I'm really sorry guys but I can't write this anymore. I only have access to one computer and everyone can see it at all times and Mum and Dad found out I was writing a fanfic and weren't too impressed. They don't mind me watching the show but feels writing about it too obsessive. Therefore, I am not allowed to write anymore. I'm really sorry but here's the summary I was going to work off for the rest of the chapters. Feel free to use your imagination to finish of the story in your head! Thankyou all for reading and sorry again for the incompletedness of it.

All have dinner out to celebrate anniversary

Give pressies to each other and kiss in restaurant

Wilson takes Cam and House to bar to force him to take her home

Share bed but well behaved

Wilson rings Cam's home in morning

Late for work – Foreman and Chase curious why

Cam has dinner at House's home – extremely awkward

They 'break up'

A week of moping

Cuddy and Wilson organise charity ball

House asks Cam to go after much convincing from Wilson

Go back to his house and sleep together

House wants to talk – mock fanfiction OOCness we sometimes

Weird and uncomfortable at work

Cam makes House tell the truth and he says everything really fast – wellweslepttogatherbutwewerefakingthewholethingtotrickwilsonbutnowweareactuallytogathernoapologythoughforanyone

Reflection to first chapter but this time Cameron introduces House to The Saddle Club

Thanks again for reading the rest of it. Have a nice life, God bless,