Chapter 6

The group returned to the El Rancho, and attacked.

Hammy jumped into a group of aliens and fired his SMGs, blowing them all away.

RJ aimed his Bazooka at some ships.

"Say hello to my little friend!"

He fired missles, blowing up ships.

A group of aliens charged Ozzie, and he launched grenades at them.

Their bodies flew through the air.

Stella fired her Shotgun at an alien.

"You want some of this? Be my guest!"

The bullet went right through its brain...

Soon, people and animals began fighting back, and began defeating the Borgs.

Then, the Symbions arrived.

They began blowing up Borg ships, and aiding us in battle.

After 3 months of fighting, we chased the Borgs away...

Earth & the Symbions became allies, and would make sure the Borgs never returned...

Hammy sat by the log...or what remained of it.

Heather walked up to him.

"You okay?"

"No. I should have warned everybody."

"You tried to tell us."

"But I still failed."

"No you didn't!"

Heather looked directly at Hammy.

"You tried to warn us. And fought aliens, when they tried to conquer Earth. You're a hero."

"I am?"

Heather held his hand and smiled.

"Yes, Hammy. You are."

They kissed.