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Kagome: 25

Sesshoumaru: 28

Naraku: 29

Inuyasha :26

Sango: 26

Miroku: 27

Kagome woke up in the bed, she stretched as her leg came in contact with a much larger leg, she froze. She looked to see white hair covering a face. Did I sleep with Inuyasha? She wondered she lifted some of the hair from the face and sighed in relief when she saw it was just her roommate Sesshoumaru.

Kagome lifted the covers to see if she was naked, happily she wasn't. She then turned to her roommate and best guy friend who was still asleep.

Kagome studied his face, she knew he would make her pay, but she couldn't help it. She flicked his elf-shaped ear.

She giggled as she heard him groan and then growl. Kagome giggled as he slowly opened his eyes.

Sesshoumaru opened his eyes to a pair of blue devilish eyes smiling at him.

"Ohayou." She said cheerfully before getting out his bed.

He yawned and wiped the sleep from his eyes. "What are you doing in my bed?" he asked her.

"Well it was thundering and lighting and you know how I am, so I came in here and since I didn't see anyone in the bed with you I decided to get in your bed, by the way, what happened you sleep with everyone at the club or something?" she asked him.

He glared at her. "No, I just didn't see anyone worth talking too." He said as he pulled the sheets back. And got out the bed revealing his naked form.

Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru it wasn't the first time that she had seen him naked, so it was no big deal to her they had been friends since middle school every since he stopped a boy from picking on her, he and her brother however didn't really get along. She loved her older brother Naraku but sometimes he could be an ass, chasing away her boyfriends.

"Are you going to stare at me all day or get dressed for work?" Sesshoumaru asked her, breaking her out of her thoughts.

Kagome glared at Sesshoumaru. "Hmph I was leaving anyway not like you have anything that I want." She said and stalked out his room slamming the door behind her.

Sesshoumaru chuckled. How the littlest things could burn his beloved friend up.

Kagome walked back to her room, but not before making a stop in the kitchen to turn the coffee/Cappuccino machine on.

Kagome grabbed her towel and went into the bathroom to get dressed.

She turned the shower on, got in and she poured her strawberry shower wash on her sponge.

Kagome washed her body. She had a red butterfly tattoo on her stomach and a black spider on a web on her left arm. Kagome washed her hair it went down to her back. She had recently dyed it red. She had wanted a change.

Sesshoumaru came out his room in a bathrobe he walked to the bathroom to see it closed he turned the knob and opened the bathroom door and he smirked when he heard Kagome in the shower. He walked over to the toilet and flushed it. A few seconds later, Kagome screamed as she jumped around in the shower. She slid the glass door back and saw Sesshoumaru laughing at her.

"You big jerk!" she yelled as she got out the shower and marched over to him, naked by the way. " I don't believe you, one of these days I'm going to get you back." She said.

"Is that so?" he raised a silver eyebrow at her.

His hand grazed her tanned hip as his hand traveled to her stomach, his claws grazing where her butterfly tattoo was.

Unfortunately, Sesshoumaru knew Kagome's pleasure points. She was very sensitive to having her stomach touched where the tattoo was.

Kagome mewled as he caressed it. Kagome looked into his golden orbs and swallowed. Sesshoumaru removed one of his hands from her and moved it behind him and opened the bathroom door, and before Kagome knew it, Sesshoumaru pushed her out the bathroom locking the door behind him.

Kagome was in a daze at first then she realized she was wet and naked.

"Open the door!" she yelled.

Sesshoumaru ignored her and got in the shower putting her things to the side and began showering.

Kagome stormed off to her bedroom and blow-dried her hair and dressed. She put on a navy blue skirt with a split on the side and a white blouse. She grabbed her high heel's shoes and put them on. She walked out her bedroom and into the kitchen, she was drinking a cup of coffee when she heard the bathroom door open. Sesshoumaru walked passed the kitchen whistling, he stopped when he saw her.

He smiled at her, Kagome stuck her tongue out at him and turned her back on him.

"Still mad sweetie?" he asked her.

"Oh no why would. I be mad seeing as I was wet and naked!" she yelled. Sesshoumaru winced at the sound of her voice. Her voice always could hurt his ears.

Satisfied that she had hurt the Inu Youkai's ears she went back to drinking her coffee.

Sesshoumaru went to his own bedroom and changed he put on a black business suit and grabbed his briefcase. He walked into the kitchen, Kagome still had her back to him, he noticed her cup was on the kitchen counter.

"Kagome I'm sorry I won't do that again." Sesshoumaru said.

"Liar." Kagome hissed.

Sesshoumaru smirked.

"So will you be home before me?" Sesshoumaru asked as he made himself a cappuccino

"Maybe why?" she asked him.

"Well then it'll be your turn to cook." He said as he watched her eyes close.

"I see, what does his lord went to eat tonight?" she asked him.

How he loved when she cooked. "Hmm how about roast beef medium rare, and you can figure out the rest." He said.

Kagome listened to him."Sure Sess, would you like wine as well?" she asked.

"Yes." He said as he finished his cappuccino.

"Okay, well I should be home first." She said.

Sesshoumaru kissed her on her cheek, and grabbed his car keys. "Don't fire too many people!"Kagome yelled as he left.

Kagome took out the roast and sat it in the fridge so it could defrost. She then grabbed her own car keys and left locking the door behind her.

Sesshoumaru worked at Crescent enterprise along with his younger half brother Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru was the president while his dad was the CEO. Inuyasha was too immature to be left in charge.

Kagome worked at with her best friend Sango at a flower shop.

"So what did Sesshoumaru do this time?" Sango asked.

"Grr he pushed me out the bathroom and I was naked!" Kagome screeched.

Sango laughed at her.

"It's not funny." Kagome told her.

"Can you imagine what Naraku would say if he knew that Sesshoumaru saw his Kaggy naked?" which made Sango laugh more.

"Stop calling me that." Kagome said.

"It's bad enough he use to chase every boy I ever liked away."

"I know."Sango said.

"So who are you currently dating?"she asked her longtime friend.

Kagome scrunched up her nose. "I'm dating Bankotsu." Kagome said.

"Oh Naraku is going to love this." Sango said.

"Hush, I'm not afraid of Naraku, I'll just turn on the water works." Kagome said.

"Yeah ok." Sango said as she went to arrange the flowers.

Kagome was 25 and lately she had been picking up losers, they mostly just wanted to sleep with her or date her for a couple of months but so far Bankotsu was different he seemed to rally like her they had only been dating for a couple of weeks. They met at Sango's boyfriend Miroku's party. And the two had hit it off great then she remember they were supposed to be going out tonight.

"Oh no, Sesshou is going to kill me." Kagome said.

"What did you do?" Sango asked as she watered a flower.

"I promised him I make dinner, but I forgot I had a date with Bankotsu." She said.

"What are you going to do?" Sango asked.

"I don't know." Kagome groaned.

"It'll be ok, he'll understand." Sango said.

"Which one?" Kagome asked her as she laid her head down on the counter.

"Bankotsu." Sango said.

"I was afraid you were going to say that." Kagome said as she picked up the phone and dialed Bankotsu at work.

"Hello?" She heard Bankotsu say.

"Hey Bank, it's Kagome."

"Hey sweetheart you ready for tonight?" he asked her.

"About that, I uh my roommate is sick and well I have to take care of him, I'm sorry.'Kagome said.

"Oh well I hope he feels better maybe. We can go out next week." He said.

"Yeah, I'm sorry." She said and hung up.

Kagome looked at Sango.

"Hey cheer up." Sango said.

Kagome began work taking orders for different occasions.

Kagome and Sango went on their lunch break. They joined their friend's Ayame and Midoriko for lunch.

"So Kags how's the new boyfriend?" Ayame asked.

"He's fine." She said as she drank her water.

"Have you two slept together yet?" Sango asked.

"No, we would have tonight." Kagome said.

"What happened that you won't?" Midoriko asked.

"I promised to make dinner for Sess." She said.

"Mmm, Kags he is drop dead gorgeous why are you two not an item?" Ayame asked.

"Because he doesn't like commitment he just likes to have sex the longest, I've ever seen him in a relations ship with the same girl was two weeks."Kagome told them as their food was bought to them.

"Still I bet he's wild in the bed." Ayame said.

Kagome rolled her eyes.

"I don't think Koga would like to hear you say that." Kagome said to her.

Ayame flipped her red hair over her shoulders. "I know." Ayame said with a grin.

After lunch Kagome and Sango went back to the flower shop.

"Well I better get going." Kagome said five hours later.

"Ok Kags." Sango said.

"See you tomorrow Sango." Kagome told her as she left the shop she walked to her car and unlocked got in and drove back to the apartment she shared with Sesshoumaru.

She parked her car and went inside unlocking the door she put the mail on the coffee table and went over and turned the oven and stove on. She washed her hand and proceeded to make dinner she seasoned the meat and stuck it in the oven she made a salad and some potatoes, knowing Sesshoumaru would like it.

She checked on the roast. It was almost done to his liking. She finished the salad and potatoes, she looked at the clock, 6:30 he would be home soon she took the roast out so it could cool and left to take a quick shower.

She locked the bathroom door this time and stepped into the shower, after the refreshing shower she walked into her bedroom and changed into a black tank top and a pair of pajama pants. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and walked out her room.

She set the kitchen table and place the food on the table all was left was to pour the wine and for him to come home.

Sesshoumaru came in not to long after she finished setting the food on the table.

"Hey." He said as he walked in the kitchen.

"Hi, what do you think?" She asked him.

"Thanks Kagome." Sesshoumaru said.

"No problem she said as she sat down and poured him a glass of wine.

"So how was work?" she asked him.

"The usual Inuyasha insulting a client, what did you ever see in him?" he asked as he sat down.

"I guess his ears, he was sweet to me, until he meant my look alike." She said.

"Your ten times more beautiful than Kikyo." He told her.

Kagome smiled at him. "Is this your way of making it up to me from this morning?" she asked him.

"No, I enjoyed the view. He said with a grin.

Kagome glared at him.

"When did you get that tattoo on your stomach?"

"A last month, you pervert." She hissed.

"Me, were you not gawking at my body this morning?" he asked her.

"I wasn't gawking as you say it was there so I looked." She said as she began to eat.

"Why aren't you out on a date?" he asked her.

"I could ask you the same?" she retorted

"I wasn't in the mood, what's your excuse?" he asked Kagome.

"I..I , I had other plans." She told him.

Dinner was over Sesshoumaru helped her with the dishes, and the two were now sitting on the sofa watching a movie.

Kagome fell asleep on Sesshoumaru's lap. He looked down at her. He cared a great deal about Kagome maybe even loved her but he would never tell her. He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom laying her down on the bed and pulling the covers up over her.

He kissed her on her forehead before leaving her bedroom.

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