She blushed and bit her lip, wondering if she really could say it. Then she remembered how brazen she'd been the last time they were together and how amazing it had made their sex. She'd never had an orgasm that fast or that powerful with her last boyfriend, and she had to think that maybe it was because she never completely let go with him. There was just something about Danny, though, that made her want to free herself from all her usual constraints.

Her mouth curled up in a naughty smile as she reached her decision. His eyes widened a bit at the change that was coming over her.

Lindsay licked her lips seductively and twirled a finger in hair, moving her hips in a wide circle against his hand and moaning as she looked into his eyes. Speaking in a voice made husky and breathy by their exertions, she let him know exactly what she wanted from him.

"I want you," she trailed a finger down his chest, "to lick me," her finger moved to her own chest and teased around a nipple as he watched in fascination, "right… here," and finally it came to rest beside his own hand between her legs. It was Danny's turn to moan at her explicit instructions. Taking this as encouragement (which is certainly how he intended it), she continued. "… and I don't want you to stop," now her fingers were pushing his inside of her, "until," pulling them out slightly and pushing them back in, "I," in and out, "come," deep inside her. Her breath shook as the tingling sensations started to overwhelm her. "Oh God, Danny, lick me now!"

He quickly moved down between her legs and, keeping his fingers moving in and out of her slowly, he kissed the outside of her sex. She growled in pleasure and once more took his hair in her hands to guide him.

"Lower, Danny… you know where I need it," she ordered breathlessly.

He smiled against her before letting his tongue slip out and lick her lips. He could really get used to her being in charge if she always gave instructions this pleasant.

Sliding his fingers out of her, he placed a kiss right on her entrance before allowing his tongue to slip inside and taste her. They both moaned and he quickened his pace. Soon his tongue was joined by his fingers as they moved into her once more, reaching inside her and touching the rough spot there that could bring her so much pleasure.

He added a third finger, moving back to watch as they penetrated her. He wanted to replace them with his own member and watch as it thrust into her depths, but that could wait until later. Right now, his only concern was her pleasure.

Her moans were increasing in volume and her gasps and whimpers were coming closer together. Speeding up his finger thrusts, he leaned down once more, finally doing what she'd been waiting for since this whole adventure began.

First, he breathed lightly across her clit. She shuddered once more, so close to orgasm that it physically hurt her, yet it was the most exquisite pain she'd ever experienced. Next, he kissed the tender bud between her legs and her hips shot up at the sudden intense feeling. Oral sex had never been like this before. Why had no man ever made her this crazy?

Danny couldn't believe the way she responded to his every action. He'd never had a woman this eager and excited in bed before. Opening his lips slightly, he wiggled his tongue against her clit and listened to her scream as she pulled his head hard against her. She was begging now, whether she realized it or not, and every word of it was music to his ears. Swirling his tongue around and around, he pushed his fingers into her harder and faster than ever.

Lindsay felt like a spring that was wound too tight. The roiling feeling in the pit of her stomach expanded until it occupied her entire body. Her hands moved up to her nipples of their own accord, stimulating her breasts and bringing her even closer to the ecstasy she was seeking.

That's when he captured her clit in his lips and sucked on it, still stroking it with his tongue. Her vision exploded in a fireworks display of pleasure as her body trembled, shook, and spasmed with her orgasm. Her head tossed from side to side and her hips moved hard and fast against his tongue and fingers, drawing out the feelings and making them last even longer. She screamed his name one last time before finally collapsing in a sweaty heat on the bed.

"God damn, Montana. You sure are somethin' to see, y'know that?" He was looking at her with an expression of raw lust tinged with awe.

"Mmhmm," she nodded, practically unconscious again.

Danny reached across her to the night table and selected a fluorescent yellow condom from the box, this time. "Hey cool! These things glow in the dark!"

"Mmhmm," she nodded and began to curl up into her usual sleeping position.

"Uhh… Montana?"

"Mmhmm," she said, eyes fluttering closed.


"Mmhmm," fainter this time.

Danny sighed and looked down at his painfully hard erection. He looked over at his now comatose lover.

"She owes me big time."

He sighed once more, then curled around her and tried to fall asleep.

"Big time."