," Sam told her.

Sam opened the door to the briefing room and let Anihla in.

Janet and the men acknowledged her with nods.

"Are you ready to hear your job?" Jack asked.

"Okay," the little girl said.

Anihla took a seat on what she thought was rightfully hers…Jack's lap.

"What I need you to do," General Hammond informed, "is go through the gate before us. I'd like you to gather the children together and tell them that we are coming to help them. Please warn them that we will be wearing masks to protect us from what the grownups have, so it'll make us look scary, but it will still be us, alright?" he asked her never breaking eye contact.

"Alright," she replied confidently

"Now would you repeat what I just asked you," George Hammond asked her.

Having raised a few himself, Hammond knew what to expect from children as young as her. He had to make sure that Anihla didn't forget any of the information he gave her.

Anihla repeated the requests to him, not verbatim, but she understood.

"Very good," General Hammond said slightly impressed. "Now do you have any questions?" he asked her.

"Yes," she answered.

"Okay," he encouraged.

"How old are you?" she asked him.

Jack laughed, the other team members smiled, and Anihla looked slightly embarrassed.

General Hammond forgot how specific children needed information.

"I'm seventy-two," he told her in a reassuring voice to ease her embarrassment.

"Wow," she exclaimed, "nobody on my planet lives to be that age."

"How old do they live to be?" Hammond asked her.

"Honestly," she started. Her face tightened she wasn't sure how the news would go, "I didn't expect Jack to be alive when I got back."

"Ow," Jack said clutching his heart.

Anihla shyly smiled. Jack put his head on the little girl's shoulder.

"I feel so old," he said and did a pretend sob.

Janet, who was sitting beside Jack, leaned over and whispered something to Anihla. The message caused to child to drop her jaw in shock. She quickly covered her gaping mouth with the palm of her hand.

"What did you tell her?" Daniel and Sam asked at the same time.

"I told her how old Teal'c was."

Anihla's eyes bore into Teal'c. Teal'c nodded his head confirming it was true.

"Suddenly I feel young again," Jack said and wrapped his arms around Anihla.


At the gate Sergeant Harriman sent a MALP through the gate following protocol. Jack stood by the ramp with Anihla in his arms. Fear suddenly crossed her blue eyes.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked her.

"What if I go through and you forget everything?" she asked worried.

"Won't happen," Daniel said, "Janet said we remembered you for two hours when we got back from your planet. You will only be gone thirty minutes."

Anihla looked dubious.

"Listen," Jack said putting her down and kneeling to her level, "If we are not there in forty-five minutes, come back through the gate," Jack wrote a quick note, "and give me this," he folded the paper and gave it to her.

"I'm not sure how to tell time," she said sadly.

Jack set his watch and gave it to her. "If this starts beeping," he said putting the watch on her wrist, "come back. It won't take us as long to figure out the situation as before."

Anihla looked at Daniel. The archeologist gave her a reassuring nod.

General Hammond came over and had her repeat his orders one more time. After Anihla did so perfectly, he allowed her to go through the gate.

"Don't be slow," Jack advised.

Anihla looked at him to confirm she heard that then went through the gate.

Thirty minutes later SG-1,12,16 and a small medical team made the same trip their small visitor had made just half an hour before.