There is life out there, trying to talk to us. To hear them, all you have to do is listen...

Close Encounters of The Hedge Kind.

Story by Gipdac

Written by Gipdac

Special Thanks: To Ozopossim, for being such a good friend!


I was inspired to write this after seeing Close Encounters of The Third Kind. I, personally, am a BIG believer in UFOs. I really think that they are out there. If you aren't a believer, I still hope you enjoy this!

Chapter 1

Hammy ran around the area, looking for his nuts.

"Where are my nuts?"

RJ groaned in irritation.

Hammy had been running around the log for an hour now.

"Hey, Hammy!"


"Maybe your nuts are over there!"

RJ pointed to the north.

"Gee, thanks RJ!"

Hammy raced off towards that direction...

Hammy kept running north, until he accidently ran into a tree.


Hammy flopped to the ground, and noticed an old baby moniter.

Being as curious as he was, Hammy walked over and picked it up.

Then, he heard a noise coming from it.

Hammy turned up the volume.

He could only understand some of it.


Hammy scratched his head.

"...need help..."

The words stopped...